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Businessman’s son rescued; kidnapper held
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 8
With the arrest of one person, the North-East district police today claimed to have rescued five-year-old Shahbaz Khan from the Devaria Railway Station. The child was kidnapped on January 31 from the Gautam Vihar area and the kidnappers demanded a ransom of Rs 5 lakh for his release.

While the accused has been identified as Hriday, the police have launched a massive hunt for four of his associates.

The child’s father Shahzad Khan, resident of Gautam Vihar, lodged a complaint with the police on January 31 that his son had been missing since evening. Shahzad runs a small-scale garment factory in the area.

Based on the complaint, the police started investigating. On February 1, Shahzad told the police that while he was distributing salary to his employees, two of them were found missing.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-East) Praveer Ranjan said that based on this clue, the needle of suspicion had pointed towards the employees, Rahees and Irshad, both brothers.

During investigation, it was found that their brother Ahktar live in Jafrabad with his family. A team was immediately dispatched to trace the child.

While the police team confirmed that the duo had come to the village with the child, it could not find them for three days.

Meanwhile, the suspects also called up the victim’s father on February 4 from a PCO and demanded Rs 5 lakh for the release of the child.

Finally on February 5, the police got a tip-off that the suspects would be coming to the Devaria Railway Station. Accordingly, the team reached there.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police said that at around 7 pm, the team spotted a minor boy in the lap of a suspect who was identified as Hriday, alias Raju, (22). He was apprehended immediately.

During interrogation, he revealed that he along with other associates Irshad, Rahees, Akhtar, three brothers and one Babloo planned the kidnapping of the child since the child’s father was doing well in the business and was quite rich. Babloo and Hriday work in a unit in Jafrabad.

On the fateful day when the child came out of the house to play, the accused who were familiar with the victim lured him to Ghaziabad and took a train to Gorakpur.



Ritual murder
Boy’s headless body found
Our Correspondent

Meerut, February 8
Considerable panic prevailed in the administrative circle here after the sacrifice of a minor boy by a tantrik. The headless body of Chand (10) was found from a sugarcane field in the jungle of Pathanpur village in the late night on Saturday.

The so-called tantrik of the village is being interrogated by the police in this connection. But the matter is yet to be solved as the police are working on several leads.

According to the parents of Chand, he was flying a kite on February 3. After a while, he came back home, changed his shirt and left in a hurry. The family members thought that he went out for playing again.

The parents waited for sometime and then started looking for him. They also reported the matter to the police on February 4.

The boy’s headless decomposed body was found from the sugarcane field of Rohtas in the jungle of Pathanpur village on Saturday night. The body seemed at least three days old. The material evidence on the spot corroborated the theory of a human sacrifice.

The Kanker Khera Police Station SHO confirmed that the boy had been sacrificed. Several senior police officials also visited the spot.

Meanwhile, the so-called tantrik of the village Khase was taken into custody and was being interrogated. A considerable tension gripped the village as the news of the boy sacrifice spread in the village. Police force was deployed in the village to avert any untoward incident.


You thought you were safe from air pollution indoors? Think again
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 8
There is no escape from air pollution, even if you were to shut the doors and windows on it. Researchers have found out that the air within the sheltered houses is no better than the air outside.

Addressed as ‘Indoor pollution’, the problem in some cases is acute. Researchers have found out that the level of indoor pollution sometimes exceeds the outdoor levels by 200 to 500 per cent.

This was pointed out by two researchers in their papers read at a seminar on Energy and Environment held at the Jamia Millia University here. Indoor pollutants are not easily dispersed or diluted as those found outdoors, the paper reads. The degree of risk depends on, how strong the source of emission is, the level and duration of exposure and the state of ventilation in a building.

This startling fact has demolished the myths that we are protected from the air pollution indoors. The false

sense of security is heightened when the homes and offices are air-conditioned. Besides homes and offices, the indoor environment also includes restaurants, factories and vehicles interiors.

In a conditioned space, since free passage of air is limited, substances emitted inside a building do not disperse but accumulate. Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) is a more serious environmental problem in the developing countries. Despite increasing attention being paid to the issue, there is very little awareness of the problem as compared to the ambient air pollution.

In 1992, the World Bank designated IAP in developing countries as one of the four most critical global environmental problems. The most dangerous source of IAP is cooking.

According to a UNDP World Energy Assessment, a relatively small amount of pollution can have a big impact on health if it is released at a time and place when people are present. So, it is necessary to look not only where the pollution is but also where the people are. Earlier human comfort in a building was primarily measured in terms of temperature, humidity and odour. Today, comfort is also measured by indoor air quality, lighting and background noise level. Defining air quality or acceptable air quality is not easy. According to the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), the indoor air quality refers to the physical, chemical and biological characteristic of air in the indoor environment within a building.

All indoor-generated pollutants result from human activity or choice. There are broadly four kinds of pollutants—those that are formed in the combustion process for heating and cooking, the ones derived from construction and furnishing materials or those related to human activity or presence..

The pollutants from the above sources may include radon, the environmental tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide which is a volatile organic compound, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur like the lead and respirable particulate matter like asbestos.

Kitchens are the places where most combustion-generated pollutants are present, affecting mostly women who spend several hours in cooking at homes.

A study conducted in east Delhi found that in houses where cooking gas was used as fuel, the concentration of pollutants was significantly higher indoors than outdoors. If improperly adjusted cooking gas appliance is used, the concentration of CO is higher in kitchen and living rooms.

The ventilation in Indian kitchens is generally very poor.

Another study found that women using mixed fuels (biomass and dung) have more respiratory problems than those using LPG. This situation prevails in all types of indoor environments, both rural and urban, the researchers said.


Life’s hard knocks
Man complains against harassment by wife, in-laws
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, February 8
A Loni resident has complained to the senior police officers, alleging harassment by his wife, her father, brother and other in-laws.

Sandeep Panwar, a resident of Raj Nagar Colony in Loni, was married on April 5, 2000 to Lovely, alias Chanchal, daughter of Dharampal of Chohlda village in Bagpat.

According to Sandeep, his father-in-law Dharampal, brother-in-law Deepak and a relative Satyander came to his house recently. The trio beat him up, took away his wife and also some of his belongings.

He had filed a report with the Loni police the same day and lodged a written complaint with the SSP Ghaziabad also. However, the police have not taken any action so far.

On the other hand, Sandeep alleges, his wife and her relatives have filed a false dowry case against him in the women cell of the Delhi police by giving a fictitious address in Delhi.

Since then, he has been knocking at the doors of Delhi police and Ghaziabad police, but in vain.

Traffic held up

Sonepat: A large number of residents, including women, held up traffic on the Sonepat-Rohtak Road near Harsana Kalan village, about 8 km from here last evening in protest against the disruption in power supply in the village.

According to a report, the movement of traffic on this road remained affected for two hours and a large number of vehicles were lined up on both sides of the road, causing inconvenience to the commuters.

On receipt of information, the officials of the Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) reached the spot and lifted the road blockade by assuring them that a regular supply of electricity would be maintained in the village.

The residents of the village pointed out that the gram panchayat had donated 10 acres for the construction of 132 KV grid power sub-station in the village. However, the power supply in the village was always inadequate and erratic.

They warned that if the supply was not ensured round the clock, they will intensify the agitation against the government and the UHBVN. OC


Man stabbed, robbed of Rs 25,000 and scooter
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, February 8
An employee of a security agency in Vijay Nagar police station area was stabbed and robbed of Rs 25,000 and his scooter by criminals who waylaid him on his way to Ghaziabad.

According to reports, Ganesh Dutt, a resident of Sector-5 of Vasundhra, who works for a security agency in Noida, was on his way to Ghaziabad in the evening on February 4. He stopped to ease himself near Hindon bridge.

Two criminals riding a motorcycle, then pushed Ganesh Dutt from behind. When he resisted, one of the miscreants stabbed him in the stomach.

The criminals snatched his scooter key and fled away with his vehicle. There were Rs 25,000 in the scooter dicky, Dutt told the police later.

Profusely bleeding, the victim was rushed to the government district hospital by a passer-by, where he was operated upon immediately.

His wife Suman has made a written complaint to the police that there were some important papers and Rs 25,000 in the scooter dicky.

The police have registered a case of scooter theft instead of a case of loot after 24 hours.


HC sets up panel to fathom condition of
800 water bodies
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 8
The Delhi High Court has constituted a high-level committee to examine the condition of about 800 water bodies in the Capital and submit a report within 15 days.

A Division Bench comprising Chief Justice BC Patel and Justice BD Ahmed formed a committee consisting of Divisional Commissioner (Government of NCT of Delhi), Commissioner (Planning and Landscape) of the DDA engineering wing, Delhi Jal Board (member), Additional Commissioner (Municipal Corporation of Delhi), Tourism Department (Government of NCT of Delhi) and Central Ground Water Authority (Central Ground Water Board Chairman) to check out the existence and status of the water bodies situated across the Capital, and report back in a fortnight.

The committee was constituted after the authorities could not give a satisfactory response to a list submitted by a petitioner that out of a total of 794 water bodies, 101 were allotted by land owning agencies to be used for purposes other than as water body, 20 had been planned for different land use and 141 encroached.

The judges were dealing with a PIL, filed by VK Jain, seeking safe drinking water and augmentation of water resources in NCT of Delhi. It sought revival, preservation and maintenance of water bodies in the Capital saying that if they were used as such the citizens would have enough water.

On May 13, the High Court had directed the petitioner to inform the court about how many such bodies still existed, their present condition and status. The Division Bench had told Mr Jain, who is also chairman of NGO TAPAS, to place on record all the relevant details.


A sigh of relief
370 m workers in unorganised sector
to get PF benefits
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 8
Union Labour Minister Sahib Singh today said social security benefits such as Provident Fund (PF) will be available to 370 million workers in the unorganised sector in the country.

While inaugurating Samajik Suraksha Bhawan at Dwarka in South-West Delhi here today, Mr Singh said the social security benefits are available to 37 million workers in the organised sector.

Mr Singh, who is also chairman of the Central Board of Trustees, Employees Provident Fund, said the Samajik Suraksha Bhawan will keep accounts and records of all the workers employed in various parts of the country.

The Samajik Suraksha Bhawan will house information, account balances, benefits and other data. Central Provident Fund Commissioner Ajai Singh said the account of a member will be settled in 2-3 days after the completion of the Bhawan.

The Samajik Suraksha Bhawan will have a leased line and a worker can make a contact by making a local call, he informed.


INC holds Maha Panchayat
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 8
The Indian National Congress (INC) on Sunday organised a Maha Panchayat of representatives of socio-cultural institutions and labour organisations to bring into focus the anti-Dalit policies of the NDA Government.

Dismissing the NDA Government’s claims of a feel good factor sweeping the nation, the party said that its campaign in the run up to the Lok Sabha election would expose the falsehood propagated by the NDA Government in its Indian Shining campaign.

Addressing the Maha Panchayat outside the party’s headquarter at 24 Akbar Road, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) president Prem Singh urged the Dalits and Backward Classes to fight against the BJP and ensure that an alternative government was in place.


Special Focus on SONEPAT
Stray cattle throw motorists out of gear
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, February 8
The biggest terror on the city roads these days are herds of stray cattle that put in sudden appearance in the midst of speedy vehicles, dangerously disrupting the already chaotic flow of traffic.

Large number of cows and buffaloes, which should be confined to sheds in dairy colonies, are left free to roam the streets for grazing on the lush lawns of the parks and public gardens in various residential colonies and urinate and defecate on the roads.

Similarly, most of the city’s roads have been invaded by donkeys and pigs posing not just a traffic hazards, but a serious health hazards as well.

It is common sight to see cows, donkeys and pigs on the main roads. Insanitary conditions apart, the malodour is over-powering so much so that at times motorists stuck in a traffic jams are forced to roll up their car windows.

Residential colonies inhabited by both the affluent and poorer sections have not been spared the onslaught of stray cattle and pigs. Cattle squatting in narrow, unkempt and filthy lanes and bylanes in colonies create insanitary conditions as well as posing a problem for the auto vehicles negotiating the lanes.

Dairy owners are seen in every street of the city and they keep their animals in violation of the municipal by laws.

Insignificant efforts by the municipal council to catch the stray cattle, ridiculously low penal fee for impounding cattle, the case with which the cattle owner can get his animal freed simply by producing a letter of recommendation decision ordering cattle owners out of residential colonies are the prime reasons for the continuing menace.

The stray cattle population on the roads has increased considerably and the herds of stray cattle have made the roads their homes during the day and night. The employees of the municipal council are helpless to catch them without the vehicles needed to impound the cattler. Similarly, the menace of pigs has assumed an alarming proportion, thanks to the failure of the authorities concerned to catch them. Meanwhile, unauthorised hawkers and vendors are a public nuisance, as they create insanitary and slum like conditions, traffic chaos and social hazards. It is necessary to evolve a clear cut policy regarding the hawkers and their licensing. Prosecution has to be made more stringent otherwise the problem will assume grim overtones.

It is true that the hawkers and vendors are given encouragement to stay where they are by corrupt staff of various officials agencies as well as the political bosses. Thus, the hawkers prefer encroaching public and municipal land and this suits the officials as it keeps their pockets lined.

In Ashok Nagar, a thickly populated area of the city, not a single squatter has been paying any licence fee to the MC and the staff did not care to challan them, despite the fact that the shopkeepers and rehriwalas selling the vegetables and fruit create insanitary and slum like conditions in the main streets.


Lack of facilities upsets visitors at Surajkund fair
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, February 8
While the well-known Craft Mela at Surajkund here is in full bloom and has been able to attract a good number of people in the first half of its duration, the visitors have to face certain inconveniences as far as the infrastructure for various facilities is concerned. Although the organisers have put up suggestion boxes at the site, but it seems that the view of the common man is hardly taken care of.

One of the main problems experienced and noticed by many visitors to the mela site here is that visitors find no place to take some rest while traversing the undulating topography here. “There is no place where one can take rest as it is nearly impossible to keep walking or standing all the time on the premises and especially when one is accompanied by family and kids,” commented Saurabh Duggal, a resident of Sector- 16 –A, here.

He said there were no benches or sitting platforms for the visitors and the latter have to either squat on the ground or look for the chairs put up by the food stall owners, who normally do not allow them to sit if they do not make an order for some eatables.” He said it looks that if there had been some understanding between the food stall owners and the organisers not to provide any chairs or benches except at such spots.

He said the authorities should have constructed a large number of benches on the sides of the pathways so that visitors could have a place to take a rest. He said majority of the people come for an outing for the whole day and it was not possible for them to go out of the mela boundary for having a rest on the lawns outside as their ticket would not be able to get them a re-entry.

Mr Ajay Kumar Giri, a regular visitor to the mela, claimed that he had tendered many suggestions regarding the provision of rest facilities to the people, but no action had been taken so far. Many of the families could be seen taking a rest on the furniture items kept there for sale. One of the furniture stall owners also admitted that the cane sofas and chairs he had put there were being used by the women and kids for sitting for some time. The spots, like the ‘mela chaupal’ and places where the cultural programmes and folk dances were being presented, have also no proper sitting arrangements as majority of the audience here have to keep standing while the government officials and their families are made available the chairs known as ‘Mudhas’ in the local language. The chaupal has about two dozen of ‘Mudhas’, which is quite insufficient keeping in view the number of people watching the cultural show. The authorities hold at least four to five different kind of shows for two or three times daily at the chaupal.

According to a report, some girls who dared to sit on the ‘Mudhas’ kept near the announcement spot were rudely told to keep off from there in an indecent manner by a woman official of the Tourism Department.

The officials normally keep a watch on the visitors who try to take a seat at the chaupal and do not hesitate to order vacation of the chairs.

It is quite significant that the chaupal is not only the central place at the site, but also have a large number of visitors at any time but the organisers have failed to construct or provide sitting arrangements for the people so far and who pay Rs 20 per ticket for entry.


Contemporary crafts with antique touch
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, February 8
In a specially designed display section, the mela authorities have set up “Innovations - Designer’s Corner”, where 10 designers from Delhi and Faridabad are displaying a unique effort - that of mingling contemporary needs with inherited skills to display “crafts that are more acceptable in modern environs and well-received in export markets”.

The Designer’s Corner has been set up in consultation with the Regional Design and Technical Development Centre, Delhi, office of Development Commissioner, Handicrafts.

At the mela, some innovative designers from Delhi and Faridabad and RDTDC centres are displaying some fascinating traditions.

Dipali Narula from Delhi is displaying new designs in bamboo. Products on display by the designer are a part of the project undertaken, which directly benefits craftsmen and women by way of design inputs, marketability and technical upgradation.

K2K designs have been set up by Ranjan S. G. and Bindoo Ranjan. These designers are displaying a range of bags in eco-friendly materials especially suitable for export markets. The exhibits include jute, cane, bamboo and natural dyed laheria, patolas and sarongs to coordinate with the bags.

Anupama Singh, a product design consultant from Delhi, is displaying paintings of old designs in a new context. Lamps, corner motifs, panels, murals made from iron. These are decorated with delicate painting.

Another tradition displayed here is the `crack finish’, giving an antique touch to wood and iron creations.

Montu Das from Guwahati is a craftsman has put up cane and bamboo. He is skilled in basketry. He has created innovative designs in cane to make delicate jewellery, fine lampshades and decorations.


Global conference on human integration
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 8
On the occasion of the 110th birth anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, 13th International Conference on Human Integration was held on Friday at Burari here. Participants spoke about “Sant Kirpal Singh, the Architect of Human Unity”.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, President, World Council religions, said that it was an auspicious day to sit together and shared the message of human unity that Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj repeatedly gave to the people that they were not separate from God but were part of God. Each of us was human first before they are part of any group, social, religious, cultural or one that shares the same faith and beliefs. People are soul and can experience true spiritual state in their bodies. A true person is one who loves God and has love, compassion and forgiveness for fellow beings and all creations.

Mr Vijay Goel, Union Minister of State, Prem Chand Gupta, ex-Municipal Councillor, Acharya Dr Sadhvi Sadhna, Mr Justice Dhooni from Ghana, Brother Arean from Canada, Swami Pragyanand Maharaj and others addressed the conference.

Mr Goel observed that Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj explained spirituality in a very simple and scientific manner, and how spirituality, love and peace are interconnected. If these values are practiced in schools, the education for society will be improved.

Mr Zamin Nizami, Head, Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah, Delhi, said that people who were aware of the soul were filled with love, compassion sympathy and treat all creations as one. All creatures are equal in the eyes of God. Dr Sadhvi Sadhana Ji, while paying rich tributes to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, said that these conferences remind people of true nature and clean mind. Swami Pragya nand Ji said, “We need to have meeting of our minds to achieve human unity. This depends on our trust in God and trust in each other.”


Dowry harassment forces housewife to
commit suicide
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, February 8
A 25-year-old housewife, identified as Meenakshi, reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope in her house in the Mandia area here last evening.

According to a report, the police have seized the body and sent it for the postmortem examination. The parents of the victim alleged that Meenakshi had been harassed by her in-laws for her failure to fulfill their demand for dowry. The police have not yet registered any case in this connection. According to another report, the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr Pradeep Kumar, ordered the registration of dowry harassment cases on the applications filed by Mrs Manvinder Kaur, daughter of Mr Sarvjit Singh of Panchsheel Colony, Sonepat, and Mrs Babita, the daughter of one Sita Singh of West Ram Nagar, Sonepat. Both the housewives alleged harassment by their husbands and other members of the families in this connection.

Burn injuries

A woman sustained serious burn injuries when a stove burst while she was preparing her meals in her house on the Kakroi road here last night. According to a report, she was rushed to the local civil hospital.


Harrowing experience for cell phone users
Our Correspondent

Noida, February 8
People using mobile phones have had a harrowing time in Noida area lately. While a financial dispute between private cell phone companies and the MTNL was said to be the possible cause for this disruption, some cell phone companies seems to have adopted an unethical attitude towards their clientele.

Another possible reason could be a technical line problem between cell phone companies and MTNL, according to an official of the MTN, who did not wish to be identified. Besides, small time agents like Teleract Centers employed by Hutch, who had promised a number of additional services, were not provided. The Hutch officials in Noida as well in the head office in Okhla, New Delhi, were inaccessible, says B.S. Thakur, an entrepreneur.


NCR briefs
Notices issued to 23 medical stores
Our Correspondents

Ghaizabad, February 8
The District Health officer has issued notices to 23 medical stores in Ghaziabad for indulging in unethical practices.

The notices were sent by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. M.P. Singh, directing the chemists and druggists to send their reply within 15 days, failing which their licenses would be cancelled.

Apart from prominent medical stores in Ghaziabad, chemists in Hapur, Muradnagar, Modinagar, Garh Mukteshwar and other towns of the districts have also been served with similar notices.

MC election

Bhiwani: The State Election Commission has decided to hold election to Ward no. 9 of the Bhiwani Municipal Council on March 21. According to sources, the last date of withdrawal of candidature was March 1.

Liquor smuggling

Sonepat: The Police intercepted a car with smuggled liquor and arrested the driver on the charge of violating the Excise Act at Kharkhauda town, 19 km from here last night. According to a report, the arrested car driver was identified as Anil Kumar of Rohna village. During the search operation, the police seized as 32 boxes of liquor containing 1,500 quarters from the car. A case under the Excise Act was registered against the car driver.

New DC Takes Over

Mr M R Anand has taken charge as the new Deputy Commissioner in place of Mr Balwan Singh, who has been transferred to Panipat.


Health workers to present memo to MLAs

Sonepat: The multi-purpose health workers association has decided to hand over memorandums of demand to every MLA of the district on February 15. Besides, hundreds of the members of the association from all over the state will also hand over the memorandum to the state health minister, Mr M. L. Ranga on February 29 at his residence in Rewari.

This decision was taken by the district unit of the association in its meeting held here last evening. The state government was criticised for abolishing more than 600 posts and the plan to declare nearly 2,400 employees surplus in the meeting.

Besides opposing the government moves to privatise the health services, the association will also demand regularisation of the services of ANMs and payment of their pending salaries.

Meantime, in the state level meeting of the HUDA Public Health employees union has also decided to participate in the proposed “Vidhan Sabha gherao” on February 10. OC


Four injured in road accident

Sonepat: Four persons were seriously injured when a Tata 407 and a maxi cab collided on the Sonepat-Bahalgarh road near Dewan Farm, about 5 km from here last evening.

According to a report, the injured persons were identified as Manoj and Sonu of Khewra village, Mukesh, the jeep driver and Jatinder. The injured persons were rushed to the local civil hospital from where two of them were sent to a trauma centre at Delhi for further treatment.

The driver of Tata 407, however, managed to escape after the accident leaving behind the vehicle. The police have registered the case and further investigations were in progress. A hunt is on to apprehend the driver of the Tata 407. OC


8 criminals held in special drive
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 8
In a special drive carried out in buses at ISBT and other crowded places, the North district police apprehended eight persons who were involved in robbery, pick pocketing and other criminal activities.

During the special drive, the police arrested members of Iqbal and Hanif gangs, identified as Iqbal (28), Dularuddin (24), Visaluddin (25), Nafis Ahmed alias Dhanne Khan (23) and Rafiq (22). The police seized five button-actuated knives from their possession.

The arrested members of the Hanif gang were identified as Hanif alias Baddimag, resident of Jama Masjid, Dilshad and resident of Muzaffar Nagar.

During the interrogation, they revealed that they had committed several robbery cases where the victims were mainly businessmen from outside Delhi.

The police seized two button-actuated knives from their possession. Another notorious criminal, identified as Raj Kumar alias Raju, was also arrested by the police for his involvement in at least 14 cases of theft and extortion.


Shopkeeper gunned down

Ghaziabad: A shopkeeper was killed in a hail of bullets last night under Modinagar police station area.

Three persons, including Vikrant, son of proprietor Ruby Tailors, are suspected to have committed the crime.

The murder was committed at 9 pm last night in Batra Confectionery shop near Mill Chowk in Govindpuri under Modinagar police station area. The victim lived in P/32 Govindpuri.

Three criminals came to the shop of Pawan Batra, 19, when he was about to down the shutter, and opened fire at him in the chest and stomach. They fled immediately leaving the entire area in panic.

Pawan Batra was rushed to Yashoda Hospital in Ghaziabad by his father O. P. Batra. But the doctors declared him dead. OC


This watch has both utility and
entertainment value

Timex Watches has announced the launch of its latest MP3 watches for the Indian market, which allows the user to enjoy his kind of music where ever he goes, besides doubling up as a mobile data storage.

These highly versatile Timex MP3 watches have been designed keeping in mind the features that enhance the ease of use and utility for its users.

Romantic fragrance

Elizabeth Taylor has introduced ‘Forever Elizabeth’ an endlessly fascinating totally feminine and deeply romantic fragrance for women. ‘Forever Elizabeth’ is a distinctive contemporary floral, a fragrance for the woman, who follows her heart. This captures the spirit of eternal romance in a sensual floral scent that unfolds to reveal unexpected dimensions. It is lush and luxurious with a sparkle that takes you by surprise and warmth that embraces you.

Toe-to-shoulder look

Carlton London has launched its new range, which defies all norms of fashion, giving way to newer trends. The range includes a wide array to choice including ornate sandals with studded straps, leather court shoes and block heels and formal sandals with high pencil heels.

For the complete toe-to-shoulder look, Carlton London has launched bags coordinated with each of its footwear. The collection is available in novel styles, bold and solid colours to suit the ever-changing fashion moods of dynamic and trendy women of all age groups.

Maintenance-free batteries

Microtek group has launched a wide range of high performance ‘Okaya,’ sealed ‘maintenance free (SMF-VRLA) batteries’ with Japanese technology, for use in UPS systems, telecommunications and many other sophisticated equipments.

Okaya SMF-VRLA batteries have a wide operating temperature range. They give unmatched performance even in extreme cold or extreme hot and tropical climates. These batteries are specially suited for Indian conditions.

Iconic lipstick

Dior Rouge, the timeless iconic lipstick by Dior, is now on the Indian store shelves. It has become the new image of elegance, sensuality and absolute femininity. Its countless shades have kept pace with changing times, from the disco– dancing 70’s to the X generation of the new millennium.

New tomato ketchup

Mrs Bector’s Cremica has launched a new tomato ketchup made out of freshly picked tomatoes. Akshay Bector, MD, said, “with the ‘Mauj Manao’ offer our customers can now enjoy thick and tangy one kilo pack of Mrs Bector’s Tomato Ketchup at affordable price.”

Air Chimney

Advanta electric fresh air chimney is specially designed for tropical cooking conditions. It has a stainless steel finish with powerful suction capacity, specially designed metallic filters for better trapping of oil fumes, a toughened glass visor for eye protection and a unique motor design to maximize electricity conservation.

The Advanta Hobs feature state-of-the-art controls and international finish. The special aluminium mixing tube is from Sabaf, Italy. The electronic ignition system has a high life pizo integrated into the knobs for long life.

No-frost refrigerator

Electrolux Kelvinator Limited has added two more models to its existing ones, the DF44 (417L) and DF40 (386L).

Ozone is the fastest growing no-frost refrigerator brand of the 2003, with a 10 per cent market share in below 300L category. It has been adjudged the most preferred and stylish no-frost refrigerator in the country. The new models in the Ozone range combine the most advanced technology, appealing aesthetics, excellent performance and competitive price.

Strawberry cake

Surprise your loved ones by baking them a Pillsbury strawberry cake this Valentines Day. Vegetarians need not worry as even the pack has two recipes offering consumers the flexibility to bake the cake either with or without eggs. Additionally, Pillsbury strawberry icing recipes are also provided for those seeking that extra touch of joy.

Driving shoes

The TSF range of shoes has achieved another milestone by launching an advanced range of driving shoes called ‘Adventure’ with very special construction of folded leather mudguard for extra flexible feel.

Prem Madan, GM, said, the ‘Adventure’ range of driving shoes not only makes your foot comfortable on driving pedals, but gives you a very update and trendy look.

Imperial Granit Stone

Bell Granito Ceramica has added a new shade- ‘Marbo Granit Natural Stone’ series. This new series is an absolute reincarnation of imperial and the famous Jaisalmer stone. The product has been named as MGNS 520, which is acclaimed the first shade in its ‘Natural Stone’ range, apart from ‘Imperial’, ‘Classique’, ‘Naturale’, ‘Stargaze’, ‘Royale’ and Elegance.

Olive oil

Dalmia Continental has launched olive oil under the brand name of ‘Leonardo’. An integral part of Mediterranean diet, olive oil is not only is rich in vitamins A and D, it also has a rich sources of monounsaturated fat that decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, thus preventing heart diseases and aging. And, that’s not all. Regular use of olive oil could work wonders for your skin and hair.

Hi-fi colour television

Salora International has launched its complete range of ‘True Flat Colour Televisions and Super Sleed DVDs’. Salora’s flat CTVs are laced with features like multi-language on screen display, hyper band tuner, modified colour system for DVD, VCD, LD playback, auto power off in no signal condition, fuzzy controlled multiple picture settings, channel scan and volume lock.


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