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Water-harvesting, a must for buildings in Noida
Our Correspondent

Noida, March 19
The Noida administration has made water-harvesting mandatory for any construction within the township. “We have made relevant changes in our building by-laws and will issue the completion certificates accordingly,” said the Noida Chairman and CEO, Mr Vinod Malhotra.

Recent developments in hydrogeology, especially in groundwater exploration, have resulted in efficient and scientific design of groundwater recharge structures. As the surface water sources fail to meet the rising demands of water supply in urban areas, groundwater reserves are being tapped and over-exploited. This causes decline in groundwater levels and deteriorates the quality of groundwater. “This precarious situation needs to be rectified by immediately recharging the depleted aquifers, which we are resolving to do,” said the Noida CEO.

According to the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), as many as 50 per cent of water goes waste and 80 to 90 per cent of it can be put back in the ground as recharge through a harvesting project. “Rainwater harvesting will not only reduce the pollutants in the groundwater, but also increase the depleting water levels,” said Dr S. B. Singh, Director NCR, Ground Water Board.

The importance of rainwater harvesting cannot be over-emphasised in the city as groundwater is the main source of potable water. Besides, the tubewells of Noida administration, innumerable wells have been dug by the house owners to meet their water needs.

According to Dr G. Mahmood of Jamia University, “The hydrogeological condition of Noida is very complex and the groundwater resource is decreasing fast because the water level has acquired a declining trend by virtue of which not only the fresh water potential is decreasing but also the eco-system, especially the vegetation cover has been affected and requires a lot of maintenance.”

Scientist Dr D. Chakraborty said, “The peculiar feature of the groundwater regime in Noida is that the moderately fresh water is confined only up to 200 feet in general and below 200 feet, there is saline water. At places, the depth of water level has gone down to more than 50 feet, which is an alarming situation.”

Mr V. M. Arora, OSD forest, explains, “The specially designed system will not only help in water conservation, but also solve the problem of waterlogging, destruction of roads and buildings due to waterlogging, reduction in salinity of water due to replenishment of groundwater and will improve the vegetation cover.”

The Noida administration is seeking help in designing models for harvesting rainwater from several experts well versed in the technology.

To combat the situation, the authority, in collaboration with Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi, has drawn up plans to harvest rainwater for the city. The plan will be based on the geotechnical, structural and seismic zoning data apart from the major base of hydrogeological information. The plan will be oriented mainly to maintain the eco-system and landscape of the area.


BJP urged to field trade leader from Chandni Chowk
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, March 19
Four leading trade organisations of Delhi, Delhi Vyapar Mahasangh, Confederation of All India Traders, Delhi Rajya Vyapar Sangthan and Federation of Delhi Trade Association and also the Traders Cell of State BJP along with a large number of other trade associations of Delhi today, while demanding the Chandni Chowk seat for the trading community, urged the BJP central leadership to field veteran trade leader Praveen Khandelwal, as BJP candidate.

The Delhi Pradesh BJP is yet to announce the name of its candidate from Chandni Chowk which fell vacant when the sitting MP, Mr Vijay Goel was shifted to Sadar.

Sadar seat fell vacant after the resignation of Mr Madan Lal Khurana recently when he was appointed the Governor of Rajasthan.

The traders said that the Chandni Chowk constituency, is predominantly a traders’ area. Inhabited by people of all religions, the election contest on this seat is always interesting and the trading community plays a vital role because of its strong presence and influence not only on the traders but because of personal acquaintance with residents.’

Leaders of the traders added that nearly more than 250 trade organisations whether small or big are active round the year and that is why trade bodies are capable enough to create a wave in favour of any particular party not only in this area but even on other parliamentary seats of Delhi as well. Interestingly, a wave originates from Chandni Chowk and travels to any part of the country because of the fact that the traders in large numbers visit Chandni Chowk daily, since the wholesale trade of hundreds of commodities, is being carried out here and personal interaction about elections between traders plays important role in creating a wave.


Maths paper cancelled at three centres
Our Correspondent

Bhiwani, March 19
The Haryana School Education Board has cancelled the matriculation examination for mathematics conducted at an examination centre at Badsera in Bhiwani district, Diggal-2 and Asauda in Jhajjar district.

While stating this today, a Board spokesman said that the examination centre of Badsera had now been shifted to SSD Senior Secondary School, Bhiwani from March 20. He said that the Board had also detected 175 candidates using unfair means and copying during the on-going matriculation examination today. But for one or two examination centres, the examination was conducted smoothly in the entire state.

He said that the Chairman of the Board, Brig. (retd.) O.P.Chaudhary had inspected examination centres at several places in Gurgaon district and detected 63 cases of copying.

The Vice-Chairman of the Board, Mr Dilbag Singh also inspected certain centres in Fatehabad and Hisar districts and found 30 candidates using unfair means. Besides, Board secretary Rakesh Gupta found 29 candidates using unfair means at examination centres in Jind and Kaithal districts.

He said that science teacher posted at Kasna examination centre had been relieved as he was found guilty to dereliction of duty.

The Board had also recommended stern disciplinary action against him. The Centre Superintendent, Mr Ram Singh, had also been warned because the centre was under his control. Similarly, Supervisor Subhash Chander posted at Baas examination centre had also been relieved.


L-G reviews airport safety
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, March 19
The Lt-Governor, Mr Vijai Kapoor, in a meeting with the Transport Minister, Mr Haroon Yusuf, the Chief Secretary and senior police officers, airport and CISF officials at Raj Niwas, today reviewed the safety and security of passengers alighting at the Delhi Airport and availing themselves of taxi services. The Lt-Governor stressed the need to make transportation from the airport to the city safe, convenient and dependable.

He expressed anguish over the incident of murder of an Australian passenger near the airport.

The Delhi Police could work out the case and nab the culprit within a couple of hours because of the pre-paid system and the fact that necessary records were available for tracking the driver. However, deficiency in the system needed to be identified and removed immediately and further facilities needed to be created for the passengers.

It was decided in the meeting that no taxi driver would be permitted to operate from the airport except through the pre-paid system. All taxi operators will follow the pre-paid system and adhere to the procedure laid down by the traffic police. Adequate number of counters will be provided to avoid long queues. No individual will be allowed to drive taxi after April 30 unless he secures a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge from the transport department which will open a counter at the airport for this purpose.

The badge will be issued only after a careful and thorough police verification of the antecedents of the applicant.

Stringent action will be taken against the touts and middlemen operating in the vicinity of the airport. The airport authority, CISF and the local police will do their best to remove them from the area. To facilitate safe and easy transit to the city, a terminal in Connaught Place would be restarted. DTTDC would commence a shuttle bus service between the airport and the city terminal. The prominent hotels will be encouraged to run their own shuttle services between the airport and the hotels. Steps will be taken for an early operation of radio-cabs in the city.

The National Commission for Women has taken suo motu cognizance of the murder of Australian woman by the taxi driver.

In a letter to the Lt-Governor, the Commission has stated that the murder raises serious questions on the safety of women in Delhi and expressed the need to formulate a code of conduct for taxi drivers and operators. Proper regulation and implementation by the law enforcement agencies should be ensured.


Age-old dispute
One killed in firing by Haryana farmers

Parmindar Singh

Khurja (Bulandshahr), March 19
Hundreds of farmers have protested against the Javer police for its ‘partisan’ role in UP-Haryana farmers’ land dispute.

Farmers from Haryana had reportedly shot at the UP farmers who were harvesting their crop. As a result, a young farmer was killed while two were injured.

When the local police said the site of firing and clash was in Haryana territory, hundreds of farmers caused a commotion in the Javer police station and did not allow the police to remove the body of the young farmer killed in the firing.

Thousands of acres of land along the Yamuna river had been under dispute for the past 25 years between the farmers of UP and Haryana, defying a solution all these years. Many farmers on both sides have lost their lives in the bloody clashes all through these years.

Yesterday afternoon when farmers of village Kani Garhi under Javer police station were harvesting their crop, many armed farmers of village Gunwani Chand Hut police station in Haryana, had attacked them. They fired indiscriminately on the unarmed UP farmers in which 22-year-old Hari Om, son of Vikaram Singh was killed on the spot. Pooran Lal’s son Gaya Lal; Shankar, son of Akbar Bakkar were injured in the firing.

The local UP farmers just ran away in panic. This had helped the Haryana farmers to loot the harvested crop.

According to UP farmers, the body of Hari Om, young farmer of UP, was dragged a couple of hundred yards and left in the fields in Haryana which had further infuriated the UP farmers.

Soon, a large number of farmers reached the spot. The police rushed both the injured farmers to hospital.

The police said the site of the firing lay in Haryana territory; therefore, its report will
be filed in the Haryana police station. This angered the farmers who accused the Javer police of siding with the Haryana farmers.

In view of the tension, the police of both the states are deployed in the area.


Disabled to make their political presence felt
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, March 19
The Disability Rights Group (DRG) convenor, Mr Javed Faridi, who is contesting the Lok Sabha election for the New Delhi seat, organised an all India political convention in FICCI auditorium tomorrow.

He said that more than 1,000 physically challenged people are expected to attend this convention. Abidi said that the physically challenged people have decided to come out as a political force rather than continue as silent spectators to the blatant discrimination against them. Abidi is representing a dozen organisations of the physically challenged people. He hopes that the convention will put disability on the centrestage of the nation and serve as a wake-up call to the political parties.

He said that the leaders of prominent parties were also invited to the convention to spell out what their parties would do for the disabled if they come to power.


Tragedy of penury: One can’t survive on love alone
Our Correspondent

Noida, March 19
A young man, his wife and a six-month-old baby son had come to stay in Chhalera village about two months ago. Nobody knew anything about them except the fact that the young man was working as a hawker in the area.

The Sector 39 police had been informed on Holi day that a decomposed body was lying in a house. It later came to light that the bodies of a young woman and her baby son were also lying on the first-floor room. All that the police could find out was that Ajay and his wife Mamta, alias Roshni, had come from Samastipur in Bihar about two months ago.

A police team, which was sent there, has learnt the grim facts of the tragedy. Ajay worked as a tractor driver in a powerful landlord’s family of Samstipur. The young man had won over everyone in the family with his behaviour and earnestness. Soon, he and the young daughter of the powerful landlord became intimate as he was always sent out to escort the young girl. Cupid struck!

According to the police, one day the young couple, realising that they could not be united in their village, ran away and came to Delhi. After the search for the couple proved futile, Mamta’s powerful father had got the house of Ajay’s parents burnt down in the village. No one knows what happened to his parents.

After struggling in Delhi for over a year, Ajay had come to Chhalera village along with his wife Mamta. But here too, penury and misery dogged them. By now Mamta, alias Roshni, had given birth to their son. Roshni, who was a pampered child in her father’s house, did not get a square meal, to say nothing of a cushioned bed and other mod cons she was used to. Penury had rendered their daily existence a torture. The child also did not get enough nourishment.

There was no ray of hope for the hapless couple. So, a few days before the festival of colours, Ajay strangled his beloved and his baby son and later consumed a poisonous substance to end his life and join his loved ones in a world beyond. According to the Sector 39 police, the parents of Roshni (Mamta) disowned the body of their daughter.

Even the Samastipur police when asked to accept the three bodies, bluntly said, “They are better off there (in Noida).”


CBI crackdown on fake drug companies
Parmindar Singh

Ghaziabad, March 19
The drugs companies, especially those manufacturing life-saving drugs, have come under a scanner by the Central Bureau of Investigation. The CBI is reported to have seriously taken up investigations of spurious drug manufacturers in national Capital as well as in neighbouring areas.

Some dubious drug companies are being jointly investigated by CBI along with the officials of the Central Drug Department with a view to strengthen the stranglehold on those playing with the life of the people.

The CBI has been provided a list of drug manufacturers factories in Ghaziabad district by the Assistant Drug Commissioner, Meerut Division, Mr A. K. Pandey.

According sources of health department, CBI has started keeping an eye on the activities of these dubious drug manufacturers.

A recent raid on a drug company in Roop Nagar area of Loni also is considered link in this chain. The CBI had learnt that the Loni-based unit was indulging in making spurious medicines in the guise of popular brands of life-saving drugs being marketed by internationally known companies.

Even local drug inspectors were also keep away from these surveillance and investigations so that CBI plans are not leaked to the shady manufacturers.


BSP fields wholesale sugar and ghee agent
from Sonepat
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, March 19
The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has fielded Mr Kuldeepak Sugan Gupta, a wholesale agent of sugar and ghee as its candidate for the Lok Sabha elections from Sonepat in Haryana.

Mr Gupta has launched an election campaign from Baroda today and this campaign would continue until April 15. He will visit the Assembly segments of the constituency and mobilise the support of the electorate in his favour.

BSP president Mayawati will tour Haryana next month and address election meetings in favour of the party nominees in the state. She is likely to visit Sonepat and Karnal Lok Sabha constituency on April 19 and 20 and address election meetings there. A joint rally of these constituencies will also be held on April 19 next.

The party is planning to hold a separate election rally for Sonepat Lok Sabha seat in May.

Meanwhile, the Haryana Vikas Party has decided to issue photo identity cards to its activists for the purpose of canvassing in support of the party candidates in Haryana. The photo identity cards would have the photograph of the party supremo and former Chief Minister, Mr Bansi Lal, along with the photograph of the cardholder. The work for the distribution of these cards would be completed by March 31.

However, the HVP has urged the Chief Election Commissioner to take a serious note of the use of the official machinery by the INLD candidate, Mrs Krishan Malik, who is the wife of the Director General of Police (DGP) Haryana, Mr B. S. Malik and order the removal of Mr Malik from the post immediately to ensure free and fair elections.

It also alleged that the policemen in plainclothes were shadowing the leaders and activists of the opposition parties and terrorising them for keeping themselves away from the election campaign.


LJP to contest Sonepat seat
Our Correspondent

Rewari, March 19
Following a poll alliance between the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) and the Congress party, the LJP has decided to contest from Sonepat while leaving the remaining nine Parliamentary seats for the Congress in Haryana.

This was stated by Mr Ram Raji Sharma, state vice-president of the LJP, at a press conference here today.

He said that the LJP’s support would definitely boost the electoral fortunes of the Congress by assiduously averting a split into the anti-BJP as well as anti-INLD votes in Haryana. Simultaneously, he hastened to add that if the Congress did not honour the above poll pact and fielded its candidate against the LJP’s nominee Capt Shamsher Singh Malik in Sonepat also, the LJP too would field its candidates in all the other nine parliamentary constituencies of the state. He went on to say that in that case the Congress would have to face an electoral predicament of its own creation.

Mr Sharma took pains to explain that if the Congress fought the Lok Sabha polls with the support of its alliance partner LJP, the main contest would then be confined to the BJP and LJP-Congress combine in Haryana. Lashing out at the “anti-people” policies persistently pursued by the Chautala regime during the past four years, he asserted that the electorate in Haryana was now disenchanted with the INLD which, he said, would fare badly at the hustings in sharp contrast to other political parties. He also said that if the current political scenario in the state was any indication, even the Haryana Vikas Party led by former Chief Minister Mr Bansi Lal, was expected to register a better performance than the INLD.

Flaying the BSP supremo Mayawati for her “self-designed role as a messiah of the Dalits, Mr Sharma alleged that she had led the BSP to enter the poll arena in a big way in Haryana just to make things easy for the BJP.


Special teams to ferret out nine Prayas escapees
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, March 19
Special teams have been formed to trace the nine children, who had escaped from the Delhi Police-run juvenile home Prayas last morning.

When one of the escapees was brought back with the help of Prayas, the police are yet to trace the other nine children, all of whom were facing some kind of criminal charges and two of them had been convicted. In fact, the police said that the fear of conviction most probably was the reason behind the children’s escape from the home.

The incident occurred last morning around 7.30 am in the ‘Observation Home for Boys’, located near the Ferozshah Kotla Stadium in Central Delhi after two boys pushed the guard of the juvenile home while eight others followed them.

However, Amod Kanth, Director of Prayas, today said that the incident could not be termed as an escape. He said that besides the normal custodial homes, there were some open homes of Prayas, like the one in Jahangirpuri, where there is no security and the atmosphere is more homelike.

“It is to the Jahangirpuri home that these children wanted to go. So, finding the security guards relaxed at a point, they just walked out of the home.” He, however, admitted that the escaped children had so far not reached any of the open homes.

“We are confident that the children will return soon, and in fact they had started returning,” he added. Mr Kanth sought to clarify that the security of Prayas was in private hands but paid by the government.


JD (U) demands change in name of Sonia Vihar
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, March 19
The Janata Dal (U) has demanded changing the name of Sonia Vihar colony. The colony was named after opposition leader Sonia Gandhi. The demand was made in the wake of the Election Commission’s order to remove hoarding projecting the achievements of the NDA government.

The party spokesman, Mr Shiv Kumar, said, “If the Prime Minister’s hoarding are being removed from the Golden Quadrilateral road project, then the name of Sonia Vihar project should also be changed.”

He said that the scheme was an ambitious water supply scheme of the Congress-ruled Delhi Government to provide water from the Ganges to southern and eastern parts of the national Capital. He said that the Election Commission should order the change.

“The Congress could benefit as there were innumerable central government schemes named after leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi that were still being pursued,” he added.


Residents thirst for water
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, March 19
The Public Health Department has stopped the supply of drinking water in the evening in the old section of the city and this has caused strong resentment among the residents of these areas.

The officials of the Public Health Department have given no reason for the stoppage of the supply of drinking water. Many residents alleged that the supply of drinking water has been erratic since the onset of the summer season and all their complaints about it to the officials of the PHD had fallen on deaf ears.

Taps had remained dry for the past four days and the people, particularly women were seen carrying pitchers on their heads and fetching water from distant places to meet their requirements.

According to the residents, the district authorities too have remained silent spectators and they did not bother about the public complaints regarding the erratic water supply and low pressure.

The Residents Welfare Association and the Sonepat Citizens Forum have expressed their grave concern over the inefficient and unsatisfactory working of the PHD and demanded a high-level probe into the public complaints in this regard. In a joint press statement, they also demanded immediate transfer and suspension of the officials who were found responsible for the water crisis.


Youth gets life term for killing brother-in-law

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, March 19
A city court has sentenced a youth to life imprisonment for murdering his brother-in-law. The incident took place three years ago in the northwest district. The judge also imposed a fine of Rs 500 on the convict Sandeep Rana.

On October 28, 2000, Rana killed his brother-in-law Khajan Singh (36), and after committing the crime he himself went to the Narela police station to confess his act of crime.

Rana’s sister Krishna had married to Khajan in 1987. But on October 2, 2000, she died of burn injuries. Rana doubted that his sister died because of Khajan, as he wanted to marry again and had therefore caused the death of Krishna by burning her.

To take revenge, Rana, who was living near Khajan’s residence, went to Khajan’s house in the night and stabbed him to death. The relatives of the deceased later identified the body. The police later recovered weapon of offence at Rana’s instance.

Power shutdown

The North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL) announced power shutdown tomorrow in different areas of North and North-West districts due to maintenance work at sub-stations in districts Model Town, Narela, Motinagar, Civil Lines and Shaktinagar.

The affected areas will be parts of Model Town, Nirankari Colony, Subzi Mandi, B-Block GTK Industrial Area from 10 am to 4 pm. In Narela district A Block of DSIDC Colony will also be affected from 10 am to 4 pm and in Motinagar district only CB area will be affected. The duration of power cut will be less in Civil Lines area. The affected areas in the district will be D and E Blocks in Kamla Nagar and Birla Line from 10 am to 2 pm and part of Gupta Colony from 10 am to 6.30 pm.

Andha Mugal, Subzi Market, Sita Saran Colony and Goenka Road in Shaktinagar district will be affected from 11 am to 2.30 pm.

Ticketless passengers held

Sonepat: In a special campaign against the ticketless travelling in the train, a party of the railway officials, headed by a Railway magistrate, hauled up as many as 42 passengers who were found travelling ticketless in the incoming and outgoing trains passing through Ganaur railway station, 16 km from here last evening.

According to a report, all the ticketless passenger were taken to Ambala, where they were sent to the jail.

According to another report, the officials of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) caught red-handed three youths travelling in the women’s compartment of a passenger train at the railway station here yesterday. All the three youths were produced before the Judicial Magistrate, Mr Rakesh Kumar, who sent one of them in the jail whereas other two were released on furnishing bail bonds.

DM orders to close shop at 9 pm

The District Magistrate of Sonepat, Mr M. R. Anand, has allowed the shopkeepers to close their shops at 9 pm instead of 8 pm every day except Sunday, which is a closed day for the shops and other commercial establishments in the district and elsewhere in the state.

According to a report, the DC made this announcement at a meeting of the shopkeepers in Ashok Nagar (kutche quarters) here yesterday. Mr Pawan Taneja, president of the Shopkeepers Association, presided over the meeting. The shopkeepers made a plea to the DC in the meeting that they should be allowed to close their shops at 9 pm instead of 8 pm as ordered earlier. They also appreciated the DC, who ordered the closure of the shops on Sunday, which is declared as holiday under the Shops Act by the state government. OC




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With the general election round the corner political parties of all hues have been attempting absurd lies. Countrymen in India are witness to politicians’ vicious political propaganda privy to the general election to the Lok Sabha to be held in four rounds in April and May. A prominent leader of the main ruling party, who is on Bharat Uday Yatra, in one of his speeches has claimed the National Democratic Alliance

has achieved much more than what the Congress party could not achieve in 50 years of Independence. He, therefore, appealed to the people to cast their votes in favour of the ruling alliance to see India rising.

Everybody has the right to canvass for his party but it is ill of the leader to misguide people about their sacred right to vote. The formation of the new government of India to lead the country in the right direction is a must so that the poorest and the needy among the poor and middle class people may get the basic needs fulfilled and lead an honourable life which they don’t have at present.

One cannot ignore the sterling achievements of the 50 years of the ruling party prior to the installation of the present government. Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the country, was a true democrat, a votary of peace, the builder of heavy industries of the public sector, a man of substance, a leader of the Non Aligned Movement and Panchsheel. Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri who gave the slogan of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, taught a lesson to General Ayub Khan in the 1965 Indo-Pak War and led the Tashkent peaceful agreement and inspired the farming community to bring about a Green Revolution. Mrs Indira Gandhi was the emancipator of Bangladesh and dispossessed Pakistan of the erstwhile East Pakistan and Mr Rajiv Gandhi was the architect of the Panchayati Raj system. The system may need reforms but the foundation has been laid for the grassroots democracy. In comparison to the past achievements the performance of the present government is insignificant. The countrymen may appreciate what the present government has done. But the leaders need not brag. Even if the present government is voted to power there is much to be done for the common man. The rancour of the minority community on Gujarat riots and harping on the unfinished task of building the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya will continue to persist for generations and the black spot on the main ruling party will never be washed off easily.

Ujjal Pal Singh, Faridabad

Unjust deduction by placement agency

It was extremely shocking to learn that the slum department in the MCD had exploited the poor persons who were engaged on a fixed monthly retainer. In connivance with a placement agency the department has engaged category C and D staff who should have been paid Rs 5,007 for security guard and Rs 6,568 to the resident caretaker.

Alas! A 20 per cent deduction has been made while making the payment. It is too much and against natural justice. The placement agency can retain up to 5-7 per cent but not up to 20 per cent. It is a heinous crime committed by the agency along with the officials of the slum department.

The authorities concerned should ensure the deduction made is returned without any delay.

Subhash C. Tajeja, MDU, Rohtak

Women’s Day an urban phenomenon

Another International Women’s Day passed off on March 8, 2004. This year also the day was celebrated in big cities and state capitals with fanfare by holding workshops, seminars and meetings of women’s organisations. As usual, the national dailies gave wide coverage to the day by publishing special articles, interviews of celebrity women and views of important personalities. The PM gave a tea party to well-known women of the Capital.

The question of passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill has now been passed over to the 14th Lok Sabha (Parliament), whose elections are being held during April-May 2004.

It is felt that International Women’s Day in India has become an urban phenomenon and the rural women, who form the bulk of the female population, have been completely ignored.

In the given context, I would suggest to women’s organisations to celebrate next year’s Women’s Day in rural areas so that every woman becomes aware of the significance of this important day.

O. P. Sharma, Faridabad

Women, stand up for yourself

Indeed it was pleasing and satisfying to learn the Delhi Government had decided to initiate a number of steps to ensure speedy intervention and timely redressal in respect of checking of eve-teasing incidents. There is no doubt that the police have a big role to play in checking such eve-teasing incidents but women themselves have to become bold and speak out.

More often than not, these eve-teasing cases take place in crowded buses. In my opinion the eve-teasing incidents can be minimised to a large extent if the Delhi Government increases the fleet of transport buses considerably so that boys have no chance to tease the girls. These buses, due to overcrowding, have 100 passengers in place of 50 at times.

Of course, these ruffians will have to be educated that their sisters and mothers too encounter similar problems.

Curbing population need of the hour

We are an NGO intent on sadbhavana and have resolved amicably to bring about a solution to the specific problems faced by residents of Daryaganj in particular and NCR Delhi in general. One particular issue that has been causing serious concern is the uncontrolled increase in our population, from some 36 crore when we won Independence to over 100 crore now.

While the educated and the more affluent families have generally adopted one, two or three child norm the illiterate, the poor and to an extent rural sections have continued to proliferate, maybe following example of some prominent but highly irresponsible political leaders, all to the detriment of our nation and thinking citizens at large.

If we compare ourselves to Canada, a highly developed nation having a population of less than 35 Million, of which a few million may be NRIs and some three times our land area, each resident there can enjoy over hundred times the space and allied resources that an Indian citizen can avail of. Where are we heading to? Sheer disaster!

If we do not act now to check and control the rise in population every common citizen will face acute shortage of water supply, power supply, health and medical facilities, employment opportunities, dwellings, road space, parks, open spaces and so on. He will also face increasing pollution and congestion.

Should the situation continue to deteriorate the future generation would find if hard to forgive the current generation and the leaders responsible for not rectifying the same.

It is therefore strongly recommended that a powerful and effective committee be constituted to frame concrete, functional steps to control population in a time-bound manner, including penalising those who do not comply with the control measures and enforcing these controls for all Indian citizens in long-term national interests.

Brig R. C. Aggarwal, New Delhi

Love is the best medicine

M. P. K. Kutty, in the article “What on earth are we here for ? And for what purpose?” (NCR February 29), has quoted Leo Tolstoy, eminent Russian novelist, writer on ethics and religion, who, while searching the meaning of life concluded - “Love is life. All every thing that I understood, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love. Everything is united by it Alone. Love is God.”

It is said that love is a unique medicine. In this connection, I wish to share with NCR readers observations of an eminent person/philosopher

A wise physician said to me, “I have been practising medicine for 30 years and I have prescribed many things.

In the long run, I have learned that for most of what ails the human creature, the best medicine is love. “What if it does not work”, I asked. “Double the dose,” he replied.

B. K. A. Kumar, Faridabad

BPO hits Hollywood, too

“The IT sector is not enough”. When you consider Hollywood, it makes you feel so good. It is all about reconsidering Madonna’s song praising Hollywood’s legacy. Business process outsourcing has struck again but this time it is a new prey, a new sector, Hollywood.

While scanning information regarding Oscar winning movies’ manufacturing processes we came to know that “The Return of the Kings” (Lord of the Rings) with 11 Oscars in the pocket was picturised in New Zealand solely for curtailing budgetary investments. BPO has also pushed the making of “Cold Mountain” (for which Renee Zellweger got an Oscar for best supporting actress), a purely US story and theme, offshore. All this has hit the US tourism sector and industry hard by stealing livelihood from a dominant developed nation. Manufacturing and processing techniques are rapidly becoming a foreign competence. But in Bollywood the reverse is going on. After getting recognition as an industry, every entrepreneur in Bollywood has started planning big budget films.

Sanjay Bhatia

Flyover in Saigal’s name

So many new flyovers and underbridges are being constructed in Delhi. When completed they would be named after eminent personalities. Prominent road links are also renamed from time to time. An idea is emerging in the art and culture circles of the Capital to appeal to the authorities concerned to name a flyover or road in Delhi as Kundan Lal Saigal flyover/road.

K. L. Saigal, the legendary singer actor, was born in April 1904 in Jammu. Saigal had stayed in Delhi for a few months in in the early 130s. Saigal acted in 36 feature films of which 28 were in Hindi, seven in Bangla and one in Tamil. He sang 143 film songs and 43 non-film songs. Of these, 110 were in Hindi, 30 in Bangla and two in Tamil. In the non-film category are 37 Hindi, two Bangla, two Punjabi and two Persian songs. K. L. Saigal passed away in January 1947 in Jalandhar. But he lives in his songs. Saigal has been truly described as the first superstar of Indian cinema. His songs are played regularly by the Vividh Bharati service of AIR and still fascinate all. HMV has indeed done a great service to the music lovers by bringing out a good collection of Saigal’s immortal songs which I first heard while sitting in the lap of my late grandfather, Shri G D Malhotra. In order to cherish the memory of the great singer-actor, Saigal Sangeet Sarita was founded in 1972. The organisation in collaboration with India Habitat Centre and the National Film Archives of India recently held a four-day retrospective of K. L. Saigal’s films in Delhi. Films like Amar Saigal, Devdas, Dushman and Tansen were screened.

It is high time that the government agencies concerned of NCT of Delhi decide to name a road or flyover in memory of K. L. Saigal. This will go a long way in commemorating the memory of a legend who gave so much to Indian cinema and music.

Tish Malhotra, Delhi


Crime spiral
Woman held for bid to kill stepson
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, March 19
The South district police today claimed to have arrested a woman on charges of trying to eliminate her eight-year-old stepson, as her husband preferred him over her two children.

The woman was identified as one Mamta, resident of Bulandshahr. The incident came to light when they received an information that an eight-year-old Shiva was admitted to the AIIMS with some injuries. When the police reached the spot and spoke to Shiva, he reportedly told the police that his stepmother tried to kill him in the Yamuna Khadar, as his father loved him so much. The child also said that Mamta took him to Yamuna Khadar on the pretext of taking him to his father’s shop and tried to strangulate him after tying his legs and hands with shoelace.

The police later spotted a woman roaming near the Sarai Kale Khan bus stand, and while questioning she broke down and confessed to have committed the crime. She told the police that her husband loved his first son so much, over her two children.

Constable caught while taking bribe

The Anti-Corruption branch has arrested a Delhi Police constable posted at the Shakarpur police station for demanding and accepting an illegal gratification of Rs 3,000 from one Ajay Kumar.

The constable, Rajiv Kumar, had demanded Rs 10,000, in a case from the complainant for not filing a case and also for not arresting him. Since the victim said he comes from a poor background, Rajiv agreed to take Rs 3,000 and the remaining amount in two installments.

Based on a complaint from Ajay, the Anti-Corruption unit laid a trap and arrested Rajiv while he was found accepting a bribe of Rs 3,000.

Robber held

The Central district police today claimed to have arrested one robber who along with his two associates had robbed a sales executive of Rs 5,000 and other valuables near the Tilak Bridge on March 17. The robber was identified as Pradeep Singh, resident of Uttranchal. The police also claimed to have recovered a country-made weapon and one live cartridge along with Rs 2,500 and the victim’s purse from his possession.


Anganwadi worker pockets social scheme money
Our Correspondent

Greater Noida, March 19
A worker of the Mahila Anganwadi has allegedly withdrawn money from the National Social Help Programme, announced by the PM, in a fraudulent way. Since a health department official is involved in this fraud, efforts were made to sweep the matter under wraps.

Under the Prime Minister’s scheme, all pregnant women below the poverty line are disbursed an aid of Rs 500 from the National Social Assistance programme through the health department.

Money under this scheme was deposited with Aganwadi Farm, of the Dadri Community Health Centre. One Roop Kaur, an employee of Anganwadi, in connivance with an officer of the health department, had stolen the cheques worth Rs 3,500 (dated January 8, 2004) and got them encashed on January 13, 2004, from State Bank of India.

The cheques of Rs 500 each had been issued to Kusum, wife of Dinesh; Anita, wife of Rajesh; Manju wife Kiran Pal; Poonam, w/o Manavir; Sheela, w/o Sanjay; Rajeshwari, w/o Surinder; Kavita w/o Mukesh. The cheques for these women were approved and signed by Pradhan of Rampur Baggar village.

Since all these women had not received their money, they all came to the government health centre to demand their cheque. At this, Dr D. P. Agarwal, in-charge of Dadri Community Health Centre, had the matter investigated. The probe established a fraud. Money was withdrawn from the bank by putting fake signatures of all these women.

When the fraud came to light, the health department had made the Anganwadi employee Roop Kaur immediately deposit Rs 3500 in the SBI.


Two held in Salimsar Majra double murder case
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, March 19
The Sadar police have arrested two persons in connection with the double murder case committed on February 16, last at Salimsar Majra village in the district. The accused were identified as Bijender and Luxmi Narain, both residents of Ritauli village.

The arrests followed a surprise raid conducted by the police after receiving a secret information about the whereabouts of the culprits involved in this case. However, three other persons managed to escape under the cover of darkness.

It may be recalled that two persons, namely Krishan and Naresh, were shot dead by a dreaded criminal Anil, who was released on the parole and staying in his house in the village. Anil had been sentenced to life imprisonment in a case of murder, and he managed to escape immediately after the shooting incident.

Meanwhile, the Ganaur police have recovered a 16-year-old girl Meena from Mumbai, after conducting a surprise raid in a rented house there after receiving the information that both the girl and her kidnapper were staying there.

According to a report, the girl was kidnapped by a youth Sunil of the village, about a month ago, and taken to Mumbai by him. The police arrested the youth in this connection. The girl was brought to Ganaur and handed over to her parents. The youth was produced before a judicial magistrate who remanded him to judicial custody. A case was registered against the youth on the statement of the girl and further investigations are on.


One killed, two hurt
Our Correspondent

Jhajjar, March 19
One person was killed while two others injured seriously when their motorcycle rammed in road-roller near Girawar village on Sonepat road here last night.

According to information, deceased Jitender resident of Sita Ram Colony here had gone to Girawar village to meet his friends, Naresh, his neighbour and Rajender of Girawar village. They were going to the village from the Chhara chowki on motorcycle when their vehicle rammed the road-roller. Jitender, driving the motorcycle, died on the spot while two other riding pillion injured seriously. The injured were admitted to the civil hospital at Jhajjar.

Woman robed of jewellery, cash

In an incident of highway robbery on the Bahadurgarh-Jhajjar Road, unidentified persons robbed wife of a Jhajjar businessman Bahadurgarh last night on pistol point, when she was returning from Delhi with a relative in his car.

Sunita Devi, wife of Subhash Jain, complaint to the police that she was returning after visiting her ailing relative in Delhi yesterday with his neighbour Ram Mehar Saini and Ramu driver of the car. However, when they reached about two-km ahead of Bahadurgarh, a sudden explosion on the road forced them to halt their vehicle.

She said that about eight youths forced them in the fields with their car and beat them up. They held them captive up to about 3 am and also took away gold jewellery, cash and stereo of the car along with documents of the vehicle.

The robbers let them go about 3 am with the warning of not reporting the matter to the police or they will face the consequences. The victim said that the robbers deprived them of about Rs 1,300 cash, golden jewellery including two rings, a set of earrings, a chain, four bangles, some cloths and the registration documents of the car. They compliant that when they reached at nearby Dulhera police chowki nobody responded to their called despite knocking at the doors of the chowki.


Bid to rob property dealer foiled

New Delhi: Four persons armed with countrymade weapons today fired at a property dealer in the Priya Enclave near the Kakardooma courts this morning. But when the property dealer, who in his forties, fired back from his licensed weapon, one of the suspects was hit by a bullet and all of them escaped immediately after the incident took place.

The police said Yadh Ram, the property dealer, owns one Balaji Properties in Priya Enclave. While he stayed in the first floor, he operated from his ground floor office. The incident occurred this morning when four persons reached the house while one stayed outside the house.

When the suspects reportedly asked for Yadh Ram, his servant Ramesh told he would make them talk through the intercom, but the suspects brandished a pistol and started threatening Ramesh. It was during this time when Yadh Ram came out, the suspects spotted him and started firing at him, while Yadh Ram fired back with his licensed weapon, which reportedly hit one of the suspects.

However, the suspects immediately escaped after the firing took place in the car, which waited for them. The police said that Yadh Ram’s wife and servant was present in the house during the incident while his two sons had gone out for some work. The police have registered a case of attempt to robbery and launched a hunt to trace the suspects.


Audio-cassettes seized

Sonepat: The Civil Lines police conducted a surprise raid on a shop near Bawa cinema house here late last evening and seized as many as fake 180 audiocassettes and 85 other CD MP 3 from it. The police also arrested two youths Sanjay and Raju, the owners of the shop. OC


Courier cos also guilty of laxity in service
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, March 19
Although the emergence of the private courier service has come as a major relief to a large number of people who were perhaps fed up of the alleged unreliability and delay in services of the Postal Department, it seems that courier companies are no exception as complaints against them have also surfaced for their ‘failure’ to deliver the goods on time and causing unnecessary harassment to the consumers.

Mr Ramesh Bansal, a resident of the NIT area of the town has been one of those who has not been satisfied with the services of the courier companies as he had been made to run from the pillar to the post to get a packet ,he booked about eight days ago, to be delivered at the destination. The courier companies normally claim to deliver any packet or letter within 48 hours in any part of the country which was connected with road and Rail.

Suspecting that the gift pack he sent to his daughter studying in Anand district of Gujarat on the latter’s birthday might have been misplaced or lost in the transaction, he complained the courier company which had booked it on March 11 had not been able to provide satisfactory response so far. He said the company officials had only been assuring that they were looking into the matter but claimed that no action taken report had been supplied to him while his daughter had been still awaiting the packet.

He said he had bought a precious gift for his daughter and had booked it with Sucheta Courier, a franchisee of a well-known courier company, to be delivered on her birthday but said he and his family were shocked to learn that the packet had not been delivered so far. He said the company charged a fee of Rs 100 and issued reciept no. B-187299 and was told that it would be delivered within time.

The complainant working as a senior official in the Municipal Corporation, Faridabad, has decided to lodge a complaint with the District Consumer Forum after a few days if the company failed to trace out the parcel or provide proper compensation against it in this time period.


Examinees pay for school admn’s mistake

New Delhi: Delhi Assembly Opposition leader Jagdish Mukhi said in a press conference today that as many as 50 girls of Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Dhansa village, were asked to solve the question paper of Course A instead of Course B. He said that the school administration asked all the girls to sign blank examination forms. “Later, they themselves filled up the forms and mistakenly filled English Course A instead of English Course B,” he added.

The woes did not end here. The girls were asked to sit in the examination hall for two hours and then they were allowed to go out. But they remained unable to solve the question paper. Mr Mukhi demanded a probe into the matter and also asked the Chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education to take the English examination earliest so that their one precious year could be saved. TNS

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