Sunday, November 16, 2003

Dreaming of bells
Vinaya K. Manhas

Bells in dreams are associated with sound. Thus besides being a visual symbol, bells in dreams are also an auditory symbol. Many a times a person may see a bell but not hear its sound, or may hear the sound of a ringing bell but not see it, or he may both see and hear the bell. The cultural significance of the bell as a dream symbol varies from culture to culture. Whereas Hindus consider bells to be auspicious as these are associated with prayers in Hinduism, among Christians bells are also associated with sorrow, as the bell tolls when some mishap occurs.

As per Indian thought, hearing the sound of ringing bells in your dreams is very auspicious. It means that you shall receive good news. For an unmarried person, such a dream foretells marriage. For a married person, it is an indication of a peaceful marital life. Should a businessman see such a dream it foretells profits. On the contrary, seeing a broken bell or one that does not make any sound when it is rung, is not a good omen.

As per western thought, to hear bells ring in your dreams portends the death of someone known to you. A bad news concerning someone known to you could also worry you. As such, such a dream is not considered auspicious. But in certain instances the sound of the bell is supposed to be auspicious. For instance, the sound of the bell which is rung to announce victory over an opponent, or the tinkling of the bells during Christmas, are considered to be good omens. Seeing someone ringing a bell in your dreams is indicative of good fortune but should the dreamer see this person morose and sad then again it is indicative of bad news.

Psychoanalytically speaking, bells in dreams are indicative of the fact that we desire other people’s approval. But the psychoanalytical interpretation of bells as a dream symbol is closely associated with the cultural significance of bells. Thus, for a Christian to see a bell toll in his dreams might mean that he fears bad tidings in the future or it mean that he wants to see someone punished for something wrong that that person has done.

A woman would often hear her doorbell ring in her dreams. She would rush to the door but would not see anyone at the door. This dream had recurred many times and had caused her much worry as she felt some bad news was in store for her. In fact, this dream is indicative of her desire to get in touch with someone, to meet that person physically. Her hearing the doorbell is a wish fulfilment dream that indicates her deepest desire to have that person come and meet her, but the absence of anyone at her door, denotes her realisation that it is fruitless to expect that person to come to meet her.