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Patients left out in the cold as doctors continue stir
Our Correspondent

Meerut, December 21
The medical services remained disrupted on the second consecutive day in the city following the strike of private medical practitioners, nursing homes and hospitals who were protesting against the murder of a doctor on Friday evening. Hundreds of patients were seen unattended at various nursing homes and clinics. While their guardians were seen going from one doctor to another.

The doctors in the government hospitals protested by sporting black ribbons.

The junior doctors’ associations of medical college, Meerut also extended their support to the strike.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police, Meerut zone, Mr R K Tiwari announced in a press conference that one of the accused in Dr S M Rastogi murder case was arrested.

But the delegations of doctors, Indian medical association office-bearers, traders and other citizens present during the press conference were firm on observing the Meerut bandh.

Mr Tiwari said that Dr Rastogi had been killed by fellow doctors over a property dispute.

He assured the doctors, traders and citizens that their life and property would be protected at any rate.

Mr Tiwari also appealed to the public to maintain peace and harmony.

Besides, several serious patients remained unattended, though the district administration claimed that all the three government hospitals are fully prepared to meet any contingency.

The BJP’s Traders Cell (City) president, Mr Vineet Agarwal Sharda, alleged that the attacks on the life of doctors, businessman and traders had increased in the last two months as the police officials were busy in VIP duties.

Mr Sharda added that the strike and Meerut bandh would continue till the police and the administration provided security.


Recovery agents pose as DCP, sleuths
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 21
The Crime Branch today claimed to have arrested two recovery agents for multinational banks who were impersonating the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) and Crime Branch sleuths for quick recovery of outstanding dues on behalf of the banks.

The impersonators were identified as Kamal Yadav (32), resident of Gurgaon, and his employee, Ankur Arora, alias Sanjay Sinha (21), resident of Rohini. The sleuths are looking for their another accomplice, Preeti Trehan, alias Mallika Chopra, who posed as an Inspector of the Crime Branch.

Kamal owns a recovery agency, Scrut-Scan Consultant Private Limited, in Lajpat Nagar and has employed as many as 200 persons in his office. He had four offices in the NCR region and had a recovery capacity of Rs 15 crore a month. He worked on behalf of ABN-AMRO, ICICI, Citi Bank, American Express and HSBC. The agency dealt with collection of dues of credit cards and particularly in high-risk (Bucket-7) recoveries.

The sleuths received a complaint from one businessman Surinder Suneja, who works for the film industry, that he had been receiving intimidating calls from some persons who were posing as Crime Branch sleuths and as the DCP (Crime).

He told the police that he possessed a credit card from ABN-AMRO bank and an add-on card for his daughter. When his daughter lost the card, he had intimated the bank and the police immediately and also applied for another card.

He had suddenly started receiving intimidating calls at his Delhi and Mumbai addresses, threatening him that he should pay the huge outstanding amount immediately otherwise he would face dire consequences.

The sleuths during investigation found that the callers belonged to Scrut-Scan Consultant Private Limited and identified the suspects as Kamal, Ankur and Preeti. While Kamal was the mastermind Ankur posed as Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Deependra Pathak.

Both Kamal and Ankur were arrested from the Prashant Vihar area. The main accused, Kamal, told the sleuths that he had been in the business since 1997 and used to threaten people, including the government officials, businessmen and others, by using the same modus operandi. Since he was successful initially, he started using the same method as the recovery was very quick and proved lucrative.


Yet another drive to recover house tax arrears
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 21
The Sonepat Municipal Council has prepared a long list of commercial establishments, government departments and individuals who had failed to pay their house tax arrears.

It has also launched a campaign to recover the house tax arrears as land revenue from the defaulters. Such cases have also been sent to the authorities of the Revenue Department for launching proceedings against them.

A sum of Rs 22.60 lakh is outstanding against the Food Corporation of India whose godowns fall in ward no 26.

The FCI authorities had filed a case in the court against the Sonepat Municipal Council for the recovery of house tax on the basis of it being an institution but the court had rejected its plea and declared it a commercial institution.

After the court order, the council has issued a notice to the FCI authorities asking them to pay the arrears outstanding against them otherwise they are required to pay 10 per cent penalty with one per cent interest per month.

Similarly, other defaulters are: Kohinoor Banquet Hall in ward no 22 (Rs 1.05 lakh), Mr Islak Mohammad in ward no 14 (Rs 70,000), Mr Gurdarshan Singh in ward no 22 (Rs 95,000), Mrs Dhanno Devi in ward no 8 (Rs 92,000), Kuber Banquet Hall - Mr Jaipal Sharma in ward no 22 (Rs 70,000), Mr Ishwar Chand (Rs 48,000) and Mrs Pushpa Malhotra in ward no 19 (Rs 47,000).

Sources say the Sonepat Municipal Council had issued numerous notices to them but they had failed to pay the arrears of the house tax outstanding against them. If the defaulters fail to pay the amount of the house tax, the Sonepat Municipal Council will have no alternative than to launch proceedings against them for the recovery of house tax as land revenue.


60% jail inmates suffer from diseases 
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, December 21
Once known as the ideal jail of the UP state, Dasna District Jail Ghaziabad today is a victim of mismanagement.

Having four times more prisoners than its capacity, Dasna jail has come to such a sorry state that about 60 per cent of its inmates suffer from various diseases.

The Dasna jail has only one doctor to attend to its 2,600 prisoners. Most of the patients are reported to be in a serious condition. Many of them are down with fatal diseases. If this is the condition of the state’s best jail, one can imagine the state of affairs in other jails in UP.

Built in 1977 with over Rs 9 crore, the jail, started with 12 barracks, and was given the title of “model jail”.

Built to house 660 and later 780, this jail now has over 2,600 convicts on its premises. The inmates have been divided into shifts for sleeping for want of enough room.

The same system holds for their food timing, bath, toilets etc. Here too, the dreaded criminals have a decisive say in management matters and are given a VIP treatment. According to Lala Ram, who is under treatment at District Government hospital, “Only those can survive in Dasna who have some pull”.

Ordinary prisoners are harassed and exploited by officials, senior and dreaded criminals and treated almost like bonded labour, said some prisoners.


Cases in Lok Adalats mounting
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, December 21
The number of cases pending in Lok Adalats has increased tremendously. The non-cooperation of advocates has only made matters worse.

While about 7,000 cases were decided in Lok Adalats last year, only 200 cases could be resolved in these courts during the current financial year, it is learnt.

Not a single case has been decided in Lok Adalats recently. From April till date, the Adalats had nine sittings on jail premises. Some 215 cases were resolved in these court sittings last year. While deciding these cases, a total of Rs 26 lakh was collected in the form of fines and penalties.

According to the Secretary, Legal Aid Services Authority, Mr V. S. Patel, the main reason for this changed scenario vis-a-vis Lok Adalats is the non-cooperation by advocates.

According to the president of the Bar Association, Mr Subash Tyagi, however, the largest number of cases that came up before Lok Adalats were those pertaining to traffic challans and claims. These accounted for 40 per cent of the total cases.

During their hearings, a number of other complaints also cropped up. Lok Adalats cannot try and decide serious disputes and criminal cases. 


Shun extramarital sex if you want to keep your heart healthy!
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 21
The combination of Viagra and nitrate could prove fatal for heart patients, pointed out experts at the Akhand Heart Darbar here today.

Doctors said sex outside marriage could be fatal for those suffering from heart problems. They could be at increasing risk of heart attacks as such encounters are undertaken in uncertain circumstances, usually with younger partners and the stress of performance is greater.

Speaking at the second Akhand Heart Darbar organised by the Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) and the Suituh Prakash Arya Trust here, cardiologist Dr K. K. Agarwal, Executive Vice-Chairman of the HCFI, said a heart patient on nitrate could suddenly die if he consumed Viagra or its Indian substitute as the combination of Viagra and nitrate could be lethal.

The anxiety to perform better during extramarital sex could precipitate angina, heart attack and sudden death also, he informed in answer to questions put by an audience of over 700 patients who came for a health check-up and information at the darbar.

He quoted researchers from St Thomas Hospital, London, who found couples in long-term relationship were far less likely to have heart attack while having sex compared to those having affairs or one-night stands.

The risk was even more when there was significant difference of age between the partners. Seventy-five per cent cases of sudden death during sexual activity involved extramarital sex.

Stating that one should not feel embarrassed about asking questions about the effect of heart problems on sexual life, Dr Agarwal said that most people from heart failure could continue normal sexual relations once symptoms were under control but they should follow certain basic guidelines like choosing a time when feeling relaxed, rested and free from strain, avoid having sex after a heavy meal and stop it if one feels uncomfortable or tired during intercourse.

The Dean of Maulana Azad Medical College, Prof B. K. Dhaon, and Senior Consultant Cardiologist H. S. Wazir gave information to the people about the role of obesity, quality of oil and calories in the food affecting health of the people.

They suggested regular exercise, controlled and well-balanced diet and remaining free from stress and strain to avoid heart disease. They said that chest pain, a usual indicator of heart attack, may be absent in 43 per cent women.

Unexplained, unusual fatigue, sleeplessness, and shortness of breath, indigestion and anxiety were early warning signs for heart attack in women.


Life’s hard knocks
Suspended bank official jumps to death
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, December 21
An assistant manager of a bank, suspended over six months ago, committed suicide by jumping out of his fourth floor flat last evening. His body was found in a pool of blood. One of the occupants of the flat, Sanjeev Tyagi, had informed the Indira Puram police about Dutt’s suicide.

According to neighbours and the police, the bank official had taken loans from a number of people. Assistant bank manager A. P. Dutt was a resident of flat no. 444 on the fourth floor in Koshambi Colony under the Indira Puram police station.

Dutt, 50, who belonged to Kolkata, was living alone here. He was working at the Chanakyapuri, Delhi, branch of the Bank of Baroda. He had been suspended from service about six months ago and was in a very tight position financially.

He was under tremendous pressure for repaying the dues to his creditors also. The police have sent the body for an autopsy.

Five Daler supporters in police custody

New Delhi: Five supporters of the Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi, who had tried to protest against the remand of the singer in and around the Tis Hazari courts on Saturday were arrested for violating the order of Delhi Police Commissioner.

The supporters Jaspal Singh, alias Chintu, resident of Preet Vihar, Jasmit, alias Pinki, resident of Tri Nagar, Aman Deep Singh, resident of Tri Nagar, Manpreet Singh, resident of Mukherjee Nagar and Parminder Singh, alias Bobby, resident of Mukherjee Nagar were apprehended and taken into the police custody.

The police said a large of supporters gathered inside and outside the Tis Hazari courts compound in support of the pop singer who was allegedly involved in the manpower racket along with his brother. The crowd began shouting slogans against the police while he was being taken by the Patiala police after producing him before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate. TNS


Plan to lease out vacant municipal lands for petrol pumps 
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 21
In order to improve the economic condition of the municipalities in the state following abolition of octroi the Urban Development Department has formulated plans to generate regular source of income by leasing out vacant lands within municipal limits of the municipal councils, municipal committees and improvement trusts for setting up petrol pumps.

The Director of the Urban Development Department has written to the Deputy Commissioners, chairmen of the municipal councils, municipal committees and improvement trusts in the districts, asking them to identify the suitable land for this purpose and follow the policies being adopted by the Haryana Urban Development Authority in this regard.

It has been suggested in the letter that the land could be given on a lease of 15 years and monthly rents be revised after every five years with 25 per cent increase in the monthly rents. And the land value should be assessed on the basis of the collector’s rates of land of the particular area.

According to letter, the rent of two filling points of the pump is to be fixed as five per cent of the total value of the land and twelve and a half per cent of the monthly rent be charged for any additional filling point.

The directions had also been issued that in any case the monthly rent of the land for petrol pump should not be less than Rs 10,000 and the rent of those old petrol pumps whose lease period had expired should also be assessed as per the new guidelines. But the authorities have been asked to ensure that the new monthly rent of old sites must be double the old rent or Rs 8,000, whichever is higher.

After receiving the letter, the Deputy Commissioner has reportedly directed the civic authorities to identify the land within municipal limits which can be leased out. According to the municipal authorities, more than half a dozen sites have been identified for the purpose.

The civic authorities hope that the scheme will help overcome the situation of deficit budget of the municipal council and the employees will be getting their salaries on time besides meeting out other expenses of the council.


Dhindsa urges Punjabis to converse in mother tongue

Noida: The main challenge that the Punjabi language is facing today is that Punjabis prefer to speak in English or Hindi with their children. They educate their kids in English medium schools, said Union Chemical and Fertiliser Minister S. S. Dhindsa while inaugurating a seminar on Punjabi journalism at Punjab Bhavan in New Delhi. He said there was no shortage of books, magazines or newspapers in Punjabi language as such but the number of Punjabi readers was shrinking.

“This is what worries me. What will happen in the years to come if this trend continues? We shall have no readers of Punjabi books, newspapers etc”, he rued.

All Punjabis should join hands to attend to this problem and work for a solution to it, Mr Dhindsa pleaded. Earlier, Dr S. S. Noor, in his keynote address had lamented that the standard of Punjabi newspapers and books was not comparable with English or Hindi publications. The minister also released two books on Guru Nanak by Punjabi writer S. S. Johar A number of scholars and eminent journalists like Mr Kuldeep Nayar, Mr Inder Sawhney, Me Tarlochan Singh of the National Minority Commission and Dr Maheep Singh had attended the seminar jointly organised by the Punjabi Thinkers Association and Punjabi Academy, Delhi. OC


Special Focus on SONEPAT
Dense fog throws life out of gear
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 21
Dense fog continued to throw normal life out of gear in this city and elsewhere in the district today. All long-distance and suburban trains running on this section were delayed for hours, stranding large number of passengers and commuters at Sonepat and nearby railway stations. The movement of the Delhi-bound inter-state buses from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir was also affected. Traffic on the National Highway 1 and other state highways was slow due to the thick fog and the drivers of vehicles, including trucks, buses and cars were forced to use headlights for a safe journey.

Meanwhile, chilly winds forced the people to remain indoors. Almost all main bazaars and shopping centres looked deserted for want of customers.

Convicted of maltreating pregnant woman

The District and Sessions Judge of Sonepat, Mr B. L. Singhal, convicted accused Om Parkash of Ahulana village of maltreating a pregnant woman, Mrs Saroj, who gave birth to a child before maturity on June 26, 1998, under Sections 311 and 511 of the IPC and sentenced him to three years’ rigorous imprisonment besides fining him Rs 3,000. According to the prosecution story, the woman had filed a complaint in the court on October 1, 1998, and a case was registered against the accused who was later arrested by the police.

According to another report, the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr A. D. Gaur, has sentenced a truck driver, Rajpal, to one year’s rigorous imprisonment on the charge of rash and negligent driving and causing the death of one Mohammad Sharif in January 1996.

According to the prosecution story, the victim was sitting on a tractor-trailer when it was hit by a truck, causing the death of Mohammad Sharif who fell down from the tractor.


They face water shortage even in winter
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 21
This is the story of the inefficient and unsatisfactory working of the Public Health Department in this city and elsewhere in the district.

According to a report, thousands of residents in this city have been experiencing an acute shortage of drinking water even in the winter months as its supply is inadequate and erratic. There is no time schedule for water supply and the residents are kept on ransom by the key men and the drivers of the main waterworks at Murthal as well as the boosting stations in this city. Lack of control on their men by the officials is said to be the main cause of the water scarcity in the city.

It is stated that the drivers of the main waterworks at Murthal and the boosting stations in this city come for duty in accordance with their own wishes and most of them remain on furlough even during the duty hours. This has been causing a delay in the supply of water and the residents are forced to keep waiting for hours together daily to get the supply of water from the taps. On the other hand, the key men on duty who are entrusted with the job of supplying water to each zone keep residents on ransom as they have failed to ensure the water supply on time. The residents are sore over the inadequate and erratic supply of drinking water and all their complaints made to the authorities of the PHD in this regard have fallen on deaf ears.

Most of the sluice valves in different parts of the city had been leaking profusely on account of non-repair by the department officials. In the absence of any repair, the residents had been getting contaminated water supply mixed with sand, earth and other insects. One of the sluice valves in Mohalla Kalan (Ram Bazar) has been leaking for the past eight months or so but no step has been taken to repair this sluice valve in spite of repeated complaints made to the officials of the PHD from time to time. The authorities of the PHD seem to be helpless in taking any action against the junior engineer on this issue.


Special drive against ticketless travellers
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 21
The Railway Protection Force (RPF) has launched a special campaign against ticketless travellers and those selling unauthorised food-stuffs in running trains on the Delhi-Ambala-Kalka (DUK) section of the Northern Railway.

According to a report, the officials of the RPF checked a number of trains at the railway station here last night and arrested five persons for travelling without ticket. They also arrested people for selling foodstuffs in the running trains without proper authorisation.

The arrested persons were identified as Naveen of Kakroi road, Sonepat, Chattar Singh of Mission Chowk Sonepat, Virender Pawan of Railway colony, Sonepat, Sandeep and Ashok, both residents of Panipat.

A case under sections 144 and 179 of the Railway Act was registered against them.

Woman beaten up by mother-in-law

A young housewife, Mrs Shakuntala, was allegedly beaten up by her mother-in-law, Mrs Maya, following a family dispute at Larsauli village, about 10 km from here yesterday. According to a report, the police were still investigating into the case and no arrest had been made in this connection so far.

Rs 4.61 crore as revenue from auctions

The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has earned a revenue of Rs 4.61 crore from the auction of shop-cum-office and booths yesterday.

According to a report, these shop-cum-office and booths were located in Sector 7 and 8 near the G T Road, about 10 km from this city.

A large number of people assembled for the bidding of the 10 shop-cum-office sites and 25 booths. One of the shops was auctioned for Rs 31 lakh whereas others were auctioned for over Rs 31 lakh.

The officials of the HUDA failed to finalise the auction of shops in other sectors including Sectors 12, 14, 15 and 23 as none came forward for the bidding. This was the fifth time that the auction of these shops were postponed by HUDA for want of bidders.

Representatives invited for negotiations

The Administrator of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has invited the representatives of the HUDA Public Health Karamchari Union for negotiations in connection with their demands.

According to a report, the meeting between the authorities of the HUDA and the union will be held on December 24 on various demands by the union. The main demands of the union, among other things, include the regularisation of services of daily wage employees, enforcement of pension scheme at par with the government employees, promotion for the field staff on the seniority basis, grant of pension to employees and promotion for employees holding diplomas.

Meeting of Private Schools Association

The Haryana Private Schools Association will be holding its

state-level meeting on January 3 in this city to discuss the ‘Haryana Shikhsha Niyamavali 2003’ enforced by the state government.

According to a report, representatives of all the private schools in the state will take part in this meeting.


Two held for stealing car stereos
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 21
With the arrest of two persons, the South district police claimed to have solved seven cases of car stereo thefts. With the increasing number of car stereo thefts in the district, the police have formed special teams to contain the crime. Based on a secret information, the police arrested one stereo thief from the tempo stand in Sewa Nagar on December 18. He was later identified as Subhash alias Azad (23), resident of Sultanpuri. During interrogation, he confessed that he was involved in seven cases of car stereo thefts in the Lodhi Colony area. Based on his information, the police also arrested one Jai Ram Kumar, resident of Green Park, for accepting stolen properties. Subhash confessed to the police that he broke the windowpanes of car and stole the stereos. The police recovered five car stereos from his possession.

3 motorcycle thieves nabbed

Three robbers, who had come to the national Capital to sell a stolen motorcycle, were nabbed by the North-East district police. The police also recovered a country-made weapon, two live cartridges and a knife from their possession.

The robbers were identified as Yashkant, Bobby Kumar, residents of Baghpat and Husnain Ahmed, resident of Ghaziabad. The criminals were in their early twenties. During a routine check at the Nathu Colony Chowk, the police spotted the robbers on a motorcycle (DL-3S-3941), who were questioned and subsequently, apprehended.


11 officers among 14 held for corruption
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 21
The Haryana Vigilance Department has created a record by arresting as many as 14 government servants, including 11 officers, under the Prevention of Corruption Act in Sonepat district during the year 2003.

According to a report, the arrested officers include an executive engineer of the PWD (B and R), two SDOs of PWD (B and R) and Irrigation Department, one Block Development and Panchayat Officer, 3 junior engineers of the PWD (B and R) and Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam.

The officials of the department had arrested a junior engineer of the UHBVN, identified as Madan Lal, stationed at Bhatgaon village on February 10 for accepting a bribe of Rs 400 from a consumer.

Later, a junior engineer of the Ganaur Municipal Committee, identified as Lalit Arora, was nabbed on February 21, 2003, for accepting a bribe of Rs 1,000 from a contractor, Mr Krishan Kumar.

The department officials also arrested an Executive Engineer S. C. Singla, SDO Ved Parkash Chhabra and a junior engineer Suman Dev-all from PWD (B and R) for accepting a bribe of Rs 56,000 from a contractor, Mr Naresh Dahiya.

Thereafter, the department officials arrested Durga Dutta, Block Development and Panchayat officer, Mundlana, for accepting a bribe of Rs 3,000, on May 12,2003.

A clerk of HUDA, Mr Chiranjilal, was arrested on May 26, 2003, for accepting a bribe of Rs 500.

A veterinary surgeon, Dr Satpal Dalal, was arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs 2,500 from a Class IV employee in connection with a transfer.

An assistant foreman, Ramphal of the UHBVN stationed at Ganaur, was arrested on June 10, 2003 for accepting a bribe of Rs 6,000 from a farmer.

A patwari, Ram Bhagat, was arrested at Guhna village on August 27, 2003, for accepting a bribe of Rs 5,000.

Balbir Singh, a junior engineer of UHBVN, was arrested at Gohana on October 3, 2003 for accepting a bribe of Rs 1,000 from a consumer on the charge of tampering with the electric meter.

On October 28, 2003, a junior engineer Azad Singh of Marketing Board, Ganaur, was nabbed for accepting a bribe of Rs 5,000 from a contractor. Chhattar Singh, an inspector of Food and Supplies Department, was nabbed on November 12 for accepting a bribe of Rs 750.


The featherlite friend of women this winter

Neva Garments has introduced the exclusive designer range of thermal wear for women. Available under the brand name of ‘Designer Neva Quilt’, this new ultra soft and featherlite range comprising of sleeveless slips, camisoles, blouse and lowers is a unique combination of premium quality, attractive designs, superb performance and affordable prices.

Apart from this, Neva has also come out with a new range for both men and women, under the brand name of ‘New Neva Eleve’.

i-d shoes

i-D Shoes has launched three new variants of footwear in sync with customer needs. The new range consists of the ‘Corporate circle’, the ‘Cool circle’ and the ‘Zing circle’ collection.

Crafted out from a soft buff printed leather with specially designed TPR soles, the shoes reflect the right corporate identity of a person. The shoes are available in two colours, black and brown

For all occasions

Pall Mall has brought in a novel range of Italian winter collection exclusively for men. The products of Pall Mall, a men’s clothing paradise, are rich in style as well as simple enough for complementing any occasion. The most talked about Italian brands on the offer ranges from Versace, Zegnea and Crrutti.

The winter range caters to the adventurous and up going spirit of its burgeoning clientele and could be perfectly paired up with a perfect formal wear.

PC for the Christmas season

LG Electronics Limited has announced a very attractive promotional scheme for its MY PC range of computers this Christmas season. The super scheme is operational presently and will run through December 25 or till stock lasts, and also offers gifts and attractive packages.

Under the scheme, the consumers on the purchase of MY PC range get gifts like Wipro 500VA and holiday packages to domestic and international destinations.

My Dream Diary

Nightingale range of products has introduced the management dairy– ‘Organise and Smile’. The introductory pages of the dairy has essential information that is followed by a section to enter unique personal details such as ‘my dream list’, which includes personal ambitions over the next fifteen years, ‘my vision.’

A new 2004 New Year resolution chart follows, which has a provision for various categories like physical, finance, career and social.

Home Theatre Solutions

Hitachi has launched its range of complete home theatre solutions in India, with the main focus on Plasma TV, at Uppal’s Orchid. The range is being imported from Singapore.

Mr Tarun Jain, regional marketing director, Hitachi, said, “we are entering the market with our technologically superior products like Plasma TV. We have also plans to introduce other sophisticated products like LCD TV and bigger sizes of Plasma TC like 55.”

Designer Jeweller

Dwarka Gems Limited has launched all-new exquisite and vintage range of lifestyle diamond-studded white gold jewellery, ‘Designer Jewellery’ of international fashion. The exclusivity of this range is that it is the fusion of traditional with modern jewellery having east-west chronicler. This collection is being introduced in India with its maiden launch in New Delhi.

For your hands only

Corum, the Swiss watch company, has introduced the unique ‘Corum Bubble’ collection in the Indian market. A spherical winder, a 9 mm thick domed sapphire bubble with a magnifying glass effect, a dial embellished with four oversize numerals and generously proportioned hands….creative audacity, which obviously arouses curiosity. The ‘Bubbel’ with its domed sapphire crystal with anti-glare protection, really is a conversation piece.

Vibrant Shades of Lipsticks

Chambor Geneva has introduced a new elegant colour collection of ‘Moisture Plus’ lipsticks with a unique combination of colour, light and treatment benefits. The lipsticks come in 12 different vibrant shades giving a hydrating and velvety finish to the lips. The ‘dual action’ formula of the lipsticks provide nourishment that hydrate lips, preventing dryness and at the same time with its soft, ultra-moisture colour coating lend a smooth and radiant glow.

Alcohol-free body sprays

Oriflame India has launched its five body sprays in bigger size for both men and women. The five body sprays are ‘De Marco’ body spray and ‘Glacier’ body spray for men and ‘Volare’ body spray, ‘Eclat’ body spray and ‘Serene’ body spray for women. All these sprays are alcohol free formulations and are specially packed for the month of January.

Youths’ Choice

Woodland has introduced a new range of jackets in its winter collection. To match the international standards, the new range of jackets is positioned as an ideal choice for Woodland’s ever growing young customers. This new collection is al set to revolutionize the premium casual wear segment with its unique innovative designs, colour selection, combinations, fabric blending as well as its catchy product packaging.

Roaming Shoes

Action has launched the ‘Roaming Shoes’, which are designed with artistically arranged patterns to match the international trends. The finest quality PU material has been used for the upper part of the shoes, and uppers are also in various colours and designs.

Easy to use adhesive tape

Pidilite Industries has introduced a new and unique adhesive tape–‘Prime Eezytear Clear Tape’. It is the first of its kind adhesive tape in the country. A major advantage it offers is that it can be torn with your fingers. It also specifies the length and width on the packaging and guarantees specifications unlike other unbranded tapes available in the market.

Around the Clock Moisturiser

A moisturiser with shea butter and real strawberry extract provides immediate and ‘around the clock,’ moisture for thirsty skins. At the same time, it maintains the natural moisturizing factor of the skin. It provides bursts of moisture at regular time-intervals due to an innovative technology, which provides natural micro-globule to the skin.

State-of-the-Art Geysers

SAR Silicon Systems has introduced the state-of-the-art ‘Tez Instant LPG’ geysers. The marvel of the latest Italian technology– ‘Tez Instant LPG’ geyser, comes with unique ‘winter and summer knob option’, that results in the ultra-high efficiency and saves on effort to get water at the desired temperature. It also maintains a running cost of only 30 per cent of that of electric geysers.

Dandruff Control Treatment

Schwarzkopf professional has launched the ‘BC Bonacure Dandruff Control’ treatment. The treatment comes in a combination of two unique formulations that intensely care for your scalp. It keeps the hair laden with moisture-all winter long.

Both the shampoo and fluid have been especially formulated with Octipirox for a healthy dandruff-free and well-groomed hair. The shampoo has to be intensely massaged onto the hair and has to be left for a short while before rinsing.

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