Sunday, May 9, 2004


Holiday fever

Driven by the falling dollar rates, a willingness to empty wallets on satisfying wanderlust and a desire to move beyond run-of-the-mill destinations, the Great Indian Tourist is set to go places and how. The Tribune team of Gaurav Choudhury, Chetna Keer Banerjee and Aruti Nayar takes a look at the trends and trails for this holiday season.

Fashion has little to hang on
At this year’s LIFW, the spotlight was on Jesus-inspired robes and gypsy skirts and tops, writes Vimla Patil.
THE Lakme India Fashion Week seems to have brought out the worst in some of India’s eminent designers. Why else should fashion concern itself with eerie concepts like ‘After death’ or ‘The Resurrection of the Lord’? Or for that matter with the costumes of India’s gypsy communities?

From the shadows to the pinnacle
In a moving tribute to Tenzing Norgay, Yana Bey recounts the life of the famous Sherpa who scaled Mount Everest.
EVERY year on May 9, only a few relatives and friends scattered over India, Nepal, the USA and Australia quietly remember the death anniversary of Tenzing Norgay. Tenzing was born around 1914 while his mother was on a pilgrimage to Ghang-La monastery in Tibet.

Painting mythology on the wall
Suraj Saraf describes the manner in which frescoes in a Jammu temple capture scenes from mythology.
ALLED the temple town, Jammu has innumerable temples in every locality. Some of these temples have frescoes that are interesting. By far the most fascinating frescoes are in the Purani Mandi temple dedicated to Lord Rama. It was the old seat of the Dogra rulers till about 200 years back.

Point of untamed horses
Shirish Joshi
HE Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary, situated on the eastern coast of India near the Palk Straits, Tamil Nadu, is the only place where visitors can see untamed or wild horses in India. Point Calimere’s horses are a uniform warm reddish-brown colour, the only variation being in degrees of darkness.

Cannes: No Rai of hope for India
Ervell E. Menezes
F it’s May, it has to be Cannes season and all roads must lead to that seaside town on the French Riviera that’ll play host to the 57th annual Cannes film festival from this week. Cinephiles, glitterati, pampered stars and starlets and wannabes from all corners of the globe will descend on the hub, the Palais du Cinema, the Croisette (crossing) and the lobbies of big hotels like the Charlton will be choc-a-bloc with men, women and kids waiting to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars and event too.

Ode to the ghazal king
M.L. Dhawan
HAZAL maestro Ghulam Ali, on a recent visit to Patiala, lamented that of late the great tradition of ghazal singing had reached rock bottom. Ghazals were no longer as soulful as in the times of, say, K.L. Saigal, Begum Akhtar and Talat Mahmood. Ghulam Ali is not the only singer to express concern over the deterioration in film music in general and ghazal singing, in particular.


TELEVISION: Wanted: Suitable girl

CONSUMER RIGHTS: Gap between promise and service
Pushpa Girimaji


DREAM THEME: Ants personify hard work
Vinaya K. Manhas

ULTA-PULTAFag end of creativity
Jaspal Bhatti


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