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Ethics fall as stakes in modelling rise
City becoming hub for beauty pageants
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
The lure of arc lights is hard to resist and aspiring models will do anything to be there. From fudging of birth certificates to hiding marital status as well as pasts that are far from clean, everything goes in this business of projecting beauty.

With the frequency of beauty pageants going up in this city and around, the demand for models has been growing steadily. However, 'good' models are few and far between and the same faces keep the ramps alive through the years. According to a model coordinator, “Most of my girls are still officially 16 even after doing a decade on the ramp! Miss India World 2004 Lakshmi Pandit is perhaps not alone when it comes to hiding the basic facts about their lives. Whether it is marital status or age, most models lie through their teeth in order to grab offers that come their way.”

A cross section of models and their coordinators who spoke to The Tribune today, said the stakes in the business of modelling had risen so high that basic ethics had fallen by the wayside. “Except for some prestigious contests like the Femina show, none of the organisers, specially in this region, bother about the eligibility of the contestant as long as she has a presentable face. The reason for ignoring such ‘trivial details’ is that though scores of girls come for audition, very few fit the bill. The organiser, on his part, is hard pressed to put the show together and therefore the evidence of age or marital status is generally overlooked. Most organisers hold these shows because they want to make a fast buck and as long as they do it, they are not bothered about the contest rules.”

In fact, organisers actually encourage girls to lie in order to attract sponsors. For them, it is necessary to have a line-up of eligible beauties before money is put into their account.

The stakes for both the model and her promoter are high. Any aspiring model may have to shell out Rs 60,000 for a mediocre course in modelling and another similar amount for getting her portfolio clicked. How is she to recover the cost if she announces that she has ceased to be 16 and is now 24? The emphasis on youth and freshness is so much that such deceit has become mandatory.


Man’s neck gets trapped in lift door
Bipin Bhardwaj

Panchkula, March 30
When Charan Das, an employee with the Jalwayu Vihar, a housing society, set out to rescue seven children trapped inside a lift in Sector 20 here this evening, he hardly knew he had to pay a heavy price.

Struggling for life in General Hospital in Sector 6, the neck of a 21-year-old boy was trapped between the doors of the lift in the fourth block when he was trying to rescue four children trapped inside on the first floor.

Hearing the cries of Charan Das, who was employed in the society as an electrician, Ms Abha Mahajan, a resident of the society, reached the spot and found the boy, with head inside the elevator, trapped. She raised the alarm and subsequently some neighbours reached there and saved him. Ms Mahajan then took the victim to General Hospital, Sector 6, here.

Eyewitnesses revealed that four children — Milli, Uday, Kirti and another child — while using the automatic lift to fourth floor were trapped on the first floor. The children were inside while Charan Das’s head got entangled between the doors of the lift. Blood oozing from his neck smeared the children. The children were rescued half an hour later. Mr Sandeep Mahajan, husband of Ms Abha Mahajan, after receiving information at his office in Mohali, reached the society premises and complained to the police.

Talking to The Tribune, Mr Mahajan said some office-bearers of the society reached the spot and removed the blood splattered on the lift, on the first floor and on the ground floor of the building.

Another resident of the block, Mr Jain complained that the trapping in the lift had become a routine for the last over one and-a-half years. Though the residents have brought the problem to the notice of the office-bearers of the society but nothing has been done so far.

The society residents complain that the office-bearers have hardly carried out repairs of the lift despite the fact that the residents pay them maintenance and other charges Meanwhile, the family of the victim reached the hospital from Pinjore. The hospital authorities have made a medico legal case. When contacted Mr G.K. Malhotra, president of the Jalwayu Vihar said Charan Das was repairing the lift when the accident occurred. He, said an inquiry would be conducted into the incident.


JE hits fellow officer over plants
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
Enraged by the refusal to give plants, a Junior Engineer of the Horticulture Department, UT, today allegedly hit his fellow officer with a stick in the Sector 23 nursery.

The victim, Mahinder Pal, was taken to the General Hospital, Sector 16, with an injury to his head. The 54-year-old Junior Engineer was given at least five stitches on the forehead and was not yet “fit” to give a statement to the police. He is being kept under observation for some time.

The police said Mahinder Pal, posted at the Sector 23 nursery, reportedly refused to give plants from the nursery to a driver and gardener sent by another Junior Engineer of the same department, Om Prakash.

Following this, Om Prakash along with few of his men reached the nursery and insisted that plants be given to him for plantation along the roads. Mahinder Pal reportedly said the plants could only be handed over if a requisition was made through a proper channel.

Eyewitnesses told the police that this led to an altercation between the two. Amidst heated arguments, Om Prakash allegedly hit Mahinder Pal with a stick in the head. Om Prakash, however, told the police that he accidentally hit the victim while trying to pacify the enraged men.

However, the police said Mahinder Pal told them that he was allegedly hit by Om Prakash during the altercation. Mahinder Pal has not yet given the entire account, saying he was feeling dizzy.

Mahinder Pal is in charge of the Sector 23 nursery, while Om Prakash is entrusted with the task of plantation along the roads. Mahinder Pal reportedly told the police that two persons accompanying Om Prakash allegedly caught him by hands before Om Prakash allegedly hit him.

The police has not yet registered a case in the absence of the statement of Mahinder Pal. It is also awaiting the medical report of Mahinder Pal. The medical report, including X-Ray, is likely to be made available tomorrow, the police said.

Talking with Chandigarh Tribune, Om Prakash said Chief Engineer V. K.Bharadwaj was to inspect a plantation drive on the Dakshin Marg tomorrow and he was deputed to oversee the drive. He had sent his head gardener Sanjeev Singh and driver Uday to collect plants from the nursery, but Mahinder Pal refused to give plants and allegedly hurled abuses at them.

The two subordinates then rang Om Prakash up, who reached the spot. He contended that Executive Engineer J.S. Gill had asked him to take plants from the nursery, but Mahinder Pal refused to budge. Mahinder Pal then allegedly pushed him and he fell on a flower pot. He said, subsequently, Mahinder Pal picked a stick and chased them away. They grappled with Mahinder Pal, during which Om Prakash laid his hands on the stick. As they fought for possession of the stick, it hit the forehead of Mahinder Pal accidentally, Om Prakash claimed.

Surprisingly, Mahinder Pal and Om Prakash were classmates during their polytechnic-level education. Chief Engineer V.K. Bharadwaj told Chandigarh Tribune that he had sought a report from Executive Engineer J.S. Gill by tomorrow and would see the police report before taking any action against the two.

The guilty is likely to face charges of misconduct on duty by the department.


Survey to monitor sanitary condition in city
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
Falling standards of sanitation in different parts of the city, particularly with reference to slum areas, have been pointed out in a report of the Sanitation Committee tabled before the Municipal Corporation. The committee has launched a campaign to visit all areas of the city and point out loopholes.

A team of the MC, led by Mr Chandermukhi, Chairman of the committee, undertook a visit to various areas recently and detected that garbage bins were not attended to properly. Staff on duty were not regular in number of cases.

A letter of the Chairman to the Mayor said: “I have taken a serious view of the falling standards of sanitation in the city and slums falling under the jurisdiction of the MC, especially in areas that are given on contract for sanitation assignments.”

In a recent visit to Motor Market, Mani Majra, Mr Chandermukhi was accompanied by Mr Surinder Singh, the area councillor, and Mr Prem Singh, a health supervisor. It was found that the garbage bins in the area were not cleaned properly. Garbage was littered all around the market. The “safai karamcharis” on duty were not wearing the uniform. They were also not carrying any equipment.

The team then went to the Shivalik Enclave. Here it was detected that none of the 10 “safai karamcharis” was on duty. “The sanitary conditions were found to be very poor. The garbage bins lay unattended,” the report said.

In the Indira Colony area of Mani Majra, only eight out of 23 employees concerned were found to be on duty. None of them was wearing the uniform. “Garbage was found scattered all around the bins. Streets in the interior areas of the colony were stinking with filth,” it was pointed out.

The report has been submitted to the Mayor, MC Commissioner, and Joint Controller of the MC “for strict action against the

“This is because of an overburdened Medical Officer Health (MOH). In order to sensitise corporation staff, I along with area councillors and health supervisors will make visits to different areas during early morning and late evening hours regularly,” the letter of Mr Chandermukhi said.

Suggestions have also been sought from various resident welfare associations (RWAs) and senior citizens with regard to upgrading the existing sanitation facilities and services.


CBSE introduces new evaluation system
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
From the new academic session, studying social sciences in CBSE-affiliated schools will no more be merely appearing in the annual written examination and being evaluated on the basis of practicals.

Students at the secondary level will now be evaluated on the basis of regular classroom interaction to test their abilities and skills, which required more creativity and analytical reasoning. Of the total 100 marks for the subject, 20 marks have been kept for classroom evaluation.

In the new scheme of school based evaluation in social science, the board has directed the schools to train teachers in a way that they play the role of learners in a two-way communication with their students.

A senior officer in the academic section of the board said stress would now be laid on pear assessment in an informal manner, oral testing, quizzes, observations, interviews, unit tests and questionnaires.

In this multiple technique of evaluation, to be implemented in class IX from the new academic session and in class X from academic session 2005-2006, the curriculum for the subject has been designed by subject experts to provide regular feedback on appropriateness of the course content, effectiveness of classroom teaching and the quality of evaluation tools. The board was introducing the system of evaluation in the subjects having practicals at the secondary level.

The system of evaluation already existed for subjects in Class IX and X, such as communicative Sanskrit, music, painting, home sciences, science and type writing (commerce), but it did not reflect in the board's certificate except for the marks scored. The internal evaluation helped students in projecting their abilities at the time of appearing for a job interview or pursuing higher education, said the officer.

Under the new system, the schools have been asked to dedicate 40 periods of the total 210 periods in a year for internal evaluation in the subject of social science. While grading in unit tests, formative assessment would be done to get feedback on students learning to diagnose their inadequacies in learning and take remedial action.


Class VIII exam results today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
The UT Education Department will release the results of the Class VIII board examination tomorrow. The result gazette will be released at Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 18, at 11 am tomorrow, said the DPI (Schools), Mr D.S. Mangat, today. He said those students who had appeared as private candidates could see their results at the nearest government school.

The merit list would also be released tomorrow.


Permanent members have right to vote: club GM
Tribune News Service

A clarification

In the story “Enrolment of extra Chandigarh Club members void: court”, published in these columns yesterday, Mr Phalit Sharma, Civil Judge, Junior Division, Chandigarh, also observed in his order that “nothing expressed herein shall be deemed to be an expression of opinion on the merits of the main case”.

Chandigarh, March 30
The General Manager of the Chandigarh Club said today all permanent members of club had the right to cast their ballot in the club election scheduled for April 3.

In a communication, he said in a suit filed by Mr V.S.T. Malik and Mr Vikas Kumar, against the club and its executive members, the court of Mr Phalit Sharma, Civil Judge, (Junior Division), Chandigarh, had “ordered all permanent members of the Chandigarh Club to cast their ballot. However, there will be two sets of arrangements made for the casting of votes. One for the members up to number 5,000 and another for members numbering 5,001 onwards till the last member”.

Meanwhile, Mr Mukesh Bassi, a candidate for the post of President of the Chandigarh Club, today released his poll manifesto promising to carry out extensive reforms in the functioning of the club.

Mr Bassi said he would strive to bring transparency in the affairs of the club. He also talked about trying to settle dispute pending with the UT Administration for the past several years regarding the alleged encroachment and violation of building bylaws on the premises of the club and payment of alleged huge arrears to the UT Administration.

Other points made by him were: residential accommodation to be constructed at the club for its members, a separate auditorium to be built for families of the club members, honorary membership to be restricted to eminent persons only, and finding ways to reduce monthly subscription. Efforts would also be made to promote sports, including lawn tennis, cricket, golf, swimming and rowing, he added.


Big boost to Punjabi language in Pak
Sarbjit Dhaliwal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
It is difficult to describe Fakhar Zaman. He is a man of extraordinary zeal and diverse interests. Some call him a revolutionary, others a great writer, and yet others recognise him as a politician of a different creed. When he started venturing for Indo-Pak friendship about two decades ago, people in Pakistan branded him an Indian agent.

Fakhar Zaman is a man, who has always exhibited a death-defying courage. He is a person who challenged the might of military junta, that had removed Z.A. Bhutto in Pakistan in the 70s. Fakhar was put behind bars. His books, which were then banned by the military regime, were smuggled and sold like hot cakes in India. Fundamentalists and the rightist forces, whom he has been confronting in his country for long, bayed for his blood. But he proved himself a brave Punjabi never to shudder from the path he had chosen to follow.

One of the tallest figures of Punjabi literature on both sides of the Indo-Pak border, Fakhar Zaman, who was in Chandigarh today, says that he is the “ happiest man on earth” who has got to see the spectators flying Indian and Pakistan flags together during cricket matches. No one had even thought in dreams that after the enmity of 57 years, the entire scenario in this sub-continent would change so fast.

“We were a few writers first to raise the issue of friendship between India and Pakistan in our country about 25 years ago. Then there were a few takers for it while others used to call us names for talking about peace .But now the peace has become a peoples’ movement in both the countries and no one would be able to sabotage it”, he said while talking to The Tribune here this morning.

People on both sides of the border yearn for friendship. The peace initiative for the first time had come in the hands of people from their respective governments, he added. “ Could you believe that there were fireworks in Lahore after the victory of India in the last all-important one-day cricket match in Lahore. People appreciated the game of cricket without any discrimination because they were overwhelmed by the spirit of friendship behind this game”, he said.

Both Punjabs can play a major role in the consolidation of peace process. “ The key of peace lies in the hands of both Punjabs and the path to peace also passes through these both states which suffered a lot during the wars between India and Pakistan in the past”, said Fakhar Zaman. There were forces in both countries, which would not like peace between the two countries. But people to people contact, started between the two countries, has alienated such forces. By sitting across the table all issues, including that of Kashmir, could be resolved.

“Old generation in both countries have been brought up on the staple diet of hatred, mistrust, enmity against each other. Let us provide ample opportunity to the new generation in both countries to grow in mutual atmosphere of friendship, brotherhood and trust “, said Fakhar Zaman.

The recent World Punjabi Congress held in Lahore, that was attended by Chief Ministers of both Punjabs besides eminent writers, journalists and others, has given a big boost to peace initiatives between the two countries, he added. It has also given a big boost to pro-Punjabi ( language) movement in West Punjab( Pakistan). For the first time, the legislators have been allowed to make speeches in Punjabi in the Punjab Provincial Assembly in Pakistan. Earlier, speeches were allowed only in Urdu and English. The Speaker of the Assembly, Mohammad A. Sahi, has issued necessary orders for making speeches in Punjabi. It was a biggest gain of the pro-Punjabi movement that has been spearheaded by Fakhar Zaman for the past several years.

The West Punjab Government has increased grants to institutions working for the promotion of Punjabi. A institute for research on Punjabi culture and literature etc has been set up. Jobs have been offered to all those who have done MA in Punjabi, a number of Punjabi daily papers have started. “ But still we have miles to go. There is a need to make Punjabi compulsory as subject at the primary level”, he said.

“However, the problem of identity that Punjabi has been facing so far has been by and large resolved”, he asserted. “ We have got the platform to build strong foundation of the Punjabi language”, he claimed.

Fakhar Zaman is a Chairman of the cultural wing of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) and also a former minister.


Zohra — a picture of grace, vitality
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
Zohra Sehgal is every film producer-director’s ultimate choice for portraying warmth of a family matriarch. Be it “Dillagi”, the home production of Dharmendra or any other big budget Yash Raj productions, the veteran actress seems to be quite indispensable when it comes to enacting her age to perfection.

The “grand old lady” of Hindi cinema was at her classic best yet again today, though the backdrop was not so much familiar. In place of a flamboyant set so typical of Yash Chopra productions, Zohra Sehgal spilled her charms all over the Chandigarh Airport this afternoon.

Well guarded and well cared for, the actress made a warm appearance at the Airport, much to the surprise of many who had actually thronged the site in the hope of catching up with Rani Mukherjee. Surprised in return to see so many press photographers waiting for her, Zohra Sehgal could not do much about the scenario than oblige the surprise visitors.

The best thing about Zohra was her pleasing demeanour, despite the obvious handicaps of age. Seated in a wheel chair, she made a pretty picture of grace and vitality, so reminiscent of her hey days when she, along with other aspiring artistes, gave a new dimension to the art of dance.

Having evolved a signature style which she later used extensively in theatre, Zohra Sehgal was among the few women of her times who had the courage of conviction. So she danced the contemporary style of Uday Shankar, even while the entire contemporary dance movement was being closely watched and judged.

With a familiar streak of conviction, the lady landed in Chandigarh today, ready to play yet another major role in Yash Chopra’s new film, being shot all over Punjab. As required by her director, she remained evasive of questions at the airport, but she later managed a heart to comment on her life which, she said, “ has been well lived.”


Cable connections not given despite SDM’s orders
Our Correspondent

Mohali, March 30
Some residents of Phase V here, who were dissatisfied with the service provided by a cable TV operator, are yet to get a cable connection from another operator despite orders issued by the SDM in this regard around 20 days ago.

The residents had given a written complaint to the SDM, Mr Mohan Lal Sharma, on March 11 in which they said they were not getting satisfactory service from their cable operator. They had requested the SDM to direct another operator of the area to provide cable connections to them.

Sources said the SDM then issued written orders to Chander Cables, Phase V, Mohali, on March 11 itself in which said cable connections should be provided immediately to the residents concerned. The numbers of eight different houses had been mentioned in the orders where connections had to be provided.

One of the affected persons, Mr B.S. Bamra, told Chandigarh Tribune today that he along with a neighbour had approached the new cable operator and showed him the orders of the SDM. He alleged that in spite of the orders the cable operator refused to provide connections. They were then compelled to get cable connections from the same operator against whom they had lodged a complaint.

It is learant that the owner of Chander Cables fears that if he release cable connections to the affected houses, which did not fall within his area of operation, the main distributor based in Chandigarh may disconnect his network.

Members of the People Help Society, Phase V, have also lodged a complaint against cable operators to the SDM and requested him to streamline the cable network in the area.

Mr K.K. Saini and Mr Balbir Singh brought to the notice of the SDM that three cable operators were providing cable connections in Phase V. They worked as sub-distributors for a Chandigarh-based main distributor. These cable operators had divided their area of operation allegedly on the directions of the main distributor.

They said the cable operators were allegedly harassing residents by not providing satisfactory services and also in the matter of monthly charges. They said it was the right of every consumer to avail the services of any operator he liked.

They requested the SDM to issue directions to cable operators not to charge high rates and demarcate areas of operation.


Local SAD unit not backing BJP: Riar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
“The local unit of the SAD is not backing the BJP. The BJP is making baseless claims of an alliance with it in its press notes and other campaigning material.”

This was stated by Mr Gurpratap Singh Riar, president of the local unit of the SAD, while addressing mediapersons here today. Taking serious view of the “wrong propaganda”, SAD had called a meeting of office-bearers of the local unit to decide upon the future course of action.

Mr Riar said: “so far we are not having alliance with anybody. I am waiting directions from Mr Parkash Singh Badal, party president”. When questioned on the SAD’s “secret pact” with Mr Harmohan Dhawan, the candidate of the Indian National Lok Dal, Mr Riar said there was nothing concrete in the allegations. “ We will publically announce any decision that we take at the party level”, he said.

The reason for calling today’s press conference was the resignation of Ms Harpreet Babla and her husband Mr Devinder Babla, from the Chandigarh Vikas Manch and joining the Congress. “The Lok Sabha has passed a Bill where any democratically elected member has to resign from the office before defection. The provision has been clearly violated in this case,” a press note claimed.

“They are joining the Congress for their personal gains. Such leaders are selfish and interested only in their own welfare. This also amounts to cheating the voters”, Mr Riar added.

Ms Harpreet Harbans Babla said: “The Chandigarh Vikas Manch was not a political party when it came into being so there was no question of defection. I had contested the elections as an Independent candidate”.


Jain takes out ‘padayatra’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
Mr Satya Pal Jain, BJP candidate from Chandigarh in forthcoming parliamentary elections today took out a ‘pad yatra’ at Burail village.

Mr Jain passed through a Muslim locality where at least 250 Muslims left the Congress and joined the BJP, a press note said. It was alleged that “Congress had always used them as their vote bank for years and they were completely disillusioned,” the press note said.

Mr Jain also addressed meetings of doctors and government teachers separately. The Mahila Morcha of the BJP held meetings in Sector 45 and Bapu Dham Colony.


Ram Navami celebrated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
Ram Navami was celebrated with religious fervour in various parts of the city today. Temples were decorated with special lighting arrangements. A heavy rush was witnessed in the morning and in the evening.

The local chapter of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) celebrated Ram Navami at Hare Krishna Dham, Sector 36-B. A large number of devotees thronged the temple, according to Akinchan Priya Dasa Prabhu.

The programme started with Mangla aarti in the wee hours followed by a nagar kirtan. Gurupuja was performed at the temple hall.

The main attraction of the programme was Mahabhisheka of Lord Sri Rama.

A bhog was offered to the Lord amidst chanting of bhajans and Harinam sankirtan. A discourse by Ranchhor Dasa Prabhu was also held. He appealed the congregation to uphold the human values described in the holy epic “Ramcharitmanas”.

In the evening it was “Nauka Vihar”, a unique feature of the programme that attracted a large gathering. After sandhya aarti, idols were placed on a tastefully bedecked boat, pushed by devotees in a pond to mark “Nauka Vihar” ceremony on the temple premises.

Pracheen Shri Hanuman Mandir, Sector 32, organised a recitation of the ‘Ramcharitmanas’ which was followed by a ‘bhog’.


Fracas at gurdwara disrupts shooting
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
Sector 38 West Gurdwara where Yash Chopra shot for his latest film along with Zohra Sehgal and Preity Zinta virtually became the centre of drama this evening. As the news of the ace film maker shooting in Chandigarh spread, press photographers converged on the venue, hoping to capture the shot which features Preity and Zohra Sehgal going into the gurdwara.

As expected, tight security greeted lensmen at the gurdwara entrance. While the photographers kept pleading for permission to go inside the gurdwara to have their pictures, they were persistently disallowed by those on guard outside. This despite the fact that the organisers had themselves informed some of the photographers about Chopra’s shooting schedule. Also when the lensmen were waiting to get inside the gurdwara, the gurdwara people reportedly requested the security personnel to allow them inside.

This was only the beginning of the drama, which soon attracted about 2000 persons who parked themselves in all possible corners to witness the heated exchange. At one point, such was the concentration of people and vehicles around the gurdwara that the traffic was blocked for about half an hour. Even as lensmen slugged it out with Chopra and his unrelenting crew, the Chandigarh police team arrived on the spot and diffused the situation by taking down the complaint of photographers, who stated that Chopra’s crew threatened to break their cameras in case they took pictures.

Chopra’s crew had to finally pack up and leave without canning a shot.


Protest over attempt to close down company
Our Correspondent

Mohali, March 30
Employees of Ajay Electrical Industries Ltd staged a dharna here today in protest against an attempt to close down the company.

The agitation was headed by Mr Ramji Dass, general secretary of the local Trade Union Council. The protesters said the assets of the company were being attached because it owed Rs 1.50 lakh. They, however, suspected that the amount in this regard must have been much more. They said they were ready to pay this amount but the company should not be closed down.

Yesterday, one of the creditors of the factory had produced a takeover notice from the Delhi High Court and tried to take over the assets of the company. About 150 employees of the unit, who faced a threat of unemployment, foiled the bid of the creditor by blocking the factory gates.

The employees said factory was producing goods worth about Rs 5 lakh daily. The factory, which was set up in the town in the 1970s, is involved in the production of bulbs and tubes.


Phony Ram died due to asphyxiation
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
The identity of the girl whose affair with Kashmiri Ram is suspected to have led to suicides of Kashmiri Ram and his father Phony Ram still remained a mystery.

Rajla Devi, mother of Kashmir Ram, today expressed ignorance about her son’s affair with any girl. Rajla Devi was in Sector 16 General Hospital to get post-mortem examination reports. The two were reported dead yesterday in the Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO) complex in Sector 30.

Meanwhile, the police today handed over the bodies of the two to their family members after post-mortem examination. While the death of Phony Ram has been confirmed due to asphyxiation, the cause of death of his son has not yet been ascertained. Kashmiri Ram’s viscera has been sent for a chemical examination. It is suspected that Kashmiri Ram consumed some sleeping pills.

The post-mortem report confirmed that the bodies did not bear any external marks to suggest they might have been murdered. Rajla Devi said her son had not mentioned anything about his desire to get married to a girl of his choice. She said nor was the family forcing him to get married to someone of their choice.


Snake makes girl unconscious
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
A 20-year-old mentally disturbed girl from Baltana today fell unconscious at the steps leading to the Sukhna Lake after seeing a snake advancing towards her.

Sushma was spotted lying on the steps of the lake by the Station House Officer of the area, Mr Jagvir Singh, and the Sukhna Lake Police Post in charge Mr Janak Singh Rana. Her feet were in the water when they spotted her.

The police officers immediately took her to the General Hospital where the girl told them that she saw a snake coming towards her and she fell unconscious out of fear. A child, who was present there told the police that he also saw the snake. The police initially suspected that the girl might have attempted to commit suicide. But when the officers saw that her clothes were not drenched in water, they inquired about the matter. The girl told the police that she had been feeling depressed and taking medical help for the last five years to fight depression.


Assault inquiry report in 15 days
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
The police inquiry into the alleged assault on the Tribune team on March 22 will be completed in a fortnight and only thereafter further action will be taken.

This was stated by the Senior Superintendent of Police, Patiala, Mr A. S. Rai. He told TNS yesterday that the inquiry was being conducted by S.P. Pritpal Singh Virk.

Mr Rai said a case had already been registered in Dera Bassi police station on the complaint of the Tribune correspondent, Mr Bipin Bhardwaj, who had also recorded his statement.


Man, wife killed in road mishap
Our Correspondent

Panchkula, March 30
A man and his wife belonging to Dera Bassi died on the spot and their two children and a relative sustained severe injuries after a canter rammed into their car at the traffic light crossing at Majri Chowk early this morning.

According to police sources, members of a family of Ward No. 11 at Dera Bassi, were on their way to offer prayers at Kali Devi Temple in Kalka in their car when a canter full of vegetables rammed into their vehicle from the right side. The canter was heading towards Panchkula from Barwala at about 6 a.m.

In the accident Mohinder Pal Singh (45) and his wife Balbir Kaur (42) died on the spot, while their son Gurvinder Singh (14), daughter Inderjit Kaur (11) and nephew Amandeep Singh (8) sustained severe injuries. Jagtar Singh (15), eldest son of the deceased, escaped unhurt in the accident.

The seriously injured were rushed to the PGI in Chandigarh.

The driver of the canter reportedly fled from the scene leaving behind the vehicle. The police has impounded the vehicles and a case has been registered in this regard.


Phase X resident commits suicide
Our Correspondent

Mohali, March 30
A resident of Phase X allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan.

According to the police, Mr Sham Lal Sharma, who worked as a salesman, had taken the drastic step some days ago but the crime came to the notice of neighbours today after which the police was informed.

The police said the body of Mr Sharma had started decomposing and was emitting a foul smell.

It is learnt that the wife of the deceased, who worked as a schoolteacher, had gone to her parents house in Panchkula, along with her two children, more than 10 days ago.

Mr Sharma was unemployed for the past more than one month and was mentally disturbed. The family was facing financial problems. It is alleged that Mr Sharma was an alchoholic.

The police said the family members of the deceased ruled out any foul play in the death of Mr Sharma.

The police has registered a case under Section 174 of the CrPC.


Cooking fest
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 30
Samsung India will organise a microwave cooking festival, “Samsung Spice of Life - The Grand Recipe Hunt”, beginning tomorrow in Chandigarh and Delhi. The contest encourages microwave oven users to share their successful recipes in “Starters”, “Main Dish” and “Dessert” categories, prize winning entries of which would be featured in the “Samsung Book of Microwave Cooking”.

Soap relaunched: Lifebuoy has been relaunched with a new curved shape, changing its traditional brick shape, to offer an easy grip and a modern look. The formulation has also been further strengthened.

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