Saturday, April 17, 2004



What are these emotions,

They make me angry,

They make me happy,

Sometimes they make me sad,

Sometimes they make me mad.

Emotions make me feel shy,

Emotions make me cry.

Everyone has emotions,

Some people show their emotions,

Some donít,

But I canít hide mine.

ó Akanksha Sharma, Class VIII-A, Shimla Public School, Shimla

A long drive

"Everything is in your hand," I was told,

When I was sent to earth.

My journey started and I saw smiling faces all around,

But I cried because till then I didnít know how to drive and move on with life.

On the way I saw a labourer working hard day and night

And earning just bread for his bride.

I turned my face and saw the other one taking a bribe,

Buying all the comforts of life and giving happiness to his wife.

Upset I was for some time

but life of mine is still moving

and I am content with the words,

"A rose is never without thorns.

ó Shivangi Nagpal, Class-X, Assumption Convent School, Abohar

Good and bad

The world has murderers, but there are good kind people too

There are angry, strict men, but the innocent smile of a baby is still seen.

I accept there are rough and harsh sounds of rifles, but kukoos still sing,

There are tides, but gentle waves yet occur.

"Exceptions are always there", said my dad,

There is good with bad,

like night is to day,

like sleep is to awake,

like cry is to laugh,

like stop or fall, is to get up again,

like a sob or weep is to giggle and

like sorrow, is to joy, to happiness, to salvation, to eternal life.......

ó Poorva Trikha, Class X, Assumption Convent School, Abohar