Sunday, February 29, 2004


Bats symbolise enemies

Vinaya K. Manhas

Dreams of bats are considered unlucky
Dreams of bats are considered unlucky

MANY people are afraid of bats as these are associated with darkness and demons. They arouse feelings of abhorrence and disgust. This can partly be attributed to the fact that bats are linked with vampires, which are supposed to be blood sucking human bats.

As per Indian thought, to see a bat that is flying is a warning that an enemy who is out to destroy you is getting close to you. Should you see a bat during daylight then you have no reason to fear for it is common knowledge that bats fear sunlight. Such a dreams means that your enemies will not succeed in their evil ventures. But if it is dark then it is a sure sign of grave danger.

As per western thought, seeing bats is very unlucky for the dreamer. Such a dreams foretells sorrows and calamities. Death and loss are predicted. A white bat is a sure sign of loss of life.

Psychoanalytically speaking, dreams of bats indicated frightening thoughts and ideas pervading the subconscious of the individual. Dreaming of being attacked by many bats symbolises the need to confront our fears. Sometimes bats could also personify some individual we know and abhor and in whom we see the qualities of a bat. The blood-sucking vampire is an embodiment of the parasitical nature of someone close to us.

A 43-year-old woman would often dream of bats hanging from the roof of her house. As she would try to shoo them away, the whole swarm of bats would suddenly attack her and stick to her body. She would see blood oozing out wherever they dug their teeth. Scared, she would scream and run. At that moment she would wake up.

Bats are herbivorous, but so strong is people’s perception of bats as blood-sucking creatures, that this fact is often lost sight of. As the woman sees the bats hanging from the roof of the house, it means that she feels her problem has its roots within her family. Their attacking and biting her means that she perceives the problem to be a threat to her security and her peace of mind. Certain individuals or situations in the house could, metaphorically speaking, be draining out life from her like. The dream and its recurrence denote the seriousness of the situation.