Saturday, January 3, 2004

New Year

Bye bye old year 2003,

2004 has come, how thee.

2004 has come over here,

and guess what? Its a leap year.

Bye bye 2003, 2003.

new year has come, how thee.

Bye bye dear friends, i’m going away; 2004 will come at midnight, as i say.

Now I am weak and old, I have a beard which is very long; 2004 is young and strong, and his teeth shine like gold.

Bye bye dear 2003, new year has come, how thee.

Taksh Condanya, Class III , Delhi Public School, Sector 40, Chandigarh.


How cruel this word sounds,

Just listening to it, my heart pounds.

They says it’s cool,

Forget about it and go to school.

But homework’s not a pleasure,

For I do not get time to Leisure.

My God! homework, homework all the time,

Homework is not at all fine.

Homework gives me a lot of pain.

No one’s there to play in my lane

It makes me lazy and low.

There’s no time to gaze at my neighbour’s window.

Homework must be done at school

And at home we must remain cool.

Vivek Goyal (IX-D), St. Joseph’s Convent School, Bathinda.


Rising of sun in the sky,

Chirping of birds and flutter of butterfly;

Coolness allaround, spirits so high,

Echo in the hills, a divine reply;

Noon so bold it makes one sigh,

Warm and hot, one has to comply;

Like or not, one has to go by,

On the move for laziness, goodbye.

Majesty of sunset and charm in the sky,

Birds return, plants breathe and hum so high;

Can anybody deny,

That God is nearby.

Tarun Nag; Class VII, Rainbow English High School, Dari, Dharamsal, H.P.

Be brave

Floating around are ‘microbes’ of slavery

Tackle them with your might, your bravery.

They dare not approach us,

They have no power to get hold on us.

Don’t run back like hunted hare’

Let your feet not have back gear.

Hardships fall back, when we cease to flee,

Fight fear & troubles if you want them to flee.

Weakness is the cause of sin,

Be brave if you wanna win.

Be brave, to laugh at miseries,

Be brave, to laugh at violence of vile,

Be brave, to let your fears live in exile.

— Chaitanya Aggarwal, Class XII, Vivekanand Student Home, Chandigarh.

This feature was published on December 27, 2003