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Sheila govt consulted on colonies: Minister
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
The Union Ministry of Urban Development on Tuesday refuted Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s protestations over the new set of guidelines for making illegal colonies in NCT of Delhi legal and dismissed her claims as “white lies”.

Addressing a news conference, Union Urban Development Minister Bandaru Dattatreya and Union Labour Minister Sahib Singh Verma accused the chief minister of misguiding the people and demanded a public apology from her.

Mr Verma said Ms Dikshit had lied about her government not being consulted or involved in the decision-making process in the matter of issuing fresh guidelines for regularising all unauthorised colonies that had come up by March 31, 2002.

Mr Dattatreya, in turn, said the Principal Secretary (Urban Development) of Government of NCT of Delhi was represented on the committee that formulated the guidelines and which were agreed upon subsequently by the Union Cabinet.

He said the eight-member committee also had on board a representative each from the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), the Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB), the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).

The duo asserted that the Government of NCT of Delhi is to be blamed for not supplying the list of colonies on the basis of the last aerial survey and that the opinion of the Attorney General was being sought prior to returning to the Delhi High Court.

They sought from Ms Dikshit an explanation as to why her Ministry did not send any list of unauthorised colonies to the Union Ministry of Urban Development despite 15 reminders sent between April 4, 2001 and January 2004 in this regard. Mr Dattatreya clarified that his Ministry was not concerned with what development charges the Government of NCT of Delhi imposed on such colonies for regularisation. “The chief minister can do it free”, he said, “It is her prerogative”.

Both the ministers refuted Ms Dikshit’s charge that the new guidelines had been issued just before the Lok Sabha election for gaining political mileage and said that if it had been so, these could have been issued at the time of the Assembly poll late last year.

On the issue of Sainik Farms, Mr Dattatreya said his Ministry was considering the requests of local MP and MLA for its regularisation. “We will have to take a separate decision because some cases are pending in the court in regard to Sainik Farms”, he said.

Delhi BJP wants special House session

The Delhi Pradesh BJP on Tuesday welcomed the Union Government’s decision to make illegal colonies in NCT of Delhi legal and asked Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit to convene a special session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly for approving the financial allocation and the necessary plans for regularising the colonies.

In a statement issued after the office-bearers met and passed a resolution applauding the Union Cabinet’s decision, the party said the Centre has taken the decision to regularise the unauthorised colonies and it was for the Government of NCT of Delhi to act on it. “The ball is in their (Government of NCT of Delhi’s) court”, the statement read.

The president of the party, Dr Harshvardhan, said all of NCT of Delhi’s problems were rooted in the Congress Government. He asked the Congress to stop issuing politically-motivated statements and trying to hide its embarrassment by now attempting to take credit for the regularisation of the unauthorised colonies.

Criticising the Dikshit Ministry for taking an irresponsible stand on the issue of regularisation of unauthorised colonies, Harshvardhan said the chief minister should act quickly for it concerned the lives of 40-odd lakh people. Criticism was also directed at the chief minister’s stand on the issue of unit area method of assessing property tax.

The party claimed that the demand for regularising the colonies was first raised in 1977 when Kedar Nath Sahani was chief executive councillor. There were 612 such colonies then. Madan Lal Khurana and Sahib Singh Verma raised it again in 1994 and 1998 during their respective tenures as chief minister of NCT of Delhi.


Sheila peddling away to a pollution-free city
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
The Government of NCT of Delhi will come out with a plan in a fortnight to promote bicycling which, it hopes, will help conserve fuel and reduce noise pollution. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit first mooted the idea a few weeks ago. Since then, the idea has gained currency with schools and students alike showing interest in her initiative.

“I see children zooming in their cars, making a lot of noise. There is not only noise pollution but wastage of precious fuel also. In 15-20 days, we will come out with our plans to encourage children to use bicycles in their colonies”, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said today at the 7th Clean-India annual meet of children of 150 schools spread over 28 cities.

“When I was in school, I used to go on a bicycle. Cycling is great fun”, she said. The chief minister also went around stalls put up by the children of different schools, including Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj and Dwarka branches, Summer Fields School and schools from Amreli and Kodaikanal.

She evinced keen interest in the projects on display highlighting the need to conserve the environment by not cutting trees. As part of his project, Pankaj Dayani, a 9th class student of Summer Fields School, had penned a poem in the form of a card with the message : “If you want to live, grow trees. If you want to die, cut trees.”

Calling upon the children to put into practice what they had on display, Ms Dikshit said the children could set a model for others to follow. “You can start from your home, your colony, the area around your school and the buses you travel in and see the perceptible change in the environment around you,” she told the children.


Postal staff siphon off NRI’s account, meant
for aged parents
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
The Crime Branch of the Delhi Police today claimed to have worked out a case of stealing of a signed cheque book from Postal Department’s foreign post office with the arrest of seven suspects.

The suspects were identified as Rahul Azad, Bhaskar Kunal, Amit Jain, Anil Rawat, Vinay Kumar Singh and postal department employees Krishan Mahadev Singh and Bhudev Singh, the police said.

The Krur Vaishya Bank asked the Crime Branch to inquire into a recently opened account in the name of Rajbir Singh and a deposit of Rs eight lakh through various cheques of Central Bank of India, Nizamuddin, in a suspicious and hasty manner.

After investigation, the police found that the ration card and the photo identity card used by Rajbir for opening the account were fake. Later, the police found that Rajbir’s actual name was Rahul Azad and he had whisked away one signed cheque book of Central Bank of India (NRI Account) in connivance with the postal department staff in its foreign office at ITO.

It was further disclosed that one Abdul Qadir Khan, an information technology expert and an NRI based at Taxas, US, had opened an NRI account. He had transferred dollars equivalent to Rs 8 lakh intended for use by his parents. Later, he sent a signed blank cheque book to his parents by post. The cheque book was intercepted by the postal department dispatcher Bhudev Singh and suspended postal assistant Krishan Mahadev Singh.

When the postal department employees saw the signed cheque book, they discussed the matter with other suspects. They reportedly talked with Rahul Azad and convinced him to open an account in Krur Vaishya Bank branch in Prashant Vihar in the name of Rajbir Singh. He allegedly whisked away the entire money of the NRI by depositing the signed cheques. But the alert Krur Vaishya Bank staff and the subsequent inquiry by the Crime Branch unfolded the designs of the suspects, the police said.


old Gurgaon
Pockets of millennium city without water
for a week
Ravi S. Singh
Tribune News Service

Gurgaon, February 10
The magniloquent epithet — ‘Millennium City’ — given to Gurgaon by the government, private builders and realtors has gone for a toss with half a dozen colonies virtually going without water for more than a week..

The reason for the shortfall, a trifle surprising in the winter season, is said to be the inefficiency of the Public Health department.

The affected pockets were located in Krishna Colony, Bank Colony, New Jyoti Park, Madanpuri and New Colony. The supply, however, was restored in some of the colonies, after there were complaints from the residents.

Incidentally, these colonies are located in Old Gurgaon and all of them are authorised.

The residents alleged that they were not getting a satisfactory explanation the Public Health department for the breach in supply. Sometimes they were told that a new distribution line was being laid, which had led to disruption of the old line; sometimes, the lament was that the distribution lines were choked.

The residents say that even if any of the aforesaid was true, the inordinate delay in restoring the supply was a dismal reflection on the working of the civic department. More so, when Gurgaon is being sold by the government to all and sundry as an El Dorado.

The shortage of water has renewed the debate about the raw deal given to the Old City. Old Gurgaon indeed appears to be a different world, especially when compared to the HUDA sectors and the colonies developed by private builders.

The residents of the Old City are always at the receiving end with regard to civic amenities, especially water and electricity, during summer. The sewerage pipes remain perpetually choked. As most of the colonies are in low-lying areas, the rainwater flows back into the houses.


Inert admn
SC frowns on laxity in checking power pilferage
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
The Supreme Court today expressed displeasure over the Government of NCT of Delhi’s laxity in notifying the authorities prescribed under the Delhi Electricity Act to curb the menace of power theft and asked it to state within a week steps taken in this regard.

A Bench comprising justices Ruma Pal and PV Reddi asked the Government of NCT of Delhi counsel Wasim Ahmed Qadri as to why the notification was not issued despite time being given. The Bench then gave seven days time to the government to file an affidavit in this regard.

Qadri stated that the government has already initiated the required process for establishment of Special Courts under Section 153 of the Act and the proposal was pending with the Registrar of the Delhi High Court.

He said that regarding appointment of Assessing Officers and Electricity Inspectors, the government has already taken a decision and the file has been cleared by the chief minister. However, the actual appointment would take some time as the concerned Ministry has to issue the notification.

Under Section 135 (2) of the Act, the inspectors could inspect and search for theft of electricity and were empowered to impose penalty while compounding the offence. The power distributors as well as the government had stated before the court that surplus power was available for the Capital but due to loss of over 50 per cent of total generated electricity through theft, there had been frequent load sheddings.


Rs 2.7 lakh loot leaves traders shell-shocked
Parmindar Singh

Noida, February 10
The looting of Rs.2.70 lakh from the proprietor and manager of a petrol pump under Kasna police station in Greater Noida yesterday by seven armed criminals, who came on motor bikes, has left the entrepreneurs and traders in the region shell-shocked.

The proprietor and manager were on their way to deposit the two days’ sale proceeds in the bank when the criminals struck. The manager and owner were hit with revolver butts when they tried to resist the miscreants. Interestingly, a police jeep was parked a few meters away from the crime spot. When cops were informed, they repeatedly said that the incident had happened outside their jurisdiction. The proprietor, MM Varma, has, nonetheless, lodged an FIR. According to the police, the Bharat Petroleum pump is located near Golf Course and its owner, Retd Col MM Varma, lives in the senior citizen colony in Greater Noida. The policemen near the spot took the plea that the loot had happened in Bulandshahr area, so they couldn’t help. This gave ample time to the criminals to escape on their mobikes. The Bulandshahr police reached the spot three hours after the loot had taken place.



Party workers relieved with snapping of ties with
Nawal Kishore Rastogi

Rewari, February 10
Taking a dig at the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, for his latest outbursts against the BJP, the former Haryana BJP chief, Prof. Ram Bilas Sharma, has asserted that snapping of ties with the INLD had given immense relief to the BJP workers in the state.

The outburst of Mr Chautala clearly indicated his frustration and desperation after reading the writing on the wall due to the changed political scenario in the state, he said.

Pinpointing the striking resemblance in the conduct of UP’s ousted Chief Minister Mayawati and the Haryana Chief Minister, Prof. Ram Bilas Sharma recalled that Mayawati was all praise for Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee soon after her enthronement. However, when the Taj corridor scam came to light, she abruptly became a bitter critic of the Prime Minister.

Similarly, Mr Chautala, who has been the Chief Minister with the support of the BJP, has turned a critic of the BJP when it has decided to fight the forthcoming elections on its own.

Giving full credit to the magnanimity of the Prime Minister despite the provocative utterances of Mr Chautala, Prof. Sharma asserted that the BJP had observed the tenets of the alliance even when its workers were subjected to humiliation and torture by the Chautala regime.

He said that Mr Chautala had ignored the basic tenets of alliance at the very outset during the Haryana Assembly elections of February 2000, where he had covertly fielded candidates in opposition to the BJP nominees in at least 19 out of the 29 constituencies, which were then allotted to the BJP.

Later, he continued to hurl indignities at the BJP activists through the various acts of omission and commission, Prof. Sharma alleged.

He further said that it was now common knowledge that Haryana was being governed by a ‘private firm’ comprising Chautala and his family members. Mr Chautala had ruthlessly misutilised the people’s mandate, he alleged.

Ridiculing Mr Chautala’s reported pronouncement that the BJP would be made to realize its real worth by the electorate during the coming elections, Prof. Sharma remarked that the writing on the wall was saying something different.

Sharply reacting to the Mr Bansi Lal’s recent outburst against the BJP, Prof. Sharma said that it was ironical that the BJP was being criticised by parties that had survived in power on the support of the BJP.

Prof. Sharma categorically stated that the BJP in Haryana was now all set to contest the coming Lok Sabha polls on its own. Exuding confidence, he said that like most other parts of the country, a wave in favour of the Prime Minister, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, was sweeping Haryana.

There was a strong possibility that the BJP would grab all the ten Lok Sabha seats in the state.


Demand to ease penal provisions in new property
tax system
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
The leader of the Opposition in Standing Committee of the MCD, Mr Vijender Kumar Gupta, demanded that all penal provisions related to the Unit Area System of property tax assessment be immediately withdrawn.

He described these provisions as harsh, unjustified, unconstitutional and against the principles of natural justice. Giving details, he said these provisions have been made with the encouragement of the Delhi Government.

These provisions include seven years rigorous imprisonment; penalty of 30 per cent on outstanding property tax’, interest at the rate of 12 per annum on outstanding amount, attachment of property and personnel belongings like car, TV, fridge etc; sale of property; sale of bank account; withdrawal of amount from bank account; attachment of rent and recovery of property tax from tenant.

He expressed the fear that these provisions would increase corruption and harassment of property tax payers.

Mr Gupta recalled that the BJP had supported the introduction of the Unit Area System on the condition that the new system would bring about transparency in the property tax structure and ensure the end of ‘Inspector Raj’.

It was also the objective that the new system would be rational, simple and transparent for the taxpayers.

He alleged that the Congress had ignored these objectives and has approved a system, which is full of penal provisions. Indirectly, the Delhi Government has provided a powerful weapon in the hands of the bureaucracy.

Mr Gupta alleged that the proposed Unit Area System has not been presented before the elected representatives of MCD for deliberations. The provisions had been framed on the recommendations of the bureaucracy and, therefore, it was imperative that bureaucracy would prevail under this new system.

Mr Gupta expressed his astonishment as to how the Delhi Government had approved this system, which is full of discrepancies and anomalies.

Mr Gupta demanded that the categorization of colonies should be done on the recommendations of elected representatives instead of Municipal Valuation Committee.

He also demanded that all the rebated being given in the existing system should be maintained in the new system. He also demanded that all the disputed matters in regard to property tax should be decided by the committees constituted for this purpose.


Two drug traffickers held with 7 kg of heroin
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
The Narcotics Branch of the Delhi Police today arrested two drug traffickers and seized seven kilograms of heroin from their possession. The suspects, identified as Ajmat Beg and Abdul Rashid, were arrested from ISBT, Anand Vihar, when they arrived to deliver the consignment.

During interrogation, they disclosed that they worked with one Allahuddin of Faridpur. The police have dispatched a team to arrest Allahuddin. Further investigation was on to trace their other contacts in the Capital, the police said.

Container Thieves Arrested

The police have arrested two container thieves, identified as Ombir Singh and Krishan Kumar Paswan and seized two trucks and goods worth Rs 7.5 lakh. During interrogation, they confessed their involvement in stealing containers. Ombir disclosed that he conspired with Krishan Kumar Paswan, the driver of a truck owned by Multi Colour Steel India Private Limited, Manesar, Gurgaon, to hand over the truck loaded with goods. In turn, he promised to pay Rs 1 lakh to him and Rs 50, 000 to he cleaner. Krishan Kumar Paswan was given Rs 1000 with the promise of more payment after the goods were sold. However, they were arrested and the goods seized before it could be sold, the police said.

Labourers Injured

Three labourers working for the Quality Build Construction Private Limited sustained injuries at Shamnath Marg today while carrying out work for the Delhi Metro. The injured were admitted to Sushrut Trauma Centre.


Punjabi diaspora get together to remember their roots
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
The World Punjabi Organisation (WPO), promoted and run by some of the well-known Punjabi diaspora around the world under the leadership of Mr Vikramjit Singh Sahney, hosted a lunch in the honour of the visiting prominent Punjabi diaspora from UAE and Britain.

The event featured an enthralling performance by the renowned Pakistani singer Reshma.

“It is an honour to welcome Reshmaji amongst us once again. Her wonderful voice has wowed us for years and I am confident that her live performance here today will stay fresh in our memories for our whole lives,” said Mr Sahney, Corporate president, Sun Group.

Reshma’s performance was kicked off with her famous song, “Hai o rabba... naion lagda dil mera...” which was followed by famous couplets of Bulle Shah, Wasi Shah and others. Her magical voice mesmerised one and all and while she had the mike in her hands, all those present forgot everything else.

Reshma rounded up her performance with the most famous number of hers in India, “Badi lambi judai...” and the august gathering at the lunch offered her a standing ovation.

The event was also marked by the presence of eminent personalities like the Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mr S. S. Dhindsa, the Chairman of NCM, Mr Tarlochan Singh, the former Indian cricketer, Mr Bishan Singh Bedi, and the renowned journalist, Mr Kuldeep Nayar, to name a few.


V-Day fever grips schoolchildren, too
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, February 10
While the countdown has already begun for the Cupids day, its fever seems to be already on in the younger generation. Even the school students are not unaware of the importance of the event and have already been a part of the celebrations.

It is learnt that students in some of the schools brought rose buds for their teachers and their friends on the occasion of the Rose Day, which is reportedly a part of the coming event. Some of the teachers were in surprise when the students of class two and three of a school told them about the ‘hug day’ and chocolate day celebrated in connection with V-day. It is reported that while the smaller children have been preparing to surprise their favourite teachers, the teenaged boys and girls and especially those studying in senior secondary classes have been looking forward to observe it in their own way.

According to a teacher of a public school here, students had already started sending their SMS on their cell phones to their friends. He said about 30 to 40 per cent students of senior classes had been keeping cell phones with them in the school time and it had became a popular source of sending messages and chatting even during the classes.

He disclosed that despite the warning issued for stopping the use of mobiles during classes, many students had not complied with so far. He said many students had been heard and seen discussing the Valentine Day and their idea of celebrating it.

Meanwhile, the gift item galleries and card shops in the town have started showcasing the latest items of expressing love and care to their beloved ones. An owner of such a shop here disclosed that the sale of cards and gift items increases many times during the second week of this month.

However, he added that sale of roses and flowers also shot up considerably in the posh localities and markets during this period.

The authorities of the ongoing Surajkund Crafts Mela have also announced to celebrate the Valentines Day in its own style at the fair site. According to the announcement made daily at the site, the Haryana Tourism has decided to arrange a special party at the small island located in the lake there on the day. While the entry fee for the party has been kept at Rs 300 per couple, the authorities will provide festivities like DJ music with a dance floor, snacks, beverages and some food items.

The packages include boat ride to the island and sitting arrangements for about 500 couples. According to the officials, “it was the first time that such arrangements had been made at the mela site and perhaps it was due to the fact that a large number of the visitors to the fair had been young persons, especially couples. A kind of publicity campaign has been launched at the venue to get people attracted to it.”

Market forces and the capitalist approach had taken over and forced the hotels, restaurants, food joints and other people to join the blind race to attract customers on the occasion by putting up banners and publicity material,” said Mr Shailender Singh of the Punarjagran Sanstha, a social body preaching Gandhian values. Criticising the upcoming trend, he claimed that it was the result of blindly following the western culture, which he said, had been destroying the ancient Indian cultural values and morals.


Morcha flays Congress for renaming Rani Jhansi Marg
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
The Rashtriya Mukti Morcha has opposed the change of the name of ‘Rani Jhansi Marg’ to ‘Manohar Lal Khurana aka Manni Marg’ on the behest of Congress leaders, who are ruling Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The morcha has described this act of Congress party as suicidal at the time of forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The morcha has said that the Rani of Jhansi Lakshmi Bai is the great heroine of the first war of Indian Freedom. She lived for only twenty-two years. She became a widow in her eighteenth year. Lakshmi Bai was the queen and in the grip of cunning, cruel Britishers. She was the embodiment of patriotism, self-respect and heroism.

She was the queen of a small state, but the empress of a limitless empire of glory as she was among first who fought 1857 war.

In a letter written to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Rashtriya Mukti Morcha also sent literature about Rani Lakshmi Bai, so that the present leadership of the Congress party may understand the sacrifices and greatness of Rani Lakshmi Bai.

Addressing a press conference, the morcha president Ravinder Kumar, Mr L. C. Goyal, advocate, stated that the Congress Party is known for its historical participation during the freedom struggle ever since its inception in 1885. But, the first Indian freedom struggle was fought under the charismatic leadership of Rani Lakshmi Bai, who was the ruler of Jhansi, and her sacrifices at the age of 22 years is written in golden words in Indian history. Her sacrifice, even today, rekindles the spirit of freedom among millions of countrymen. However, it is a matter of shame for each of us that there is an evil design in the mind of some Congress leaders in Delhi who have decided to change the present `Rani Jhansi Marg’ to `Manohar Lal Manni Marg’.


Cops find clues in Rishi Anchal loot case
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, February 10
The Ghaziabad police claimed to have got solid clues about the dacoits involved in the loot in two Jain families of Rishi Anchal on Meerut Road here on Friday.

Some youths of a neighbouring village are suspected to have accomplished this loot. It may be recalled that some armed and masked criminals had assaulted and looted two Jain families in Morya based Rishi Anchal in which family members of Vijay Kumar Jain and Akneesh Jain had been kept as captive for more than two hours.

The intruders had decamped with Rs 20,000 and jewellery worth Rs 2 lakh and fled after scaling the rear boundary wall of the temple.

The Muradnagar police had not only failed to take any action on getting the information of dacoity, but had also kept this information to themselves and did not inform their superiors.

It was only after SSP Jai Narain Singh got the information about it that Muradnagar police stirred into action and had to change the ordinary theft report into a dacoity case.

According to SSP, one youth was arrested and later he was interrogated. As a result, the police have picked up some definite clues about the dacoity. Some local people were involved in the dacoity.

But none of the suspected criminals could be nabbed because police were said to be busy in arrangements of the public meeting of the State Irrigation Minister Anuradha Chaudhry.


Ncr briefs
Two killed in separate road accidents
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, February 10
Two persons were killed and another injured seriously in two separate road accidents here last night. According to a report, one Satpal of Bhupani village, who was going on a two wheeler to his village, was hit by an unidentified vehicle on the National Highway no. 2, near Ballabhgarh town. While he died on the spot, the pillion rider, identified as Khazan Singh, received serious injuries. In another accident, one Deepak of Kundan colony of Ballabgarh was also killed in similar accident. The police also recorded two other accidents involving three wheeler auto- rickshaws, in which several persons were injured. In one of the incident, about four persons were injured when a three- wheeler overturned on the Surajkund road yesterday. A similar number of passengers were also injured when a vehicle hit a three-wheeler auto rickshaw carrying a number of persons near Ajronda chowk on the main Mathura road last evening.

Housewife succumbs to burn injuries

Sonepat: A young housewife, identified as Promila, succumbed to her burn injuries at Bichpari village, about 45 km from here last night. According to a report, she was rushed to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. The police have registered the case and sent the body for the postmortem examination. Further investigations were in progress.

Cyclist killed

A cyclist was killed by a truck near Mahra village, about 40 km from here last evening. According to a report, the victim, identified as Suraj Mal, belonged to Mahra village. The police have sent the body for the postmortem examination. The truck driver, however, managed to escape, leaving the truck behind. The police have registered the case and launched a hunt to apprehend him.

Protest by shopkeepers

Shopkeepers of the old DC road kept their shutters down here today in protest against the non-maintenance of the road in the area by the official agencies concerned despite repeated representations made to the Deputy Commissioner. According to a report, the agitating shopkeepers also held up traffic for several hours. On receipt of the information, officials rushed to the site and succeeded in lifting the blockade after assuring the agitating shopkeepers that the road would be repaired soon.

Mystery death

A 30-year-old man was found dead in his house at Gangana village, about 45-km from here today. According to a report, the victim, identified as Dharampal, had consumed liquor in a marriage party before resting for the night. The police have sent the body for the postmortem examination and further investigations were in progress. According to another report, Parkash, a labourer, died in mysterious circumstances in his house at Durga Colony at Kundli village, about 25 km from here last night. It is stated that he had consumed some poisonous substance resulting in his death. The police are still investigating into the case.


Delhi digest
BJP ‘feel good’ campaign flayed
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
Dismissing the BJP-led NDA Government’s feel-good slogan as humbug, the Congress on Tuesday said the five-year term of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee ministry had widened the gap between the haves and the have nots and rendered the latter impoverished and alienated.

Convenor of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee’s (DPCC’s) Labour Cell Shyamdev Bhadana said farmers, labourers and unemployed youth find themselves worse off today than five years ago. “What the BJP calls feel good is merely a slogan … a joke,” he said.

Bhadana said farmers were being driven to committing suicide for want of adequate compensation for their produce. “Ask about feeling good from the labourers, the unemployed youth and the victims of terrorism and the BJP’s bluff will be called,” he said.

“A large number of people still sleep under an open sky but the Vajpayee ministry is so intoxicated with power that they cannot see beyond the affluent section of the society and their votes or understand the suffering of the multitudes,” he added.

Science Fair inaugurated

Mr Ashok Ahuja, MLA and member of the NDMC, today inaugurated a three-day Science Fair at N P Boys Middle School, Lodhi Road. The fair has been organised under the theme ‘Science and Technology in the Changing World’. About 95 NDMC schools from nursery to senior secondary are participating in the event, which will showcase 350 exhibits including models, charts and projects prepared by these children. The fair will remain open for public and school children upto February 12.

Mr Ahuja appreciated the efforts made by the students depicting the role of science and technology in the development of the nation.

Mr. Ahuja also praised the students for their efforts in explaining the models and the projects. Some of the models on display include the Metro Rail, Sprite on Mars, computer based technology, pollution control, water conservation and electricity production. The fair is divided into three themes, science, work experience and nursery exhibition, which are further divided into sub themes for junior, middle and senior students.

Khullar new NDMC Chairperson

Ms. Sindhushree Khullar, an IAS Officer of the 1975 batch, today took over as the Chairperson of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).

Ms. Khullar, who was administered the oath of office by Member P K Jalali, is the second woman chairperson of the NDMC.

Prior to her current assignment, Ms. Khullar served in the Government of NCT of Delhi as Development Commissioner, Divisional Commissioner and Principal Secretary, Revenue. She has replaced Mr Ramesh Narayanaswami, Principal Secretary, Home, who had been in dual charge. Speaking after her oath taking ceremony, Ms. Khuallar said, “every posting brings a challenge as well as responsibilities and my efforts will be to perform my duties upto the public expectations with the cooperation of members and officials.”


NCERT seminar

Jhajjar, February 10
Dr Jai Bhagwan Sharma, Principal of Government Senior Secondary School, Dadri Doe, has been selected for a national seminar to be organised by the NCERT in Delhi from March 31 to April 2. He has participated in a feature writing competition held by the NCERT. His feature on ‘environment and fine arts’ was selected for the national seminar.

Sarpanch suspended

The District Magistrate, Mr Mohinder Kumar, has placed the sarpanch of Pelpa village and a panchayat member of Badli village under suspension for having more than two children. OC


Paramour, associates arrested for murder
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 10
With the arrest of a paramour and his two associates, the South district police today claimed to have worked out a blind murder case in Okhla Phase I area. The victim worked as a helper with the Delhi Jal Board and was posted at the Tehkhand office.

The suspects, identified as Bijender and Leele Singh, stabbed to death Om Prakash, the husband of Chandra, and disposed of his body in a well of the Delhi Jal Board on January 30. Chandra had developed illicit relations with Bijender, the police said.

The body was fished out of the well by the police and identified as that of Om Prakash, who was on night duty in the office. During investigation, the police found that Chandra had developed illicit relation with her tenant, Bijender, and one Leele Singh.

They were found absconding since the day of the murder. Leele was arrested from Ghaziabad border and his interrogation led to the arrest of Bijender and Chandra.

During interrogation, Leele confessed that he was engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Chandra to eliminate her husband because she had developed differences with him.

She had borrowed Rs one lakh from Leele Singh and subsequently had withheld the payment. Later, she agreed to pay the money on the condition that he arranges a killer to get rid of her husband.

Leele Singh introduced Bijender to Chandra. She kept Bijender in her house as a tenant and gave Rs 20,000 as an advance and promised to pay Rs 1, 50,000 after the murder of her husband.

Subsequently, Bijender became friendly with Om Prakash and arranged liquor for him on a regular basis. Meanwhile, he also developed illicit relations with Chandra. On the fateful day, the suspects killed Om Prakash when he was on night duty in his office, the police said.

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