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Seven hurt as robbers strike two houses
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Asha Rani
Asha Rani

Ludhiana, December 29
Seven persons were injured, four of them seriously, when a gang of about 15 robbers, armed with blunt weapons and carrying toy guns, struck at two houses in Prem Vihar, near the Tibba road, just after midnight last. The robbers decamped with nearly Rs 50,000 in cash and 22 tolas of gold jewellery apart from other valuables.

Kashmira Singh, a 54-year-old employee with a local dyeing factory and head of one of the robbed families, was preparing for the marriage of his son. Four members of his family apart from him were injured-his wife Saraswati Devi, sons Sanjeev and Rajiv and a relative Sansar Chand. Sarawati Devi's ears were injured as the robbers pulled out the gold earrings she was wearing.

All were taken to the local Civil Hospital. Sanjeev and Sansar Chand were discharged after first aid. The robbers took Rs 50,000 and nearly 20 tolas of gold jewellery from the house.

Kashmira Singh's son Rajiv is scheduled to get married on January 22. The jewellery and cash were for the marriage.

The second house attacked by the robbers was of his neighbour Asha Rani. She lost Rs 5,000 and nearly 2 tolas of jewellery. They were hospitalised but later discharged.

Mr Gurpreet Singh Toor, SP (Detective), said the robbers did not seem to be of a Kale Kachhewala gang. They could have been a local gang of migrant labourers. He said he had inspected the crime spot just after the incident.

He said the robbers had used toy guns to scare the victims. The guns looked real and made a loud noise when the trigger was pressed. The SP claimed that the police had several leads in the case.

The SHO, Basti Jodhewal, Mr Gurbans Singh, said he suspected that someone close to the family was involved in the crime, as only an insider could know that the family had so much jewellery and cash in the house.

The police registered a case of robbery, trespass and threat.

It was a night of terror for the families. Komal, wife of Sanjeev, told Ludhiana Tribune that they had been woken by strange sounds in the dead of the night. It was about 1 am when the robbers entered the house. One of them had apparently scaled the boundary wall and opened the gate. The house was partially constructed and the inner rooms had no doors, which made things easy for the robbers.

She said the robbers beat up the family members when they refused to part with the jewellery. They give in when the robbers threatened to kill her one-year-old son.

The robbers remained in the house for an hour and then moved to the neighbouring house of Asha Rani, where they spent some 20 minutes looting. There too they beat up the family members before leaving.



CM loyalists on mission ‘win over'
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 29
Some of the loyalists of the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, in Ludhiana are learnt to be actively working to win over some of the dissidents back to the CM's camp. Prominent among these include the city Mayor, Mr Nahar Singh Gill, MLA from Ludhiana East, Mr Surinder Dawer and the senior vice president of the Pradesh Youth Congress, Mr Pawan Dewan.

Mr Gill and Mr Dawer are learnt to have met the family members of late Beant Singh. They include Mr Tej Prakash, his mother and also Mr Milkiat Singh Dakha, a close loyalist of the Beant Singh family and Mr Gurkirat Singh, the son of Mr Tej Parkash. Mr Gill also met the dissident minister, Mr Harnam Dass Johar at his residence last night.

While Mr Gill's presence at the residence of Mr Johar had surprised many, given his proximity to the Chief Minister, later it was learnt that he was there with a special mission. Ever since the rise of dissidence in the Congress, with so many dissidents from here, Mr Gill reportedly got active trying to win back some of them. However, Mr Gill has not been successful so far. Even Mr Dawer is also reportedly working overtime along with Mr Gill. Besides, Mr Pawan Dewan, who is also counted among the CM's loyalists has also been trying on his part.

Mr Gill and Mr Dawer were said to be quite optimistic about Mr Dakha. The three enjoy a cordial personal relationship and have always acted in unison. The two leaders are reportedly trying to use their personal influence with Mr Dakha, who continues to stick to his stand along with Mr Tej Parkash.

It is learnt that Mr Dawer and Mr Gill had been able to convince Mr Tej Parkash to reconsider his stance, but the referring of a complaint against him to the Chandigarh Police, by the Punjab Vigilance Bureau is believed to have upset their applecart. The two leaders had to cut a sorry figure after the Tej Parkash controversy.

Mr Gill when contacted said he had been meeting his colleagues as a routine. He maintained that there was no specific mission or purpose. He said, since he enjoyed good relations with everyone in the party, he was in touch with them. Moreover, he added, communication channels should always be kept open.



Roadside encroachments continue
D.B. Chopra

Ludhiana, December 29
Roadside encroachments in the city remained on the rise this year, frequent drives by the authorities against these notwithstanding.

Encroachment on vacant public land in the Focal Point area and the space along almost all roads in the old city took place at an alarming rate this year. As a result the clean and spacious-looking Focal Point has started turning into a slum.

The scene on Metro Road, which is the major artery connecting the Focal Point area with the Chandiagrh road at Jamalpur, has been degraded over the past couple of years. The wide tree-lined road, which afforded a pleasant walking space, is today lined with eating places and other small businesses. Worst of all, the road running at the back of the HIG flats has been encroached upon by shopkeepers who have set up business on Metro Road in contravention of the master plan drawn up by PUDA.

Some of these shops and other establishments have even raised concrete platforms on the roadside to create private parking space.

In the wake of the devastating Khud Mohalla fire, the district administration had announced that all roads leading to CMC Hospital, mainly Brown Road, would be cleared of all encroachments by rehris and shops. A number of notices were also issued in this regard and action was taken. However, encroachments were back soon.

It was more than two years ago that the traffic police, led by Mr S.S. Bhatti, SP (Traffic), in collaboration with the municipal corporation, had prepared an ambitious road-widening plan by identifying 12 roads in the old city that led to CMC Hospital. Though Mr Bhatti was quite enthusiastic about the plan, he was transferred before he could do so. No serious attempt has been made since then to implement the plan, with the result that roadside encroachments have been increasing steadily.

The area of Chowk, Division Number 3, remains the worst part of the old city as far as traffic congestion is concerned. Roadside vendors of vegetables, fruit and other goods have virtually turned the place into an open mandi, full of milling crowds, where vehicles have no place. Traffic lights were installed in the area about five years ago, but were never made operational allegedly under pressure from the "encroachment mafia."

Roadside vendors, squatting on most of the footpaths in the area, fear that if the traffic lights were made functional, it would mean the end of their business. The light poles stand mute testimony to the helplessness of the authorities concerned. However, for now the issue of encroachments along roads has taken a backseat in the wake of recent orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court which seek early removal of all permanent and temporary encroachments on civic land in various parts of the city. But observers feel that it would indeed be a Herculean task for the municipal corporation that cannot even deal with smalltime roadside encroachers.



‘New Year is just another day'
Shivani Bhakoo

Ludhiana, December 29
New Year hardly brings anything new for them. They have well adjusted with the environment now and feel that celebrations are meant for people who have done something good in the past. For them, who are abandoned by their loved ones, life means passing the time.

Sister Josette, one of the six sisters who looks after more than 90 inmates of Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa's Home said that these people had every right to celebrate the festivals, but one of the sisters died recently so celebrations would be a low-key affair this time. "Still we will be celebrating the New Year and thank God for doing good to us all in the last year. We will take these inmates to the church nearby and pray for peace. Then at night, these inmates watch television and enjoy. At 12 at night, they will be given sweets," said Sister Josette, who is looking after these unfortunate people for the past three years.

Maria, around 40, a mentally retarded woman said her parents stayed at Pathankot and had left her here. She said," My parents had left me here. We were three sisters but I used to trouble them and always wanted their attention, so they dropped me. Now, none of them visits me. If they come to take me home, I will never trouble them", she said. Maria has been here for more than five years and she has made many new friends.

Birpal Kaur, another middle aged mentally retarded inmate said," My brother did not like me. He said that he could not take care of me, so he left me here. We used to distribute sweets to welcome the New Year. I miss my parents but not my brother because he was very dominating. We will enjoy here. I like New Year because I get sweets from sisters".

Rajni,19, misses her parents very much. "It used to be a family affair. All of us used to sit, watch television and eat sweets on the New Year eve. I do miss them a lot. I am not mentally retarded. I used to study in college when I got sick. I do not know what happened but both my legs got paralysed. I could not even speak properly. We were six brothers and sisters and my father was the only bread winner. So they left me in this home. They come once in a while to meet me. I have requested them to take me back but I have been told to wait for a few months and everything will be alright. Perhaps, next year will be the lucky one for me. Lucky are the ones who celebrate New Year with their families", she said while tears rolled her cheeks.

Ashu, a 14 -year-old, can not see since birth. He has been here for the past many years. He said," I have not seen my parents. I do not know, who brought me here but I enjoy staying here and celebrating festivals with my friends. We will celebrate New Year quietly because we lost one of our care-takers. She was very loving and generous to us. We will pray for the departed soul".

Another care-taker of Mother Teresa's home said there were as many as six infants here. "They are all very small. New Year is just like any other day for them. We give them balloons and sweets to see smile on their faces and they have also accepted us. We do not want them to be deprived of anything. Whatever best we can do for them, we will do. We will pray that this new year brings them new parents who would be loving and caring", said the care-taker who did not wish to be quoted.

Sister Josette said that this was a home for these 90 inmates, who loved each other. "Generally all are friendly to each other. But at times, we face tough situation when these mentally retarded people start fighting with each other. Sometimes they become very violent and it is difficult to tackle them in that situation. Those who know what is New Year, are longing for the day" she said.



NRI, Canadian help change face of village
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 29
The Village Life Improvement Foundation, Brahampur, near here, has started development works with funds received from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), British Columbia, while a matching grant from the state government is still awaited.

The project in the village, under the Kila Raipur Assembly constituency, which is estimated to cost more than Rs 1 crore, is to transform it into a "model village" on Canadian lines.

Enthusiastic residents of the village said it was all due to the efforts of Brig Zora Singh and Dr Gurjit Singh that their village had been adopted by the CIDA.

Brig Zora Singh, patron of the Village Life Improvement Foundation, said: "We took on the task in coordination with my son Mr Anand Paul, an NRI settled in Canada. We were motivated by a story carried in the columns of The Tribune on Kharaudi village in Doaba. We ultimately succeeded in getting our village, first in Malwa, adopted by the CIDA. Mr Anand Paul arranged NRIs' contribution of 58,000 Canadian dollars to get matching grant from the CIDA. Though an equal grant had been assured by Ms Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, Cabinet Minister, the village has received nothing from the Punjab Government yet."

Elaborating on the project, Dr Gurjit Singh said, works estimated to cost Rs 1 crore had already been started. Sewerage and water supply pipes had been laid in a major part of the village. The village would soon become the only one to have a water-filtering and recycling plant. Besides pucca streets, the village would have solar streetlights. Five computers had been installed in the school.

Mr Paul, who was visiting the village to see the work in progress, said, "I have brought my whole family here so that my children get to know of their roots in India." He called upon all NRIs to take up similar projects in their respective villages.

Mr Mohinder Singh, a former sarpanch, said, "Though successive governments have been doing some development work, never did such a massive reform take place in any village in the area."

Mr Ranjit Singh, sarpanch, expressed satisfaction over the cooperation extended by residents of the village. He said, "Every family did kar seva in the projects." He said around 400 connections for sewerage and water supply would soon be given in the village.



A year of hits and misses

Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 29
It was a year of unfulfilled promises for the Ludhiana district as most of the schemes announced by the district administration with much hype could not see the light of the day. During most part of the year, the residents saw the spread of various diseases that took many lives.

The city got a new Deputy Commissioner, a new Senior Superintendent of Police while both the former officials were changed in a controversial manner. The year 2003 also gave a new Improvement Trust chief to the city who took up the cudgels against corruption in the trust bringing much respite to the local residents.

While the first quarter saw the chequered tenure of Mr Anurag Agarwal, the former Deputy Commissioner, at the same time his various schemes, including the nailing of corruption in the administration, schemes to check pollution and female foeticide brought him accolades from all quarters.

But his alleged “autocratic” style of functioning forced the local leaders to register protests against his working with none other than the Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh. He was named in a controversy related to one of his relatives in the city and was also accused of annoying the media. He was finally transferred out of the city during the middle of the year.

After the joining of Mr Anurag Verma, his namesake, the latter half of the year saw smooth and non-controversial period. At the same time not much seemed to change for the benefit of the city, thanks to the alleged non availability of funds. Ludhianavis continue to face problems like ever increasing pollution and spread of various diseases. The city-based doctors had been silently accusing the administration for not been able to check the spread of the disease by adopting simple measures.

The civic administration failed to clean the Buddha Nullah, a polluted water body passing through the city even after announcing the clean up scheme. The authorities had even claimed to the Punjab Sate Human Rights Commission that they would be cleaning up the nullah after the sewage treatment plant became functional.

Mr Verma’s announcement for bravery awards and excellence awards to some localites brought him cheers from all and sundry. It was for the first time in the city that such awards were announced by the administration itself.

Another scheme, Student Aid Thalassaemia, launched recently under which every schoolchild would donate Re 1 every month from his pocket money for the help of Thalassaemic patients, was liked by people from all walks of life.

It was the close monitoring of the record of ultrasound centres of the city by Mr Anurag Agarwal, former DC that brought some results if not desirable during the year. The strictness imposed by him discouraged many a person willing to abort the female foetus. But the new DC could not keep a track of the monitoring scheme. Mr Verma honestly admits that he was not able to give much time to the scheme. The much publicised mini bus scheme also could not take off and the polluting auto-rickshaws continued to have a field day.

At the same time he claims that his single window system introduced in the mini secretariat was able to help solve the problems of public though he could not spare time to get it formally inaugurated.

The year also saw the spread of dengue, gastroenteritis and chicken pox. As many as 25 deaths occurred due to dengue, around four due to gastroenteritis and two children of slum dwellers lost their life due to chicken pox. Around 3,000 persons with suspected dengue were admitted at various hospitals of the city.

The district administration won the criticism of many who claimed that it failed to act in time to check the spread of dengue. The fogging operations were started only after many deaths were reported. Moreover, certain areas did not see any fogging machine during the entire dengue season.



Fauji Beat
Give them justice, not cake

IF one looks at the visit of Mr George Fernandes to Leh, Kargil and Siachen with 4.5 tonne of plum cake for the troops on Christmas, it was, no doubt, a good gesture. But then, the Defence Minister should have known that the Indian troops are not fond of cakes. Having been a Defence Minister for several years, Mr Fernandes should have also known by now that soldiering is poles apart from politics and trade unionism. The best way to win them over is by giving the soldiers their long-denied due.

Mr Fernandes is well aware of the fact that a jawan retires in his thirties after putting in 17 years of service because the Army has to be kept in young profile. He does not, therefore, get 50 per cent of his last drawn pay as pension. Ironically, he is the only unfortunate exception in the Indian democracy, who is singled out for this wrath. The reason is that he does not complete 33 years of service, which is the requirement to earn 50 per cent of pension. How on earth can he put in 33 years of service when he retires around the age of 35 years or so.

The Army has been projecting this genuine requirement to the government for the past many years but all in vain.

Mr Fernandes, the best message that you could have carried for the troops, who are defending India’s bone-chilling frontline, was to tell them that this injustice of pension was being removed. At least, remember this for the next year and if you are still the Defence Minister, then get the jawans their authorised pension.

Bands regain their standard

Military bands have a special significance in a soldier’s life for martial music is known to have inspired soldiers to go to war with high spirits. Besides, the bands play an important role in the ceremonial parades, guards of honour, mess and social functions.

It was around the seventies that military bands started deteriorating in standard because of the officers losing interest in the band music. Mercifully, corrective measures were adopted a couple of years ago to arrest the decline by creating a post of Inspector of Bands at each command headquarters. His job is to run refresher courses for bands and supervise their training by visiting various units in the command. Apart from this, competitions among the bands of various units are also held in each command.

The Southern Command inter-formation band competition was held at Pune recently. The first prize, among the brass bands, in this competition was bagged by the Guards Regimental Centre, Kamptee, while second prize went to the Artillery Centre, Hyderabad. In the pipes and drums category 22 Maratha Light Infantry won the first prize while 1/3 Gorkha Rifles got the second prize. Six brass and 12 pipe bands took part in this competition.

Vacating fort was right step

Notwithstanding the disagreement in certain quarters, the handing over of the Red Fort by the Ministry of Defence to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on December 22, was a step in the right direction. For, this was the most unsuitable location for an infantry battalion and a few other minor units.

One infantry battalion had always been located in the Red Fort to provide ceremonial guard duties at Rashtrapati Bhavan. It also provided guards of honour at Rashtrapati Bhavan and at the airport to the visiting foreign dignitaries.

Generally two, but sometime three, rifle companies from this battalion were located at Rashtrapati Bhavan for these duties. These companies were administered by the battalion headquarters from the Red Fort. This resulted in a lot of movement of vehicles between the two locations everyday through the congested areas like Darya Ganj, which could easily be avoided if the entire unit was located at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

No Army unit in the Red Fort could have made this location a secure place because stringent security checks on entry into the fort would have defeated the very purpose of the free flow of tourists into this historic monument.

After the shooting incident by militants in the Red Fort on December 22, 2000, the Defence Minister Mr George Fernandes, rightly said: “The security inside the premises is virtually nil as otherwise it would cause a major problem to those who visit this historic place.”

Col Pritam Bhullar (retd)



For city not much to remember or regret
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 29
For the city 2003 did not have much to remember or regret. But there were certainly some defining moments in the contemporary history of the city. It was on September 4, 2003, that President, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam visited the city. It was after over three decades that the President of the Republic visited Ludhiana. Given his popularity across the country that cuts across all sections of society, it was really a memorable moment for the people of Ludhiana.

The President kept his date with the farmers, with the industrialists and also with the children. President's visit will always be remembered in Ludhiana for the way he talked to people. His visionary address to the members of the Ludhiana Management Association, the scientists and the agriculturalists and the Punjab Agricultural University and the interaction with the students was unforgettable. It was like listening to Pluto's "Philosopher King".

Barring this event, there was not much to be remembered during the year in the city. The industry continued to remain in doldrums. With the steel prices keeping on rising and the production costs also increasing, the industry has been passing through the worst ever phase. If the industry is to be believed, 2003 was the worst of all years.

Particularly the rising steel prices have severely hit the industry. Since steel happens to be the basic raw material for the industry, directly or indirectly, its impact is being felt everywhere. Ludhiana, which has a predominant presence of the cycle and cycle parts, auto parts and other machinery manufacturing units, is feeling the impact of the price rise.

Although the Steel Consumers Meeting was held here, which was attended by the Union Minister of State for Steel, Mr K.K. Tewari, even that did not yield any positive results. Although the Steel Minister has assured that the prices would be kept under control, yet these kept on rising. The industry seems to have given up all hope. May be it will get some relief in the next year.

For the hosiery industry it has proved to be a better year. It is said that the hosiery manufacturers could not have such a season during last one decade. With the mercury dipping down every day, the sale of hosiery products is also rising, giving hope to hosiery manufacturers.



No headway in drive against encroachments
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, December 29
Even after one month of the Punjab and Haryana High Court's directions to the Municipal Corporation to clear encroachments on municipal and government land in the city within two months, the MC administration and the political leadership is yet to draw up an action plan to go about the task of clearing more than 9000 encroachments on public roads and street, parks, pavements in the residential and commercial areas.

Sources in the MC revealed that the legal cell of the civic body had filed a large number of applications in the civil courts here for vacation of interim injunctions in cases involving encroachments while the building branches at the respective zones had also issued thousands of notices to the defaulters.

However, other than indulging in a lot of paper work, the administration and the political leaders had, in no way, displayed will or determination to come to terms with the enormity of the situation. After prolonged hiccups, the city Mayor, Mr Nahar Singh Gill, had been able to put together a committee of all party councillors to discuss the matter in detail and evolve some kind of mechanism to make residents clear the encroachments on their own.

Apprehending stiff resistance by the defaulters, even after a series of meetings, the Mayor and the councillors had failed to arrive at an effective policy decision.

An a meeting convened by the Mayor today and attended by councillors from all parties, besides senior MC officials, the consensus was that in the first phase, encroachments in public parks and main roads in the city be cleared. While a majority of those present at the meeting were in favour of launching the campaign without any further delay, no deadline was set for the task. The MC officials were, however, skeptical over the political deliberations and strongly felt that nothing much would come out because once the drive was under way, the offenders would seek political protection and the same politicians would come running in support of the unlawful occupants.

As far as encroachments by a number of religious institutions, educational institutions and influential persons, including politicians and business houses are confirmed, the attitude of the administration was, at best evasive and nobody wanted to bell the cat. Even though the Mayor had been successful, to some extent, to garner the support of other councillors in the drive against encroachments, in general, he himself was well aware that it would be very difficult to move against the religious institutions and almost impossible to make the other political parties support this sensitive operation.

With barely five weeks left for the implementation of the directions of the High Court, the way things are moving at present, the task of clearing some 9000 encroachments in this short period appears to be beyond the reach of the civic body.



Pensioners seek old-age allowance
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 29
At a meeting here yesterday, pensioners belonging to the Government Pensioners' Association (registered) discussed various problems confronting them. They flayed the Punjab Congress government for its anti-pensioner decisions. They regretted that during its 22-month- long rule and after having presented two Budgets, the Amainder Singh regime had not implemented even a single promise made to them.

The meeting reminded the Punjab Chief Minister to grant fixed medical allowance and grant house rent allowance to pensioners as promised in the Congress election manifesto. They sought old-age allowance at 80 and urged the Government to roll-back all the anti-employee/pensioner decisions. In another resolutions the pensioners urged the Punjab Government to set up the 5th Pay Commissioner.

The following office-bearers: Mr R.N. Sehgal, President, Mr R.C. Kashyap, Senior Vice President, Ms Baljit Kaur, Senior Vice President, Mr K.K. Sharma, General Secretary, Mr Yash Paul Ghai, Additional General Secretary, Mr Mahesh C. Kumar, Additional General Secretary, Mr H.R. Singla, Joint Secretary, Mr M.M. Katyal, Treasurer.



Seminar on software project management
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 29
Modern projects, especially of software, are subject to technical complexity and require diversity of skills. To deliberate upon the increasing role of management in this field, the local Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GNIMT), Gujar Khan Campus, Model Town, organised a seminar on "Software Project Management".

The chief speaker was Mr Amarinder Singh, who is an engineering graduate from Punjab University and MBA from San Jose State University, California. He is currently working as Project Manager with a subsidiary of Visa, California.

He emphasised on the significance of applying the concepts of project management for the success of the software industry in India. He highlighted the fact that there was demand for skilled and experienced project managers in the industry. Managers are faced with the problem of putting together large projects while working with limited resources, tight schedules and environmental uncertainty. To cope with these complex decisions, new forms of project organisations and management practices were required, Mr Amarinder Singh said.

The seminar was organised under the aegis of the ISTE chapter of the GNIMT. Nearly 80 persons, including faculty members and students, attended the seminar and participated in the interactive session that followed.



One killed in accident

Ludhiana, December 29
One person was killed and another injured when a bus ran over a motorcycle here today.

Harbans Singh, a PSEB employee posted at Nanaksar, was riding pillion on a motorcycle driven by Jhilmil Singh of Kothe Aath when he was killed in the accident near Bansal Filling Station. Jhilmil Singh was seriously injured and was admitted in a hospital here. — OC



Bank dacoity accused arrested
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 29
The Raekot police has busted an inter-state gang involved in bank dacoity and stealing vehicles. Its kingpin, Pargat Singh Rajasthani, who was wanted in Punjab as well as Haryana in more than six cases, has been arrested. A car and two motorcycles have been recovered from him.

According to Mr Harjit Singh Brar, Deputy Superintendent of Police at Raikot, Pargat Singh, a resident of Padampur district in Rajasthan, was arrested on the Malerkotla-Raikot road near a drain, 19 km from here. The DSP said the police had received information that Pargat Singh had been selling vehicles stolen from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. A police party headed by Mr Dharam Paul, SHO, Raekot, nabbed him while Mewa Singh, an accomplice of his, fled. The police recovered a car and two motor cycles from him.

Based on preliminary investigation, Mr Brar said Pargat Singh had been involved in a bank dacoity at Mohi village in 2001, in which Rs 11.6 lakh was looted. The Sudhar police had then arrested him, but he was released on bail.

Besides being booked in five cases under Jagraon police district, one in Ludhiana and one in Haryana, he had also been declared proclaimed offender by two police stations.

The police official said the gang used to steal vehicles from various states in the region and prepare fake documents with changed registration numbers. Pargat Singh and Mewa Singh had planned joint action while they were in a jail. They have been booked under Sections 420, 467, 468, 471 and 379 of the IPC.



One held with pornographic, pirated CDs
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 29
Gurjit Singh, a resident of Dehlon, was arrested from near the Canal bridge near Gill village yesterday by the police and 340 pirated CDs of Hindi films and 60 CDs of pornographic stuff were allegedly seized.

Mr. Harwinder Singh, a resident of Panjab Mata Nagar, who looks after copyright interests of a CD manufacturing company, had complained to the police that the accused was dealing in pirated editions of his company's CDs. A case under Sections 293,292 and 294 of the IPC was registered against the accused.

Tantrik held

The Jodhewal police yesterday registered a case under Sections 420,506 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Mr. Sukhwinder Singh, who lives in the Main Bazaar of Basti Jodhewal , against a tantrik named Mohammad Alim and his guru Sultan. The complainant had stated to the police that he had paid Rs 19,000 to the accused on the promise that he would soon be blessed with a son. But when he did not get the desired results, he started demanding his money back. The accused also threatened him, added the complainant. The police said today that while Alim was arrested, his guru had escaped.

Forgery alleged

On the statement of Mr. Inderjit Singh, a resident of Model Gram, the Civil Lines police yesterday registered a case under Sections 468,471 and 120-B of the IPC against Nirmal Singh, alias Billa, who lives on Dugri Road, Dawinder Singh, alias Makhan Singh, Prem Singh, alias Tulsa Singh, residents of Atam Nagar and Sohan Singh, a resident of Beri Colony on the Dugri Road. The complainant had stated that the accused had sold one of his plots on the basis of forged documents.


The Sarabha Nagar police registered a case under Section 324 of the IPC on the statement of Mr. Ram Sharma, a resident of the Housing Board Colony in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, against Rajinder Singh, originally hailing from Alam Wala village in Moga district now living in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar. The complainant had alleged that the accused had beaten him up on Friday evening.

Gamblers, 'satta' bookie held

The Model Town police yesterday registered two cases under the Gambling Act.

While two alleged gamblers - Jagat Ram and Bishambhar - residents of Panjabi Bagh, Jawaddi, were arrested with Rs 215 on their person in the first case, Vijay Kumar, who lives near Baba Balak Nath Mandir in Abdullapur Basti, was arrested for booking 'satta' bets and Rs 2500 were recovered.


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