Saturday, April 17, 2004

Karuna Goswamy


6. Famous Chinese dynasty

7. What makes cold drinks even better

8. The last of a series; the end

11. Casino city in Nevada

12. Fibre-yielding African shrub

13. Prefix meaning ‘not’

14. Take on rent

16. Outfit; rig

18. Perfume, in the Indian tradition

20. Our countrymen living abroad (inits.)

21. "— is long, and Time is fleeting"


1. One of the newer states of India

2. In a short time; soon

3. Strive in competition

4. Small, glass container

5. Famous or renowned person

9. Great Impressionist painter.

10. The holiest of our rivers

15. Comes generally in ‘Shravana’

17. Great sculptures have come from this site in Madhya Pradesh

19. ‘The cup that cheers’