Sunday, November 9, 2003, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

NRI business family in Africa, Zambia with expansion plans for India and South Africa seek alliance for their daughter 31/5’-1”, MBA, FGA. Contact Dr K.B. Sharma, ;  01762-271071. C3081-OL

Tall Handsome Medico Match for Jat Sikh (soon to be US Citizen) good-looking Software Engr BSCS girl 23/5'-7" Email details and photo to:  6923F-OL

Compatible match for Sikh Tonkshatri girl, slim, fair 5'-4"/25, B.Tech.Sendmail
Presently doing MS in USA. American citizen preferred. Please correspond with photo. E-mail: Box 19185F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Gursikh match for slim, fair, beautiful Ahluwalia girl 25/5’-2”, M.C.A. working. Affluent family. Mobile: 9815850971. Box CC2031-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for post graduate 24yrs, 5'-6" beutiful Hindu AroraSendmail
Girl. Kundali must. Please respond to  or Box CC2214-OL Tribune ,Chandigarh

Gursikh match for slim, fair, beautiful, Ahluwalia girl 25/5’-2”, MCA, working.Sendmail Affluent family. Mobile: 9815850971. Box C2241-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Ramgarhia uncle invites correspondence from professional degreed boys (Abroad/India) for their beautiful niece 26/5’-1”, Computer Engineer, USA citizen. Reply with biodata & recent picture. S.S. Gahir, 1301 Brentwood Ave., Richland, WA 99352, USA.  C2458-OL

Suitable alliance wanted for Punjabi/Arora girl slim, decent looking, 24/5’-5”,Sendmail completed M.Sc., doing Ph.D. Both parents in govt. service and elder brother married and settled in USA. Send biodata. E-mail  Box C2476-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited from Hindu IIT/ ENGINEERS/ DOCTORS/DENTISTS FOR USSendmail CITIZEN (Indian born) Punjabi Khatri GIRL WORKING AS FINANCIAL CONSULTANT, very fair, cultured, BEAUTIFUL 30/5’-7”. Belongs to a well respected, educated and WELL-SETTLED FAMILY IN THE US. Brief 1-week, no fault, annulled (null & void) marriage. BOY MUST BE WILLING TO SETTLE IN THE US. Reply with Biodata, Photo, Family info, and horoscope info to: Box NA2694-OL Tribune, Chandigarh. Or Email to

Well placed professional/business match for 22/155, extremely beautiful,Sendmail very fair girl from Punjab based status Hindu Khatri family. Girl graduated abroad can settle India/Abroad. Box A2092-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Qualified match for Saraswat Brahmin girl fair, beautiful, Oct. 72/5’-4”/ Sendmail
9000/-, M.Sc (Maths) M.Ed., teaching in public school. Ph: 01624-275446. Box A2093-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Status Engineer, CA, Bank Officer, businessman for beautiful, fair, slim, AroraSendmail girl M.Com., B.Ed., doing MBA, 24½/5’-2”. Parents govt. service. Box C2304-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for August 1977 born 5’-2½”, slim, sober and social, M.Sc., B.Ed.,Sendmail serving as Teacher Sikh girl from middle class Ahluwalia family. Caste no bar. Box C2459-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for Jat Sikh girl December 1973, 5’-6”, slim, beautiful,Sendmail convent educated, MA Psychology Canadian immigrant defence background. Caste no bar visiting India December. Box C2572-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ramdasia Sikh B.Sc Nursing girl 22 yrs., 5’-4”, Nurse at PGI. FatherSendmail SDO, Govt. job/businessmen apply. Box C2469-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for good-looking professionally qualified Sikh girlSendmail
October 72 born 5’-7½”, employed Lecturer in a reputed institution well-to-do Chandigarh based. Status Ahluwalia family. Box C2596-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Medico match for Jat Sikh slim, smart, good looking, MBBS girl 25 years/5’-Sendmail4½”. Preparing for PG. Father Colonel. Amritsar based status family. Box A2089-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable Manglik/Non-Manglik match for Hindu Khatri beautiful, slim girl 24.1.1979/5’-6”, M.Sc (IT). Phone: 0183 2523552. NA2596-OL

Cleanshaven Sikh match for 25/164 very fair, charming,Sendmail talented, convent educated, MBA girl working in Mumbai 3 lakh + p.a. Parents Doctors from status Arora Sikh family. E-mail:  Ph:98151-22648 Box A1936-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jat Sikh beautiful slim girl. 25/5’-4” Postgraduate doing BEd.Sendmail Urbanised landlord family. Father Govt. Officer. N.R.I./serviceman/businessman preferred. Box C2470-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for convent educated Post-graduate 23/5’-7” daughter ofSendmail army officer. Defence officer preferred. Box C2352-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

IIT Engineer/Doctor match for American Citizen beautiful GrewalSendmail Electrical Engineer girl 25/5’-4”. Coming India in December, Box NA2337-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted suitable match for a pretty Dental Surgeon Sikh girl 24 yrs. 5’-6”
doing practice in family clinic belonging to an educated and well settled family correspondence solicited from non-trimer non drinker family. Apply 356 Sector 44-A, Chandigarh. C2595-OL

Wanted tall handsome medico for MBBS beautiful 25/5’-3” US citizen HinduSendmail Khatri girl correspond email  Box C2592-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Preferably Manglik-professional/well-settled businessman match for 22 yrsSendmail 5’-3” beautiful slim fair Arora girl degree course interior designing father bank Chief Manager. Box C2577-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Australian permanent resident girl 25/ 5’-Sendmail1½”. Caste no bar. Early marriage. Contact Mobile 9417421435/ 9815578386 or Box C2754-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited from well settled businessman/professionals from statusSendmail family for beautiful, slim, fair, homely, convent educated Arora girl 29/5’-4” looks younger. B.A., Diploma in Information Technology and System Management belongs to reputed business family. Caste no bar. E mail . Box A2058-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-settled parents in USA seek professionally qualified Jat Sikh match forSendmail their daughter, US citizen, 29,5’-2”, slim. Employed in health/medical field; has bachelors in psychology/completing masters. Visiting India soon. Contact: 909-673-1643 or send biodata & photo: . Box C2906-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match preferably vegetarian for beautiful slim girl MBBS PCMS-1 Sendmail
doing MD(Dermatology) 73 born 5’-4” well educated, Patiala based middle class Mair-Rajput family early marriage. Box C2888-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Educated match for well settled, beautiful Australian citizen Brahmin widowSendmail 28/ 5’-6” one daughter. No bars. Reputed family. C2896-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

A suitable NRI medico match for BDS 5’-5”/23 years beautiful, whiteSendmail complexioned Jat Sikh girl belonging to well settled engineers family of SAS Nagar. Box C2306-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match preferably vegetarian for beautiful slim girl MBBS PCMS-1 Sendmail
doing MD (Dermatology) 73 born, 5’-4”, well educated, Patiala based middle class Mair Rajput family. Early marriage. Box C2751-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Punjab Govt. teacher issueless divorcee Hindu Khatri girl,Sendmail 38/5’-3”, early marriage. Box C2482-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Saini innocent short divorcee issueless 30/5 feet B.A. diplomaSendmail Computers and Steno doing B.Ed., father Bank officer, wanted issueless well settled, early marriage. Box C2484-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited from non-Manglik well settled professionally qualifiedSendmail boy/businessman for beautiful slim 27/155 Sharma girl MBA with computers. Caste no bar. Early marriage send BHP. 0161-2471538. Box C2745-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Issueless divorcee Brahmin 38, 5’-2” fair govt. job Chandigarh. No bar. BoxSendmail C2374-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled doctor/professional match from status Sikh family for aSendmail beautiful slim smart dentist girl 26/5’-4”/BDS belonging to a well to do status Jat Sikh family. Father senior defence officer. Box C2672-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik/non-Manglik match,  preferably lecturer/status government Sendmail
employee for beautiful slim, 25/5’-3”, M.Com./M.A. Economics, Hindu Tonk Kshatriya. Adhoc college lecturer. Box A1975-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Hindu girl beautiful fair slim convent educated M.A. EnglishSendmail guest lecturer in college 25/5’-3” brother Army officer caste no bar. Box NA2369-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for smart, slim, fair Mittal girl B.Tech. (Computer) 23 yrs.,Sendmail 5’-4½”, Lecturer NTT Kurukshetra girl belongs to highly educated family. Box C2848-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jat Gursikh Grewal slim,  23, 5’-8”, postgraduate girl. Only wellSendmail educated established in India/Canada need apply. Gursikh preferred. 94173-11349. . Box C2874-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Parents seeks Jat Sikh professionally qualified/NRI match for their duaghtersSendmail 32/5’-3” and 26/5’-3”. Elder daughter M.Sc. Microbiology working in USA in govt. job. Visiting India soon. Younger daughter M.A. Sociology, B.Lib. working in Pvt. school, Ludhiana. Father retd. Army officer. Eldest daughter engineer and married in Canada. Youngest brother doing engineering in U.S.A. Early simply marriage. Mobile: 98145-21223. E-Mail:  Box C2699-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited from tall educated, well settled boy of status family for verySendmail pretty, fair, convent educated, Manglik girl 28/5’-8”, from reputed Brahmin business family. 9815112233. Box C2396-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful fair slim girl 26 years, 5’-4”, M.Com. CS (final appearing)Sendmail
professional preferred. Box C2399-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for extremely beautiful Brahmin girl 25½/5’-3”, done MASendmail Economics, pursuing post graduation diploma in Human Resources. Presently working in reputed organisation as Senior Executive 3 lakh p.a. well reputed family. Caste no bar. Box C2422-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable Jat Sikh match for Jat Sikh girl 26 yrs 5’-6”, MBA, father Army OfficerSendmail  Box C2474-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited from business professional well-settled match forSendmail convented smart slim homely Arora girl 24/5’-3”, PGDCA, doing M.Sc. Computer final year, status family need apply. Contact 0172-2575448, Mobile 098147-35061. Box C2481-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Employed qualified match for April 1977, born girl 5’-6”, MA, M.Ed., M.PhilSendmail (topper) UGC NET cleared doing Ph.D. Early decent marriage. Box C2478-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Preferably Delhi or US/ Canada based, MBBS/MD, USMLE cleared, 26-31,
youngman from upscale Sikh family, for US/Canada dual citizen beautiful Ahluwalia girl, 27/5’-3”, doing MA/Ph.D./Clinical Psychology, California, from highly educated North America settled family. E-mail:  Fax: +6042079263. C2370-OL

Matrimonial alliance from well settled educated status family for fair. SmartSendmail qualified Hons school in English diploma interior decoration 5’-3”, DOB 25.12.1975 Amritsar 11 a.m. organises events, father retired Income Tax Department now Advocate in practice. Phone 0172-3232527, 9814809369
E-mail:   Box C2409-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh professional match for 28/5’-3”, convented fair beautiful talentedSendmail employed BDS girl, father retired senior officer. Box C2385-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Sarswat Brahmin beautiful, slim, GNM Staff Nurse girl 5’-2”,Sendmail July 1974, born doing job in Ltd. Hospital, mother, brother Govt. school teacher. Any Doctor Pharmacist, Businessman, NRI or good serviceman preferred. 0181-5087087. Box C2379-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited from well-educated,  well-settled status family boy for fair,Sendmail slim, cultured, Jat Sikh (Kaila) girl. Nov 1981/5’-9”, MA (English), doing B.Ed. Box C2431-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for tall, smart, slim,beautiful Punjabi Hindu Khatri girl 5’-5”,Sendmail 22.12.72, MBA, M.Sc (Physics), employed with reputed company at Ludhiana. Respectable family. Early marriage. Contact No.: 01638-263707. Box C2291-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for post graduate 24 yrs, 5’-6”, beautiful Hindu Arora girl.Sendmail Kundli must. Please respond to  or P.O. Box C-2214-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled Manglik match for Gaur Brahmin BA, B.Ed, 79 ’Aug., 156 cm. fair,Sendmail B’ful girl. Status families please respond. Box C2189-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Medico/professional match for beautiful, fair, 23/5’-4”, Khatri SikhSendmail MBBS girl, doing internship from status family. Box C2315-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for status family for beautiful fair, slim, conventSendmail educated Arora Sikh girl BDS, 24 yrs/5’-3”. Belongs to affluent business professional family. Box C2523-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful, slim Aggarwal girl 23/5’-4”, BA, non-Manglik fromSendmail industrialist family of Punjab. Early decent marriage. Box C2541-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified settled match for Saini girl 79-born, 5’-3½”, ArchitectSendmail at Chandigarh. Only daughter, upper caste no bar. Box NA2299-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted professionally qualified Manglik/non-Manglik for graduate girl diplomaSendmail in Commercial and Secretarial practice, computer course, 27/155 cms, working in MNC, Chandigarh. Kundli must. Box C2355-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Himachali Una Vashishth Brahmin homely, beautiful, October 1978,Sendmail 157 cm, MA Sociology, B.Ed, UGC, NET qualified. Working TGT contract Chandigarh. Brothers Engineers USA, middle class family Panchkula settled. Correspond, kundli, biodata. Box C2381-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for beautiful, fair, slim, cultured, graduate girl. Born 76/Sendmail
5’-7”. Employeed Fortis Hospital, Medical Secretary, qualified instructor medical transcription. Father Air Force Officer (Retd.). Educated, small family, decent early marriage. Box C2356-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted well-settled match beautiful Manglik Arora girl 24/5’-2”, B.ComSendmail (Hons), MBA, working in reputed Co. Father businessman. Contact: 0172-2571406. Box C2357-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted professionally well qualified  alliance for 24/5’-5”, fair, slim, goodSendmail looking, M.Sc (IT) final year, Jat Sikh girl of highly educated family, preferably Abroad. E-mail: Phone: 07432-240329, Mobile: 9414238237. Box C2363-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jat Sikh slim, fair, convent educated girl, 27/5’-2” B.S.c. Internet Science doing M.S.c. from status educated family. Decent marriage. Box 6791F-OL Tribune, Chandigarh kundli photo must Email:  . C2911-OL


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