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Delhi govt allays fears on property tax methodology
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 13
The Government of NCT of Delhi has said that the unit area method of property tax, which will come into effect from April, has been designed to widen the tax net without burdening the property owners.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Friday approved the new property tax regime, which promises to make assessment of tax simpler and transparent. Urban Development Minister AK Walia told media persons that the unit area method was based on self-assessment and therefore would ensure complete transparency.

Properties have been put in A to H categories and property tax has been fixed at six per cent for categories F, G and H and 10 per cent for categories A to E.

The rate of tax for properties for non-residential purposes would be 15 per cent for all categories. Star hotels, towers / hoardings would attract 20 per cent tax.

The tax would be calculated on the basis of covered area, ratable value of the property and age of the property. The maximum valuation rate for A category property was 650 per square metre.

Properties constructed before 1960 would get 40 per cent concession. A 20 per cent concession would also be given to properties that were constructed in 1980. Women and senior citizens would get 30 per cent rebate on property tax. Hospitals and charitable institutions would get 40 per cent rebate while places of worship would be exempt from any tax.

The payment of tax could be done through internet and a computerised system for calculation of tax would be introduced. The new system, Walia said, would be a major reform undertaken by the MCD.

The minister said the discrepancy in property tax system – whereby one house had tax of Rs 20,000 while the adjacent one had Rs 2,000 due to the corruption in the system – would now be removed.

Walia said the farm houses would be taxed as per the property tax rate of the colonies near them and accused the BJP of issuing misleading statements against the unit area method.

BJP call not to fill up property tax forms

The BJP has condemned the Government of NCT of Delhi’s decision to introduce the unit area method of property tax and reiterated its opposition to the new tax regime till it became people-friendly.

South Delhi’s Member of Parliament and BJP Parliamentary Party Spokesman Vijay Kumar Malhotra said the unit area was “draconian” and discriminated against the pensioners and other senior citizens.

Malhotra said the resident welfare associations found the new tax regime discriminatory. He appealed to them to not fill the forms supplied by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

He demanded that the slums and urbanised villages be exempt from property tax and threatened to launch an agitation if it was not agreed to by the Sheila Dikshit Ministry.



Student dies as schoolbus hits speeding dumper
Our Correspondent

Jhajjar, February 13
A schoolgirl was killed and about 18 other students injured, two of them seriously, when their school bus collided with a dumper near Kasar village, on National Highway No 10 in Bahadurgarh sub-division here today morning. According to information, the bus was ferrying the children to school from Jakhoda village. As the bus approached the Parle factory, a dumper, coming from Bahadurgarh side, rammed into their vehicle. The students recounted that the dumper was coming at a high speed and rashly tried to overtake another vehicle. On seeing the speeding dumper, the driver of the school bus move down the road in a bid to avoid a collision.

Eight perish on killer highway

Faridabad: Eight persons lost their lives in various road mishaps on Thursday. Of these, six persons died on the National Highway. Several vehicles, including some trucks and passenger jeeps, were involved in a stack-up after a large trailer truck suddenly came to a screeching halt near Bhagola village. First, a Tata Qualis trailing behind the truck was not able to stop in time and crashed into the trailer; one of the occupants died on the spot. But it did not stop here. A school bus, two trucks and a Tata Sumo jeep trailing behind the Qualis also crashed into one another. One Vijay Kumar of Himachal Pradesh was the second victim of the serial accident.

At least four other heavy vehicles, including a milk tanker and a gas cylinder truck, were involved in another crash nearby. This resulted in a jam, which could be cleared after an hour. In another mishap, a cyclist, identified as Sultan Singh, was crushed to death by a truck on the stretch between Palwal and Ballabgarh. At the same spot, a three-wheeler collided with a truck after an hour and two persons, including a woman travelling in the three wheeler, were killed. Two persons, identified as Rajender Singh and Parveen Kumar, also died in another accident involving a car, which had crashed into a tree on the road between Palwal and Hodal a couple of hours later.

In yet another accident, a cleaner of a truck, identified as Jagat Fagna, was killed after the truck overturned on the divider on Mathura road near Sector-31. Two trucks collided near Ajronda chowk on the National Highway, but no one was injured.



DU V-C gets flak on re-employment norms
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 13
The Delhi University Vice Chancellor has again come in the line of fire, this time for alleged “ victimisation”. The charges have been leveled by the Ramjas College Staff Association, following the varsity’s refusal to reemploy Dr. S S Rathi, who retired on January 31 this year.

It was pointed out that the Executive Council meeting of the Delhi University held here on Tuesday had agreed to the re-employment of certain teachers, but there were no reasons cited of turning down the applications of other teachers.

“The VC has been making arbitrary changes in the ordinance laid for re-employment. Just a day before the teachers were to retire, the university sent a letter to the principals to attach a copy of the marks attained by the teachers from class X to M.Sc. There is no such rule in the ordinance”, pointed out a teacher from Ramjas college.

He further said, “This is questioning the ability of the teacher when they have already put in 40 years of service. If the marks need to be studied, this should have been done at the time of recruitment and not at the time of re-employment”.

The Ramjas teachers are annoyed that Dr. Rathi, “who has an outstanding teaching record and has also guided research scholars, is being victimised”.

A former president of the Delhi University Teachers Association, Dr. Rathi, it is pointed out, is “often consulted by academic bodies for his views on education”.

“The university has to make re-employment a transparent practice. Reasons have to be cited for turning down applications and, more so, if it is a teacher of repute”, the teachers said.

To show their support to Dr. Rathi, who taught Physics at Ramjas, the teachers have announced a boycott of classes on Monday. “We will meet the VC and also raise the issue at the executive meeting of the DUTA”, the Ramjas staff association President, Mr G S Chilana, said.



Guest assaulted at party attended by top officials

Sonepat: Chaos reigned at the marriage party arranged by Mr Balwan Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Panipat, for his brother’s daughter in Shubham Garden on the Sonepat-Murthal road near here last night, when a property dealer, Mr Mohan Madan, assaulted Mr Mukesh Batra, the owner of Batra petrol pump, after an altercation at the venue. According to a report, Mr Batra, who sustained multiple injuries, was rushed to the local civil hospital for treatment. The injured Mr Batra has lodged a complaint with the Sadar police station against the alleged assailant but no action has been taken so far on his complaint.

It is stated that the incident occurred in the presence of a large number of distinguished guests and several IAS, IPS, HCS and other district officials. Mr Balwan Singh, who was the Deputy Commissioner in Sonepat for some time, was transferred to Panipat recently. A dispute between the alleged assailant and the owner of the petrol pump was stated to be the provocation for the quarrel and attack. According to another report, a young housewife, Mrs Kavita, sustained bullet injuries when she was shot at by Mr Manoj, elder brother of her husband Mr Sehdev. OC



Sail to Cupid Island in Peacock Lake
on Valentine’s Day
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 13
Religious fanatics, who see Valentine’s Day as “immoral” and a “western intrusion” in the land of gods and goddesses, may find themselves alone in crusade to ban the celebrations on February 14.

If the sales of flowers, gifts and Valentine’s greeting cards are any indication, those professing love are clearly not heeding threats of dire consequences. Shops and malls across the city are boasting of “good sales” and there is no stopping them from announcing attractive schemes for those wishing to celebrate February 14.

And leading the band of revellers is the Haryana Tourism Department. Their highly innovative, ‘Cupid island”, which is being created exclusively for the 14th of February, has dampened the Shiv Sena’s threats.

The Cupid Island in Peacock Lake near Suraj Kund, claim the tourism officials, will attract a fair share of patrons. The island will be opened to public on February 14, Haryana Tourism Department Managing Director Navraj Sandhu said.

The state Tourism Department decided to open the island to attract more visitors on Valentine’s Day, which coincides with the end of the annual Surajkund Crafts Mela on February 15.

Ms Sandhu, who is also a member of the Surajkund Mela Authority Administration, said the island on the beautiful lake had been developed on a priority basis to make it available to couples tomorrow.

The development is a part of the master plan prepared by the State Tourism Department to make Surajkund a round-the-year popular tourist destination. The department has already started the landscaping and beautification of the 10th century Suraj Kund (pool) and adjoining areas.

Giving details of the project, Ms Sandhu, who plans to promote the area as a ‘’permanent happening place’’, said visitors could celebrate February 14 in style at most competitive rates. Couples would be rowed to the island in the centre of the lake where a DJ will entertain them with the best of music while they enjoy snacks, cold drinks, tea and coffee.

And for those who think Valentine’s Day is only about “perverted display of sexual freedom”, there is need to reconsider. Take, for instance, the initiative taken to celebrate Valentine’s as ‘Bahu Divas’. Dedicated to the memory of Manish Mishra, the day is being used to spread the message of “valuing daughters”.

The event is part of the three-day Seventh International Conference on dowry and female feticide, organised by Antarjyoti, along with the Centre for Indic Studies and International Society Against Dowry and Bride Burning in India. The conference will deliberate on the ways to put an end to the social menace. The conference, to be inaugurated by Delhi’s Deputy speaker Krishna Tirath, would discuss a six-point programme to eradicate dowry and bride burning.

Another event of social importance that will mark Valentine’s Day celebration is the blood donation camp that would be organised on the North Campus of Delhi University by Sugam, an NGO of working professionals.

The blood donation camp, being organised in association with the AIIMS and Indian Red Cross Society, is aimed at enabling every individual to contribute to the welfare of the society at large on this auspicious occasion.

And just as the Valentine’s brigade gets ready to celebrate, in hotels or discotheques, the specially constituted raiding team, the Bhartiya Vidyarthi Sena, has threatened to disrupt attempts at “public display of love” in the Capital’s parks, including Buddha Jayanti Park, Talkatora Garden, Mahavir Garden and restaurants, which have decided to organise celebrations to mark the day.


Do you have a grouse against the apathetic attitude of the authorities? Are you fed up with the dilly-dallying tactics of officialdom and the stranglehold of red tapism? If so, please write to us. We have a full half page every week reserved just for you. The letters should be clearly marked, Speaking out, NCR Tribune, First Floor, Dyal Singh Library Building, 1 Deen Dayal Upadhaya Marg, New Delhi-110002.

It is amazing that while the common man in the country is worried about economic developments, the political class is fighting over personalities.

Who is bothered whether Sonia is born in a foreign land or Rahul and Priyanka are not born of Indian parents or for that matter that L K Advani was born in Sindh, which is part of present day Pakistan.

The truth is that the public wants development, work for all and a reasonably comfortable life. The recent result of the four Assembly elections is a clear pointer that development is the main plank of the people.

Why can’t the parties and their leaders fight the elections on their respective manifestos that should be based on the betterment of people’s life in our country?

We are now mature enough to think about ideas, ideology and issues before our country.

The people want honest politicians to guide their destiny and remove poverty, unemployment, gender inequality and obsolete social customs like caste system, dowry, child marriage and religious obscurantism and corruption in public life.

President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s advice on the eve of the Republic Day was a timely advice to the leaders of the country.


President’s vision for the future

In spite of the fact that most of the Indian politicians are inherently corrupt and have shown consistent insincerity to the people who have been electing them, people have not lost faith in the Indian democratic setup.

The politicians have exploited the poverty, illiteracy and simplicity of Indian voters. However, it does not mean that they can be taken for a ride.

On various occasions, they have rejected the party in power.

Peoples discontent is writ large. It is unfortunate that their aspirations for a better lifestyle have not been taken care of by the politicians in the last 50 years or so. Yet, the people continue to believe in the democratic framework of our Constitution.

The President of India is the protector of the Constitution of the India. President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s vision to make the country a developed nation has thrilled the people. In his address on the eve of the Republic Day, he appealed to the political parties to play a responsibly role in the election year. He emphasized that the right to vote is the greatest power in democracy. He advised the people to make their country corruption-free. He asked them to choose the right persons for the legislatures-the Lok Sabha and the state Assemblies. He urged the people to cast their votes without fear.

The President rightly said that father, mother and teacher are the three important persons, who can recast a child and turn him into a responsible citizen.

He visualized a country where there would be equitable distribution of energy, quality water and education.

He hoped that meritorious candidates are not excluded on the basis of social and economic segregation. Finally, he alerted the government to modernize the armed forces so as to make the country safe. Can we disagree with his vision?


Demand for refund

I, Seema and my husband, Mr Ashok Kumar, son of Mr B.L. Singla, A/C No. 5187 & 5188 respectively, applied for the cancellation of the membership from Shree Agrasen Co-operative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd., 10/13 Jai Dev Park, New Delhi, on August 6, 2003. We submitted all the necessary documents and applications for refunds due to us.

However, to begin with, we were put through all kinds of trouble while submitting our applications for the refunds. Later, they told us to come after two months.

Since then, we have been repeatedly approaching them for the refund due to us. However, no one entertains us at the office. They are constantly making some excuse or the other in order to avoid the payment of the refund amount due to us.

I had already complained to the Chief Minister and the Registrar, Sansad Marg, New Delhi, on September 29,2003. Two complaints dated January 10, 2004, and January 12, 2004, were overlooked by the office of the Chief Minister, Registrar and the general-secretary of the society.

I appeal to all concerned to help us receive the refund amount due to us along with the penal interest and compensations.

SEEMA GUPTA, Rohini, Delhi

Road safety culture

This is in reference to the article, “Go for the traffic education”. Are we developing a road safety culture in our country?

Driving is what thrills the teenagers. Parents who try to talk about road safety are considered to be orthodox by children. Strict rules and regulations must be advocated for teenage drivers without license. Everything has its own timing, so why hurry up and create chaos on the streets.

Special classes must be organized in all the educational institutions by the teenagers to promote a sense of road safety.

We don’t wish to see the young children driving carelessly on the roads. Strict enforcement of rules and penalties is the need of the hour.


The power of meditation

Madhu Chandra’s article, The magic of meditation’ (NCR February 2), is very timely for parents and children preparing for the forthcoming examinations.

In this connection, I wish to say that the word ‘meditation’ comes from the Latin word, ‘Mederi,’ which means to heal.

The practice of meditation produces healing effect on both our body and mind. It changes one’s outlook and personality, and makes one the master of the self, situation and surrounding.

When we meditate, we strengthen our internal state and feed our mind with positive thoughts.

Positive thinking brings cheers and happiness. Optimistic attitude will get us moving, while depressing thoughts will fail us. Let us, therefore, practice meditation for a few minutes everyday and overcome the anxiety of exams.

RITU SHARMA, Faridabad

Positive Thinking

It is said that thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decided character; and character fixes our destiny.

Thoughts are, therefore, the food of the mind. A new thought everyday will not only be fresh food, but will provide the necessary stimulant and nutrition needed to keep the mind healthy and enthusiastic about life.

In these days of disruption, chaos and terrorism, it is important that we think positively.

Eminent thinkers feel that if your thoughts are pure, it becomes easy to say what you think and do. As thoughts are the seeds of all actions, let me plant only good, pure seeds, so that the fruit will be the best. What separates a highly devolved man from an animal? It is his thoughts.

The quality of thoughts determines the degree of happiness. The weak and idle mind cannot create powerful thoughts.

Man knows the comma and full stop of language. He knows not the full stop of negative thoughts. Thoughts of love and good wishes cure sorrow. Your thoughts, speech and actions will bear a seal of full confidence, if you are sincere in all your tasks.


Say ‘no’ to alcohol

It was pleasing to learn that Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Social Welfare Minister, Mr Yoganand Shastri, are working to encourage people to ‘Say no to alcohol’. Alcohol has been responsible for ruining thousands families.

Often, people have championed its cause on the ground that it has medicinal value. However, it is necessary to start a war on alcohol at the earliest.

In this regard, it is necessary for the government to further limit the sale of alcohol in the national Capital. Moreover, the sale of alcohol in public place should be limited. Defaulter should be appropriately punished so that there is an effective check on the sale of alcohol.


Caste as occupation

The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is famous for conveniently labelling other political parties as ‘Manuwadi’. In effect, she has conveniently sought to portray herself as the leader of the Dalits. First of all, it is wrong to assume that the caste system had its roots in the Manu Smriti.

The ancient Aryans divided duties on the principle of the division of labour. Consequently, the society was divided into four Varnas on the basis of occupations. Those who were well-versed in religious ceremonies, became Brahmans. Those who fought in wars and wielded political power were known as Kshatriyas. Similarly, the farmers, the traders and the craftsmen formed the Vaishyas. The fourth group, the Sudras, served all the three groups.

Till the end of Rig Vedic period, the Aryan society had been divided into four Varnas according to the division of occupation. The division was not based on the basis of birth. Any individual could change his occupation according to his will. A hymn in the Rig Veda supports this: “I am a poet, my father is a physician and my mother is grinder of corn.”

It was in this context, Max Muller, the great European

Sanskrit scholar wrote: “If then with all the documents before us, we ask the question-Does caste, as we find it in the Manu Smriti and the present day, form part of the most ancient religious teaching of the Vedas? We can answer with a decided ‘No’.”

In the above context, the use of the name of Manu by the BSP to label certain political parties as Manuwadi’ is unjustified.

O. P. SHARMA, Faridabad

Enticing the voters

The two Houses of Parliament, the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, have different terms and functions. The Council of States is not subject to dissolution while the House of the People can be dissolved/extended in extraordinary situation by the President of India.

Quite clearly, the dissolution of the Lok Sabha in the present circumstances is totally political meant to benefit the ruling coalition government.

By calling for elections before the expiry of its term, the government has violated a number of conventions for political gains.

If the government is sure of winning the forthcoming elections, what is the hurry to hold the elections early? If the policies of the government over the years have been people- friendly, why are they announcing policies to entice the electorates on the eve of the elections?




50% Noida jhuggi dwellers do not have votes
Our Correspondent

Noida, February 13
About 50 per cent jhuggi dwellers will not be able cast their votes in the Lok Sabha polls due to the negligence of election office here.

Their names just do not figure in the rolls prepared by the election office here. And those names which do figure in the list, the names of their fathers/husbands and addresses are wrongly listed. In certain cases, men are listed in place of woman voters and vice versa, it is learnt.

Over a lakh people live in slums in sectors 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17 and 18. Each of these slum clusters supports 10 to 12,000 people each.

According to Brahm Singh, president of Sector-16 jhuggis, out of the 10,000 people living in this cluster, names of only 1,500 persons have been included in the voters’ list. All of them have ration cards and pay power bills regularly, he said.

In Sector-8 and 9 slums also, about 20,000 names have not been included in the list of voters.

On the other hand, a large number of voters listed are those who had left these slums long back. In Sector-5 slums, president Khem Singh says nearly all the people are listed in voters’ list, but the list is full of errors like wrong addresses, age or husband or father’s name. Father’s name listed in place of mother’s and wife’s name is listed in place of husband’s name. Even Khem Singh’s own name is not found in the list.

Out of some 10,000 dwellers in Sector-9 jhuggi clusters, hardly 4,000 people’s names figure in voters’ list. But here again, it is doubtful if they will be able to exercise their votes as the list has wrong names of husbands /fathers etc.

Rs 6.5 lakh stolen

Criminals stole Rs 6.5 after breaking the padlock of MM Kothari factory in Sector-4 Noida. Interestingly, one suspected security guard is absconding while the other has been arrested. According to police, two security guards, Surjit Sharma and Harish were deployed on night duty in the factory. Another interesting point is that the management had shifted the cash from the usual strong room to another room. The thieves had broken the lock of the room at night and fled with the cash.

Security guard Surjit has been absconding after the incident. The police suspect that this guard had a hand in the theft.



Butana village families want to bury the hatchet
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, February 13
Realising the dangers of old enmity, two families of Butana village and various other khaps (gotras) have also extended their cooperation to the Butana-12 panchayat in its efforts to bring a compromise between the families. The warfare has claimed 10 lives so far.

With the participation of the representatives of Malik, Hooda, Narwal, Mor and Chahal Khaps in Tuesday’s panchayat of Butana-12 which included the representatives of Kundu, Sangwan and Bhanwala Khaps, the earlier constituted 12-member committee has been expanded by including as many as nine more representatives of the new khaps.

Representatives from nearly 150 villages participated in the panchayat and almost all were of the opinion that this bloodshed must be brought to an end by the panchayat.

The panchayat was convened to listen to all the families, but due to some legal problems, the family head of one family, Chhotu Ram who has lost two sons and two nephews in the enmity within the last one year, came to the panchayat under police security and agreed to abide by the panchayat decisions.

However, Hukmi and his son Prakash who are lodged in Sonepat Jail could not come to the pancyayat due to some legal complications. But it was decided in the panchayat that the 21-member committee would meet them in the jail on February 17 and also seek legal help to facilitate their participation in the next panchayat meeting.

Hukmi is the father of Sanjay and Krishan who are absconding from the jail. They were allegedly involved in these four murders. Hukmi, Prakash, Sanjay and Krishan have been sentenced to life imprisonment in other murder case, but Sanjay and Krishan managed to escape reportedly to take revenge of their alleged implication in that murder case.

Another family involved in this case of enmity is of one Sanjit, alias Sanju, who is also in jail in Rohtak, and panchayat also decided to try to get him also released on parole to enable his participation in panchayat.

It is also pointed out that most of the members of the families involved in the enmity have deserted the village for fear of murders.


CM urged to form board for Walled City welfare
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 13
Traders have sought a Walled City Development Board on the pattern of the Trans-Yamuna Development Board so that developmental activities in the area get a fillip.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), an apex body of trading community, has urged Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit to form the Walled City Development Board.

“The entire Walled City is a trading hub and needs special systematic plan for its development,” CAIT secretary general Praveen Khandelwal said in a statement today.

He suggested the government to form a Board with elected representatives from the trading community, officials from different departments and residents as its members to make development plans to restore the glory and heritage of the Walled City.

He said the Board would ensure better facilities and trading environment that would bring higher revenue to the government.



R A Mashelkar Vice-Chairman of intellectual
property panel
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 13
Dr R A Mashelkar, Director General, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), has been appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Public Health set up by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Ms Ruth Dreifuss, the former President of Switzerland will chair the Commission.

The other members of the Commission are leading thinkers from the USA, the UK, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Italy, Japan and Thailand.

The ten-member Commission, set up in pursuance of the resolution adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2003, would submit its report to the Executive Board of the World health Assembly at its 115th Session in January 2005, based on the analysis of the data and proposals collected from different actors involved in the area of intellectual property rights, innovation, and public health, including the question of funding and incentive mechanisms for the creation of new medicines and other products against diseases that disproportionately affect the developing countries.



One killed in jeep-tractor collision
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, February 13
One person was killed and 12 including five women were injured when a jeep carrying them collided with a tractor on Sonepat-Rohtak Road near Kharkhauda town about 19 km from here yesterday.

According to a report, the injured include the jeep driver Rajesh, sukhbir, Rajbir, Azad, Dharam Singh and Ajab Singh and they were immediately hospitalised. Later, three injured persons Rajesh, Sukhbir and Rajbir were referred to the PGIMS at Rohtak for further treatment.

Sukhbir, however, succumbed to his injuries on the way. The police are still investigating.

CR workers rally

Employees of the CR State College of Engineering, Murthal (Sonepat) took out a procession here last evening in protest against the state government’s decision to hand over the college to a private society.

According to a report, carrying placards and raising anti-government slogans, they marched through the main bazaars of the city and reached the mini-secretariat where they submitted a memorandum to Mr Sujan Singh Yadav, SDM in the absence of the Deputy Commissioner and the ADC.

The memorandum opposed the decision of the state government and pointed out that if the college was handed over to a society, it would be impossible for the poor students to get their admission in it.



Woman killed as iron sheet falls on her
tribune news service

New Delhi, February 13
Mrs Kulwant Kaur, 60, died on the spot when an iron sheet fell on her from the third floor of a building being constructed at Khirki Extension in South district this morning.

A case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder has been registered against the builder. Khirki Extension is an unauthorised colony and no construction is allowed in the area, police said.

The Delhi High Court had directed the authorities concerned not to allow any construction in the area until it was regularised.

The builder was making a five-storeyed building, allegedly in connivance with the police and other authorities. The victim had two daughters and a son. She was alone at the time of mishap. Her son is in the USA and daughters live along with their husbands in Delhi.

Plea to give Punjabi, Urdu their due

The Deputy Leader of Opposition in Corporation and national secretary of the Shiromani Akali Dal said Punjabi and Urdu have been declared second languages in Delhi and there are 75 per cent Punjabi-speaking people in the Capital. But it is deplorable that neither any typewriter nor a computer of Punjabi and Urdu has been purchased in the corporation. No Punjabi teacher has been appointed in schools so far. The name of roads is written only in Hindi and English. This is very shocking he said.

He said that in the last year’s budget, the Congress-led corporation promised to do a number of development work but nothing has been done. It was only on paper.

The MCD has not taken any provision for the publicity of Punjabi in this year’s budget. While criticising this year’s budget proposal, Mr Thapar demanded that a subway should be constructed at Jail Road near Gurdwara of Chotte Sahibzadon and one at Outer Ring Road near Gurdwara Moti Bagh and at Chandni Chowk near Gurdwara Shishganj Sahib.

MCD refunding money

The Leader of Opposition in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi said that the corporation could not spend the money given by the Delhi Government for development of education in the Capital. Consequently, a sum of Rs 34 crore was being refunded to the state government by the corporation.



Kids stumble over headless bodies
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, February 13
Were it not for children playing cricket in Shalimar Garden area under Sahibabad police station, a triple murder would have remained shrouded in a heap of waste in a corner of the garden.

The kids had gone to the corner to search for their ball which gone astray. The boys were shocked to find instead three headless bodies wrapped in polythene and a piece of cloth.

Though a dog squad was pressed into service, it could not provide any clue due to the presence of a large number of people, CO Dinesh Yadav said.

The deceased woman, according to the Circle Officer, was around 60 while the two male victims were in their late 20s. According to the CO, it seemed to be a case of vengeance killing. The murders had been committed elsewhere and the bodies had been dumped in the garden. The victims appeared to belong to the labour class and were probably from Bihar or Bundelkhand, the police said.

GDA steno shot at

Sanjeev Nagarth, a stenographer in Ghaziabad Development Authority, was shot at and seriously wounded in Kavi Nagar police area.

Circle Officer Dr Dharam Veer Singh said police were examining three possibilities and would shortly make arrests in this connection.

According to the police, the stenographer, Sanjeev Nagarth, 33, had started from his office at about 6 pm for his home in A Block , Sector-23, Sanjay Nagar.

When he reached near his house, he was stopped by two youths who asked for his help to locate an address. As Sanjeev was reading the address on the chit, they took out their revolvers and shot at him. One bullet hit him in stomach while the other grazed his hand. The sound of gunfire created a commotion in the area and before people could understand anything, the assailants had fled. Nagarth was rushed to Shivam Hospital in Raj Nagar. S.P. City, Umesh Srivastava, CO Dr Dharam Veer Singh and S.O. police station Sher Singh rushed to the spot of the crime.

The police immediately blocked exit points and began checking of vehicles, but the assailants could not be traced.

Inter-state gangsters held

New Delhi: The Special Cell of the Delhi Police today arrested five inter-state gangsters and recovered arms from their possession. They were identified as Manoj Kumar, Prince Tomar, Rajiv and Karan. Four loaded country-made pistols were seized from them. They were involved in around 10 murder cases, robberies and Arms act, police said. TNS



Hutch exec stabbed to death, two held
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 13
The alertness and presence of mind of the Delhi Police Control Room staff led to the arrest of two alleged criminals who stabbed to death and robbed a marketing executive of Hutch Company in the area of Dhaula Kuan police station this morning.

The victim, Shailender Kumar Nayak, was waiting for a bus near Dhaula Kuan where the suspects, Raju, alias Narender, and Munna, stabbed and robbed him. They sped away on a two-wheeler. The victim was admitted to Base Hospital in Cantonment area where he succumbed to his injuries.

His identity was known only after the search of his belonging and some documents.

Just after the incident, a motorcyclist informed the PCR and gave a scooter number and identification of the suspects. He told the police that the culprits had run away towards Connaught Place.

The staff of the PCR van consisting of Head Constable Raghubir Singh, constables Bhoma Ram, Dharambir without giving a second thought tried to chase the suspects. They had driven their vehicle towards Rail Bhawan. When they reached near Rail Bhawan, they noticed the two-wheeler of the suspects and intercepted it.

During questioning, the suspects confessed to have stabbed and robbed the victim. Two blood-stained choppers and a mobile phone were recovered from their possession. They were arrested on charges of robbery, murder and a few other cases.

The Commissioner of Police, Dr K K Paul, rewarded the PCR van staff for the exemplary job. 


Ex-cashier of Central Bank held in
DDA housing scam
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 13
The Economic Offences Wing of the Delhi Police today claimed to have arrested an ex-cashier of the Central Bank of India in connection with the DDA housing scam relating to the restoration of cancelled SFS flats situated in the prime localities in South Delhi to the fake allottees and fraudulent refunds thereof.

The suspect, Budh Prakash, a former cashier who was posted at the bank’s Lajpat Nagar branch, was arrested allegedly for helping in the opening of fake accounts through which he assisted in misappropriating the refunded money, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Dinesh Bhut said.

Investigation had revealed that the original allottee of DDA SFS flat Harvinder Aggarwal had given Special Power of Attorney to Kamlesh Punia.

The latter disclosed that she had bought the property through a dealer and never met the original allottee and all the documents of the flat were completed by the property dealer who had even procured the signature of the original allottee on all the documents.

She disclosed that she had deposited all the instalments of the flat to the DDA. However, as per the DDA guidelines, the original allottee could sell the flat only after getting possession of the flat.

The DDA on March 31, 1999, announced that the original allottees who had deposited 90 per cent cost of the demanded amount till August 1996, would be given SFS flats at old cost.

Under the said scheme, many original allottees became eligible for refunds and had made the payment under current cost.

The property dealers who had arranged for the sale of SFS flats to various buyers, filed fake applications to the DDA for refund of the arranged sale of the SFS flats without the knowledge of either the original allottees or the purchaser/buyer.

In this case, the DDA refunded Rs 2,85,108 in the name of original allottee through a cheque in the name of Harvinder Aggarwal since as per the DDA records, the flat existed in his name only.

During investigation, it was found that to encash the refund amount, Budh Prakash helped in opening the fake account through which it helped in misappropriating the refunded money, the DCP said.



Inspector held for taking bribe
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 13
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested a Delhi Police Inspector for demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs 10,000.

Accused Vipin Kumar had allegedly demanded illegal gratification from the complainant for not impounding his Santro car and refrain from implicating his two friends in an accident case, a spokesman of CBI said.

The sleuths of the agency laid a trap and the accused was caught red-handed while demanding and accepting the bribe from the complainant. Incriminating documents recovered during searches at the office and residential premises of the accused are being scrutinised for further investigation.

The accused has been produced before the designated court and remanded in judicial custody till February 25.

Gang of juvenile burglars caught

South-West district police today claimed to have busted a gang of juvenile burglars who were between 15 and 18 years. They were involved in a number burglary cases in Mayapuri and Basai Darapur.

One of the burglars used to move in the area to find out locked houses. Being a child, he was never doubted while moving in the area. After finding a suitable house, they used to strike.

A large number of jewellery items, three colour TV sets, stereo system, a brief case with cloths were recovered from their possession, the police said.

Duplicate cement

The East district police today claimed to have busted a racket of production of duplicate cement of Birla company. The suspect were identified as Zahir, prime suspect in the racket, Nazir, Ashfak and Muzammil, all labourers working in the cement factory.

The police said that it received a complaint that duplicate Birla cement is being supplied in Trans-Yamuna area. The information was developed and a thorough investigation was made.

During investigation, the police came to know a factory is being run by one Nazir in Ghazipur where substandard cement is manufactured and supplied in bags of Birla Cement. Zahir, owner of the factory and others, were arrested from the premises.

The police recovered 450 bags of duplicate cement, 150 bags of sand stone, 350 bags of original Birla Cement and 1000 empty bags from the premises of the factory.



Widow raped by husband’s brother, three others
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, February 13
A 40-year-old widow Mrs Krishna was reported to have been raped by four persons, including her husband’s brother at Baroda village about 50 km from here yesterday.

According to a report, the woman was medically examined in the civil hospital here last evening. The victim has made a complaint to the police in this connection. However, no arrest has been made so far.

Charas seized

Harish, a resident of Hassanpur in Bihar was arrested by the special staff of the Sonepat police on Sonepat-Gohana Road near Barwasni village about 5 km from here yesterday. According to a report, the police also recovered four kg contraband charas worth several thousands of rupees from his possession. A case under the NDPS Act has been registered against him.

Factory worker robbed

Rajesh Kumar, a factory worker was looted by two car-borne youths near Guhna village about 15 km from here last night. According to a report, Mr Rajesh Kumar was on his way to the village after the duty hours. On the way, he was given lift by two car-borne youths. When the car reached near a school, he was beaten up by the youths and robbed of Rs 2,000. They fled after the robbery. The Mohana police have registered the case and further investigations were in progress.

Dozen held for ‘satta’

At least a dozen persons were arrested on the charge of ‘satta’ in the garb of lotteries by the police here yesterday.

According to a report, the police officials carried out a number of raids in different parts of the city and arrested them while they were engaged in gambling.

Cases under the Gambling Act have been registered against them.

Two hurt in accidents

Two persons were seriously injured in two different accidents occurred on the Sonepat-Bahalgarh and Sonepat-Dewru roads near here last evening.

According to a report, the injured were identified as Tej Kumar of Ahmadpur village and Meharbaan of Jiwan Vihar Colony. Both the injured persons were hospitalised.

The police are investigating the cases and no arrest has been made in this connection.



17 countries in Asia’s largest expo on
electronic components
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 13
More than 17 countries from all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Sweden, South Africa and the USA are participating in South Asia’s largest exhibition on electronic components at Pragati Maidan.

Various new technologies and products are on display from all over the world in electronic components, materials and production equipment.

The exhibition which experienced its highest attendance ever in 2003 is jointly organised by Electronics Today, India’s first techno-economic electronics monthly journal, now in 36th year of its publication, and Munchen International, the organisers of the premier electronic exhibitions like Electronica, world’s largest exhibition of electronic components and assemblies, and Productronica, the largest trade show of production technology.

Componex/Electronic India 2004 is sponsored by the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India.


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