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The number is up for fancy car registration nos
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 2
The Delhi Government’s Transport Department has decided not to allot single or double digit or fancy numbers from the series primarily meant for two wheelers to motorcars any more.

In an affidavit filed in the Delhi High Court, Deputy Director (Transport) Vinay Kumar stated that it has been decided in principle that no single/double digit or fancy number from the series, which is meant for two wheelers/scooters, would be allotted to a motorcar henceforth.

As for the allotments that have already taken place, the department is gathering the necessary information. Keeping in view the magnitude of the work, a proposal is being considered to de-register such numbers and allot fresh registration numbers from the series meant for motorcars, it was submitted.

The review/reconsideration of the ‘policy’ of allotting numbers from series primarily meant for two wheelers to motorcars took place after the same was challenged in a PIL filed by All India Lawyers’ Forum for Civil Liberties Vice-President Vinod Manchanda through counsel O P Saxena.

The petition had also challenged the ‘arbitrary’ policy of allotting ‘special’ registration numbers to vehicles owned by ‘so-called’ VIPs and had suggested auctioning/bidding for such fancy numbers as was done in some other countries.

However, the affidavit said the matter was examined at the highest level and was not found to be ‘practical and feasible’, as doing so would permit allotment of these numbers to certain unscrupulous elements/persons.

The PIL had opposed the arbitrary method of advance release of particular single and double-digit numbers of various series for vehicles owned by politicians and bureaucrats.

It has alleged that ‘fancy’ numbers were being allotted to such persons on ‘extraneous considerations’ and claimed that there were virtually no guidelines for allotment of special numbers. The affidavit denied the allegations, saying that though there were no written guidelines, any request for such allotment was ‘processed and checked’ before any allotment was made. It was further mentioned that some amount of discretion had to be necessarily given in this regard and the department being responsible was bound to act in a bona fide manner.

The high court had earlier issued a notice to the State Government through Secretary-cum-Commissioner, Transport Department, and the Police Commissioner (Traffic) on the issue.

The PIL had said there were 9999 numbers in every series and they are allotted on the basis of date of registration of a vehicle. When all the numbers of a series are issued, then the next series is started.

But to oblige the ‘VIPs’, who have a ‘craze’ for single digit numbers, specially serial number one, or their demand for some particular number, Transport Department officials open new series, even if the earlier series were not complete and many serial numbers were made available, the petition alleged.

About 20 new series had been opened on the demand of such status-conscious vehicle owners, it claimed. About ten series meant for two and three-wheelers had also been misused for allotting numbers to motor cars of such ‘elite’ persons and satisfy their whims and fancies, it said.

Many requests were still pending with the State Transport Ministry, it added.

The petitioner has sought directions from the court for restraining the respondents to open any more series for registration of vehicles in the national Capital till the time the existing ones were exhausted. It also sought to restrain them from allotting numbers from series meant for two and three-wheelers or trucks to cars owned by influential people, and cancel such previous allotments to avoid confusion.

It prayed for a well-defined and well-laid out policy for allotment of special numbers to VIPs.


Haryana blames water woes on DJB pilferage
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 2
Refuting certain claims made by the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), a spokesman of the Government of Haryana on Friday said that the water level in the Wazirabad Pond has depleted not because of short supply by Haryana but because of unauthorised lifting of water by the DJB from the Wazirabad Pond through Sangam Pump House for the Bhagirathi Water Treatment Plant.

The spokesman said that officials of the Government of Haryana inspected the Wazirabad Pond recently and detected the unauthorised lifting of water from the pond through Sangam Pump House. “A protest note was sent on March 30, 2004,” read the release issued in the day. It was clarified that 600 cusecs of water were released through the Munak Escape from Mach 16 and the Wazirabad Pond was maintained at its designated level till March 28.

“The pond level started falling on Mach 29 … Haryana increased releases from Munak Escape from 600 cusecs to 700 cusecs. But since Delhi Jal Board continued unauthorised lifting from Wazirabad Pond, the water level further receded,” the spokesman said.

He said that the Supreme Court had passed an order in February 1996 directing the State of Haryana to keep Wazirabad Pond full. “Haryana has all along been complying with the order. Haryana has been supplying Yamuna water to Delhi much in excess of share of Delhi allotted under the memorandum of understanding for sharing of Yamuna waters, even by denying waters to its own areas,” the spokesman said.

It was claimed that in the intervening period, the drinking water requirements of Delhi have increased and under the shelter of order of Supreme Court, Delhi started diverting part of Wazirabad Pond water to Bhagirathi Water Treatment Plant.

The spokesman said that Delhi has also installed a number of tubewells in the bed of the Yamuna; with the result, the requirement of water for keeping Wazirabad Pond has increased substantially and Haryana finds it difficult to meet such increased demands.

The spokesman added that a long-term solution to such difficulties could be found only after completion of upstream storages on the Yamuna and completion of Satluj-Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal.

Onus on Sheila: BJP

Hitting out at the Government of NCT of Delhi for its criminal negligence in ensuring adequate supply of drinking water in the Capital, the BJP said Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, by virtue of being chairperson of Delhi Jal Board (DJB), was responsible for the situation and could not escape responsibility.

“She has again put the blame on the Government of Haryana when she should haul up the Delhi Jal Board for its sheer incompetence,” Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Legislative Assembly Jagdish Mukhi said on Friday. “She is wholly responsible for the water situation,” he asserted.

Mukhi claimed that the Sheila Dikshit Ministry had not added even one drop of water to the existing capacity. 


200 kids are down with diarrhoea
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, April 2
With the onset of summer, cases of vomiting and loose motions have increased in the mahanagar. Over 200 children are reported to be in the grip of diarrhoea in Ghaziabad district, apart from dozens of aged people.

But the district government hospital, it is learnt, has not yet opened a register to keep an account of the patients, to say nothing of providing prompt and adequate treatment. Nor has any initiative been taken for its prevention.

According to the fortnightly reports available in the control centre at the district headquarters, 42 children in colonies across the Hindon river, 30 in Karhoda area, 22 in Kela Bhatta area, 22 in Simbhawali block, two each in Dholana and Vijay Nagar area are suffering from diarrhoea.

Certain health centers are submitting nil reports regarding patients down with vomiting and loose motions.

The daily reports of the district hospital, however, indicate that the number of diarrhoea patients is on the increase. However, there is no attempt to come to grips with the disease. The district officials, on the other hand, have a ready alibi: They are reportedly busy with the polio campaign.

The CMOm Mr M.P. Singh, has, however, said that testing of portable water is being undertaken. Moreover, lifesaving drugs are being supplied to all the health centers in the districts, the CMO added.

MCD not reacting to Dengue cases: Arya

New Delhi: Mr Subhash Arya, the Leader of Opposition in the MCD, today alleged that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has not taken any preventive measures to check Dengue. He alleged that the MCD has failed to get the mounted trucks repaired, even though four patients of Dengue had been reported during March and April.

He also disclosed that the last year Dengue case was reported in July.

Mr Arya further said that the MCD has 134 small fogging Machines, which were not sufficient to carry out fogging operations. He also said that MCD had four mounted trucks for thermal fogging which were not functioning. Last year tenders were invited to get these trucks repaired and one executive engineer was suspended for delay in the matter.

He deplored that since then the trucks had not been repaired.

The MCD had a proposal to purchase 12 machines which have been named by the World Health Organization. What was the use of purchasing such machines, which will become inoperative after some time, he demanded. TNS


Prostitution racket busted, nets nine foreigners
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 2
The Central and East district police have busted prostitution rackets in three places in Karol Bagh, Vinod Nagar and Preet Vihar and arrested several call girls, including nine girls from Azerbaijan last night.

The Central district police had received information that some call girls from Azerbaijan were staying in Hotel Regent in Karol Bagh. Accordingly, a team was constituted and a deal was fixed with the hotel manger Harpal Singh and a 35-year old foreigner through a decoy customer for Rs 5,000.

The foreigner later paraded seven girls in front of the decoy customer, to enable him to have his pick. But while he was making up his mind, the police raided the third floor of the hotel, arresting nine girls and the manager.

A large number of condoms and cash worth Rs six lakh was recovered from the hotel.

The police said that the arrested call girls were in the age group of 19-40 years. During interrogation, it came to light that the girls used to visit India on a tourist visa for a month to indulge in the profession. One call girl even brought her two daughters along with her to initiate them in the flesh trade.

In the second case, the East district police have arrested four call girls and a pimp who were involved in running a prostitution racket in residential colonies like Vinod Nagar. Based on a tip-off, the police picked up the four girls aged, between 22-25 years, along with the pimp.

The pimp used to arrange the call girls from neighbouring states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana for entertaining the Delhi customers. The arrested girls included two from Delhi and two from Uttar Pradesh. The role of the pimp’s wife in the flesh trade is being ascertained.

In the third case, the police have arrested two girls from the Preet Vihar area while they were waiting for some customers. The police said that they had received information that the two girls in their early twenties were waiting for customers in the area.


CM pooh-poohs tall claims of ‘feelgood’
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 2
Expressing doubts over whether the monetary resources were actually being used for the benefit of the country, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit chose to disagree with the government’s assertions about the country’s transformation during its five-year rule.

“Sensex will move up if some money is pumped in but it cannot be an indicator of the condition of the country,” she said and added, “You have a lot of foreign exchange in Forex account. Fine, but how is the country benefiting from it? How is all that bank balance being used?”

Speaking at the launch of a monthly Hindi tabloid, ‘Vidrohi Chakra’ at a function here, Mrs Dikshit referred to the much talked about issue of ‘feelgood factor’.

She said, “Some people are talking as if they have a magic wand and with it they have brought about a change in just five years.”

Talking about the current trends in the media, the Chief Minister criticised the tendency to ‘sensationalise’ crime. Debunking the argument that newspapers publish what the readers like to read, she said this question would not arise if the readers were not offered the choice of crime stories in the first place.

“Readers do not really want this kind of news, the choice is being thrust upon them,” she said.


HVP pins blame on BJP for sufferings of people
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, April 2
The Haryana Vikas Party (HVP) general secretary, Mr Rajiv Jain, has blamed the BJP for all the hardships to the people during the four-year regime of the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) government headed by Mr Om Parkash Chautala, Chief Minister in the state.

Talking to the mediapersons here today, he alleged that the BJP was also responsible for the atrocities on the farmers and other sections of the people by the Chautala government and the people would not forget the atrocities committed on them.

He alleged that the people in general and the industrialists and businessmen in particular had become the victims of the Chief Minister’s wrath as he had levied a variety of taxes, installed electric meters for power supply, pressed into service JCB machines for demolishing houses, shops and other structures during his regime indiscriminately.

He said that the people were ready to take revenge on the INLD Government and the BJP by voting against the candidates of these parties in the Lok Sabha elections.

He predicted that none of the BJP and the INLD candidates would win the elections as the people were fed up with these parties and they wanted to see Mr Bansi Lal, HVP chief, to be the next Chief Minister.

The HVP leader also blamed the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre for increasing the prices of petroleum products, kerosene, edible oils, sugar, cement, iron and bus and rail fares. He cautioned people against the hollow slogan of ‘feelgood’ being raised by the BJP and the NDA and alleged that the BJP was misleading the people on some pretext or the other to come into power again.

He declared that if the HVP comes into power in Haryana, it would reverse all the anti-people decisions of the INLD government.

He appealed to the people to vote in favour of the HVP nominees if they wanted to get rid of the Chautala’s regime.


Goel promises hospital, park, wide roads…
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 2
The BJP candidate from the Sadar parliamentary constituency, Mr Vijay Goel, has promised to help build a hospital and an amusement park in Sadar besides widening the roads and reducing the traffic congestion.

Addressing public meetings in Shastri Nagar, which falls in the Kamla Nagar assembly constituency, Mr Goel said that improving the condition of the roads would be high on his list of priorities.

Another constant refrain in his speeches is the inability of the Sheila Dikshit Ministry to solve the water problem in the Capital. “The Chief Minister,” he said, “is more busy securing a Lok Sabha ticket for her son than solving the problems of the people,” he said.

Women in forefront

The BJP is focussing particularly on womenfolk in the Karol Bagh (reserved) constituency to bolster the electoral fortunes of its candidate, Ms Anita Arya.

Today, the party organised a women’s conference to bring together women from all walks of life in support of Ms Arya, who has been renominated from the Karol Bagh seat for the second time.

Later in the day, office-bearers of the Karol Bagh Mahila Morcha met in Patel Nagar to oversee arrangements for deputing two women each at every polling booth. In her election meetings, Ms Arya is not only highlighting the achievements of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ministry but the failures of the Sheila Dikshit Ministry as well.

Taking pot shots at Sheila

The BJP candidate from the South Delhi parliamentary constituency, Mr Vijay Kumar Malhotra, has said the Sheila Dikshit Ministry was hoodwinking the people on the issue of introduction of unit area method of assessing property tax.

Accusing Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit of misleading the people, Mr Malhotra said her statement that the new method would not lead to any significant increase in house tax had been proved wrong. Calling it an anti-people decision, he said the INC had “deliberately tried to crush the residents of urbanised villages economically”.


SHO asked to probe unauthorised construction
Our Correspondent

Rewari, April 2
Mr Hanif Qureshi, Rewari SP, has directed the Station House Officer of Dharuhera to take necessary action on a complaint forwarded by the District Town Planner (DTP) Rewari.

The town planner has sought legal proceedings against the managing director and proprietor of Taj Industries as well as Shiv Engineering Industries, Kapriwas near Dharuhera for allegedly erecting unauthorised construction in the controlled area of Kapriwas village of Rewari district.

Taking exception to the proceedings being launched by the DTP and police administration, Mr Randhir Singh Kapriwas, chairman of the Taj Industries and the Shiv Engineering Industries, has alleged that it was all politically motivated, mala fide and was being done at the behest of the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala.

At a press conference convened at Kapriwas today, he explained that about three months ago, an important minister of the Chautala government approached him with the request that the Chief Minister wanted him to join the INLD and contest the Lok Sabha elections as their nominee from Mahendragarh Parliamentary constituency. Mr Kapriwas said he declined the offer, saying that he did not want to join any regional party.

He said that a few days thereafter, he joined the BJP in the presence of the Union Health Minister and senior BJP leader Mrs Sushma Swaraj at Rewari on February 26, 2004.

Apparently, this did not find favour with the INLD supremo.

Apprehending trouble against his newly established ‘Taj Industries’ which manufactures packaged drinking water, Mr Randhir Singh Kapriwas moved an application to the District Town Planner on March 26, 2004 for change of land use (CLU) for the above industries which had been set up on a piece of their agricultural land at Kapriwas about three years ago.

But to his dismay, the DTP, instead of rejecting or accepting his application, chose to act otherwise allegedly at the behest of the Chief Minister.

Mr Kapriwas, who is also the president of the Jan Jagriti Manch, a prominent voluntary organisation of South Haryana, went on to say that before joining the BJP, he had spearheaded a campaign which aimed at forging a united electoral front of prominent political and social activists to ensure a fair deal to South Haryana.

Mr Kapriwas, a veteran of several electoral battles, claimed that the move had brought him into political prominence following which he had become a sought-after man in the politics of Ahirwal.

Mr Kapriwas has now urged the Prime Minster as well as the Governor to make the INLD chief see reason and desist from launching such a revengeful action.


Power Dept staff allege non-cooperation

Faridabad: The employees association of the Power Department and the Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) are at loggerheads on the issue of various demands of the staff. The workers’ union has served an ultimatum on the DHBVN authorities here to either adopt a cooperative stance or face an agitation after April 9.

Mr Subhash Lamba, a senior leader of the All Haryana Power Corporation Workers Union, alleged here today the local authorities of the DHBVN, including the Superintending Engineer, had not been cooperative on several matters relating to employees and had been delaying various files concerning promotion and internal matters for long without any ground. He said the union had submitted an agenda on March 5 with a view to holding a meeting for discussing the problems faced by the staff due to non-implementation of the decision already taken. TNS


And now, scratch & win at Apollo Clinics
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 2
The network of Apollo Clinics in the NCR has announced the launch of a month-long mega promotion, the `scratch and win offer’, aimed at rewarding customers making purchases at their in-house 24-hour pharmacies.

The promotion, starting now, will run till April 27 across The Apollo Clinics in Azadpur, East of Kailash, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Janakpuri, Rajouri Garden and Noida.

Under the promotion, every customer making a minimum single purchase of Rs 250 (and multiples thereof) at the Apollo Clinic pharmacies, will get a scratch card that will enable him to win prizes on the spot. The concept of `Everyone Wins’ guarantees gifts on every scratch card, ensuring that no customer goes back home empty-handed. Gifts include items such as Media-Aid digital thermometers, No Marks face creams and scrub soaps, Tropicana juice packs, Lays potato chips, Dr Fresh toothbrushes, Staeta soya milk packs, Weikfield custard powder, Equal low sugar sachets, and much more.

At the end of the promotion, there will be a lucky draw in every clinic, with one first prize (Ascentia Ertrust Glucometer from Bayer Healthcare worth Rs 5,000), two second prizes (2 nights, 3 days package from Club Mahindra Holidays of approx Rs 4,000 each) and three third prizes (Apollo Master Health Checks worth Rs 2,200 each).

There will also be one bumper lucky draw involving all participating clinics (Electrolux Ozone Fresh 230 litre refrigerator of approx Rs. 17,000).




Do you have a grouse against the apathetic attitude of the authorities? Are you fed up with the dilly-dallying tactics of officialdom and the stranglehold of red tapism? If so, please write to us. We have a full half page every week reserved just for you. The letters should be clearly marked, Speaking out, NCR Tribune, First Floor, Dyal Singh Library Building, 1 Deen Dayal Upadhaya Marg, New Delhi-110002.

I would like to bring to your notice that for the last few years, the passengers have faced inconvenience while buying tickets at the Shahdara Jn, particularly during the peak hours.

Recently, the Northern Railway started computerised booking counters here so as to speed up the sale of tickets to the passengers. However, out of the six booking counters established here for the passengers, only three counters are operational during the daytime and two counters during night hours. This has led to great inconvenience to the traveling public.

It is regrettable that even though 93 trains halt here, there are no proper ticket booking facilities available. The problem is most obvious during the peak hours.

Moreover, there is no separate booking window for senior citizens, for women and the physically challenged. The people in these categories find it extremely tough to buy tickets from the general booking counter, which are always marked by long queues. Even though these discrepancies were brought to the notice of the authorities of the Northern Railway, no effective action has been taken till date.

As people are always in a hurry to reach their destinations in time, they are forced to travels without tickets.

On the one hand, the Railway Board has increased the penalty for travelling without ticket from Rs 10 to Rs 100 so as to discourage the passengers from travelling without ticket.

On the other hand, it compels the passengers to travel without tickets, as not enough ticket counters are present to cater to the commuters. Obviously, a large number of passengers are always in a hurry and fail to purchase tickets when they see long queues at the railway counters. In effect, the passengers are unnecessarily being harassed by the railway authorities.

To overcome this difficulty, we suggest that an additional booking office should be opened just near the platform number 3 from Chota Bazar side, just as it is in Ghaziabad Jn. Will the Railway Ministry look into the matter personally and instruct the concerned authorities to open additional ticket counters at the Shahdara Jn without any further delay?


Simplicity of the Gita

This refers to the news report “Bhagvad Gita: The Tao of Salvation” (NCR Tribune, March 6), in which Swami Deva Amrita, vice-chairman of ISKCON, has been quoted as: “The Salvation of the crisis-ridden world lies in the message of the Bhagvad Gita. India is meant to show spiritual leadership to the world.”

In this connection, I wish to say that Bhagvad Gita covers all aspects of human life. Lord Krishna has explained the working of the law of Karma at length in his sermon, which has importance for the common man even today.

The practicality of the Bhagvad Gita is unparalleled. It unites knowledge with action, action with love and love with knowledge and elucidates most conclusively the nature of knowledge, action and devotion. It is surprising that such an intellectual feat has been achieved in the Bhagavad

Gita within 700 couplets, known for their simplicity of language, method, approach and logic.

O. P. SHARMA, Faridabad

Believing in God

This is in reference to the report, “Wearing the Jewel of Optimism.” (NCR Tribune, March 27) Often, we are overzealous in our aim to reform everyone and everything around us.

We feel frustrated and become impatient when things do not happen the way we want it to happen. What do we do in such situations?

We need to introspect and ask ourselves whether we have been sent here to transform others or simply perform our role as planned by God?

An honest introspection would reveal that God has sent us in to the world not to reform others, but to act out our part diligently according to His plans. Devotees would call it living in the world but doing everything as per His command.

In everything, we have to remain connected with God alone. Further, we often commit mistakes, sometimes, even blunders. After all, each one of us has weaknesses and shortcomings. Certain negative traits influence our actions and conduct. These may sometimes lead to grave misunderstandings with others and consequently, leave us shattered.

During such situations we do fumble and get bewildered.

If we love God, we can always approach Him. He does listen to our submission. By His grace, we soon come out from ugly situations. He gives us the strength to regain control over ourselves. Thus, before the real damage could occur, God, in His ineffable ways, intervenes to helps us avoid further blunders.

We thank God for saving us from reaching a point of no return.

However, problems and misunderstandings persist for long. Even then, God’s mercy alone can improve the situation in the end. Dwelling in every heart, he guides us to analyze the situation in a positive way.

He makes each one of us realise the extent of his own contribution in creating the misunderstanding and enables us to adopt an attitude of forget and forgive. In this manner, God always restores the order in our life. We express our gratitude to God for helping us out from such situations.

Thus, God always gives us the wisdom and prevents us from taking wrong steps in our life. Even if we go wrong, He alone enables us to take corrective measures.

Being our true Mother, Father, Guru, companion and sole support, He alone shows the way in all circumstances.

So let this be our steadfast resolution. We should have complete faith in God and remain beholden to Him at every step.

TISH MALHOTRA, Rohini, Delhi

Environmental Education

It is a matter of great satisfaction that the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) has submitted its draft of the syllabus for the courses on Environment at the school level.

Education needs to be both theoretical and practical. School children need to be taught the basics about the necessity to conserve the environment, particularly since increasing pollution has taken toll of our immediate environment. Moreover, the pollution of our environment has had a direct impact on the deteriorating health scenario in the metropolitan cities.

In the national Capital, people have been found to be suffering from chest related diseases, mainly due to the increasing level of pollution.

Quite clearly, the only way to control the deterioration of the environment is to make the people aware of its repercussions. Starting at the school level is the best way to change the thinking of the future generations.


Fighting global terrorism

Terrorism has become a ‘global phenomenon’, putting at risk the lives of people around the world.

The terrorist strikes in Karbala and Baghdad on Muharram, killing at least 124 Shias, clearly shows how irrational people can become.

The holy day was rocked by five blasts in Karbala and four in Baghdad, killing 124 innocents.

The two incidents show how unjustified fury makes people irrational.

Quite clearly, it is a shameful act and the administrative authority in Baghdad must punish the culprits as soon as possible.

This is an alarming incident, particularly since the terrorists did not hesitate in killing pilgrims and visitors. The need of the hour is for a united fight across the global against this ‘mental disease’. No nation should think that it could fulfill its political agenda by harbouring terrorists. It has been proved in the recent past that countries encouraging terrorism in the name of jihad or calling them ‘freedom fighters’ themselves become the targets of these terrorist groups. As such, the phenomenon of global terrorism needs to tackled unitedly with determination.

Sherry Gautama, Rohtak


Making a mockery of the electoral process 

The major political parties, particularly the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress party, have made a mockery of the electoral process by enrolling film stars into their party fold for publicity.

I have no grudge against film stars joining any party or propagating their views. Obviously, they are as much a citizen of India as anyone else and are free to join any party of their choice. However, what we have seen in the last one month has been shameful. Film stars have been roped in by the political parties in a desperate attempt to attract publicity and showcase their popularity in the media, particularly in the electronic media.

Do the political parties think the people to be fools? Do they think that the people will be taken in by such cheap publicity stunt?

The people want overall development, education, health, employment opportunities, concrete measure for the removal of poverty, a halt to corruption in public life and fight obscurantism, social evils like dowry, female foeticide, gender discrimination, exploitation of women and a perfect law and order so that every citizen feels secure. The youth needs to be provided with an opportunity to excel in the 21st century and not be burdened with parochial issues, which hold his talent back. The political leaders of today, who are running the political parties like their personal properties have failed to inspire the youths of today.

It is tragic that self-appointed leaders like Mayawati, Jayalalita etc are having a good time at the expense of the common man. They wear diamond earrings and flaunt wide range of shoes and sari collections. In the country of Gandhi, who lived like a fakir, the political leaders of modern India live like kings. They forget that the people that they claim to represent struggle to find their next meal. In effect, we have failed to elect the right kind of representatives. The coming elections are the right opportunity to correct all the wrongs of the past. The system has to be cleansed. Our people should rise to the occasion and vote for persons with clean image and for the party, which stands for the progress of our country.



Delhi resident killed in road mishap
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, April 2
Mr Khazan Singh (45), a resident of Jahangirpuri in Delhi, was killed on the spot when his motor cycle was hit by a truck on the Sonepat-Meerut inter-state road near Garh Mirakhpur village, about 20 km from here, last evening.

The victim was going to Garh Mirakhpur village when the accident occurred. The police have registered a case against the truck driver and sent the body for a post-mortem examination.

Robbed of cash, mobile phone

Neeraj Pahuja of Rampura was allegedly robbed of Rs 5,000 in cash and a mobile phone by three unidentified armed youths on the Sonepat-Bahalgarh road near Khilona factory, about 7 km from here, on Thursday night.

The armed youths also tried to snatch the motor cycle from him but he grappled with them for 15 minutes or so. In the meantime, a journalist who was passing by came to the rescue of the youth. One of the miscreants managed to escape on his motor cycle and the other fled towards the nearby fields with the cash and a mobile phone. The third miscreant was overpowered by Neeraj with the help of the journalist. He was handed over to the police and has been identified as Birender.

Lok adalats to be held on April 24

The District Legal Service Authority has decided to hold lok adalats on the premises of the judicial complexes at Sonepat and Ganaur on April 24. The lok adalats would dispose pending cases relating to the civil, criminal, Hindu Marriage Act and motor accident claim cases. The judicial courts would take up the cases relating to the motor accidents claims from April 19 to April 23 next for finally forwarding them to the lok adalats on April 24. Information about holding of the lok adalats has been sent to the authorities of the Haryana Roadways and the insurance companies in this district.

Husband held in dowry case

The police have arrested one Krishan Punia of Sandal Kalan village in connection with the dowry harassment case lodged by his wife, Mohini, alias Basanti Devi, on March 29.

The arrested man has been sent in judicial custody for 14 days by Mr Rakesh Singh, Judicial Magistrate of Sonepat.

Labourers not paid salary

Resentment prevails among labourers of the Forest Department against the non-payment of their salary for the past three months.

The labourers have also announced their decision to take out a procession on April 5 here in protest against the non-payment of salary. They will also submit a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner the same day.


Travel agency owner shot at, thrown in canal
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, April 2
Four armed criminals kidnapped the owner of a Delhi-based travel agency yesterday. Later, the abductors tied his hands and feet, shot him in the head and threw him in a canal.

Shabir Khan s/o Nasir Khan, the proprietor of the travel agency, was rushed to district hospital, Ghaziabad, in a serious condition by Musori police late last night.

No case has been registered by the police yet.

Shabir Khan is a resident of Delhi’s Shastri Park colony under Seelampur police station. He has a travel and tourist cab business. He had gone to Inderlok market in Delhi to buy a cooler. Just as he was about to park his car, he was pushed into the vehicle at gun point by four miscreants. They tied his hands and feet and gagged his mouth.

He was taken to Ganga canal near Mussori, where he was shot in the head by the kidnappers. Taking him to be dead, he was thrown into the canal.

Shabir somehow climbed out of the canal and managed to wave at passersby. Later, the police rushed him to the government hospital in an unconscious condition.

Debt trap: Mother, adult children commit suicide

Rewari: Mrs. Lachho Devi ( 50 ), her daughter Rekha ( 23 ) and son Sanjay ( 20 ) committed suicide in their house in Saini colony on Nandrampur Bas Road at Dharuhera, about 16 km from here last night.

It is stated that the mother and the daughter consumed sulphas while the son hung himself to death. It is also stated that they took this extreme step on account of heavy indebtedness. The father, Kishan Chnad (55), and his two other sons were away in Delhi.

The Dharuhera Police has disposed of the suicidal deaths in accordance with the provisions of sections 174 of the Cr.P.C. After the post-mortem examination, which was conducted here in the afternoon, the bodies were handed over to the two surviving sons and other relatives of the family. The father, Kishan Chand, had not turned up till late in the evening.

Rebuffed by families, lovers end lives

Sonepat: Following their failure to marry each other, a youth, Balwinder (22), and a girl Sonia, (17), reportedly jumped before a running train and ended their lives near Sandal Kalan railway station, about 5 km from here last evening.

According to a report, both victims belonged to Shera village in Panipat district and had fled from their houses on March 29 last. They were having an affair for the past one year. The Government Railway Police has sent the bodies for the post-mortem examination. It is stated that the victims wanted to get married but their parents were not agreeable.

Teachers relieved

Sonepat: Teachers of private colleges of education have heaved a sigh of relief after getting information that the state government orders for stopping government grant to these colleges had reportedly been deferred for two months on the directions of the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala.


Missing girl traced, brother held for rape
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 2
The East district police today claimed to have arrested one person on the charge of raping his 20-year-old sister in the Mandawali area. The police have also launched a massive hunt to trace the girl’s brother-in-law who also raped her on several occasions.

The police said the victim had left the house in December 2003 and during this time her brother Rambir (25), a truck driver, lodged a missing person report with the police. Subsequently, in January a case of abduction was registered in the Mandawali police station.

The rape incident came to light when the missing girl was found two days ago by the police. The girl reportedly told the police that she left the house and married someone in Aligarh as her brother and brother-in-law had raped her on several occasions.

Blind murder solved

With the arrest of one person the North-East district police claimed to have solved a blind murder in the Seelampur area on March 29. The weapon involved in the crime, the blood-stained clothes and the vehicle used for the crime were recovered by the police.

Mohammad Saleem, who was arrested, had confessed to having murdered the victim, Jamshed Ali (60).

Held for cheating jeweller

With the arrest of Naresh (53), the Economic Offences Wing claimed to have worked out a cheating case where a Karol Bagh-based jeweller was duped of diamond jewellery worth Rs 44 lakh.

The sleuths said that Naresh along with his brother Somnath and father Pishori Lal were involved in the crime.


Woman among three held for dacoity
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 2
With the arrest of three Bangladeshi criminals, including a woman of the Badul gang, the East district police today claimed to have solved a dacoity which took place in the Gandhi Nagar area last week. A large quantity of silver ornaments, seven wristwatches, three cameras, gold and house-breaking implements were recovered from their possession.

The accused persons were identified as Roken, alias Aslam Talukdar, Badul, alias Alladdin, and Ruby, alias Salma, all residents of Bangladesh. The others suspects, Mohammad Harroon, Nazrul, Ruman, Dulal, Abbas and Munir, had left for Bangladesh after committing the crime.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Nuzhat Hassan said during investigation the police found that two maid servants worked in the house before the dacoity took place. The family members also told the police that they suspected Ruby. The DCP said that simultaneously a special team also worked to ascertain all undetected recent cases of house burglaries and armed robberies, especially on the outskirts of the East and South districts.

Finally, the police identified the Badul gang and suspected the involvement of its gang members in the crime. The police also identified Ruby’s husband, Dulal, who had previous involvement in sensational dacoity cases. 

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