How to clear IIT-JEE
Girijesh Pathak
TUDENTS who have just appeared in their SSC and HSC examinations are at a very important junction in their life. They have to select a correct path for their future and also a suitable guide in this journey who can keep them on the right track.

Are mathematicians better at using their head?
Seema Hakhu Kachru
OT all can excel in maths. Is there something different about the brains of mathematically gifted students? Scientists have found that those with the gift for solving arithmatic puzzles really are better at using their heads. 

Herbal gardens in schools
HE Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) in Lucknow will set up ‘Herbal Gardens’ in schools to inculcate scientific temperament in students and generate interest in "the herbal way of life", its director Dr S.P.S. Khanuja says.


How to clear IIT-JEE
Girijesh Pathak

STUDENTS who have just appeared in their SSC and HSC examinations are at a very important junction in their life. They have to select a correct path for their future and also a suitable guide in this journey who can keep them on the right track.

IIT is one of the most sought after destination for which it is necessary to compete with about two lakh students and get one of the approximately 3,500 seats. You can be a winner if you believe in yourself; you know your needs and also the place where these needs can be fulfilled. You as an individual are different than others and, hence are your requirements.

You may be able to do self-study and need help on few selected topics only. Or you may be of the kind who needs a start and rest can be managed by you if proper strategy and temperament control assistance on taking corrective steps may do miracles for you.

Whatever the case may be a wrong decision in choosing the assistance is likely to waste plenty of your precious time. Plenty of coaching options are available. Classroom coaching, mock tests, correspondence courses, study material all are packaged in different forms to meet your requirements.

In your pursuit for an IIT berth, you need to do following:

  • You need to build strong concept on theories involved in topics as per the syllabus by studying them, thinking about them, arguing about various alternatives and strong reasoning.

  • Application of concepts through practice on conceptual problems of varied difficulty level. Selection of difficulty level is very crucial as non-conceptual difficult questions disturb your preparation.

  • Setting the strategies right. How much time to give on different subjects? What topics to be given priority? When to finish the syllabus? How many times revision should be done? What should be done just before the examination? How many questions should be practiced? What to do if you don’t enjoy the subject? What books to study and when? How to pace the preparation? How much marks one should target at? You should know the answer to these questions and these answers should not be the general one but should be specific to you.

  • Temperament control during preparation phase and examination. Preparation for such a competitive examination over a period of one year, two years or even more will take you through many mood swings. How to stay focused? What should you do to generate positive energy in you and overcome any negative thoughts during the process? Answers are person specific and have great impact on your success.

  • Frequent evaluation of progress and taking corrective measures.

If you feel that you require assistance in JEE preparation then evaluate the coaching institute on following parameters:

1. Uniqueness in their study material: Study material provided by the coaching Institutes is of little assistance if they are compact copy-paste or rewrite of materials taken from other books. If the reading of such material doesn’t increase interest and enjoyment then they are not worth. There are plenty of standard books on each subject by good authors, which can make your study enjoyable during preparation.

2. Collection of quality books in their library: during the process of theory conceptualisation and building application capabilities, you need good books, which can really put your brain on exercise.

3. Flexibility in the coaching model: What happens when your pace of learning is much faster or slower than the average? Is there any mechanism by which the model can identify exactly where you need help and provide the same? Is it possible in that coaching model to minimise the wastage of your time?

4. Quality of questions discussed: Number of questions discussed is not that important. By discussing and solving 10-15 conceptual questions on each topic you can build a good application capability. On the other hand solving many tricky non-conceptual questions will simply waste your time.

5. Tests and evaluation model: How is the progress of your preparation tested and analysed? To what extent the feedback helps in identifying the areas for further work?

Once you are able to choose the correct assistance for your IIT-JEE journey, it will be an enjoying and thrilling experience.

The author is an IIT alumni


Are mathematicians better at using their head?
Seema Hakhu Kachru

NOT all can excel in maths. Is there something different about the brains of mathematically gifted students?

Scientists have found that those with the gift for solving arithmatic puzzles really are better at using their heads. Research shows they employ both the left and right sides of their brain when tackling a problem. Most tend to prefer one side or the other.

The study, reported in the journal Neuropsychology, supports the growing theory that people with a head for maths are better at relaying and integrating information between the cerebral hemispheres.

Psychologists in America and Australia studied 60 right-handed males, 18 mathematically gifted children averaging 14 years of age, 18 of average math ability averaging just over 13, and 24 college students averaging about 20. Their performances in tests were compared.

Math giftedness seems to favour boys over girls, appearing an estimated six to 13 times more often. It’s not known why but pre-natal exposure to testosterone is suspected to be one influence due to its selective benefit to the right half of the brain.

The gifted boys were recruited from a programme at Iowa State University. Whereas the average scholastic aptitude test (SAT) math score for college-bound high-school seniors was 500 (out of 800), the mathematically gifted boys’ average SAT math score in middle school was 620.

It’s not that you have a special math module somewhere in your brain, but rather that the brain’s particular functional organisation which allows right-hemisphere contributions to be better integrated into the overall cognitive/behavioural equation — predisposes it towards the use of high-level imagery and spatial skills, which in turn just happen to be very useful when it comes to doing math reasoning," says co-author Michael O’Boyle.

The research supports the broader notion that "the functional (though not necessarily structural) organisation of the brain may be an important contributor to individual differences in cognitive abilities, talents and, at the very least, information-processing styles," adds O’Boyle.

"Various expressions of exceptionality, such as giftedness in math, music or art, may be the byproduct of a brain that has functionally organised itself in a qualitatively different way than the usual left/right hemispheric asymmetry."

At the same time, O’Boyle is not sure whether the findings could apply to math education in general. "Our work may, perhaps, have something to say about the optimal timing of when a particular brain is most ‘ready to learn’ or acquire a given skill, but I don’t think we can ‘create’ a math genius without the innate talent already there," he says.

Finally , given the rising use of testosterone by adult men, O’Boyle cautions that "testosterone taken later in life will not help your math, as the window of influence on brain development is pretty much prenatal. It may enhance muscle mass, but it is unlikely to help you solve calculus problems."

The students were shown letter patterns flashed on the left or right hand sides of a computer screen. Their ability to match patterns indicated how they used the left or right sides of their brains.

An image on the left side of the screen, for instance, would normally be processed in the right brain hemisphere and vice versa. Data on both sides would be picked up by both eyes and processed by both halves of the brain.

There were two types of tasks, "local" and "global." "Local" involved deciding whether small components of big letters matched each other and "global" involved saying whether whole big letters matched.

For average teens and college students, the left brain hemisphere performed the task faster for local matches while the right side was quicker at global matches.

However, mathematically gifted students showed no such difference between the two halves of their brains. They were equally good at processing global and local elements with either hemisphere, suggesting interaction and cooperation between the two sides.

Whereas average-ability children and college students were slower when presented with patterns on both sides of the screen, the mathematically gifted performed best in this situation. The study supports the notion that the mathematically gifted are better at relaying and integrating information between the cerebral hemispheres. — PTI


Herbal gardens in schools

THE Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) in Lucknow will set up ‘Herbal Gardens’ in schools to inculcate scientific temperament in students and generate interest in "the herbal way of life", its director Dr S.P.S. Khanuja says.

The gardens known as ‘Gyanika’ (knowledge units) would be set up under CIMAP’s ‘Mission Tarang’ programme.

The programme is meant to contribute directly towards a greener environment and encourage children to grow aromatic and medicinal plants.

While the CIMAP will bear the expenditure for setting up of the herbal gardens, respective schools will maintain these with expert guidance and periodic visits by institute’s scientists.

The CIMAP has signed an MoU with four Lucknow-based schools in this regard. This will facilitate the institute in providing scientific basis and education to the students about utilisation and conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Talks are on with other schools as well.

Former Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) Director, Dr Nitya Nand says the herbal medicines have certain benefits over modern synthetic drugs, particularly in the Indian context.

India has become an important resource for production of cost-effective generic drugs and holds an enviable position at the international level.

Dr Nitya Nand, a Cambridge alumni, says not only herbal drugs will prove much safer and cheaper proposition in the long run, a flourishing herbal drug industry will add tremendous value to agriculture with India being predominantly and agrarian economy.

"This will benefit the farmer and bring prosperity to the rural populace in an organised and self-sustaining manner," he says.

He, however, says there is a need for standardisation, of herbal medicines in India. — UNI




May 21 Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar 751003 23

BSc (Agri)/BVSc & AH/BTech (Agri Engg)/BFSc/BSc (Forestry)

Elig: 10+2 (Sc; 50%). Age: 17 yrs (on 31 Dec ‘04).

Selectn: See prospectus

Appln F: Send Rs 450/- by DD fvg the "Comptroller, OUAT, Bhubaneswar 751003" to the Assistt Registrar (Acd) at above add.

Armed Forces

May 13 Indian Army, Additional DG of Recruiting, Rtg TGC Entry, AG’s Br, Army Hqrs, West Block-III, R K Puram, New Delhi 110066

1) Tech Graduates Course (TGC)

(a) Engg Grads for Corps of: i) Engineers ii) Signals,

iii) Electron & Mech Engineers iv) Armoured Corps v) Artillery vi) AD Arty vii) Infantry viii) Intelligence Corps

(b) PG (Non-Engg) for Army Edu Corps (AEC)

2) SSC (Tech) Course

For Corps of: a) Engineers, b) Signals, c) Electron & Mech Engineers

Selectn: Group Tests, Psychol Tests, Interview & Medical Exam.

Details: Employment News (Apr 3-9)/Website


Jun 14 Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET), TVK Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai 600032 (TN)

1) PG Dip (Plastics Engg; 1-yr)

2) PG Dip in Plastics (Processing & Testing; 1 `BD-yr)

3) Post Dip (Plastics Mould Des; 1-yr)

4) Post Dip (Machine Maint; 1-yr)

5) Dip (Plastics Mould Tech; 3-yr)

Elig: For 1: BE/BTech/BSc Engg (Mech/Chem/Prodn/Polymer/Tool Engg). For 2: Bachelor’s deg (Sc with Chem). For 3: 3-yr Dip (Mech/Plastics Tech/Tool Engg/Plastics Prodn Engg & CIPET DPMT). For 4: 3-yr Dip (Mech/Elect/Electron Engg & CIPET DPMT). For 5: Cl 10 (Math/Eng/Sc).

Selectn: JEE (Jul 11).

Appln F: Send Rs. 300/- by crossed DD fvg "Director General, CIPET" payable at Chennai with stamped (Rs. 25/-), self-add env (35 x 25cm) at above add/ any CIPET center.

May 15 Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Institute of Engineering & Technology, Khandari Campus, Agra 282002 (UP).

BTech (Comp Sc & Engg/Electron & Comm/Electron & Instru/IT/Civil/Mech/Biotech)

Elig: For BTech (Biotech): 10+2 (PCB); For Rest: 10+2 (PCB)

Selectn: BEAT (BE Admission Test) -2004: 3 Jun

Appln F: Send Rs 500/-by DD fvg "Finance Officer, Dr B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra" payable at Agra, to The Co-ordinator, BEAT-2004 at above add/Website.

May 15 Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education & Training, MIT Campus, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune- 411 038, Pune (Mah)

B. Tech (Marine Engg; 4-yr)

Elig: Unmarried cands, 10+2 (PCM, 60%) Age: below 20 yrs (on 1 Aug)

Selectn: Cl.12 marks, Written test (6 Jun) & Medical test.

Appln F, Details: Send Rs 200/- by DD fvg "MANET", payable at Pune, with stamped (Rs 55/-) self-add env (30 x 26 cm) to above add/website.

Apr 26 Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, A-10, Sector-62, Noida-201

B. Tech (Electron & Comm Engg/ Comp Sc & Engg/ IIT/Biotech/ Bioinfomatics/ Civil Infrastc Engg/ Chem Engg)

Elig: 10+2

Selectn: AIEEE 2004.

Appln F, Details: Send Rs 600/- by DD fvg "Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan", payable at New Delhi/website.

Centre for Electronics Design & Technology of India (GoI, M/o Info Tech), PO Box No. 10, A-34, Industrial Area, Phase VII, Mohali 160059 (Ch’garh)

1) Adv CAD (12-wk)

2) Repairs, Servicing & Maint of Telecom Equip (5-wk)

Elig: For 1: Deg/Dip(Mech/Prodn), Dip in Draftmanship. For 2: Deg/Dip (Electron/ Comp/ Electrc/Instru/Telecom), BSc/MSc (Electron).

Appln F, Details: Website.

Apr 30 Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Sec-3, Dwaraka, Azad Hind Fauj Marg, New Delhi-110045.

PhD (FT): Electron & Commn Engg/ Comp Engg & IT/Instru & Control Engg, Mfg Processes & Automation Engg/Appld Sc & Biotech.

Details: Website.

International Institute of Information Technology, EC 96, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700064. (Constituent coll of Visva Bharati Univ)

BTech (Info Tech/Comp Sc & IT/Electron & Comm Engg)

MTech (Comp Sc)

Elig: 10+2 (PCM).

Selectn, Appln F& Details: Website

Hotel Management

May 22 National Institute of Hotel Management, 29, Dilaram Bazar, Rajpur Road, Dehradun -248001(UA).

BSc (Hotel Mgt & Tourism; 3-yr)

Elig: Class XII

Selectn: Written Test & Interview (At 12 centres incldg Del).

Prospectus & Appln: Send Rs. 375/- by MO/DD fvg "National Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun".


Jun 30 Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research (SICSR), II Floor, Atur Centre, Gokhale Cross Rd, Model Colony, Pune 411016 (Mah)

MSc (Computer Applications)

Elig: Bachelor’s deg (50%).

Selectn: AIMCET scores.

Appln F: Send Rs 700/- by DD fvg "Director SICSR" payable at Pune to above add by Jun 5.

Detais: Website.

May 7 Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra 136119 (Har);;

MCA (at KU; MDU, Rohtak; GJU, Hisar, Ch. Devi Lal Univ, Sirsa & affl colleges).

Elig: Bachelor’s deg (with Maths at 10+2)

Seectn: Combined Entrance Test MCA- 2004 (CETMCA): 20 Jun

Appln F: Send Rs 550/- by DD fvg "Registrar, KU, Kurukshetra", payable at Kurukshetra with two self-add slips to the Manager (P&P) at above add/website. Mention Bulletin Code No. CETMCA-2004.


May 24 University of Delhi, Faculty of Law, Delhi 110007

1) LLB (3 yr)

2) LLM (2 yr/3 yr)

Elig: For 1: Bachelor’s/Master’s deg (50%). For 2: LLB (50%).

Selectn: Entrance Test: For 1: 20 Jun. For 2: 27 Jun.

Appln F: Send Rs. 150/- by DD fvg "Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi" payable at Delhi to the Convenor, Admission Committee at above add by 14 May.


May4 Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 110068

Master (Busi Admin)

Master (Pub Admin)

Elig: UG Deg, 2-yr wk ex, kwlg of Eng & Scores in CEMBA/CEMPA/CEMA.

Appln F: Send Rs 1050/- by DD fvg "IGNOU" payable at New Delhi to Dy. Director, International Cell, Block-14 at above add by Apr 25. Mention yr name, add and prog on reverse of the DD.

Apr 30 Indian Institute of Health Management Research, 1, Prabhu Dayal Marg, Sanganer Airport, Jaipur 302011 (Raj)

PG Dip (Hospital Mgt/Health Mgt/Pharma Mgt; 2-yr, FT)

Elig: Bachelor’s deg (50%).

Appln F: Send Rs 250/- by DD fvg "IIHMR, Jaipur"/website.

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL), 1st Floor, New Mgmt Bldg, Atur Centre, 1068, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony, Pune 411016.

PG Dip (Insurance Mgt; 1-yr)

PG Dip (Bus Admn, Intl Trade, HR Mgt; 2-yr)

Elig: Bachelor’s deg/dip holders from govt. polytech with 5 yr supervisory ex.

AppIn F: Send Rs 800/- by DD fvg "The Director SCDL", payable at Pune to above add.

Details: Website.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, MBA Deptt, 1, K G Marg, New Delhi 110001

MBA (3-yr)

Elig: Bachelor’s deg with MAT scores.

Appln F: Rs 300/- cash at above add.

Apr 19 All-India Management Association, Management House, 14, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110 003

PG Dip Prog (Mgt, IT & Mgt)

Elig: Bachelor’s deg, MAT scores.

Appln F: Send Rs.590/- by DD fvg "AIMA-CME, New Delhi", payable at New Delhi/website.

Details: Website.

Apr 30 Ch. Charan Singh National Institute of Agricultural Marketing, Kota Raod, Bambala, Near Sanganer, Jaipur-303906 (Raj)

PG Prog in Agri-Warehousing & Cold Chain Mgt (2 yr)

Elig: Bachelor’s/ Master’s deg (Agri/ Horti & allied subj; 50%; recog by ICAR/UGC).

Appln F: Send Rs 500/- by DD fvg "National Institute of Argicultural Marketing" payable at Jaipur with stamped (Rs. 40/-) self add env to The Prog Director (AWCCM) at above add by 10 Apr/download from website.

Apr 19 All-India Management Association, Management House, 14, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110 003

Mgt Aptitude Test (MAT)

Elig: Bachelor’s deg.

Appln F: Send Rs. 590/- by DD fvg "AIMA-CMS, New Delhi", payable at New Delhi with two self-add slips/website.

Details: Website.

Jun 15 National Power Training Institute, Sec-33, Faridabad 121003

MBA (Power Mgt)

(AICTE Appv & Affltd to MD Univ, Rohtak)

Elig: BE/equiv (60%).

Selectn: Written Test, GD & Interview (15 Jul).

Appln F: Send Rs 500/- by crossed IP/DD fvg "NPTI" payable at Faridabad by 15 Jun.

Details: Website.


Apr 30 Indian Airlines Ltd., PB No. 12026, Cossipore PO, Kolkata 700002

Recruitment of Cabin Crew (For E / W / N/ S Regn)

Elig: Bachelor’s deg/10+2 & 3-yrs Dip/Deg in Hotel Mgt & Catering Tech, IA-specified physical std . Age: 18-25 yrs.

Selectn: Group Dynamics & Personality Assessment Test, Interview.

Appln F: Send in prescribed format with rel certs. & DD for Rs 300/- fvg "Indian Airlines Ltd, New Delhi" at the above add. Superscribe env with "Application for Male/Female Cabin Crew for Region"


May 25 Director General of Civil Aviation (Training Section), Technical Centre, Opp Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi 110003

Scholarship/Stipend to SC/ST Cands (24 mths)

(For Flying Training up to PPL Std)

Elig: Indian citizen. 10+2 (Maths & Phys). Age: 17-20 yrs (on 1 Apr). Parent’s/Guardian’s income not exceeding Rs 44,500 pa.

Selectn: Written test (At 22 Centres incldg Amritsar & Del).

Appln F: Send in prescribed format to the above add.

Details: Employment News (2-9 Apr)

Apr 30 M/o HRD External Scholarship Div, (ES.1 Section), A.1/W.3, Curzon Rd Barracks, KG Marg, New Delhi 110001 (D/o Sec & Hr Educn).

Slovak Govt Scholarship-2004-05

PG Deg (Eco/Mgt/Agri)

Elig, Appln F & Details: Employment News (3-9 Apr)/Website.


National Brain Research Centre.

PhD (Neuosc)

MSc (Neurosc)

Post Doctoral Fellows

Elig, Selectn: Appln F & Details: Employment News (2 - 9 Apr)/Website.

Physical Science

Apr 20 Physical Research Laboratory, PO Box No. 4218, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad 380009 (Guj)

PhD: Physics, Earth & Planetary Sciences.

Elig, Appln F & Details: Employment News (2 - 9 Apr)