Need for halting virus of help books
Sat Pal Jindal
ONE are the days when possessing a help book amounted to an offence on the part of students and a criminal breach of ethics on the part of teachers. The countless ‘Guides’, ‘Notes’,’Super Notes’ and even textbooks published under numerous trade names are no longer a taboo.

Killing the urge for learning in young minds
cursory glance at a line attributed to Lord Brougham, "Education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive," set me thinking. What we are trying to inculcate in our children. All we striving to produce creative, intelligent and aware persons or merely robots with an amazing memory.






Need for halting virus of help books
Sat Pal Jindal

GONE are the days when possessing a help book amounted to an offence on the part of students and a criminal breach of ethics on the part of teachers. The countless ‘Guides’, ‘Notes’,’Super Notes’ and even textbooks published under numerous trade names are no longer a taboo.

Interestingly, through a nefarious network they find their way into the bags of even primary class students.

It is a matter of serious concern that the ever-increasing load of schoolbags is due to the superfluous test papers, test assignments and other so-called golden or diamond series.

The innocent learners are unaware of the irreparable damage done to their originality and creativity by such readymade ‘easy to digest’ study material. They are often so conditioned into the environment of guides and notes that they find the same indispensable in higher grades.

Why is there a criminal neglect on the part of the Ministry of Education and its mammoth bureaucratic structures towards the murder of originality among the young at the hands of cheap notes?

The reason is sheer commercialisation of study material. Various publishing houses, after duly watching the interests of the people who matter, succeed in getting prescribed ‘New’ editions of their books every year for all classes and in all subjects.

The NCERT and other standard books are overlooked for the simple reason of their being ‘‘low-priced", hence leaving room for favours. Cosequently, books business adds substantially to the coffers of those at the helm of school ‘industry’.

Teachers too, though only in part, are responsible for the growth of this virus of helpbooks.

Those teaching higher classes tend to be extra-exhaustive, which of course is desirable. But students find a gap between the information they are taught and the format of questions they are asked to attempt in the examinations.

More than once, teachers indulge in the unethical practice of prescribing certain test papers, question bank etc.

Isn’t it true that central and scores of state education boards of the country design the textbooks and other study material along with the evaluating mechanism? Then why don’t textbooks published by these boards alone serve the purpose of students?

Why do they leave any scope for the ‘benevolent’ publishing houses who come to the ‘rescue’ of the bewildered students?

The answers will go a long way in identifying the roots of this corruption in education.

The writer is Senior Lecturer SKRM College, Bhagoomajra (Kharar), Ropar.



Killing the urge for learning in young minds

A cursory glance at a line attributed to Lord Brougham, "Education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive," set me thinking. What we are trying to inculcate in our children. All we striving to produce creative, intelligent and aware persons or merely robots with an amazing memory.

The other day, my eyes followed a young boy on a bicycle, gazing longingly at his friends play cricket in the part. His friends asked him to join them, but he had to rush for tuition. His voice betrayed dismay but he managed to drag himself away. I pondered whether the boy would be able to concentrate on his studies for the next one hour? Even if he would achieve his goal in life, would he look back and regret not playing cricket that November evening when there was a slight chill in the air.

I made a promise to myself that I would let my son enjoy each moment of his life. But would I be able to abide by my promise? I doubt it ! For in the pursuit of acquiring high grades we all forget that developing qualities like independent thinking, initiative, leadership skills and social competence are as essential. For us, an ideal student is one who can sit quietly for hours, follow each letter written on the blackboard. A student who contradicts his teachers is a ‘mischief-maker’. All that we desire is to have obedient children who are good students so that we, parents, come back happy and satisfied from the parent-teachers meeting. Let us not forget what Emerson said way back in 1831: "Things taught in schools and villages are not education, but means of education."

Praneet Rangi, a lecturer in the Department of Commerce D.A.V. College, Sector 10,Chandigarh, says: "In post-graduate classes we have specialised courses after two semesters which are in great demand in the market. Why can’t we have them in the earlier semester too so that the students are well-trained? Such courses, which are updated and in alignment with industry needs, will help the students in the job market for they will be better equipped.’ Swami Dayanand, too believed that the treasure of learning is imperishable.

Right up to the graduation level, there is no enthusiasm in our students to learn. There is no curiosity, no will, no initiative. Even at the near-end of the session a majority of the students are undecided about their future. Mrs Sunita Patnaik, Lecturer Department of English, in a boys college says: "This apathy is not because of our education policy but because the students are disillusioned with the tales of corruption which are abound. This system cannot be bad because our students after taking education from India are much sought after in developed countries."

Numerous studies have shown that it is not necessary that toppers in academics are also successful in life. A study, conducted by S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur, has revealed that 81 per cent in fields like medicine, sports, act, engineering and business were mediocre at school. But we exert pressure on children to perform well brushing aside their need for extra-curricular activities which go a long way in developing their personalities. We tend to become ‘academically ambitious parents’ imposing our dreams on children. After some time, the child gets tired of the standards set up for him. He revolts and we are surprised as to where we have gone wrong.

We snigger at their innovation. We fail to gift them an environment which is conducive for the development of their body and mind. Our courses should be so channelised that there should be a challenge, a beauty and a joy in of learning. Acquisition of degrees is important but so is personality development and the need to discover oneself.

Tagore’s words in this regard are worthy to be remembered: ‘The great task of education is not merely to collect facts, but to know man and to make oneself known to man."

Albert Einstein, renowned physician and mathematician, was a ‘misfit’ in school for he questioned everything. His curiosity has given him a memorable place in history. S. Radhakrishanan rightly said: "Knowledge is not something to be packed away in some corner of our brain."

All teachers and parents must read Weingartner and Postman’s "Teaching as a Subversive Activity".

Let us leave our children free so that they move towards the light of knowledge and excellence while exploring environment.

As Nirad C. Chaudhri said: "Intellectual knowledge is only partial knowledge and this knowledge can only tell us how and from where, but never why or where to."

The author is a college lecturer




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