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Donate an organ and live beyond death!
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 1
The city-based Indraprastha Apollo Hospital organised a unique celebration of the Apollo Liver Week in the Capital.

The week commemorated the 5th anniversary of India’s First Successful Liver Transplantation. Hundreds of Delhi school students displayed their canvases on the theme of “Healthy Liver for Healthy Living” on the occasion.

Former Prime Minister V. P. Singh and renowned artist Jatin Das who painted a larger than life canvas, also attended the function.

At the culminatory event of the Liver Week organised today, Mr V. P. Singh spoke about the need to have more awareness about the organ donation and took the painting brush to write a slogan expressing his thoughts—-“Donate an organ and live beyond death”.

Jastin Das sketched an on-the-spot painting depicting two birds flying with a bleeding liver, the birds signifying doctors carrying the liver, which is bleeding as it has been harvested for transplantation.

The weeklong celebrations for the Liver Week, that started from November 24, incorporated a number of unique initiatives. The hospital organised specialised Liver Clinics offering free consultations to patients with lever disorders and a discount on all diagnostic procedures with free subsequent follow-ups.

The celebrations also saw large-scale liver awareness drives across schools, public service messages across newspapers and radio and public awareness lectures by eminent specialists on the theme.

Dr Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “It was the skill of our medical and surgical teams, allied specialists and the technology available at the Apollo Hospitals that made the country’s first successful Liver Transplant possible five years ago. While it is reassuring to note that liver transplantation is no longer experimental in the country and surgeons have achieved success rates comparable to those anywhere in the world, there is a need greater than ever to focus on prevention.”

The event is of significance as liver disease is emerging as a major health problem in India, with the country having the second largest number of people with Hepatitis B (one of the leading cause of lever disease) in the world. The only definitive treatment for a person with liver failure is a liver transplant, he said.



Joining the joints

DR Naval Bhatia is one of the leading orthopaedics surgeons who specialises in treatment of the joint disorders. He practises at the Central Institute of Orthopaedics, Safdarjung Hospital. His expertise in joint pains and other orthopaedic problems has given a new life to a number of persons, including a Kargil war victim and an 80-year-old man of the royal family of Afghanistan.

He did his MBBS from Nagpur University in 1984 and MS from Vardhman Medical College in Safdarjung Hospital, University of Delhi. Dr Bhatia, who was inspired to pursue higher studies by the then Secretary Home in Punjab Government in 1980, did his senior residency from Safadrjung Hospital. He has done fellowship in joint replacement from Switzerland. He studied medicine against the wishes of his parents. They wanted him to pursue some other field. He opted for medicine to help the needy people. In his childhood in Punjab, he saw a number of elderly people suffering from joint pains and had no access of proper treatment. At that age, he determined to become a doctor and specialise in orthopaedics. Though at present, he works with the government hospital, he treats his patients specially the poor and elderly people with extra care. He designs and gets manufactured joints if need be for his patients.


You have been working with the Central Institute of Orthopaedics for a long time. Do you remember any unique case treated by you?

Yes. In Safadrjang Hospital, I got a chance to treat two unique patients, whom I will remember throughout my life. One was a soldier who sustained bullet injury in his hip. His hip joint was completely smashed. It was a very challenging case for me because he was operated upon thrice in the Army hospital but could not recover. He had left hope of leading a normal life. He was bedridden for a few years. When he came to me, I examined him thoroughly to find out the nature of fracture in the hip joint. After all kind of examinations, I came to the conclusion that he needed an artificial hip joint. I designed the hip joint myself and contacted the company concerned, which specialises in manufacturing joints. The artificial joint was fitted in his hip and a few months later he recovered and started moving like a normal man.

He has joined his duty again and posted somewhere in the valley. When recovered, he preferred to be posted in the valley to fight the militants saying that he wanted to serve the motherland. The second patient was an 80-year-old man of a royal family of Afghanistan. He had a problem in his knee. He was also operated thrice, but unsuccessfully. He recovered completely in Safdarjang Hospital after the specialised treatment.

Nowadays a lot of youngsters have cervical problems. What could be its reason?

Sitting posture is the only reason of cervical problem in the youngsters. They work on the computer for long hours and they do not have correct sitting posture. They should be given scientifically designed chairs to work on the computer. But in our country we do not have such kind of culture. This problem can be seen in age group of 25- 30 years old youths.

To escape from this problem one should have scientifically designed chair and after every one hour people should have a few minutes rest. Besides, we the medical experts, who suggest special exercise to get rid of this ailment.

Knee joint pain is very common among the people of 50 years above of age group. Why?

Yes, this is very common among them. This is a natural phenomenon.

After a certain age, this problem develops in the human body itself. Squatting, sitting on floor and Indian style toilet habits stretches the knee muscles and ligaments in an unbalanced way and predisposes this condition. Patients feel pain usually after excessive activity. When arthritis is severe, night pain may occur. Patient complaints stiffness in the morning, which gradually diminishes with activity.

Instead of taking medicine, attention should be given to the correct sitting posture. There is a wrong concept that this is not curable. This can be treated in any stage. In Western countries, people sometimes replace the knee joints with artificial ones. In government hospitals, treatment of such ailments is cheap, while in private hospitals it is very costly.

Lower back problem is also seen in the youngsters these days. Can you give its reason?

This is not only in youngsters. It can be seen in the people of all ages. Women also have this problem.

Sometimes people bend completely to lift weights. Suddenly when they lift the weight they develop pain. I have seen a number of such cases in pregnant women. They lift weights carelessly and have this kind of problem. To treat the low back pain, we have certain exercises, which are normally very effective.

In pregnant women, this problem is not curable. They should be very careful while lifting the weights.

What is the treatment for chronic back pain?

Pain of more than three months duration can be labelled as chronic back pain. It can be attributed to disc disease, annulus fibrosis, facet joint, muscles, ligaments and alcohol adds to the problem. Tolerance is part of our culture unless patients have severe pain and deformity, they do not bother to consult a doctor. Surgery is rarely helpful. Biofeedback, muscle relaxation, breaking of the spasm cycle, functional restoration and proper exercises are helpful.

Extensor muscle of the back and abdominal muscles should be exercised to keep the spine in proper alignment. Exercise can be done at any time provided the stomach is not full. Do not hold breath while doing exercise.

In general, steps like reduction of weight, correction of posture, avoiding lifting heavy weights, avoid hill running, firm matters (not hard) to sleep, regular exercise compatible with age help to keep the back stay healthy. One needs to avoid working continuously for hours in a monotonous way.



Sinus can be cured by endoscopic surgery
Parmindar Singh

Noida, December 1
The latest medical science advances have raised a hope for the chronic patients of sinus problem who can now be cured by the endoscopic surgery, said Dr V.P. Sood, an eminent ENT Surgeon here on Sunday.

Dr Sood was speaking at the National Seminar on Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at Metro Hospital and Heat Institute Noida. The seminar will help create awareness about this disease which is caused by allergy, pollution and some cross-infections, Dr Sood said.

Some 70 ENT surgeons from all over India and neighbouring countries and other parts of the world, including the UK, Bangladesh are attending the training – a three-day course. The core international faculty comprising specialists includes Dr Vijay Anand from US, Dr Ranko Mladina from Croatia and many eminent celebrities in the field of ENT.

The training includes audio-visual lectures, surgical demonstration and live demonstration from operation theatre. The increase in pollution, infection and allergy has led to the cases of sinus infection, nasal and sinus polyp causing nasal blockage, persistent cold and headache.

The incidence of sinus has become quite common these days. The treatment of sinus has been revolutionised with the developments of endoscopic sinus surgery techniques which is a major advancement in the field of ENT. With the new technique, sinus can be diagnosed early and treated fully, where routine sinus surgery has failed in the past.

According to experts, antibiotics, pain killers prescribed usually give temporary relief and render the person, a chronic sinus patient. Dr Sood said an operation could cost from almost nil to Rs 10,000 in a ward and duration of stay in hospital will be two days.

Mr P.K. Hota, Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Chief Guest, inaugurated the course. He said medical treatment should be made people friendly and at an affordable cost.

Fully automated lab launched in Noida

In its efforts to provide world-class diagnostic facilities to every Indian, Dr Lal Path Labs (LPL) has opened a new state-of-the-art pathology laboratory at B-498 A, Sector 19, Noida.

Hailed as an important milestone, the Noida laboratory would be equipped with fully automated laboratory instrumentation with a bi-directional interface, in which the diagnostic instruments actually “talk” to the mainframe computer. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Arvind Lal, Managing Director, Dr Lal Path labs. said, “Equipped with the latest technology and machines, the lab will provide accurate, error free diagnosis to the patients of Noida.”

He added, “This lab is a stepping stone towards achieving our aim to provide world class, widest range of diagnostic facilities in every nook and corner of India.”

The importance of a good quality lab can be assessed by the fact that laboratory services drive 80 per cent of clinical decisions from diagnosis through therapy and prognosis.

Dr Lal Path Labs (LPL) offers today over 1,400 different investigations and panels in the disciplines of Molecular Diagnostics, Biophysics, Virology, Flow Cytometry, Immunophenotyping, Cytogenetics, Endocrinology, Genetics, Nutrition and Metabolism, Oncology, Toxicology, Immunochemistry, Infectious diseases, Biochemstry, Haematology, Histopathology and Cytology – the widest range of testing parameters available under one roof. It caters to over 3,000 patients on a single day.



India tread treacherous path Down Under
Our Sports Reporter

New Delhi, December 1
India’s four-Test series against Australia will be telecast live by ESPN Star Sports, which will also beam the triangular series, featuring Zimbabwe also.

The Indians will begin their campaign at Gabba in Brisbane, which is known for its pace and bounce, to break a 17-year-old jinx. Gabba has never been kind to the Indians right from their first tour in the 1947-48 season.

The Indians had lost the first Test of that tour by 226 runs. India toured Australia thereafter on six more occasions and played at the Gabba in 1967-68, 1977-78 and 1991-92. In the first two, India lost narrowly by 39 runs and 16 runs respectively. But in 1977-78, India crashed to a ten-wicket defeat.

Saurav Ganguly’s men would be looking forward to rectify this blot on the Indians’ image, and the men likely to help write a new script are Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, and bowlers Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra, Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh.

Saurav Ganguly’s aggression as a leader and his on-field tactics will also prove crucial to the outcome of the tour. Australian Test captain Steve Waugh would be looking forward to signing off from his international career on a winning note. Ironically, it was India who broke Australia’s Test-winning streak and spoilt Waugh’s party by humiliating the visitors at home a couple of years back.

Steve Waugh may be without the services of his pacemen Glenn Mc Grath, Brett Lee and Shane Warne, but Gillespie and McGill are back, and they can do wonders. ESPN Stars Sports will bring home all the matches live.

The first Test will be held at Brisbane from December 4 to 8. The match will be played from 5.30 am (IST). The second Test will be held at Adelaide from December 12 to 16 (6 am), the third Test at Melbourne from December 26 to 30 (5.30 am) and the fourth Test at Sydney from January 2 to 6 (5.30 am).

The schedule of the triangular series is: Jan. 9: Australia vs India ( from 8.45 am); Jan. 11: Australia vs Zimbabwe (8.45 am); Jan. 14: India vs Zimbabwe (4.30 am); Jan 16: Australia vs Zimbabwe (4.30 am); Jan. 18: Australia vs India (8.45 am); Jan. 20: India vs Zimbabwe (8.45 am); Jan 22: Australia vs India (8.45 am); Jan 24: India vs Zimbabwe (8.45 a m); Jan 26: Australia vs Zimbabwe (8.45 am); Jan 29: Australia vs Zimbabwe (8 a m); Feb. 1: Australia vs India (8 am); Feb. 3: India vs Zimbabwe (11 am); Feb 6 (first final): 8.45 a m; Feb 8 (second final): 8.45 a m; Feb 10 (third final): 8.45 am.



Mamta School draw with Tripura
Our Sports Reporter

New Delhi, December 1
Mamta Modern School, Delhi drew with Kabiraj Tilla High School, Badharghat (Tripura) 2-2 in a crucial Group VI match of the Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football Tournament at the Ambedkar Stadium here today.

Mamta forged ahead through Rajesh Singh in the 10th minute and Neia Darlong converted a penalty kick to equalise for the Tripura school. And the visitors then took the lead when Binod Koshore Jamatia headed in following a flag kick in the 47th minute. But Mamta School had a saviour in K. P. Kabui who found the mark yet again to draw parity to keep the local lads’ interest alive in the tournament.

In a Group V match, Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa School, Jabalpur were held to a 1-1 draw by Air Force School, New Delhi. Manish Rajak put Guru Gobind Singh in the lead in the 10th minute while Appu pulled off the equaliser for Air Force School in the 38th minute.

MM Rabbani High School, Nagpur (Maharashtra) defeated American College Higher Secondary School, Madurai (Tamilnadu) 2-1 in another Group V match. Illyas Ali struck in the second minute to put Maharashtra in the lead and Nazeef Akhtar scored the match winner. A Mohamed Habib found the mark to get the consolation goal for the Madurai school.

In a Group VI match, Bangladesh Krira Shikha Prothisthan, Dhaka recorded their first victory when they subdued Goda Varma Raja Sports School, Thiruvanathapuram (Kerala) 3-1.

Shamim and Zahid scored the first two goals for the visitors and then Shamim struck again to make it 3-1. Justin Stephen reduced the margin for the Kerala school in the 55th minute.

Tuesday’s fixtures: Goodshepherd School, Shillong vs Guru Gobind Singh School (10 am); Air Force School, Subroto Park vs MM Rabbani School (2 pm); GV Raja School, Thiruvanathapuram vs Kabiraj Tilla High School, Tripura (3.30 pm)- Ambedkar Stadium.



Varun Sood stars in Madras Club’s victory
Our Sports Reporter

New Delhi, December 1
An outstanding all-round performance by Varun Sood, who claimed four wickets for 33 runs and cracked 57, helped Madras Club defeat Patel Nagar Gymkhana by nine wickets in a DDCA A-I Division League match at the RSC ground.

Scores: Patel Nagar: 161 all out in 39 overs (Amandeep Singh 38, Gaurav Kumar 36, Varun Sood 4 for 33, Shailej Sondhi 4 for 33).

Madras Club: 162 for 11 in 28.1 overs (Varun Sood 57 n o, Varun Sharma 78 n o).

A devastating spell of 4 for 33 by Maninder Singh helped Rani Bagh defeat Young Delhi by 76 runs at the YSC ground.

Scores: Rani Bagh: 189 all out in 38.4 overs (Nikku Singh 54, Rajender Singh Dara 4 for 39, Rama Shankar 4 for 32).

Young Delhi: 113 all out in 31.2 overs (Puneet Berry 49, Maninder Singh 4 for 33).

A deadly spell of 4 for 33 by Anil Batra enabled Delhi Colts defeat Hind Club by seven runs in an A-II Division match at the RSRP ground.

Scores: Delhi Colts: 201 for 7 in 40 overs (Dalbir Singh 61 n o, Raj Kumar 43, Kunwar Singh 2 for 48). Hind Club: 194 all out in 39.3 overs (Puran Singh 72, Kanwar Singh 37, Anil Batra 4 for 33, Ajit Gill 2 for 48).

Jagriti emerge best

Jagriti House emerged best in athletics in the Gyan Mandir Public School Annual Sports Day at the school ground. Jagriti House were also named the best in march past. The students of the school gave a fine demonstration of PT drill, yoga, gymnastics and taekwondo. The sports events were also keenly contested.

The prizes were distributed by Zone 20 education officer of District South West MVS Thakur. President of the school Deepak Khosla, vice-president Prashant Khosla and guest of honour Mrs Ruchi Khosla were also present.

SG win in Turf Cup

SG defeated GECF (SBI) by eight wickets in the Turf Twenty20 Cup at the Jamia Milia ground and entered the semi-final.

Scores: GECF: 94 for 7 in 20 overs (Prashant Pandey 40, Hemant Kumar 3 for 14, Mohit Sharma 2 for 11). SG: 98 for 2 in 13.3 overs (Saurav Aggarwal 45, Mohit Sharma 20).



Sachi Patel drives to glory
Our Sports Reporter

New Delhi, December 1
Sachi A Patel scored a comfortable victory in the ladies finals, for the third time in a row, in the National Karting Championship. Ashutosh Kale won the men’s event, with Nikki Adwani at the second position and Pavan Patel finishing third.

In the junior class, Pavan Patel put up a class act to win for the fourth time in this championship. He will now go on to battle it out with the best of his set at the national level in the finals in February. Yash H Vasant and Vir R Patel finished second and third, respectively.

In the cadet class, boys in the 8-12 age group displayed their driving and manoeuvring skills on their carts.

Aadit Rajal Dalal emerged as the cadet class regional champion while Abhimanyu Tandon won the second place and Arush Chandana came third.



Vijaykumar steals the limelight in
National Supercross
Our Sports Reporter

New Delhi, December 1
Defending national motocross champion C. Vijaykumar hogged the limelight, taking top position in three out of four races he participated in the second round of the National Supercross Championship held at the Gomes Race Track, Calangute in Goa.

With his flamboyant jumps and inimitable style of riding, Vijaykumar soon had the large crowd rooting for him and in the end, he was declared the best rider of the day.

The Group A Indian Experts Foreign Motorcycles class up to 250 CC Moto 1 and 2 was won by Vijaykumar though he was given a tough fight by Syed Rehman. The other close rides witnessed were in the Group B Indian Experts-Indian Motorcycles class upto 150CC where G Prasad of TVS Racing led till the last lap when he got caught in a curve and lost control, and by which time Vijaykumar zipped past him to take the number one position.

G Prasad soon took his revenge in the following race—Group B stroke 4 above 110 CC upto 250 CCC—beating Vijaykumar to take the top spot.

Other noticeable performance was by Syed Rehman, who also became a crowd favourite when he went on to do a wheelie act in front of the crowd. Syed Rehman was recently awarded the best Wheelie Rider in Bangalore, competing among some leading Singapore riders.

With his daredevil non-stop act, he proved to the Goans that he was indeed the uncrowned wheelie king of Indian motorbiking.



Rs 43 cr for sanitation
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 1
The Central Government has approved a pilot project for the implementation of total sanitation campaign in eight districts of Haryana and sanctioned Rs 43.65 crore for this purpose.

Giving this information, a spokesman of the Rural Development Department told mediapersons here on Sunday that the project would be launched in the districts of Ambala, Rohtak, Kaithal, Hissar, Kurukshetra, Panipat, Faridabad and Jhajjar.

The state government, he said, has also prepared a proposal for Narnaul, Panchkula and Fatehabad and Jind district which would soon be forwarded to the Central Government for approval.

The spokesman further disclosed that earlier a sum of Rs 8.84 crore was released for the sanitation campaign in the seven districts of Karnal, Yamunanagar, Bhiwani, Gurgaon, Rewari, Sonepat, and Sirsa. Under the sanitation programme, individual household latrines, anganwari centres toilets and sanitary complexes for women were being constructed.


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