Sunday, April 25, 2004, Chandigarh, India
Y O U R  D A T E  W I T H  S T A R
April 25 to May 1
[ March 21 to April 20 ]

It is never too late to say ďnoĒ to a person who is too selfish to think about others. It will, therefore, enable you to sail through without any tension.

[ April 21 to May 20 ]
There is scope for your love-life to flourish. In fact, this is one of those times, when you can cast aside your woes and dedicate yourself to romance.
[ May 21 to June 21 ]
Career-seekers will get success this week. They will clear interviews and tests with flying colours. They should, however, learn to value their time.
[ June 22 to July 22 ]
It is unrealistic to expect a good turn from an unscrupulous person. Beware of the evil designs of a rival.
[ July 23 to Aug 22 ]
With an exalted sun in full bloom, moments of love and laughter should be on their way. An unexpected success might be yours. A good time for sportspersons.
[ Aug 23 to Sept 22 ]
Exercise caution while evaluating tempting offers. Donít trust anything that sounds too good to be true. A good time on the professional front.
[Sept 23 to Oct 22 ]
Donít overspend this week. Obstacles will not throw you off course. Look within for answers to uncomfortable questions.
[Oct 23 to Nov 22 ]
A week of exceptional success on all fronts. Obstacles will disappear and others will be convinced that you are right.

[ Nov 23 to Dec 22]

Luck shall come your way. You will cash in on opportunities, adopt a charitable outlook and help those in need.
[Dec 23 to Jan 20]
Those around you may be looking for a confrontation. If you keep your cool you can avoid one.
[ Jan 21 to Feb 19 ]
Your social stars are active. Your associates will realise your worth. They will see that your success will benefit them too.
[Feb 20 to March 20 ]
You are at the threshold of a wonderful phase. Your approach to life will change. Optimism must be replaced by realism, dreams by a more practical approach.

Born on

April 25

Home and family matters will preoccupy you. You may have to be a little manipulative to win over your loved one. Professionally, too, you seem to be on sound footing.

Expect plenty of fun and excitement during the first quarter. You will improve your relations with others around you during the second. Your keen desire to please your seniors may cut little ice during the third. Avoid travelling at odd hours during the last one.

April 26

With the moon moving towards a benevolent zone, you are likely to patch up with an estranged friend or relative. If he or she is indifferent to what you say, you should not lose your cool. Try to lighten the atmosphere by keeping yourself in good humour.

As June gets underway, rare moments of love, laughter and joy will keep you relaxed. An authoritative role awaits you during September-October. There should be no dearth of funds during January-February. You should, however, be firm with people during the end part.

April 27

In love, the golden rule is that there should be no communication gap. If your beloved is sure of your affections, the chances of a pitfall are going to be minimised.

The signs are that you can turn almost any situation to your advantage. You have an uncanny ability to get the best out of whatever comes your way. Your weakness may be reluctance to change but your strength is your loyalty to your friends and principles.

April 28

With Mercury, your main star, having simultaneously gone retrograde and combust, there is a need to keep a strict watch over your health. Your eating habits will require regular monitoring.

Make sure that you donít bite more than you can chew during the first quarter. Less comfort and more fatigue may overtake you during the second negative influences in your life should decline during the third. Social pressures will be much stronger than ever before during the last one.

April 29

What happens now shall be in keeping with your aims and aspirations. It is boom on more than one count. Your insistence on acting on your own could prove a shot in your arm. You will win over friends and wipe out enemies. It is now your turn to prosper and make your mark.

If you are fighting an election, luck will favour you. For the unattached, a fulfilling relationship could be around the corner.

April 30

Venus, your most auspicious star, is gaining strength with each passing day. It makes you alert and watchful. You will treat everything that comes your way with care and caution. This will raise your stature in the eyes of your friends.

July promises to be good month. You are advised to look, listen and learn. Your wisdom, experience and maturity will enable you to have full control over the situation. The entertainer in you will delight your friends during the end part.

May 1

Much depends on Saturn that is ill-seated and ill-sighted. You may not be able to streamline your expenditure. Your friends may turn their back on you. If you live in a joint family, your worries will be endless.

As September gets underway your self-confidence will be on trial. You may have to pay for your tendency to act first and think later. Those born on this day will have to wait a little longer before they can get out of a financial mess.


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