Saturday, November 8, 2003

This is me!

I, a little creature,

In this vast and wonderful world.

Am presented to parents,

As a gift of God.

To my grandparents,

I am a bundle of joy.

For my parents I am

still a plaything, like a toy.

They have nurtured me

Showing their love and care,

So to go against their wishes,

I donít dare.

For them I am caring and loving,

But a naughty girl,

For my friends, I am

Cooperative and helpful ever.

I am courteous to my neighbours,

And a little lady for my helpers.

Elder brother takes me as a girl, immature,

But I donít agree thatís for sure.

I have all the praise for me,

I donít pay attention

to those who dont listen to me.

I have great regard

For social, cultural and family values,

I am not boasting but

Anybody knowing me can tell you.

I will become a responsible citizen,

Let the proper time to come.

ó Nandini Agrawal, Class-VI, S.T. Convent School, Karnal

Aim of my life

The aim of my life,

Is very noble and nice.

My aim is to become a famous surgeon,

To help the needy and poor persons.

I will iradicate diseases of patients,

By treating them, doing difficult operations

Surgical instruments will be my friends,

In surgery I will set new trends

I know this is a difficult aim,

For this I need hardwork and pain

To serve the God, serve the mankind,

This motto will always be on my mind.

May God grant me strength to fulfil this aim,

After achieving this success I can claim.

ó Sakshi Thakral, IX A, CCS HAU, Hisar

Human errors

In spite of the fact that we are humans,

The most superior and intelligent of all creatures.

We make absurd mistakes,

Which are nothing else but

Hatred, disregard and contempt

Shown towards our mates.

Sometimes we are in a dilemma,

To do or not to do,

To accept or to contradict.

But who can predict,

The happenings that will be.

Someday, due to the foolish deeds of some bloke,

There will be suffering all around.

And for this, only humans will carry the blame,

Because they would be the only one

Who played the game.

ó Anurag Bhandari, Class XI, A.P.J. School, Jalandhar

This feature was published on November 1, 2003