Saturday, April 24, 2004

Karuna Goswamy


1. What a butterfly comes out of

6. For whom does this toll?

8. India’s great contribution of maths

11. Ancient; of former times

12. In popular usage, the very fundamentals of something

13. Age; period

14. One of our northeastern states

17 ____ Montez, 19th century British dancer, mistress of Franz Liszt

19. Dr Jekyll was not far from being this person

21. Bihar village that is famed for its paintings


2. Agricultural implement

3. Shout aloud

4. Axe-like tool

5. How the Indian rupee is called (inits.)

6. Fight; noisy quarrel

7. Not national or global

9. Foe; rival

10. Hold forth, speak eloquently

15. Waist band or cloth

16. The Captain who fought Moby Dick

18. Eggs, many of them

20. Sir, or Mister, in Spanish