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A unique dispute on property rent 
Punjab, Haryana not paying rentals of ministers
Ajay Banerjee
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
This is a unique landlord - tenant dispute where the ownership is not clearly specified and the property is valued at crores of rupees. The “landlord” says tenants are not paying up rent. The tenants occupying the houses say there is no tenancy involved and the landlord has no right to collect rent. Rental arrears are running into crores of rupees.

Interestingly, the Governments of Punjab and Haryana are not paying the rents for palatial houses occupied by their respective Governors and ministers living in one of the trendiest localities in Chandigarh. Also, these properties are valued at a couple of crores each. The arrears for rentals alone are close to Rs 10 crore, said sources.

The catch lies in the ownership. Under the Reorganisation of States Act,1966, the Chandigarh Administration is the custodian of the property in Chandigarh. In the past, Punjab and Haryana have repeatedly told Chandigarh that it is not the owner of the properties and is just the custodian while the states are the ultimate owners.

Under the rules, the Governors and Cabinet ministers are entitled to “rent free” housing. This means no rent is deducted from their salaries.

However, the Governments of Punjab and Haryana are supposed to reimburse the rent to the Chandigarh Administration. The rent is fixed as per the size of the house. Sources said the rent for the ministers’ houses is between Rs 1500 and Rs 2000.

This varies according to the year of construction. Not only the Governors and Ministers, the rent free facility has been extended to the staff of the Raj Bhavans also. This itself means about 30 houses in Sector 7.

Even as a decision on the future of Chandigarh is a political issue, sources said the thinking of the Administration is to write to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and seek some kind compensation for this.

The Raj Bhavans are located in Sector 6 while the houses of the ministers are located in Sectors 2 and 3, one of the most expensive pieces of property in Chandigarh. Each of the ministers’ houses is spread across six kanals ( 3000 square yards).

Sources said the answer as to why the money is not being paid up is very simple. Most bureaucrats holding important posts come from Punjab and Haryana. Thus the need to please their political masters. Whenever a letter is written seeking the money, there is no reply.

Interestingly in May, 2002, the Administration had got rid of a major expense running into crores. It handed over the maintenance of government houses allotted to the Punjab Chief Minister and to members of his Cabinet to the Punjab Government. However, the rentals had not been waived. Only the maintenance was handed over with the logic “why should Chandigarh pay for sprucing up the houses of ministers of Punjab”? The houses of Haryana Ministers are still maintained by Chandigarh Administration. This expense itself is running into a few lakhs, said sources.

Actually in the past the Administration has refused to pay for the power of about 100 newly installed air conditioners in the MLA hostels, saying a new transformer and cables have to be set up for this. Officials see no reason as why the rent should remain outstanding. The matter can be sorted out but it needs a tough decision.



Girls’ colleges ban Valentine functions
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
Girls colleges in the city will not allow any function on Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Principals of girls colleges have categorically stated that no function would be allowed on the premises of their respective colleges.

Mrs Usha Khetarpal, Principal of the GCG, Sector 11, said as usual day scholars would be allowed to leave the college after 12 noon. However, the hostelers would not be allowed to leave the campus premises as tomorrow was not their outing day, she added.

She said the police had been requested to provide adequate security at the colleges so as to keep the revelers away. Panjab University has imposed a ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations on its campus.

The Principal of the MCM DAV College for Women, Mrs Puneet Bedi, said no particular restrictions were being imposed tomorrow. She said as per the routine, the day scholars would be allowed to leave after 12.30 pm. And it was not a day for outing for the hostelers. She confirmed that a request for posting policemen outside the college had been sent to the officer concerned.

Meanwhile, the police would be deploying around 400 personnel on the geri route. Cops would be posted outside the city colleges and Panjab University. Entry to the university would be allowed through one gate on showing I cards. The police would not be sealing geri routes but would be putting up nakas along it to check overspeeding and negligent driving. The nakas would be set up at more than six points under the supervision by DSP and inspector-level officers.

Meanwhile, the Business Research Scholar Association has announced to organise a camp where blood group will be checked to mark Valentine’s Day.



Youth is Cong mascot for poll: Khursheed
Tribune News Service

Not easy sailing in Punjab

The current image of unity in the Akali Dal camp in Punjab is a warning for the Congress not to take things easy. The unity will make things tougher for the Congress, Mr Khursheed said. He accepted the division in the Congress camp( Mr Amarinder Singh, the Chief Minister versus Ms Rajinder Kaur Bhattal) of the state, “but, things were being worked upon and had definitely improved”. “ If a man is injured he needs to be bandaged. It might not be cured immediately but the wound has started to heal and will soon the body will be fine”, he added.

He said that the Congress looked for an absolute majority in Haryana. He said the “deserving” group will lead, however, he did not specify which group was the “deserving one”, the Bhajan Lal group or the Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

Chandigarh, February 13
Youth is one of the Congress mascot for the forthcoming parliamentary elections, said Mr Salman Khursheed, a member of the All India Congress Working Committee, while addressing a press conference here today.

Mr Khursheed said the BJP was portraying Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee as the only figure in its campaign. The Congress will contest the image of a 80-year old leader with the voice of the youth, the future of the country.

He said that following a brainstorming session with Mrs Sonia Gandhi, the Congress President, it has been decided that a team of 25-30 youth leaders will travel to different parts of the country to focus more on the issues, concern and problems of the youth. The team will bring before the party leadership the expectations of the youth which will help in drafting the manifesto. “ We want the manifesto draft to be an interactive one based on the feedback from people”, he said.

Mr Khursheed said coalition looked like an unavoidable path for the future government in the country. Both the Congress and the BJP will be looking for alliance. The BJP was losing alliance in a number of states like Tamil Nadu, Bihar, West Bengal and Haryana in addition to similar signals from certain other places in the country. The change can be the deciding factor in the poll results. Mr Khursheed said the poll strategy for the polls had to be very technical and scientific. “ We have worked out every minute detail of the poll campaign and will not leave any stone unturned in implementing the strategy”, he said.

He said the Congress was employing strategies like messages through mobile cell phones to convey the Congress issues and also employ the service of the e-mails.

The former External Affairs Minister said the Congress was very clear that it would follow an aggressive campaign strategy. “ Nobody is going to be spared. In fact, the Congress will not mark any holy cows in the poll campaign. The BJP government will have to answer its ‘farce called the Shining India’? It will have to explain scams and scandals like the Judeo, coffins of martyrs used to make money, the Rs 1450 crore scam of the HUDCO bank and the Tehelka expose, to name only a few”, he added.

Ms Alka Lamba, general secretary of the Mahila Congress, said “we will visit each corner of the country and get back with the issues and concerns of the youth. They should tell us their expectations. We will see what we promise them back”.

Mr Khursheed said the BJP decision allowing a fee reduction in the IIMs was an election stunt. The poor could have been given a fee concession or scholarships instead of downgrading the standard of the institution. 



Youth Cong rally a damp squib
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
A rally of the Chandigarh Territorial Youth Congress proved a damp squib at the Rajiv Gandhi Congress Bhavan, Sector 35, here today. The nearly packed audience at about 12 noon had reduced by more than the half by the time Mr Salman Khursheed, a member of the All-India Congress Working Committee who was the main speaker, landed at the venue for a special function at about 3.00 pm.

In fact, the chief guest was told that “ there was a gathering of thousands since morning( which is more of an overstatement). Now only the office-bearers are left. We promise you a much bigger gathering when you come next time”.

Earlier, Ms Alka Lamba, a general secretary of the Mahila Congress, complained that she was given a chance very late on the stage, reliable sources said.

In fact, Mr Khursheed said “ He was sorry that he could not face majority of the crowd because of delay”. He said his flight had been delayed from Delhi.

Another party worker said, “ Look at the quality of youth in the crowd. A majority of them seemed to have been brought from neighbouring labour colonies. A sizeable number was brought here in trucks and will be transported back after the function”.

A party worker from Colony No. 5 said, “ We have been waiting since morning. The list of speakers seems endless and we are bored”.

On the agenda was felicitation of former presidents of the Chandigarh Youth Congress. Interestingly, Mr Chandermukhi, the immediate past president, was not even invited to the function. Inner differences are said to be the main reason.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, local MP, said the BJP could not fool people with the feel good campaign. The people knew the difference between the advertisements and the actual scenario which they would prove in the elections.

Mr Harmohinder Singh Lucky, president of the CTYC also spoke.



Theft in Tribune employee’s house
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
Around Rs 17,500 were stolen from the house of Mr Surinder Gosain, Secretary to the Editor-in-Chief of The Tribune in Modern Housing Complex, Mani Majra today.
Gosain said Rs 14,500 were found missing from his safe and Rs 3000 from the bag of his servant, Shravan, in house No. 5733 in the complex.

The theft seems to have been committed by somebody who had access to the keys of his house as no force has been used to break the locks.

The lock of the main gate has been taken away by the thief.

During the absence of Mr Gosain's servant for 12 days recently, the chowkidar of the society, Fauj Bahadur, was cooking food for him.

Fauj Bahadur is missing after the incident. The chowkidar used to have the keys of the house when Mr Gosain and his servant were away.

The incident occurred when Mr Gosain went to his office and his servant came out of the house to have a haircut.

During questioning the wife of the chowkidar said her husband had gone to Himachal Pradesh for the past two days.

The police has registered a case. Mr Gosain said the thief attempted to take away a camera from the house but left it in the computer room.



Constable stabbed
Tribune News Service

Mohali, February 13
Meva Singh, a constable posted at Sohana police station, here was injured at Mauli Baidwan village allegedly due to stabbing by a group of unidentified persons last night.

According to sources, Meva Singh, who is a resident of Sector 66, was going on his scooter when he was stopped and surrounded by a group of unidentified persons near the Mauli Baidwan link road and allegedly stabbed. Seva Singh seemed to have struggled to run away from their hold as blood was smeared up to a distance from the spot of the incident.

He was lying in a semi-conscious state throughout the night before he was spotted by a milkman who informed the police. He was then rushed to the PGI. Sources stated that at least seven stab wounds have been found on his body and his condition is said to be critical.



Sanjay, Suneil flex muscles over chicken
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
Action heroes Sanjay Dutt and Suneil Shetty flexed their muscles, smiled and posed for lensmen and said they loved chicken and eggs.
The Bollywood stars in association with the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) and Poultry Development and Promotion Council (PDPC) had converged at the Chandigarh Club to promote poultry products in the wake of the avian flu scare. The stars were supposed to share a meal of egg and chicken delicacies with their fans, but after asking them to eat “kukkar” in a heavily accented Punjabi from the terrace of the reception, they left quietly.

The crowds too left, leaving the organisers in a jiffy and somewhat confused whether the message of chicken and eggs being free from bird flu had spread among the gathering.

While Sanjay Dutt was dressed in a tanned leather jacket and blue denims, glares and feng shui bracelets, Suneil Shetty was sporting a black V shaped sweater over denim jeans and platinum chunky chain. Though they were about two hours behind schedule, their fans had gathered at the club since 11.30 a.m.

Once the action heroes did arrive, it was a herculean task for the organisers, the policemen and the stars’ personal security to keep the fans off the stars. In fact, when the stars entered the club, a few of the fans in an effort to reach out and touch them accidentally hit them, which prompted both to flex muscles and raise voice.

The stars repeatedly chanted that the poultry products in the country were safe and added that they were doing the publicity for free. He said if SARS scare had helped Indian tourism, the bird flu, which has affected Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam and more recently Pakistan, should also give a fillip to the country’s poultry exports. They added that they were travelling all over the country to spread the message.

The duo were in no mood to talk on anything other than the chicken. So much so that in response to a question that who would be their Valentines, they replied that they would be together and would reiterate that they loved chicken.

Talking about their profession, Sanjay Dutt said he was also trying to experiment with offbeat roles.

Suneil Shetty, when asked if he was a better businessman than an actor, said it was for his fans to decide. He said that he was not trying many offbeat roles, purely for commercial reasons, as his producers had to recover their investments and off beat movies were not a safe option. 



What love means to me
Ashwini Bhatnagar

Lust, when yielded to with good grace, is love. Grace, by definition, is a movement that is attractively structured. There are no abrupt jumps, no potholes of thwarted emotions or pains of denied pleasures. Lust, when it has grace — the structured movement of kindness, goodwill, dignity and belief — translates into what can truly be called love.

Lust, when yielded to with good grace, is love, said a man of the world in one of his more revealing moments. There is certainly a lot of truth in this one sentence though love and lust are never used interchangeably. Lust is always seen as a vice while love is considered a virtue of the highest order. However, there is little doubting the fact that lust does play an important, if not a pivotal, role in arousing and, at times, sustaining love during the many stages of its existence. In fact, if we take away the very crude and judgmental meaning usually assigned to the word lust, we can see that perhaps at all points of a love-life lust is present in all its splendour. We lust for a bonding with our partner, for achieving a perfect understanding, for more time together etc. In fact, people in love never want less and less of each other. On the contrary, they crave (lust) for more and more. The lust for togetherness is never enough.

Lust can be described a violent or forceful desire to possess something. So one may lust for power, money or fame. At an inter-personal intimate level, it is taken to mean a strong sexual desire for someone. Love, on the other hand, is about warm and deep tender feelings of affection and devotion. The defining difference between love and lust is while love is tender and warm; lust is violent and aggressive. The aggressive aspect of lust sets it apart from love.

Lust is also a passionate enjoyment of something and passion is a strong feeling or enthusiasm about something, especially love. So, at the basic level, love and lust are one and the same thing, provided lust is tempered with a dash of grace.

Normatively, there should be no love for lust but endless lust for love. We all, therefore, pine (lust) for situations and relationships wherein love flows fully and freely. We yearn to drink life to its lees.

Love, to me, means grace. Lust lies in moments — an eye contact here, a touch there, the sudden skipping of the heartbeat in unison with that of the lover, the yearning and the desire for a fuller body contact et al. However, the feeling of lust does not sustain through the 24 hours of a day and 365 days of a year, though the after-glow of lust-moments can continue for a period of time.

So, from one lust-moment to another lies the path of life, strife and the hurly-burly of the process of living. We often call these lust moments love. “He loved me so much during the first two years of marriage,” or some variation of it is often heard. However, it is rarely realised that grace should refine the intervening periods which may be periods of conflict, doubt, anger, jealousy or ego trips. In fact, lust-moments are invariably preceded or followed by these emotions. A situation may make us angry soon after a round of “love”. Moreover, once we have a thing we want more and more of it and if we don’t have it we take it as a denial; as if we have been wronged. Hence, deep troughs of insecurity, rejection, anger, ego, misunderstanding or craving follow high peaks of lustful moments. The average of highs and lows at the end of the day, or even a life, works out at below par. It is a roller-coaster ride to nowhere.

However, these peaks and valleys can never create a structure or a movement of life. Grace, by definition, is a movement that is attractively structured. There are no abrupt jumps, no potholes of thwarted emotions or pains of denied pleasures. Lust, when it has grace, — the structured movement of kindness, goodwill, dignity and belief — translates into what can truly be called love.

To me, love is not one but four things — kindness, goodwill, dignity and belief. I don’t know what comes first or last but without any of them there cannot be love. Kindness is thoughtfulness and sympathy. Both kindness and sympathy are essential as though we start with the belief that we have found the perfect partner, no man or woman is anywhere near that ideal in our minds. There are no knights in shining armour as there are no they-lived-happily-ever-after realities. Sympathy, rather empathy, for the other’s imperfections and the thoughtfulness of carrying these blemishes along with the persons as a whole is kindness.

Goodwill is a feeling of friendliness towards the other persons. You share and enjoy. You confide and complain playfully. You hold no grudges or try to run down each other. One-upmanship is conspicuous by its absence and bonhomie pervades. In other words, intuitively, one good turn gets rewarded by two and there is never any stocktaking. They continue to multiply and create the invisible threads that bind two people together.

Dignity is the soul of love. It makes it worthy and honourable. Love is a powerful emotion which can lift us as “a wave, a leaf, a cloud” and then suddenly throw us down on “thorns of life” to bleed. Equanimity is essential. We have to, therefore, make a conscious effort to assimilate it in our lives. The assimilation or absorption has to go down to our heart and bones and once this happens it should make us calm and noble. Unfortunately, most of us are torn to shreds when we fall in or out of love. This is simply because we do not believe that it may be true and worthy of us. Self-doubts torment us and we lose control. Once this happens, love is lost forever — it cannot exist in the absence of self-respect and a belief in ourselves.

Belief is a necessary condition. When we encounter love we have to believe in ourselves and in the choice that we have made. We have to also believe that we have found love that is real and tangible. We have to believe that love is no smoky sort of an emotion but a real fact of our lives. It is something with which one has to live and work. It is a part and parcel of our existence which will alter not only the way we look at things but also how we have lived so far. Love causes change and it is difficult to accept change unless we believe in the catalyst that has brought about the change.

We have to believe in love, in ourselves and in our capacity to give ourselves to love. If we do, it would liberate us from the fetters of fear and instil the confidence that if love has come knocking at our door; there is a good purpose behind it. So lust for it; but with grace.



History of Valentine’s Day
A. S. Prashar

There are varying opinions as to the origin of Valentine's Day. Some experts state that it originated from St. Valentine, a Roman who was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity. He died on February 14, 269 A.D., the same day that had been devoted to love lotteries. Legend also says that St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it "From Your Valentine". Other aspects of the story say that Saint Valentine served as a priest at the temple during the reign of Emperor Claudius. Claudius then had Valentine jailed for defying him. In 496 A.D.Pope Gelasius set aside February 14 to honor St. Valentine. Gradually, February 14 became the date for exchanging love messages and St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers. The date was marked by sending poems and simple gifts such as flowers. There was often a social gathering or a ball.

In the United States, Miss Esther Howland is given credit for sending the first valentine cards. Commercial valentines were introduced in the 1800's and now the date is very commercialised. The town of Loveland, Colorado, does a large post office business around February 14. The spirit of good continues as valentines are sent out with sentimental verses and children exchange valentine cards at school.

Valentine's Day started in the time of the Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to honor Juno. Juno was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also knew her as the Goddess of women and marriage.

The following day, February 15th, began the Feast of Lupercalia. The lives of young boys and girls were strictly separate. 



Myriad expressions of the heart
Sanjeev Singh Bariana

Valentine’s Day, a ‘gift’ of the Western world has become a part of the life of the youth in the city, more specifically in the past over a decade. The college and the university campuses are brimming with interesting proposals for the day which include outings, uphill drives, dance parties and plans for making proposals to girls for dates and friendship.

The common notion that a person has about the day is one of fretful activity for the youth largely engaged in wooing their counterparts, expressing their love, reiterating their old bonds and making fresh attempts. A visit to different card shops in the city dispels this common notion about the day. The cards on display are an opportunity for expressing love for all whom one loves. The list includes mother, father, brother, childhood friends and of course the “most important loved ones”.

A card underlining importance of a father reads, “A Father’s greatest gift to his family is the priceless gift of his love”. A mother is someone “ I could not have asked for a better friend that you”. The cards remind one that “every step shared with a friend echoes with happiness”.

Surprisingly there are many cards which specifically refer to the husbands or wives. One among the rare messages for the wives reads, “ It is Valentine’s Day and I wish that there was a special word to describe what you mean to me”.

One special category of c-inhabitants in everyone’s memory are childhood friends. They occupy a very special place in each one’s heart. It was heartening to see a sizeable number of cards for this category. An interesting one read, “ I am so lad that I have you to grow up with. Things just would not have been the same without you.”

An interesting addition to the cards this time is the collection of cards in Hindi. These one’s do not carry the explesitives of expression of loves. They are simple expressions of love for ‘Dost’ (Friend), ‘tumhara saath’ (your company) and ‘ mere humsafar’ (my companion in journey of life). These one’s are the least sought after category for as Sunny, an MBA students puts it, “This expression of love is an English concept so let it be expressed in the same language”.

All the above mentioned categories constitute not more than 10 per cent of the collection of cards on display in the majority of the shops, including Nazrana, Sector 10, Dewson, Sector 11 and the English Book Shop, sector 14. The major chunk of cards on display pertain to attempts at making new friends from the opposite sex, expressing love in newly formed bonds and reliving old moments.

Even in this love there are cards catering to different categories. One for the beginner’s reads “Ours is love at first sight”. For a recently successful lover it is “in my life your love is the most priceless fantasy that has come true”. Soon he says, “I love being with you” followed by “I am here for you anytime you need me” and a love bond that has matured reiterates: Forever yours”.


Valentine bug bites elders too
Geetanjali Gayatri

VALENTINE’S Day. The celebrations might bring to mind the picture of an eclectic crowd of youngsters partying and painting the town red. Now, youngsters, it is time to move over and make way for a change as the “infection” catches on with the not-so-young and the old of the city.

Jumping on to V-Day celebrations bandwagon are couples with children and those with grandchildren out to express their feelings to their spouses, re-invent love in its most pristine form and reiterate their commitment to each other.

For teenagers it might mean just another attempt at wooing a heart, just anybody’s heart would do on that day. For these souls, it is more serious a business to feel young and in love all over again

Ask grandmother of four, Ms Asha Bains, what V-Day means to her, and pat comes the reply, “It is all about showing your partner you care. It is the one day that calls for special treatment, and, there has never been a February 14 that has passed without celebrations.” While a bouquet of roses and a dinner are a must-do for her, the celebrations at the Bains’ household in Shivalik Enclave are incomplete without both of them cutting a pastry together and sharing it.”

Valentine’s Day means double celebration at the Laroyias home in Sector 38 who have their wedding anniversary on the same day. Mr Ashok Laroyia says, “Our festivities begin almost a week ahead of the day. Buying gifts, ordering flowers and fixing up a dinner are my responsibility. For Indu, my wife, the celebration is all about surprising me with the funniest of gifts and giving me a good time.”

Like two strapping youngsters, 40-year-old Ms Puneet Krishan and her husband head for the disco on Valentine’s Day. “Though the day begins with flowers, usually red roses, we have exciting things planned out to celebrate love. These range from driving uphill to having a feast in the most expensive of hotels. However, mingling with the young crowd in the discos is a must-do on our agenda. It rejuvenates us and breathes new life into us,” she adds.

With gifts already bought and tucked away safely till the clock strikes 12 on February 14, Mr Sanjay Sardana, a school Principal, married for 13 years, reasons, “When we have days to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and friendships, why not set aside a day for love? It is a day when me and my wife commit ourselves to each other all over again and go out shopping together, spending the day in each other’s company. While we begin with sending SMS to each other, a nice dinner with the children wraps up this special day for us.”

For Ms Poonam G. Singh, a lecturer, Valentine’s Day celebrations have come to India too late.“We have been married for almost 30 years. The hype on the love factor has gained momentum in recent years only. We are new to this love game and are learning every year. We have been celebrating Valentine’s Day for the last three years and limit it to exchanging gifts and going out for a quiet dinner. The joy it brings is incomparable,” she informs.

So with gifts in place and bearhugs to accompany, these young-at-heart couples are raring to go, trying their hand at perfecting the art of loving and being loved in return. Age certainly, is no bar and they are game for the challenges love throws up on V-Day.



Go in for direct-from-the-heart gifts
Monica Sharma

You are enjoying a perfect present with your guy. Together, you go out for action movies and share mushroom onion pizzas, along with memories, in fast food joints. That is why, you want Valentine’s gift to be simply “aah-inspiring”. But things are not that simple. He is hard-to-please and you have limited resources. No wonder, you have been going from one gift shop to another looking for got-to-have-it gifts that are not too expensive.

Well, we are going to make the job easier for you. We have compiled a complete list of “direct-from-the-heart gifts”. Just read the guide to save yourself a great deal of headache and heartache. This is not all. You will not be forced to undertake last frantic shopping for presents that will remain fresh and blooming in his house, and his heart, just like your love and affection.

But before you slip out of your residence to buy him a gift, pick up a piece of paper and jot down his likes and dislikes. His favourite colours and all about his idiosyncrasies. If he is health-conscious, do not buy him fattening cakes. Go in for luscious dark chocolates that are healthy. Rather, pick up the ones filled with liquor. Just let your partner’s healthy passion be your guide. And buy several small gifts, instead of one, if you are a little “tight”.

Also, do not be too “practical” in your approach. Plus two student Tanya gave her guy a first-aid kit on St Valentine’s Day last year. He was absolutely frustrated with it. So pick up something that is more romantic.

1. Go in for a nice ring for her translucent fingers. In case you can not afford one with sparkling stones, buy a chunky one that is equally alluring. You will have to spend something like Rs 500 for it. In case you want to purchase the real stuff, go to showrooms that offer “upgrading facility”. Buy the one you can afford right now. Upgrade it within six months after paying additional money.

2. Nothing wins a woman’s heart like a nice pendant. So go, look for a pretty pendant that she can hang around her neck, gorgeously.

3. Hearts are in on Valentine’s. No, we are not talking of heart-shaped balloons. But velvety ones stuffed with tender emotions that you can gift to your girl on the occasion. You can also pick up red luscious lips with love message printed across in case she is putting up in a hostel or her parents are “too broadminded”.

4. You can also purchase heart-shaped earrings specially designed for St Valentine’s Day. Available in almost all the gifts and chunk-jewellery shops, they are costing less than Rs 50.

5. Teddies are favourite among girls in 2004 also. If she already has a teddy bear, buy her some other soft toys that she can hang around the bed post.

6. Go in for chunk jewellery. Buy beaded ponytail holders or bracelets with dangling hearts. Beaded necklaces are also in.

7. Buy crystal tattoos as a love-you-forever symbol. They are hot favourites and can be procured for less than Rs 150. She can apply the tattoos on her arms or feet.

8. Give her twin photo frames that say “I love you” as soon as you pick them up. You will have to pull Rs 350 from your handbag for the stuff, but it is worth it.

9. A video compact disc of his favourite movie is another good gift. You two can sit down on a sofa and watch the movie. Otherwise, present an album of love songs specially compiled for the occasion. He can listen to the music while driving down the road to college.

10. In case he does not have a walkman, give him a good CD player that he can hang around his belt while riding the bike. Branded ones are costing between Rs 3,000 and Rs 6,000.

11. Red wine is heart friendly. Buy champagne only if you can afford it. If he cannot savour drinks at home, give him a coupon for a dinner for two. There are restaurants where you can make advance payment, along with reservations.

12. Aromatic candles can lend excitement to any area that you choose to make special. You can also purchase aromatic oils to energise your partner and leave her stress-free.

13. Perfumes and deodorants have always been hot on Valentine’s. You can also pamper him with scented soaps. Or mix scents for exotic essence. Cool cologne is also in.



Marriage? No way, say young lovers
Ruchika M. Khanna

Aditi Gupta (19) and Vikrant Sharma (21) have been going around for the past two years. They met at a party thrown by a common friend, and were drawn to each other. Over the time, they've been meeting almost everyday after college at any of the hep eateries or cafes in Sector 17 or 35, and the respective parents are aware of their friendship. Unlike the traditional Romeo- Juliets of yesteryear, the couple say they have never thought of their relationship culminating into marriage. After all, they have their careers to think of. “We are very much in love, but not sure that this will remain when we get into our respective professional lives. As long as this relationship lasts, we are totally committed to each other, and are open that we can part ways later,” says Aditi in a matter-of-fact manner.

If you think this is one in a thousand cases, look around again. Cupid’s arrows are no longer effective on the yuppies of Gen X, who no longer seem to be obsessed with love. They are game for casual flings, but do not want to get emotionally involved. Dating is a process of socialising, with parents, too, no longer being averse to the idea.

If the love bug of the 1980s and 1990s was epitomised by movies like ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ and ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, the mushy romances in the city, too, have been replaced by over the coffee table flings. Not that the romance of yesteryear is passe, but now, with more youngsters putting self and career over the finer emotions of life, love is a changed phenomenon.

The city, which till a couple of years ago, was considered conservative, has succumbed to the winds of change. Its outdated to be dating in the bylanes and Botanical Garden of Panjab University or the lake, and in are places like Ovenfresh, Barista, Cafe Coffee Day, Blue Ice, Mr Beans, HM II and HM 35. And the best time to catch these yuppies at a date is in the afternoons, while they sip their cappachinos or mocha coffees.

The changing role of parents, as they become friends to their children, or choose to maintain a stoic silence on their childrens’ dating, has somewhat given a societal nod to the phenomenon of dating.

Ms Sanchita Gupta, a resident of MDC, Panchkula, and mother of a teenage daughter says that nowadays youth are not what they were some 10 years ago. “Media exposure and sex education classes in schools and colleges has done a lot of good to the youth. They know the levels to which their flings should go, and mostly confide about their dates to their parents,” she says.

Agrees Shriya Singh, a BA II student at GCG, Sector 11, “Love has become more expressionist and materialistic. With permissiveness being a part of today’s life, one can find couples cuddling at the cafes and discs in the city. With the city getting a more cosmopolitan image, love as giving a feeling of high, has taken precedence over love as being an emotion. But one still has to keep in mind that they do not hurt the sensibilities of others while they go coochie- cooing in public.”

And it’s no longer that flowers and chocolates can alone get you your sweetheart. You need to add something of value to it. As Gagan Gupta and Lovedeep, both students of DAV College, Sector 10, say, “Maintaining a girlfriend does not come easy. Most chicks want their boyfriends to have a thick wallet, an expensive gift to shower each time, and either a car, or at least a bike. So other than being well groomed, one has to show off his material well being, so that you can express you love.”



Corporate sector cashes in on Valentine spirit
Manoj Kumar

VALENTINE’S Day, which was unknown to the educated urban middle class till the late 90s, has come a long way during the past few years. Release of musical albums, movies and other products on this occasion has created such a hype that even housewives of retired bureaucrats are asking their husbands: “Where is my Valentine Day gift.”

When India is ‘shinning’ and the corporate sector is talking of the ‘feel-good factor’, it is right time for the corporate sector to encourage the youth to pass on costly gifts like diamond rings, necklaces, sleek mobile handsets, branded dresses, imported perfumes and gift vouchers to their ‘beloved’ ones. The marketing gurus will feel more delighted if IT professionals give Valentine Day gifts to more and more girls, without experiencing the love of any one.

After creating a hype, telecom operators like Reliance, Airtel, Spice and BSNL, besides the print and electronic media, will also use the occasion to make money through ‘SMS love messages’ and ‘Love contests’.

Says Prof A.C. Julka from the Department of Economics, Panjab University: “It is an exhibition of transplanted western culture on Indian youth and typical process of development. The companies have created a demand for different products through advertisements, western symbols and products to maximise their profits.”

A senior official of a leading hotel here admitted that since in cities like Chandigarh where double-income groups and convent-educated youth exist and enjoy easy access to money, they will exhibit their ‘freedom and sense of belonging’ by giving costly gifts to each other by participating in dance parties organised by hotels.

It is another matter, said Mr Julka, that a majority of the Indian youth with inadequate education and employment did not have access to these products. Anyway, it was the ‘right occasion’ to improve company bottomlines, he added.

Mr Harchand Singh Batth, an advocate at Punjab and Haryana High Court said, “ After watching advertising campaigns on the eve of Valentine’s Day, I wonder whether love can be or needs to be expressed only on a single day in the year. In an era when young lovers do not have time to date, write long love letters, to listen poetry or to go on long walks with each other, how could they satisfy each other’s needs for love by giving a greeting card of Rs 200 to Rs 500 or other costly gifts.”

He lamented that at a time when the media was also used by the corporate houses to promote consumerism on such events, how this phenomenon could be checked. “ We have already lost the battle. Sooner or later you will have to join the bandwagon,” he said. Sangeeta, working as a fellow, said, “ I am not surprised when the middle-aged maids working in the homes of working couples also expect gifts after watching others taking costly diamond gifts on the Valentine’s Day. Even if they cannot afford original Levis Jeans, they will get jeans from the Rehri market.



Win over your love with romantic songs
Parbina Rashid

MUSIC probably is the surest way to woo one’s Valentine. So what if you are unable to take up a guitar and croon those sentimental lines for your sweetheart. There are a number of singers who are willing to convey the message on your behalf, for a price of course. So all you have to do is browse through the special shelves most of the leading music houses have put up for this Valentine’s Day.

The latest that has hit the market this year is a Punjabi album called “Love Song” from Sa-Re Ga-Ma. An assorted album of romantic numbers by Gurdas Mann and Malkit Singh, “Love Song” is surely going to get your Valentine in her dancing shoes, even if she fails to comprehend your emotion.

For those who believe in expressing their love in English, there are two new albums ‘Have I told You Lately’ and ‘Crush’. Wrapped in a new coat, the albums contain old everlasting love songs like Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Just called To say I Love You’, Roxette’s ‘It Must Have Been Love’ and Richard Marx’s ‘Right Here Waiting For You’. There are other love albums like ‘It’s Valentine’, ‘Love Is a Wonderful Thing’, ‘The Best of My Love’ too for the pick.

Sa-Re Ga-Ma has come out with a compact disc of Bollywood’s greatest love song collection called ‘First Love’. Songs from the yesteryear’s hit films like ‘Balika Badhu’ and ‘Bobby’ to not-so-old romantic films ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’ and ‘Mohabbatein’, the CD is sure to add to the magic of the D-day. There is yet another love album ‘Tumhare Liye’, the first Hindi-English love collection by Times Music for those who believe that the language of love is universal.

“The demand for love song albums is growing and so we have put up a separate shelf for the music lovers,” says the manager of a leading music shop in Sector 17. Another music store Deepak Radios in Sector 17 has already sold out their Hindi love song collections. “At present, we have just two albums ‘Love Blooms’, Vol I and II and are placing an order for more as we already have sold out the rest of our collections,” says the Manager.

Deepak Radios is also offering a wide collection of MP3 compact discs for those headstrong lovers who do not go by the cover. Titled as ‘Valentine Classics’, there are seven volumes of old Hindi love songs in a disc which is going to cost you much less than the normal CDs.



Hi Sameer, where’s my teddy?
Saurabh Malik

HIS thumping heart desperately beats against the chest as sweet love pangs sink with anxious enthusiasm as he recognises the 10-digit number restlessly flashing on the mobile phone’s small screen. His eager hands tremble just a little bit as he presses the back-lit keys for listening to his precious girl’s chirpy voice. But his zeal turns into yearning as the dazzling light of his life giggles, “Yeah, Sameer! Valentine’s here. Where is my teddy?”

As Sameer struggles to find words, he realises that “operation plunder” is on, again. Just a few days back he had given her a nice little wrist watch for New Year after begging, borrowing and stealing money from his friends and parents. And now, it was time to buy a teddy.

Wiping beads of perspiration from his brow, he fumbles, “Well, yes, I will do something about it… we will go to the market, no I will go and buy the gift. Just give me some time. If not before, then after the Valentine’s you will have your gift. Just let me….” He gives up in disgust as a slight click tells Sameer that the caller is no longer on the line.

As he pulls himself together, Sameer recognises the fact that St Valentine’s day has parted ways with love, the feeling that once made the world go round with worried expression. “It’s all about gifts,” he mutters loudly.

Things were different a few years back. No doubt about it. Cards, at the most a bouquet of chuckling flowers, was all that was required to win the trophies of love. “Those were the days when love was not an expensive affair,” recalls young socio-psychologist Neeraj Dhawan. Scratching his head with frail fingers, he adds, “I am talking of mid-80s when gifts were considered expression of affection, not essential for love”.

But now things have changed. Living in a materialistic world, guys today realise that they will not receive hearts as gifts. No, not any more. For celebrating St Valentine’s Day, here is the smartest guide to all that is best around. As you read on, the secrets of dazzling looks will unfold, to make you the trendiest around.

Hot style secrets for cool looks

You have taken out that tie-and-dye top, but are scared of wearing it over blue denims or white trousers. Are afraid of looking clumsy. Overcome your fears. Feel fashionable like the girl next door. Follow our simple seven-step guide for hip-chick looks on St Valentine’s Day.

1. Remember to take good scare of the details. Little miss Zaira recently tried imitating her neighbour. She wore a knee-length brocade dress, along with a metal bangle, but forgot to slip into swarovski-studded sandals. Was seen trotting down the narrow college corridors in sneakers underneath. The result was there for all to see. She ended up looking like a bull in a China shop.

2. Tuck your pants in your boots. It is the easiest way of creating a trendy out-fit from the items you already own. The pants should be form-fitting or slightly baggy. Do not try the trick with boot-cut bottoms. They are too wide to be tucked it.

3. There is hardy any need for you to wear a jacket, but if wish to don one just for “estyle” at the evening bash, pair it with the right attire. Remember not to wear a jacket over suits, churidar or otherwise. They look odd. Go in for an embroidered ones instead.

4. Cardigans are better, for casual, even formal occasions. There are, however, certain style no-nos you must remember before leaving the cozy comfort of your dressing room. Do not, for god sake, button up a long cardigan.

5. Next advise: Forget all about wearing an oversize sweater with wide-legged pants. No, the combo does not exactly look funny, but it makes you appear shapeless.

Tips for glittery looks

All you guys and dolls existing in an unostentatious world ruthlessly divorced from glamour, please shed those flabby feathers. Now. And fly. Just a little bit. Remember, it’s now or never. Our top eight hot new tips will help you look gorgeous, the way you always wanted.

1. Pamper yourself. Try face packs prepared from ingredients pulled out of the kitchen cupboard. Or go to a beauty saloon, if you still have time. Just ensure you spend some time with yourself.

2. If dull skin is what you are suffering from, listen to our experts. They recommend the use a moisturising body wash or a soap to breathe life into dull skin while washing up after a night out. Gently slough off the flakes

3. For a flawless-looking complexion, you need an extremely long lasting foundation. Keep the effect dewy by applying a moisturiser first. Slap on the moisturising cream when the bathroom is steamy and your skin still damp from shower. You can also moisturise the face with glycerin and rose water.

4. Get that clear matte look oh-so-hot these days. Choose a shade of oil-control makeup that is shine free. Make sure it matches your skin tone. Dark for dark, light for light. Use a wet sponge to blend evenly around your temples and jawbone for a barely-there look. TNS



Enjoy Valentine’s Day with Barbie dolls

Mattel Toys adds colour to this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations by announcing a “2 good 2 resist offer” on its world renowned Barbie dolls. Now with purchase of select Barbie dolls or Barbie accessories, a value added Barbie product will be offered absolutely free of cost.

The offer is available on highly popular Barbie dolls like Dance ‘n Flex Barbie, Cut n’ Style Barbie and Stylin’ Pup Barbie. A Barbie inflatable chair – a Barbie chair for the little girl herself, will accompany the purchase of these dolls. Also, on purchase of four ‘Barbie Living in Style Roomsets’, a Pretty’ n Cool Barbie will be offered free of cost.

This offer is also extended to Barbie Playsets and Princess Barbie dolls. A Hair Magic Barbie is offered free on purchase of Barbie Cool Cuts Playsets and a Princess Cinderella Barbie will escort another beautiful princess doll on the shelf like Princess and the Pea Barbie or Sleeping Beauty Barbie.

This offer is valid till February 29, and is available on all leading toy and departmental stores in the city. TNS



Pre-Valentine bash at college
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
The Chitkara College of Engineering today spread the message of peace, love and brotherhood as it celebrated Valentine’s Day.
More than 100 students participated in the various festivities. A cultural show was organised where the students could put their talents to use.

Special stalls were put up where one could buy roses, have them delivered to a special one and also play a song to let their “Valentine” know one’s feelings. Colourful dresses and vibrant music were the order of the day.

A dance party followed the show where all the students and most of the teachers shook a leg.



Is all this Valentine’s Day hype justified?
Chitleen K Sethi

Love is in the air. And it is certainly not just the spring! A lot of it is thanks to all that hype that precedes Valentine’s Day. TV and radio music channels are endlessly playing love songs, the newspapers are red with hearts spread on their pages, mobiles are busy exchanging kootchi-coo messages and to top it all, shopping malls are brimming with the ultimate Valentine gifts.

But is all this hype really necessary? Is love the source of all this hype or the outcome of it? We asked some of our readers and here is what we got:

Sukant GuptaSukant Gupta, Deputy Advocate-General, Punjab feels that Valentine Day is all hype....

Add to that corporate hype, too. Combined, they exploit the tendency to ape the West and naivete of the people like “hidden persuaders”. We expend more time and energy in celebrating Christmas and Valentine than we do on Diwali and Lohri. Some people assign this behaviour to that allegedly modern-day phenomenon called “globalisation”. Create an event, exploit a feeling, and satiate it. Thus, artificial, unreal, false and irrelevant demands and needs are engendered by both media and commerce working in tandem across all layers and strata of society motivated by little else than the business need for creating a market and profit orientation.

SushmaSushma, a budding designer, is all mush-mush about the day...

For those in love, everyday is a Valentine Day. But for those who just want to enjoy, it is a good opportunity to let go of all inhibitions and say what you want to the opposite sex without the fear of being misunderstood. It is the best time to enjoy, flirt and express emotions freely. It is true that love is not limited to days but the fact that there is a day for those in love makes it special. Gifts are exchanged and everyone puts in an extra effort to make the day special for the beloved.

Bal Mukand SharmaBal Mukand Sharma, comedian and Deputy General Manager of Markfed, is of the opinion that it’s all hype…..

“India has for centuries held a pride of place because of its rich cultural traditions. But the celebration of days like Valentine’s is nothing more than towing a Western concept virtually imposed on us. As far as the hype is concerned, it is a result of carefully planned designs of certain business groups who stand to gain by such celebrations. I am of the strong personal view that the youth of the country should be encouraged to participate in more constructive activities rather than waste time and money on such imported fancies.”

H.S. Anant H.S. Anant, poet and Punjabi writer, says that love or any other emotion can be expressed silently, tenderly…

“In our young days, we thought that the love we felt could never be expressed. No words seemed enough. But things have changed so much since we were youngsters that now everything seems to have lost its real meaning. The expression of love is all a big drama, almost a joke. There was a time when it was felt that love can never be expressed in words, the feeling was so strong. And now everything has to be screeched or shouted. Expression of love can be done with the minutest of gestures. Instead of creating such hype about the day, I think it is more important to make the younger generation more sensitive.

Harsh Inder LoombaHarsh Inder Loomba, a painter who has lived in Russia for the 15 years and is now back to settle in City Beautiful, thinks that Valentine Day is a very very unique day for those in love…..

“Never mind the hype; it’s a day I look forward to. We have been celebrating it before we were married and ever since, each year on this day I gift him something which conveys my love for him. Expressing to someone your love is a difficult thing but I think this day makes things easier. It is a beautiful day for people in love.”

Kanwalpreet KaurKanwalpreet Kaur, a college lecturer, is of the view that one does have to wait for a special day to express love….

“Anything from the heart on any day…. That is what matters. Business groups know our weaknesses and thus Valentines is a great time for card and gift galleries around the world to sell their products. It may be a cute teddy bear or an artificial rose. And if you have not bought a gift for that someone special on that day, it is thought that you do not love that person. I think one can show ones feeling anyday, anywhere and you need special days to get carried away. It is the concern that means more than expensive, needless gifts.

Achintya MoulickAchintya Moulick, a heart surgeon, speaks the language of the heart….

“I think Valentine’s Day is the most beautiful day of the year. It is basically a feel-good festival and I think one of the most secular events of the year. And the fact that there is so much hype means that the economy is moving. In the USA and even Mumbai, this day is big. I got married on February 12 in Mumbai and we could not find flowers for the wedding. They were sold out. Valentine’s Day is just a yuppie form of any Indian festival where everyone forgets personal animosity and shares and spreads love. And a Valentine could be anyone one loves — your mom or dad. It is good that people spend money for the day and plan it specially. It is a pointer to a Col H.S. Sangha better trend that people are ready to spend money on things that are not essential.

Col H.S. Sangha, retired Army man, feels that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated with even greater hype....

If the world is moving forward why should we choose to live in the 15th century? It is a beautiful day to celebrate the feeling of love and caring and everyone should enjoy it.

Taranjit SinghTaranjit Singh, civil engineer and a former Army man, believes that Valentine’s Day and its celebration is all hot air ….

“The hype is unnecessarily too much. People should be concentrating on something more constructive than merely aping the West. You don’t have to show off your love to someone to the whole world. If you love somebody there is no need to show it off to people. It should be between two individuals and mutually understandable.”

Vikram JollyVikram Jolly, a student, says everyday is Valentine’s Day

At least this is one day when the boys too can expect gifts of love from girls otherwise all through the year it is boys gifting the girls. And I really do think that Valentine Day is not just hype but now an essential part of growing up in colleges. It is day when new relationships are formed and the old ones get strengthened. I can describe the day best by saying that every day is Valentines Day, every hour is Valentine hour and every second is Valentine second. So don’t waste Simran Sikandar time and say what you feel.

Mr Simran Sikandar, another student, feels differently...

Why does the media built this day up so much? Till a few years ago, no one even knew that there is day like this. Has the media ever spent so much space and money on a martyr?



Daughter-in-law seeks Hooda’s removal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
Leader of the Opposition in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s dispute with his daughter-in-law, Dr Geeta Garewal, today took a political turn with women threatening to stage a dharna in front of Sonia Gandhi’s residence to seek removal of Mr Hooda.

Dr Garewal today led a group of women protesters at the Matka Chowk to demand removal of Mr Hooda from the Congress party post for demanding dowry. The Society for Cruelty to Women, led by Ms Poonam Sharma, lent its support to Dr Garewal who has filed a complaint against Mr Hooda, his mother-in-law Asha Hooda and her US-based husband Deepinder Hooda.

Ms Garewal said she had been trying to contact the All-India Congress Committee President, Ms Sonia Gandhi, to demand action against Mr Hooda. Dr Garewal said she would approach the Supreme Court soon to seek arrest of her in-laws.

Mr Hooda’s daughter-in-law and Ms Poonam Sharma said they would go to Delhi and stage a dharna in front of Ms Sonia Gandhi’s residence to demand dismissal of Mr Hooda.

Dr Garewal conceded that her divorce proceedings were on in a court and she would also approach the US Embassy to seek action against her husband who is in Dallas.



No clue to murder yet
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
The Chandigarh police’s efforts to find a clue to the murder of Mahinder Pal in Dhanas today failed to yield any results with family members of the deceased informing it that the person had not gone home for the past three months.

The police team, which visited Tibba Nangal village in Ropar district, came to know that the deceased had contacted his wife on the telephone 10 days ago.

The police found that the deceased was working as a contract labourer in Bathinda and moved along with trucks to load and unload goods.

The police today handed over the body of Mahinder Pal to his brothers after a post mortem confirmed that he died of head injuries.

The investigating officer said a survey of the site where the body was found indicated that he might have been killed somewhere else and his body was dumped in the area. The brothers of the deceased told the police that they did not suspect anybody.



Meet on steam locomotives today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
A one-day national conference on steam locomotives is being organised by the Indian Steam Railway Society and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Delhi tomorrow. The Secretary of the Indian Steam Railway Society, Mr P.J. Singh, told the Tribune that it was the second such conference being held in the country since December 2002.

During the conference all the stake holders connected with the steam conservation movement, from top level policy makers to the common heritage buff, are expected to participate.

As part of the event, a steam carnival at Rewari Steam Centre is also planned for February 15.

The Rewari Steam Shed was inaugurated by Union Railway Minister Nitish Kumar last year.

Mr Singh said the steam runs were not restricted to once in a while ceremonial feature anymore.

The steam engines were being revived all over the country with 12 engines already in place.



UHBVN centres to remain open

Panchkula, February 13
The Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) has decided to keep its bill collection centres open tomorrow. According to a spokesman, all the bill collection centres in 11 districts of the state will remain open on February 18 also. OC



Flesh trade racket busted, 7 held
Our Correspondent

Panchkula, February 13
Continuing its operation against flesh trade in the city, the Panchkula police claims to have unearthed an inter-state flesh trade racket by arresting seven persons, including four teenaged girls and two pimps, from a house in Sector 12-A, here today. House owner, Ms Poonam, who had rented out a room to the girls, has also been arrested.

According to the police, the girls belong to Mani Majra, Delhi and Mumbai while the pimps Manoj Kumar and Gautam, alias Sanju, hail from Meerut and Saharanpur respectively.

A police party, headed by Mr Rajinder Singh, SHO, Sector 19, sent a decoy customer, Hawaldar Ashwani Kumar of the Haryana police, to the house who negotiated with Poonam. The deal was struck for Rs 2,700 out of which Rs 500 were given to Poonam as advance money, said a senior police personnel.

As Poonam took the money, other members of the police party surrounded the house and arrested the girls along with the pimps. They told the police that the main pimp of the gang was Kanta who ran flesh trade in this part of the region.



Scooterist killed in road mishap
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 13
A resident of the Industrial Area (Phase I) Panchkula, was killed when his scooter hit a rickshaw near the Industrial Training Institute in Sector 28 here today.
Kavi Chopra (40) was going towards the bus stand when his scooter (CH03-E-9238) hit a rickshaw from the rear. The scooter lost its balance and hit the same rickshaw again from one side.

The scooterist fell down on the road and sustained head injuries. He was taken to the Sector 32 Government Medical College and Hospital where he was declared brought dead. The injured rickshaw-puller was also taken to the Sector 32 hospital for first aid. The police has registered a case against the deceased.



Man held for abducting minor
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, February 13
After eluding the police for more than eight months, Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Raipur Rani, was arrested here last night. He is accused of abducting a minor girl from Mubarikpur. According to Mr G.P. Singh, SHO, Dera Bassi, Rajesh was booked by the police on a complaint filed by Mr Ramsaran, father of the girl. A case under Sections 363, 366, 376 and 102-B of the IPC was registered with the Dera Bassi police station.

The complainant alleged that on June 9 last year Rajesh Kumar had abducted his minor daughter. The girl was abducted on May 21. Rajesh Kumar was employed at a sweetshop in Mubarikpur.


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