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PU bars MLA’s son, 10 others from taking exams
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 9
Taking a disciplinary action against 11 students, including the son of a local MLA, who had been found guilty in the fake stamp case, Panjab University has barred them from appearing in any university examination for a period of five years.

Of the 11 students, six are from Ludhiana colleges, including SCD Government College, Kamla Lohtia Sanatan Dharam College, Ramgarhia Girls’ College and Guru Nanak College, Model Town. The list of the students includes four girls and seven boys. The other five students are from Doraha, Chandigarh and other places.

The university ordered these students’ dismissal after holding investigations for a period of four years. The university had constituted a committee that visited several colleges in the city and checked the admission forms and detailed marks-sheets of all new students. The committee found that these students had used fake stamp of Mr Sodhi Ram, Controller of Examination, in the result cards.

The investigations were conducted following a news report about fake stamp was published in The Tribune. During his recent visit to the city, Dr K.N. Pathak, Vice-Chancellor of the university, had said the guilty had been given two months’ time to give their representations. The students were asked about the source from where they got the fake stamp, but none of them revealed the truth.

The final verdict to the effect came during a recent PU Syndicate meeting at Chandigarh on November 22. The colleges have now been directed to expel the students.

Of these, only four students had been given admission and had started with their respective courses. The remaining six had applied for admission in colleges with forged certificates, but they never turned up in colleges ever since the session started.

While the investigations had just begun, the university authorities had also written to the SSP, Ludhiana, for taking action against the guilty. But any investigations at the police level are yet to begin.

University Senators said many more such cases were coming to light which revealed that it was a big racket. It was extremely difficult to trace its roots as none of the guilty students had provided any clue to the real culprit manufacturing and supplying fake stamps to the students, they added.



Too many probes, no action 
Woman constable’s molestation case
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
Even as the district police is yet to register a case against DSP Sandeep Goel as per the directions of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in the molestation case of a woman constable, the case is mired in confusion due to five different inquiries ordered in the case.

The Punjab DGP , Dr A.A. Siddiqui, was also perplexed while talking to mediapersons yesterday about the exact status of the case and who was doing what because of the series of inquiries ordered in the case.

The Punjab police has marked the inquiry to Mr Pramod Ban, SSP, Khanna, after two inquiry officers Arunpal Singh, a former SP (Traffic), Ludhiana, and Mandir Singh, SP (Headquarters), Faridkot, had conducted their own inquiries in the case. Mr Arunpal Singh had submitted his inquiry report while Mr Mandir Singh was yet to complete his inquiry.

The Punjab State Women Commission has already directed the ADGP (Crime) to depute the DIG (Crime) to conduct an inquiry within a month.

DGP Siddiqui confirmed that the DIG (Crime) was conducting the inquiry. The Punjab State Human Rights Commission has also reportedly taken up the victim’s plea and ordered a separate inquiry.

While the DGP and the Ludhiana SSP said the case was yet to be registered as the orders of the High Court were not received so far, but were not clear at what would be the status of the different inquiry reports.

The Punjab Police had not taken any action on the inquiry report of Mr Arunpal Singh but the same report was the basis of the orders of the High Court to register a case. DSP Goel had requested change of inquiry officer due to some reasons. Then the victim had requested change of inquiry officer from Mr Mandir Singh. This was when Mr Pramod Ban was made the third inquiry officer.



Twin murders: police seeks video film of wedding
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
The Jagraon police has sought video films of a marriage ceremony which took place in Dakha village yesterday to gather clues regarding the brutal murder of two women at a house near the marriage venue.

An aged woman and her daughter-in-law were found clubbed to death at a house in Dakha village yesterday afternoon. The daughter-in-law, Nirmal Kaur, was last seen in the marriage party. She had left the venue to enquire about the health of her mother-in-law, who was bed-ridden.

Police sources disclosed that so far no clue about the murders had been found. Sources said the police had sought the video films. Members of the family involved in the marriage ceremony could help identify the persons seen in the video film, they added.

Gurmail Kaur (75), her daughter-in-law Nirmal Kaur (50) were found dead in a pool of blood by neighbours. 



Brick-kiln owners stop production
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
Brick-kiln owners of the district under the aegis of the District Brick Kiln Owners Association have suspended the production and sale of bricks in the district from today in protest against the alleged inaction of police against the land mafia for not allowing the smooth operations of JB Brick Kiln at Kanech village. The issue threatens to bring the construction work in the district at a standstill.

This was announced by the owners of as many as 330 brick kilns of the district who said that they had stopped operations till December 12 and if the administration failed to take action in the case they would not resume work for an indefinite period.

Thousands of brick-kiln workers, along with the owners, led by Mr Tarsem Jodhan, a former MLA, took out a big rally from Chattar Singh Park which culminated outside the office of the Deputy Commissioner. What angered the protestors most was the fact that none of the official of the district administration was available in the office. ‘‘We will not submit the memorandum to the authorities now. They have left the offices purposely.’’ said an angry Mr Akhtiar Singh Hans, President of the Brick-Kiln Owners Association.

He alleged that some members of the land mafia, in connivance with some government officials, including a minister, had stopped their operations on December 6 by firing bullets and scaring away the workers.

He said they had lodged a complain with the Sahnewal police about the case but to no avail. Giving details, Mr Hans said Harbans Singh and Om Parkash had been manufacturing bricks at J.M. Brick-Kiln since 1983 on a leased land. The land was given to them on lease for 25 years in 1983. The kiln and its adjoining land measuring 10 acres were owned by Mohinder Singh who sold it to Karnail Singh in 1995.

Out of the total land, Karnail Singh sold 20 kanals to JM Brick Kiln, which has a sale deed executed in its name. But now some people are forcing them to vacate the land. On August 18, 2003, a decree challenging the possession of Mohinder was filed and the party got warrants of possession.

Mahinder Pal Singh has also moved an application for setting aside ex parte decree. In their complaint to the Deputy Commissioner, Mr Hans claimed that Ms Saroj Rani, the decree holder and others have obtained warrants of possession. ‘‘The court issued warrants of possession on November 15, 2003 and thereafter no warrants have been issued. The Tehsildar concerned in violation of statutory provisions of law made paper entries regarding delivery of symbolic possession on November 25 and made certain entries and this had been done with the assistance of police, though, no such order for police help was passed by the court.

It is a misuse of authority by the officials concerned. The entries in revenue record with regard to symbolic possession are also illegal and need rectification.’’ said a copy of the complaint adding that there was no order for delivering even symbolic possession after November 15.



NRI marriage ruins another life
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
Her parents’ desire of sending her abroad in the hope of ensuring a good life for her became a suffering for this woman of Gurreh village in Jagraon, who was married to an NRI from Germany. While she had to part with Rs 6 lakh for going to Germany, her husband allegedly administered her a sedative that resulted in termination of her pregnancy.

The tale of Kamalpreet Kaur came to light today when she complained to the Senior Superintendent of Jagraon, Mr M.S. Chhinna, demanding action against the accused. The SSP marked an inquiry to the SP (Headquarters).

According to the complaint filed by Kamalpreet, she was married to Gurdev Singh, also known as Gagan, of Kaunke Kalan village. He had promised her to take her along to Germany. The marriage was solemnised in 1997.

Some time after the marriage, he left for Germany and asked her to bring Rs 6 lakh from her parents saying the money was required for immigration purpose. She gave him the money thinking that she would be paying it back to her parents once she went there.

Her dreams were shattered when she came to know that Gagan was already married. When she protested, Gagan came back and showed her some manipulated documents that claimed that he had divorced his former wife.

He left for Germany. After some time he visited his village again and married a widow of Malsiah Bhaike village. When that woman started living with him, Kamalpreet protested following which he turned the widow out of the house. The widow has filed a complaint against the NRI, the matter is in the court now.

Kamalpreet has also written a letter to the Chief Minister seeking his help in the case. She has also filed a complaint to the Punjab State Human Rights Commission.




Pamphlets are one of the oldest forms of advertising. Initially, it used to be the main method of promoting one’s product or service by inserting these in newspapers. With the change of times, other types of advertising have taken over. Electronic media, especially local cable companies and newspapers, have begun offering time and space at low prices. In this context, such pamphlets have lost their attraction. The ones inserted in newspapers are rarely read and are considered a nuisance. This has forced the pamphlets’ publishers to devise new methods. The ingenuous ones are issuing designer pamphlets to attract newspaper readers. While one issued a folder kind of pamphlet using glazed paper, the other inserted it in a wedding invitation kind of envelope. This lured or rather forced the reader to have a look in which served the purpose. This form of advertising, thus, may live longer... thanks to such creative minds.

Nothing for the ‘Keen eye’

Some die-hard television addicts in the city are fuming and fretting over the service being provided by cable operators in the city. They say, first the cable operators withdrew the screening of Fashion Television from its local viewers and now they have stopped the telecast of the Russian Ren Television. These were the two channels the residents had to do with in the absence of any other channel for viewers with a ‘keen eye’. Cable operators have washed their hands off by saying that the viewers should take up the matter with the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. Any volunteers?

Tough to tame

The city police experiments with moves to improve the traffic police now and then. One such experiment to improve the traffic on the Domoria Bridge met with some success initially, but the situation is now back to its original worse. Reason simple: “The traffic cops find it too cumbersome to tame the jungle drivers in the city’, says a person associated with traffic management.

Active satta bazar

With talks of Congress legislators camping in Delhi to complain against the functioning of the political leadership in the state, the ‘satta’ bazaar in the city is rife with talks that the stalemate in the party is likely with Ludhiana district benefiting in a big way. It is said that at least a lady legislator from a neighbouring city and two others from the city are expecting to find a berth in the Captain Amarinder Singh Cabinet. It is also rumoured that a city-based minister would be elevated and another would face the leadership’s ire.

Highway blunder

The National Highway Authority has rubbed the residents of several villagers on the wrong side. They have either mis-spelt the names of villages or towns in new boards installed along the GT road or have completely painted the wrong names. Apart from spreading confusion, this has made the authority a subject of ridicule. Some have taken it so seriously that they term it as an attempt to change the nomenclature of Punjab villages. To cite a few examples, the name of Malerkotla (on a board installed on Khanna - Malerkotla road) reads as Malaikotla. Libra village name changed to Nibeda. Rasulrda to Rasulpur and Ikolaha to Akalaha. Names of several prominent villages and towns have been completely ignored.

Network failure

At the advent of mobile phones, one had thought, the problem of dead phones or busy lines would evaporate. But last week has shown that the problem has not only remained but has actually grown in degree. Only the words have changed to network failure now. Subscribers of all the mobile phone companies and the landlines were stunned for most of the work to find the mobile phones dead. When they tried to contact some mobile over the landline, the computer said the number does not exist. So acute was the problem that the SMS messages were received 24 hours after they were dispatched causing congestion all round.’

DSPs in trouble

The posts of Deputy Superintendent of Police in the district appears to be a jinxed one these days. Two DSPs out of the three are facing enquiries for acting in a manner unbecoming of their status and for causing harassment to a city industrialist. While one has been taken to task by the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the other has been reprimanded by the Punjab State Human Rights Commission.

‘Blackmailing’ channels

Come cricket season and it is the time for the sports channels to adopt ‘arm-twisting’ methods to earn fast bucks. The sports channels have increased their tariff by Rs 12 per cent per connection. While the cable operators cry hoarse terming it blackmailing, the subscribers are the actual ones who would be bearing the expenses. During the World Cup, it was Ten Sports and Star Sports which had resorted to such means and now it was ESPN which was following the same policy. In the absence of a proper regulating method, the channels are going to make hay while the sun shines.


Sentinal saw one word ‘Endless’ scripted on the wind screen of a car. It started a chain of thoughts. Did the owner of the car feel that troubles, worries, problems and tensions are endless?. Or was he of optimistic nature and thought that bounties of God were endless which included the beauties of nature, the glories of the rising sun and orangish hues of setting sun, smile of a child, an unexpected kind deed, joys of sharing? Or in a more philosophical vein, life cycle is endless Just one word can start a chain of thoughts.

An amazing man

Mr Sunil Munjal, president of Ludhiana Sanskritik Samagam, is truly an amazing person. Whenever he chances to meet any artiste, he convinces the performing artiste, be it a theatre artiste or a dancer, or a singer, to come and perform in Ludhiana. It is due to him and his team of dedicated people of LSS that Ludhiana has witnessed 42 shows by truly amazing artists of enviable repute. He roped in Jaya Bachchan, Pandit Jasraj, Shiv Kumar Sharma, Suman Shekhar, Shovna Narayan, Shubha Mudgil and many others to perform in the city. Recently Gurdas Mann regaled the audience with his amazing range of songs. Ludhianvis are indebted to him and his organisation for giving the city residents a big chunk of culture.

Cattle rule

Stray cattle continue to cause traffic problems in the city as the city roads are always dotted with these animals. They are walking on the roads, sitting on the roadsides and even dot the highways causing many accidents. There has not been any solution to the ever-increasing problem. The reason is that if the MC authorities collect the animals and keep them in sheds, another big number is added on the roads. The cattle owners have to think ethically before abandoning the cattle.

Gold shines

With the prices of gold skyrocketing in the international market, the city buyers are feeling the heat. Even as the wedding season is on, the sale of gold in the local market did not pick up as the residents preferred remaking of the old ornaments. Jewellers also said that they recorded a low sale this year.


The beggar menace on the city roads, especially at the traffic chowks, is a problem for all the commuters. After a police crackdown on beggars last year they are back in business. All the sociologists feel that the menace cannot be checked until they are rehabilitated. There is an organisation People for People’s Society working for the welfare and rehabilitation of the beggars. The issue needs to be viewed in a sympathetic and humane manner. The beggars cannot be treated as criminals. Particularly when donating alms is considered to be a noble thing and is widely encouraged. Instead of indiscriminate arrests, the beggars need to be rehabilitated so that they do not have to be on the roadsides and crossings which can cause accidents, thus endangering the lives of others as well as their own.

Nature’s bounty

Nature is so bountiful! Every season it gives an unmatching gift to humans. If the season of mangoes is over, then there are apples, citrus fruits and guavas. Cartload of tastefully decorated carts of these fruits provide a visual treat as well. The city is dotted with guavas, including the red ones interspersed with green making a pretty picture. Probably a few know that this humble fruit is rich in iron and in Vitamin C. Those with low haemoglobin can eat guavas in plenty. Its consumption would build a strong system for its rich Vitamin C contents. Generally people are disparaging about this fruit but nature’s bounty should be taken as it improves digestion, too.


A Congress leader overstepped propriety while inviting mediapersons to a family function, “You are directed to participate in the function as per the programme on the appended card” read the invitation letter sent to journalists with the function card. Sentinel



MC to discuss shifting of Sarabha’s statue
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 9
The general house of the Municipal Corporation which is meeting after a gap of almost five months here tomorrow, will discuss, among many other proposals the shifting of the statue of martyr Kartar Singh Sarabha from Clock Tower Chowk till the work on elevated road from Jagraon Bridge to Chand Cinema is over.

According to a note put up by the Superintending Engineer (B and R) before the House there was a proposal to shift the statue of martyr Sarabha as it was hindering the construction work on elevated road. Therefore, the statue needed to be shifted temporarily and once the project was completed, it could be reinstalled at the same place with certain modifications. The MC House could also approve the shifting of the statue to some other appropriate place on a permanent basis, if it so desired, the note said.

Eyebrows were being raised on another crucial issue of Rs 15 crore indoor stadium project in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar on Pakhowal Road, which would also come for discussion before the House. The corporation had invited tenders for this work way back in 1999 and the project had been hanging fire since then for one or the other reason.

First of all the original site for the stadium proposed to be constructed on Pakhowal Road was changed to City Centre. It was to be developed by the Ludhiana Improvement Trust after the work order was issued to the successful bidder. However, the state government refused to approve the change of site saying ‘it was not in the public interest’.

For reasons best known to them, the civic authorities had, once again, initiated the move to construct the indoor stadium at the original site in Pakhowal village in an area of 2.33 acre and it was proposed to entrust the work to the lowest bidder among the tenders received four years ago, which would be rather unprecedented, assert the sources in the corporation. It was alleged that the lowest bidder, a well-connected builder was exerting pressure to see the project through. The final acceptance of the project, including awarding the work on the basis of old tenders would, however, have to be approved by the state government.

The corporation intended to impose user charges for the construction of manholes by the telecom companies for laying optic fibre cable and subsequent inspections because the work involved damage to the roads. An explanatory note, annexed with the agenda item on this subject stated that a sum of Rs 2890 per annum would be charged for manholes towards cost of the land. Similarly, an amount of Rs 450 and Rs 4.10 would be payable per annum towards cost of land and cost of road on the area where OFC was laid by the companies.

Other proposals to be discussed in the House meeting were approval of the auction of parking lot in Feroze Gandhi Market, seeking private participation in procurement of tree guards, allotment of housing sites to persons belonging to economically weaker class and backward classes on concessional rates in Mundian Kalan village.


Transformers shifted from Sarabha Nagar road
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 9
Two transformers, standing in the middle of the Sat Pal Mittal road in Sarabha Nagar, were shifted by PSEB men yesterday. Standing in the way of resurfacing and widening of the road, these transformers were also a potential threat to commuters. None the work for resurfacing of the road would be taken in hand soon.

In a press release here today, Ms Amrit Varsha Rampal, councillor, Ward No. 41, said the work for widening of the Gurdwara road had already been completed and the project for widening and resurfacing of roads in J and K Block of Sarabha Nagar would be carried out soon. Other development projects to be taken up in the area included surfacing of the main road in Gurdev Nagar and installation of sodium vapour lights in the colony.

Meanwhile, more than five Congress councillors convened a meeting with party legislator Malkiat Singh Dakha at the residence of Mr Palwinder Singh Taggar, councillor here last evening. Several issues, including those of development works in their respective wards, were raised by councillors in the wake of meeting of the MC general house to be held on December 10.

The ruling party councillors expressed their resentment over attitude of certain civic officials towards elected representatives and resolved to bring this matter for discussion at the house meeting.

Mr Dakha assured the party councillors that he would make all possible efforts to restore their dignity and would also take up the matter with the Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh, and the Local Bodies Minister, Choudhry Jagjit Singh.

Besides Mr Taggar, others councillors present at the meeting were Mr Jasbir Singh Chadha, Ms Malkiat Kaur, Mr Sushil Raju Thapar, Mr Rajesh Jain Kala, Mr Chanchal Singh, Mr Bhupinder Singh and Mr Satwinder Singh Jawaddi.



4,500 autorickshaw owners issued stickers
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 9
A scheme launched by the Transport Department in the city to issue stickers to the auto-rickshaws, has evoked good response. More than 4,500 auto-rickshaw drivers had been provided with stickers after verification of their documents.

The District Transport Officer (DTO), Mr M.S. Sandhu, said keeping in view the response from owners it had been decided to give one week’s more time from December 15 for the submission of the applications. He asked the owners and drivers of three-wheelers to submit the applications directly to the DTO office and not to involve any middleman or agent in the process.

Mr Sandhu informed that the autorickshaw owners had been asked to apply for the stickers along with necessary documents like registration certificate, permit, tax receipt, driving licence and pollution check certificate. “Sticker bearing autorickshaws will be considered having complete documents and will not be stopped during routine checking”, he said.

According to him, 5000 applications were received and out of which 4500 autorickshaws had been issued stickers while documents of the remaining vehicles were under the verification process. He said once the verification was completed, stickers would be issued to the remaining eligible applicants.

He urged the autorickshaw owners and operators to avail this last opportunity for getting stickers, so that, they did not face any kind of harassment during frequent checking. The DTO warned that the autorickshaw owners who failed to get the stickers would be challaned and heavy penalty would be imposed on them.



Book on Japuji Sahib
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 9
The first ever comprehensive book on scientific and logical interpretation of Japuji Sahib written by a former professor of Punjab Agricultural University was released by Dr K.S. Aulakh, Vice-Chancellor, here today.

The author of the book, Dr Devinder Singh Chahal, said he had attempted to interpret ‘Jap’ scientifically so that the readers could understand the originality and uniqueness of Guru Nanak’s philosophy.

Dr Aulakh said mere reading of Gurbani, without understanding and applying its teachings in real life, would not serve any purpose. He appreciated the efforts of Dr Chahal in attempting to disseminate the philosophy of Gurbani in a way that could be easily comprehended by a layman.

The book release ceremony was attended by deans, directors and senior faculty members of the university and scholars, including Dr N.S. Tasneem and Professor Harbans Singh.



Rag-picker stabbed
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 9
The division number 2 police yesterday registered a case under Section 324 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Ram Bahadur, a Nepalese migrant, living near the railway station, against an unknown person, who stabbed the former with a sharp-edged weapon in the early hours of Monday. The complainant, a rag-picker, stated to the police that he was sitting around a bonfire lighted up by some persons when one of them suddenly stabbed him in abdomen with a knife. He was rushed to a hospital. No arrest has been made so far.

Beating case: The sadar police yesterday registered a case under Sections 323,341,506,148 and 149 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Sukhdev Singh, a resident of Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar, against Davinder Singh, a resident of Guru Nanak Colony, Mohinder Singh, Gurpreet, Satya Devi and Harjinder Kaur. The complainant had alleged that the accused had beaten him up with sticks on the evening of December 7 in Guru Nanak Colony and kept him in confinement in a room, which was locked from outside by the accused. No arrest has been made so far.

Fraud alleged: The Shimla Puri police yesterday registered a case under Sections 406 and 420 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Baldev Singh, a resident of Cheema village in Gurdaspur district, against Santokh Singh, Darshna and Jaspal Kaur. The complainant had stated that the accused had arranged his marriage with Jaspal Kaur with the intention of committing a fraud against him. The accused had taken away Rs 2000 and 50 gm of gold from him on the pretext of marrying him with Jaspal Kaur. No arrest has been made so far.

Case registered: The division number 4 police has registered a case under Section 354 of the IPC on the statement of Ms Puja, a widow living in Chhawni Mohalla, against Mona, a resident of Moga. The woman had alleged that the accused caught her by arm in Chhawni Mohalla on Monday and teased her. No arrest has been made so far.



Trade unions gear up for Dec 18 rally
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 9
The Punjab Subordinate Service Federation (PSSF) has claimed that there is great enthusiasm among trade union activists, employees, students and other working classes for the proposed joint protest rally to be held at the mini-secretariat here on December 18 against the “anti-employee policies” of the state government.

Addressing a meeting of the district unit of the federation here on Monday, its president Mr Gurmail Singh Melday contested the claim made by Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh that the Congress Government had fulfilled its poll promises. The ruling party had claimed that if voted to power, the Congress would grant five years’ bonus and time-scale of 4-9-14 years to the employees.

He maintained that the facts were otherwise. The government was resorting to withdrawing even those incentives which were being enjoyed by the government employees. More than 50,000 posts had been abolished, almost one lakh employees were facing the threat of retrenchment, pension commutation and leave encashment was being curtailed, six crucial departments were being handed over to panchayats, grants to universities were being slashed, employees serving for decades were not being regularised, interest on GP Fund had been reduced and to top it all even recruitment on compassionate grounds to the next of the kin of serving employees was being denied.

Activists of more than one dozen trade unions and employees’ bodies addressed the meeting.



Designer sweaters — latest craze among city residents
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 9
Hosiery manufacturers are doing brisk business and the focus is on designer sweaters. City residents, including children, youngsters and the middle-aged, have all switched over to warm and cosy yet trendy attires.

Mr Akash Bansal of knitwear unit says, “Sweaters and pullovers are designed keeping in view the liking of every age group. This year, kurtis are very much in, so our designers have designed kurti pullovers for teenagers. Majority of designer sweaters range between Rs 800 and Rs 1,500. Because of the huge demand, we have started ‘repeats’ now.”

Mr Sanjay, a salesman at a showroom on the Mall Road, says, “Middle-aged persons prefer sober and light shades, but they, too, demand something unique and not just the regular stuff. People demand branded clothes. Instead of buying two-three items, they go for one good branded sweater. The sale of woollens, has really picked-up this year.”

Lee Cooper, Blackberry’s, Monte Carlo, Allen Solly, Van Heusen etc have also launched designer winter collection.

“Lightweight pullovers and jackets are in as boys no longer want to be burdened with bulky stuff. Leather and corduroy remain the hot favourites. However, for formals, men demand imitation leather or suede finish designer jackets and pullovers,” said Amit Raheja, one of the retailers in Ghumar Mandi.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers feel it is the style that sells. The markets are flooded with pullovers and jackets of all hues, styles and shapes. Simple V, polo or round necks seem to be outdated as a lot of experimentation can be seen on necklines these days. Mocknecks, round Ts or Denim trimmed boat necks are favourites among the youngsters this season.


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