Saturday, February 28, 2004


Vision and mission

Television, oh television

What is your mission?

Is it good or bad?

To make us happy or sad?

You show us movies, serials and news

Expressing all kinds of views

You have serials for mom

But I want to see Jerry and Tom

News for Dad

Makes me feel very very sad

All of us fight-"I want serials", "I want cartoons" and "I want news"

Grandma says "I want to listen to Krishan jiís views"

Television, oh television

What is your mission?

Is it good or bad?

To make people happy or sad?

ó Ashima Garg, Class VI-B,, St Josephís Convent, Bathinda


Iím going abroad

Goodbye my friends,

Goodbye to all

Iím going abroad,

Iím going abroad to pocket some bucks,

Iím going abroad to forget my tongue;

Iíll leave my marks on the sands of time;

Iíll take fresh milk no more,

íCoz I will like more the bottled wine.

Iím going abroad to discover new trends, new hues;

Wave me a goodbye,

Iíll send you a pair of NBA-shoes;

Iíll call my parents once a week;

To tell them that itís morning there,

When they are fast-asleep.

Iíll move in foreign cars,

Eat foreign food and will enjoy foreign drinks;

Iíll come back once every year

To tell every Indian that India stinks.

ó Vasu Kumar, Class XII, KRM DAV College, Nakodar

Mothers are special

She gave us birth

And she made our life of immense worth.

To comfort us she took so much pain

She provided us the umbrella but go wet in the rain.

She taught us good manners

She taught us that while telling truth we should never stammer.

She only gave us dignity.

Without her our life would have not reached our destiny.

Without her, our world can never become a better place to live

She only teaches us that we should always remember when we take and forget when we give.

There is nobody who can take her place.

Like her nobody can give this world harmony and solace.

God cannot be everywhere so He created mother

So there is no doubt that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

ó Nikita Garg, Class VIII-C, St. Josephís Convent, Bathinda

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