Sunday, March 28, 2004

Keys suggest solutions
Vinaya K. Manhas

Dreaming of keys foretells major changes in a personís life
Dreaming of keys foretells major changes in a personís life

KEYS generally denote a solution to a problem. An uncommon, though significant, symbol, dreams can be about a search for a key, the loss of a key or finding unknown keys.

As per Indian thought, to find loose keys in your dream is a bad omen. You shall cause anger and unhappiness to others and face disappointments. Should you dream about handing keys to someone else, it implies a significant change in your life. The unmarried could get married soon. Should you see several keys, then it is a lucky omen. Your future holds promise. Financially, you shall become very wealthy and comfortable.

As per western thought, dreaming of a key foretells major changes in your life. Should you dream of losing keys, be prepared for a misadventure. Finding keys brings domestic peace as well as prosperity in business life.

Should you see a key break or a broken one, be prepared for separation from your loved ones. Should you open a door with a new key, it foretells forming of new relationships. Should you give away the key to someone, then you shall have reason to question your judgment. You could be the cause of tarnishing your own character.

Psychoanalytically, dreams of keys can express the desire to escape from a situation or a relationship we feel trapped in. A key can also imply opening of the door of the mind and accepting hitherto unknown thoughts, feelings and attitudes. It can also denote unlocking of certain repressed memories.

It could also portray the need or desire to look for answers or solutions to certain problems. It could also imply the dreamerís need to liberate oneself from a stressful situation.

A boy of 19 often dreamt about losing the key to his room. While searching for them, he would come across several keys but none resembled his door key. Obviously, the boy had many emotions bottled up. There was a desire within him to open up and accept various aspects of his personality but he was not prepared for it yet. The boy needed to face hard facts and stop deluding himself by living the life of someone else. It is important to accept yourself as you are. If you find limitations within yourself, work to improve rather than hide them.