Home is childís first school
Jatinder Kaur
ARENTS play an important role in the personal and scholastic achievements of their children. Home is the best place for education and the first school of the child.

To school teachers of the country
S.R. Modgil
HEREAS dressing up for an occasion or as a matter of daily routine entails no responsibility, dressing up for a profession does. Thus saints, lawyers, judges, doctors and teachers become duty-bound to act in the best interests of their clients because errors committed by them can be disastrous.

Home is childís first school
Jatinder Kaur

PARENTS play an important role in the personal and scholastic achievements of their children. Home is the best place for education and the first school of the child.

One of the major changes in India has been the growing number of working mothers. Both parents cannot devote much time to their children. As a result, they find themselves incapable of inculcating moral values in their children.

Most parents take active interest in the studies of their children only during examination days or when the child does not achieve the desired academic performance. Similarly, they do not have sufficient time to motivate their children to take up co-curricular activities.

Most parents restrict their responsibilities to spending money on their children. They should understand that their child needs much more from them, besides paying for tuition fees, providing books and pocket money.

The first and foremost solution to this problem is devoting time to children. Parents should try to provide a congenial and harmonious environment to their children. If parents display disturbed behaviour, there is likelihood that it will badly affect the mental and physical health of children.

Moreover, parents should try to update their knowledge about the changing educational techniques like use of computers and other audio-visual aids.

They should ask for progress reports of children regularly. They can further help their children by keeping a watch on their attendance, the company they keep and the items on which they spend pocket money.

They should attend parents-teachers associations and counselling centres to understand their wardís psychological, sociological and educational problems.

Such exercises will help their offspring to be physically healthy and mentally well-balanced. It also develops a strong family bond and gives them ability to face the world.

This, in turn, will shape them as good citizens, resulting in the decline of crimes.


To school teachers of the country
S.R. Modgil

WHEREAS dressing up for an occasion or as a matter of daily routine entails no responsibility, dressing up for a profession does. Thus saints, lawyers, judges, doctors and teachers become duty-bound to act in the best interests of their clients because errors committed by them can be disastrous.

Theirís is a very sensitive profession, which requires total commitment. Imagine a surgeonís job to whom his patients surrender completely; imagine a judge in whose judgement an innocent person has as much faith as he has in his God; imagine a saint whom his devotees trust to be closest to god and yearn for Ďprasadí.

Innocent children trust their teachers no less strongly. Examples are not rare when children take a stand in favour of their teachers, saying:"No, my teacher taught me so. So he/she has to be right." Students take the advice of a teacher with utmost seriousness. They give up many bad habits and adopt a positive and healthy attitude.

Dear colleagues, let us ponder over some vital points related to our profession. In the first place, let us feel proud of being a teacher ó proud because we not only enjoy the trust of our clients, we also get love, respect and affection from them. Can there be a bonus of higher value? You will agree that the right kind of teachers get respect from the right kind of students. Both ó the teacher who doesnít get respect and the student who does not pay respect ó lack something vital in them.

Unfortunate is the child who does not get the blessings of his teacher. Still more unfortunate is the teacher who does not enjoy the trust of his students.

Corporal punishment: Pray do avoid it at all costs. Whenever you think of punishing a child, put both your hands in your pockets. Thus, you will be able to avoid an unpleasant situation. Many teachers land themselves in trouble. Try other options such as calling over the parents, giving extra homework, giving the child another chance to improve himself.

I know some students do not cooperate. Let them not if they are obstinate, but be sure that you do not invite trouble by punishing them. Updating ourselves is as much necessary as not missing meals. Many of us stop reading the moment we get confirmed in our jobs. This results in stagnation, affects their confidence and robs them of the professional excitement.

Professional untouchability is a sin. Let us rise above it. Looking down upon a person junior in cadre is a sign of immaturity. Moreover, ours is a teamwork akin to teaching a child to climb a ladder. Credit for work well done is to be shared by everyone, no matter at which level he/she happens to be working.

Partially, prejudice, jealousy, over-ambitiousness, flattery and back-biting are some of the other failings.

It is said that personal example is the best example. In matters of dedication and devotion, regularity and punctuality, dress and decorum let us set our own example, without fuss.

The writer is Principal, DAV Public School, Hehal, Ranchi.




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