Saturday, January 3, 2004

Bungee jumping on a holiday!
Prerana Trehan

Tringgg...I groan. How is it that whenever I think I am going to sleep in late I get a phone call early in the morning? Today was supposed to be a late-morning day, but no such luck. "I know it is early...", I hear Shalini’s voice at the other end. "Oh, you can say that again," I retort irritably. "It’s six in the morning! How come you are up so early?"

"We were going bungee jumping and we wondered if you’d be interested. The more, the merrier," says Shalini. "Bungee jumping? No way! But how on earth did you get the idea to go bungee jumping of all things?" I ask in amazement. "Do you remember Vinita from school? I ran into her yesterday and she suggested it," replies Shalini. "It’s a small world," I remark, "but what’s she doing bungee jumping?"

"Oh, she is into all kinds of adventure sport, bungee jumping, diving, surfing, gliding, you name it, and she’s done it"

"Vinita and bungee jumping? How about that!" I say, "I always thought she was a mouse."

"Look who’s talking!" laughs Shalini, "how about the time you screamed when a spider crawled on your desk? You were terrified"

"Oh, and how!" I grin, remembering, "Those were the days. How time flies!"

"Anyway," says Shalini, "come along for bungee jumping. Vinita says there’s nothing to it and with all those trophies you kept winning in school for athletics I think you’d be a natural at it."

"Don’t make me laugh," I say, "I am not really into adventure sport. I can take it or leave it. How about you?"

"I want to try it. Come along," she coaxes me.

"Okay. I will."

"Thanks a million!" she exclaims. "I didn’t want to do it alone."

"I am putting my life on the line for you. How’s that for friendship?" I ask laughing.

Key to idioms used

How is it that...?: used to mean what is the reason that...? (Not really a question but a comment, an expression of irritability at someone’s behaviour)

No such luck!: used to express disappointment that you were not able to do something

You can say that again!: used to meant that you totally agree with someone

How come...?: why? How does/did it happen that...?

The more, the merrier: used to mean that you are happy if others join your activity

No way!: used to say that you do not want to do something

How on earth...?: used to emphasise amazement, surprise, bewilderment etc.

Of all things/people/ places: used to express surprise, because a certain persons/thing/place etc. was thought to be unlikely, unsuitable etc

It’s a small world: used to express surprise at a coincidence, for instance meeting someone unexpectedly

You name it: anything you say or choose

How about that!: used to ask what someone thinks of something that you think is surprising, impolite, very good etc

How about...?: used to remind someone of something

And how!: to a great extent, very much

How time flies!: used to express surprise at how quickly time has passed

There’s nothing to it!: used to say that you think something is easy

Don’t make me laugh!: used to say that you think something is unlikely

I can take it or leave it: you do not hate something, but you don’t particularly like it either

How about you?: used to ask someone what they want or what their opinion is, after you have said what you want or what your opinion is

Thanks a million!: used to express gratitude

How’s that for...: expression of praise (often of oneself)

(Reference: English Idioms by Jennifer Seidi and W. McMordie)