Sunday, April 18, 2004

Show of anger is a good omen
Vinaya K. Manhas

ANGER is not a very common emotion in dreams. Dreams about being happy, sad or scared are more common.

As per Indian thought, to see yourself irritated or angry in a dream means that you need to beware of enemies around you. But if you see yourself causing irritation or anger to someone else, then beware of sickness. Your response to the feeling of anger is equally significant. Should you vent your anger, it is a good omen. Good news awaits

you. But if instead of getting angry, you start crying or feel frustrated, then it does not augur well for you.

As per western thought, seeing anger in dreams foretells a trying time for you. You shall face disappointments in your love life, and there could be tension in other personal relationships too. After such a dream, beware of your enemies getting an upper hand over you. If you see someone else getting angry with you but you keep your cool, it portrays your ability to calmly meet adverse circumstances in the near future. You shall win the favour and gratitude of your friends.

Psychoanalytically, besides its literal meaning, anger in a dream can also denote passion, in other forms—usually sexual. It could also denote a desire to express feelings that you are not able to in our real life. Either ways, dreaming about anger does portray strong emotions.

A woman of 36 would often dream about being angry with her in-laws but could not understand the reason for it. In real life, she had a wonderful relationship with them and even received a lot of love from them. The dream was rooted in her past. She was to get married to her elder brother-in-law but since he was then in love with the woman who was now his wife, her in-laws had got her married to their younger son. Although she loved her husband a lot, she sometimes felt frustrated on seeing her elder brother-in-law, who was settled abroad, financially better off. In her sub-conscious mind, comparisons would invariably crop up though she consciously tried to suppress them. In her dreams, the frusrat took the form of anger towards her in-laws, for not having got their elder son married to her. The woman was advised to get counselling to prevent the bitterness from affecting her marital and family life.