Sunday, February 29, 2004


Manufactured motherhood
Aruti Nayar

WHEN 46-year-old Radha Patel gave birth to her own grandchildren, last month, not only did it trigger a debate about the ethics of surrogate motherhood but also led to a discussion on the checks and balances needed when man decides to intervene and control the process of reproduction. She had been implanted with embryos created from her daughter's eggs at a private IVF clinic. Illustration by Kuldhip Dhiman

Unbearable burden of plenty
And then you have victims of fertility. A.J. Philip visits a basti in Jaipur where a dozen children are no big deal
IT was difficult to believe that Salma Rehman was only 40. She appeared to have crossed the Biblical three score. Her emaciated, drooping body, sagging facial muscles and halting voice spoke eloquently about her present pitiful condition.

A leap in time
Shirish Joshi
PART from 2004 being a leap year, this time February is unique in one more way. It has five Sundays. In the last century, the month of February in the leap years 1920, 1948 and, 1976 had five Sundays. The next February with five Sundays will fall in 2032. This event repeats itself every 28 years.

Building fame on sand
Bibhuti Mishra
UDARSHAN Pattnaik of Orissa has been doing India proud in an unusual field: sand sculptures. Hailing from the beach town of Puri, he has been making sand sculptures for more than 13 years now and has won accolades in India and abroad.

Superstitions, sports & success
Radu Timofte
F you want to score a goal, make sure you put some grass from the pitch inside your shirt. And if you want your team to win, never whistle on the bus. Cynics may scoff at this but for Romanian soccer players, coaches and club owners such superstitions are a sure way to success.

Musical instrument triggers noise of protests
Jatindra Dash
ALE of musical instruments made of lizard skins, though prohibited by law, flourishes at a religious fair held in an Orissa town, say activists. The instruments are sold at the grand annual religious fair at Joranda, a pilgrimage centre in Dhenkanal district, 130 km from here, for followers of the Mahima Dharma religious movement founded in 1828.

A medal for collecting medals
Jangveer Singh
AHARAJA Bhupinder Singh’s collection of medals, rated as the world’s largest collection during his time, is truly mind-boggling now. He outdid himself in collecting medals in the same way he had outdone himself in so many fields. He headed the Chamber of Princes despite being the head of a small princely state.

"Wave of remixes won't last"
Varinder Singh
AHENDRA KAPOOR, Bollywood's yesteryear singer whose high-pitched voice has shades of the richness that characterised the singing of his guru Mohammed Rafi, has had a whole generation of serious listeners hooked to his patriotic and even romantic numbers.

Spell of Sneha's sur
Dharam Pal
YE DIL... Dil Ki Duniya from Yaadein, Jaa Sanam Mujhko Hai from Na Tum Jaano Naa Hum, Thoda Thoda Sone Ka Rang from Ek Aur Ek Gyarah and Om Jai Jagdish from Baghban— all these popular songs have something in common. They have been sung by 21-year-old Sneha Pant.

Life comes full circle for Sohail
After biting the dust with his acting debut in Maine Dil Tujh Ko Diya, Sohail Khan has turned producer with I, Proud To Be An Indian. The actor, director and now producer plans to provide meaningful cinema only, writes Avinash Kalla.
HE is fast proving that he isn’t merely a reel fighter but a real one as well. He has put his disastrous debut in Maine Dil Tujh Ko Diya behind him and just shrugs it off as a bad dream. But talk to him about his cameo in Darna Mana Hai, and a smile brightens the face of Salman Khan’s kid brother Sohail.


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Chetna Keer Banerjee

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Taru Bahl

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DREAM THEME: Bats symbolise enemies
Vinaya K. Manhas

ULTA-PULTAEducation for jailbirds
Jaspal Bhatti


Among the fraternity of liberals
Rajnish Wattas
The Last Liberal and Other Essays
by Ramachandra Guha. Permanent Black. Rs 494. Pages 282

Meet the author
Bond unbound
In a rare interview, Ruskin Bond, who started writing for The Tribune in 1955, speaks of his life, loves and literature to Nirmal Sandhu.

Women writers as the other
Rajdeep Bains
Writing From the Margin & Other Essays
by Shashi Deshpande. Penguin Viking, New Delhi. Rs 395. Pages 252.

In search of nirvana
Rashmi Kalia
The Path of the Buddha: Writings on Contemporary Buddhism
edited by Renuka Singh. Penguin Books. Pages 221. Rs 250.

Diverse Indian diasporas
Surinder S. Jodhka
Culture and Economy in the Indian Diaspora
edited by Bhikhu Parekh, Gurharpal Singh and Steven Vertovec. Routledge, London and New York. Rs 595. Pages 227.

Examining the pandemic
Ambika Sharma
Understanding AIDS: Myths, Efforts and Achievements
by Shalina Mehta and Suninder K. Sodhi. APH Publishing, New Delhi. Rs 795. Pages 372.

The untranslatable Kabir
B. S. Thaur
Kabir: The Weaver’s Songs
translated by Vinay Dharwadker. Penguin Books. Rs 295. Pages 304.

Market and economy down the ages
Kavita Soni-Sharma
A History of Capitalism 1500-2000
by Michel Beaud. Translated by Tom Dickman and Anny Lefebvre. Aakar books.

Short takes
Sage advice for aspiring authors
Randeep Wadehra
The Writer's Guide to Getting Published
by Chriss McCallum. Indus. Pages x+182. Rs 225.