Sunday, November 30, 2003

Dreaming of houses
Vinaya K. Manhas

A dream of houses could be interpreted as a wish-fulfilment dream or a walk down memory lane. If you see a house being destroyed, it could also denote insecurity.

As per Indian thought, to dream of constructing a house for yourself, it is a good omen. It foretells gains in you profession or business. It means that you shall prosper financially. Should you see the house where you lived as a child then, too, it is a good omen. It means that you shall have good health and a happy family life. Should you, on the contrary, see your house broken down and desolate then you are warned of impending failures, sorrow and losses. Should dream of being lost in and unable to find a door to come out of your own empty home then also it is not a good omen. If you see the house as well decorated and see your family happy and laughing then it is a good omen and spells an equally happy family life in reality.

As per western thought, to see yourself building your home in your dreams predicts wise decisions on your part, which shall bring favourable changes in your life. Should you see a luxurious house in your dreams then you are advised to be prepared to change your accommodation for a better one in real life. Fortune shall favour you with her kindness. Old and dilapidated houses denote failures and ill health. You shall suffer misfortune in every sphere of your life. You shall face loss of love and affections.

Psychoanalytically speaking, a house represents our feelings of security and safety. It could also symbolise our soul and the way that our life is moving. Different parts of the house reflect the different aspects of our personality. Whereas the attic symbolises our past, the basement is representative of our subconscious. The bathroom is representative of our personal level of hygiene and very private thoughts. The bedroom symbolises a place of relaxation and a sense of privacy. On a spiritual level, the house, being representative of our soul denotes our affiliation with the world.

A 32-year-old woman would often see herself roaming about in her house. It would be absolutely spick and span but somehow she would not be satisfied with its appearance. She could not understand the reason for this dissatisfaction when it was so neat and beautiful. It seems the lady desires more closeness, love and an informal atmosphere in the house, which she is not getting. The cleanliness gives her the impression of coldness. No warmth seems to emit from the house. This is the reason for her disappointment.