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Commoners’ ‘hand’ helps Bansal stand tall
Dhawan, 14 others forfeit security deposit
Tribune News Service


Pawan Bansal 139880
Satya Pal Jain 94632
Harmohan Dhawan 17762
Hemraj 6203
Pushpa Kumar Singh 269
Mohammad Ibrahim 213

Vinay Kumar 515

Arvind Jain 718

Gurcharan Singh 312

Ghanshayamlal 376
Daulat Kuldeep Singh 169
Dharm Paul Sharma 1232
Bhupinder Pal 188
Mukesh Kumar 488

Rekha Sharma 481

Rajinder Bansal 2045

Surinder Pal 3187

Chandigarh, May 13
Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, a senior Congress leader, today retained the Chandigarh parliamentary seat trouncing Mr Satya Pal Jain of the BJP and Mr Harmohan Dhawan of the INLD in a multi-cornered contest.

Mr Bansal polled a total of 1,39,880 votes against 94,632 votes secured by Mr Satya Pal Jain and just 17, 762 votes by Mr Harmohan Dhawan. Mr Dhawan, a former Union Minister, forfeited his security deposit as did 14 other candidates trying their luck at the hustings. Mr Arvind Jain, a local trader who hoped to put up a good fight by highlighting problems of the trading community of the city, polled just 718 votes.

As the news broke about the early lead established by the Congress in the counting votes for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat, celebrations began at the residence of Mr Bansal. Party volunteers distributed sweets and danced to beat of the drums.

Mr Bansal’s margin of victory (45,248 votes) came as a surprise to his friends and foes alike. The contest for the prestigious seat was seen as a close fight between Mr Bansal and Mr Jain with Mr Dhawan playing the role of a spoiler. As a matter of fact, the contests for Chandigarh seat have generally been close and keenly fought. In 1999, Mr Bansal managed to win by just 5,000 votes defeating the BJP stalwart, Mr Krishan Lal Sharma, in a tough fight.

The wide margin of his victory this time indicates that Mr Bansal has been able to not only retain, but also widen his support base in the UT. This despite the fact that there was a non-Congress government at the Centre from which he could not expect much support and cooperation.

The run-up to the election was not without ups and downs. The campaigning that began nearly four months ago was not only gruelling, but also one of the longest in the recent electoral history. In the process, slogans like “India Shining” and “Feel-Good” factor lost their lustre.

All three main contenders for the seat had to deal with serious factionalism in their organisations. Mr Pawan Bansal had to learn to live with dogged refusal by the Chandigarh Congress chief, Mr B.B. Bahl to share stage with leaders like Mr Devinder Babla and his wife, Mr Satya Pal Jain had to contend with internal sabotage as well as opposition from the local unit of its electoral partner, Shiromani Akali Dal, which had been an open call to Sikhs to vote for the INLD candidate, Mr Harmohan Dhawan.



Additional constructions in houses top priority: Bansal
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
“Working for allowing additional constructions in all houses of the city tops my agenda during my office in Parliament”. This was stated by Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, the local Member of Parliament, following the declaration of his victory here today.

Mr Bansal said he was conscious of the distinct character of the city. However, there was plenty of scope for alterations in the existing structures which will be worked out. The population of the city has undergone a massive increase and so have the needs of the population.

The MP said he was committed to work for extension of the ‘abadi area’ in the UT villages. He said the village population was bulging at its sides. “I will also work to get the existing structures regularised”, he said.

The issue of the traders complaining against the inadequacies in the Rent Act is another issue which Mr Bansal said he will immediately take up with the concerned authorities.

“I was confident of a victory however the margin of more than 45,000 was totally unexpected”.

When questioned over differences in the party over joining of Mr Devinder Babla, a former trusted aide of Mr Harmohan Dhawan, candidate of the rival Indian National Lok Dal, Mr Bansal said he had the authority to enrol Mr Babla as a party member and Mr Babla had performed exceptionally well during his campaign. When questioned over differences with Mr B.B. Bahl, president of the local unit, missing from the victory ceremonies, Mr Bansal said: “He has congratulated me over the telephone and we will soon have a talk”.

Mr Bansal said, “The local unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party took over the campaign a little earlier than needed with the ‘India shining’ slogan. People soon realised that India was not really that bright as was being portrayed. The campaign was over-hyped. There was plenty of time for people to see the reality. As the consequence, the Congress has fared very well all over the country”.

“My idea of campaign has always been to argue over the real issues. The BJP was indulging in the game of maligning me. This proved to be counteractive for their side”, Mr Bansal said.

When asked if he would stake claims to any ministry in the Centre in case the Congress formed the government, he said, “It was upon the party high command to decide the matter”.

Mr Bansal said he was upset with the very high rate of voters’ names being cut from the voting list. “The process of voters card had cost Rs 500 crore in 1999. Now the government itself is not recognising the citizens who had the I-cards. It was a sorry state of affairs and needed to be checked”.

Meanwhile, he here today thanked the people of the city for having reposed faith in him by electing him with an overwhelming majority. He assured the people of the city that he would honour every commitment made to them. He thanked his party leaders, workers and city councillors.



Landlords hail Bansal’s victory
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
Mr Narinder Pal Singh Chhina, finance secretary, Chandigarh Landlords Association, today hailed the victory of Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, MP.

Mr Chhina in a press note said it was the victory of progressive forces and the defeat of those who took retrograde steps in opposing the rent notification and exempting buildings from the operation of the Rent Act.



City voter followed national trend, says Jain
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
“The voter of Chandigarh has gone with the national verdict as I had repeatedly pointed out during my election rallies” said Mr Satya Pal Jain, candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party, who finished second in the final tally of the elections to the local seat here today.

“Honestly speaking, I never anticipated such a big margin in the result, anyway it went. The scene appeared to be one of a national wave in favour of the National Democratic Alliance right from the announcement of the elections. In the city the voters have largely voted for the party in the centre in the past,” he said.

“I accept the verdict of the people with all humility. I will continue to fight for their rights to the best of my ability. I will try to get across to sections of the people who lost their faith in me”, he said. “When questioned about sections of society who he said had lost their faith in him he said,” I am yet to look into the details of the issue.”

Mr Jain said the local unit of the party would have detailed discussions on the election to ascertain the reasons for the party loss. “The defeat is definitely a consequence of the national development. This, however, does not rule out certain loopholes in the city cadre of the party which also need to be addressed”, he added.

candidate Satya Pal Jain, in a press note here today accepted his defeat in the parliamentary election held on May 10.

He said the mandate of the people was acceptable to him. “I will continue to serve the people of the city as I have been doing in the past. The party will review the reasons for its defeat in these elections and will try to remove the lapses on its part”.

He expressed gratitude for the support and assistance extended by the BJP and SAD workers.



Overconfidence let BJP down, say residents
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
The overconfidence of the BJP lead to its defeat, in the Lok Sabha elections. Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal is the right choice for the city not merely because he is from the anti-NDA camp, but also because he has performed well during his tenure in the office.

These sentiments were voiced by a cross-section of the city residents who were asked to express their views on the Congress victory on the local parliamentary seat here today.

Mr Arjun Singh Rawat, a trader in Sector 44, said instead of accepting its failures and showing new hopes the local candidate of the BJP was indulging in popularising the ‘Feel Good’ slogan given on the basis of the party’s performance at the national level. “What difference does it make to a common man as to what the Indian money was doing in the international market? Steel prices have hit an all-time high. Oil and cooking gas prices are set to shoot up. What should we feel good about?” he said.

Mr Sanjay Kumar, a resident of Sector 21, said “ unemployment was increasing. Government jobs were decreasing. In fact, many government ventures were being closed down. What should I feel good about? Mr Bansal is the only alternative for the city. He has performed well during his tenure as MP by associating himself with every activity of the Municipal Corporation and public work”.

Mr Amarjit Singh Ladhar, Additional Advocate-General, Punjab, said, Mr Bansal was the most deserving candidate in the fray for the local seat. “ He is good in public dealing and is always open to ideas. Another hallmark of Mr Bansal’s personality is that he studies each case in details and prepares himself for argument in all offices that he deals with. Development of small facilities in each sectors like parks, sanitation and other facilities have remained on top of his agenda as was evident from daily reports in newspapers. He deserved to be given another chance”, he added.

Ms Pinki said, “Mr Bansal has a clean image. He is a patient listener and always tries to help residents and solve their problems. This image, particularly among the slum-dwellers, has helped him seize a major vote bank”.

Mr Gulshan Sharma, a lawyer said “Mr Bansal, is vigorous by nature. He balances the local and the national issues on his agenda. The Feel-Good claim by the BJP was only a hoax”.

Mr Pradeep Puri, a bank employee, said the Congress coming to power at the Centre was not a good development for the country.” The Congress has contributed nothing significant since Independence. The BJP achieved the same, in fact much more, in the past five years alone”.

Shweta, a student of the Government College for Girls, Sector 11, said as a first-time voter she voted for the candidate with whose working people of the city were satisfied. Mr Bansal has performed well. As far as the high-sounding statements like ‘feel-good factor’ and ‘India’ Shining are concerned, city youngsters are not impressed. These statement are understood only by the urban strata. It means nothing to the poor and the illiterate who play the key role during elections. Apart from Bansal’s popularity, reasons for the BJP’s debacle are also national”, she said.

A totally contrasting view was put forward by Radhika Singh, an MCM student who cast her vote keeping in mind the Prime Ministership of the nation. Not very happy with the result, she said she was not willing to accept a woman of foreign origin to lead the country. This was the sole factor that made her support the BJP.

Radhika’s view was supported by Ramneek, a student of GCG -11. She says India progressed steadily under Mr Vajpayee’s leadership and there was certainly a feel-good factor. Prejudice against Sonia Gandhi’s Italian roots also played a decisive role while she voted.

Harvinder Singh, a student of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Sector 26, supported the BJP as he felt that it was more representative at the Centre. As for the local scenario, he extended his support to Mr Satya Pal Jain due to his strong party background.



BJP expels former district unit chiefs
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 13
The local unit of the BJP has expelled its former president Dharam Pal Gupta and former district president Des Raj Gupta from primary membership here this evening.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the party office-bearers held after the declaration of the Lok Sabha results for the Chandigarh seat.

At the meeting the president of the unit, Mr Yashpal Mahajan, also announced that a five-member disciplinary panel would be formed.

The committee headed by Mr Mahajan would be asked to submit its report on the factors which led to Mr Satya Pal Jain’s defeat within 15 days.



People were angry with NDA: Dhawan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
“The result of the Chandigarh constituency to the Lok Sabha seat in Parliament has come in as a big surprise to me. The margin of victory was never anticipated to be so high for anyone, at least in the local constituency”, said Mr Harmohan Dhawan, the candidate of the Indian National Lok Dal, who lost the election here today.

“It seems that the people were too angry with the performance of the National Democratic Alliance at the Centre. They thought the correct way was to vent their ire through vote for Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, the candidate of the Congress”, he said.

Making no reservation on eulogising the achievement of the Congress he said the victory margin of Mr Bansal had left him deeply impressed and agreed that it had upset all the pre-poll predictions, poll preparations and the poll results.

Mr Dhawan said the huge margin of more than 45000 showed clearly that the anger of the people was only targeted against the BJP. The biggest reason they voted for Mr Bansal en masse was because they thought Congress was the best possible alternative at the Centre.

The INLD candidate said” I accept the verdict of the people with all dignity. Politics is not a game of stagnation. It moves with life. The issues change and so do the aspirations of the people which they show through their ballot. There is always time to start afresh”.

He said: “after some time I will sit with my party workers and analyse the whole election scenario and relate it to the aspirations of the people and where we had failed in addressing them. I am always with the public and will keep in regular touch with them. I will be standing with them whenever they need me”.

Mr Harmohan Dhawan, INLD candidate, in a pensive mood following his defeat in the Parliamentary elections at Chandigarh on Thursday.



PHDCCI averse to Cong-Left tie-up
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
Industrialists and trade associations are hopeful that the formation of the Congress-led alliance government at the Centre will continue with economic reforms started by the NDA government. They are, however, apprehensive that if the Congress enters into an alliance with the Left parties, it will have an adverse effect on industry.

Mr Ravi Wig, National President of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), said the new government should continue with the economic reforms which were started by the NDA government. It should bring improvement in the labour laws to ensure that if an industrialist had the power to make appointments, he should also have the power to sack him. The government could interfere by deciding the compensation to be given to the sacked employee, he added.

Mr Wig said if the Left parties extended support to the Congress from outside, it would be good but if they do so internally, industrial growth would suffer.

Describing the poll results unexpected, Mr Manish Bagrodia, Chairman of the Punjab state Council of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), said a stable government was the solution to all industrial ills. The pace of reforms should be kept up within the interest of the economic health of the nation. “Stability in policy making is the need of hour in the changing global scenario,” he said. Mr Bagrodia advocated reforms in the power sector for better gains.

The president of All-India SBI Officers Federation, Mr Amar Pal, said the Congress government would spell relief for the working class. With support of the Left parties, the CPI and the CPM, it would not be able to ignore the rights of the employees and workers. He alleged that in view of the ongoing disinvestment process, the NDA government had put the rights of the employees and the working class at stake, which was harmful for the economic growth.

Mr Amar Pal said the wages of bank employees had not been revised since 1997.



Lensmen denied entry into counting centre
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 13
Contrary to the directions of the EC, the district administration today barred the entry of the lensmen into the counting centre for the Kalka Assembly segment of the Ambala Parliamentary constituency at the BEL community centre in Sector 14 here.

Though the local photographers, including a couple of TV channel cameramen, had valid passes for the coverage of the counting, the district officials denied them entry. However, press correspondents were allowed entry on the production of passes.

When the matter was brought to the notice of the district electoral officer, Ms Satwanti Ahlawat, she stuck to her stand that cameramen would not be allowed inside the counting centre.

Meanwhile, the counting for the Assembly segment, which began at 8 a.m., went off peacefully. The Congress candidate, Ms Selja, who was leading from the first round, established a lead of 39,335 votes by the nineteenth round.

BJP and the INLD leaders could be seen leaving counting centre even before the final results were officially announced.



Those who couldn't vote


Shree Kant Sharma 3024, Sector 35-D

Saroj Sharma 3024, Sector 35-D

Bharat Sharma 3024, Sector 35-D

Sharad Sharma 3024, Sector 35-D

A.P.Bhatia 3227, Sector 35-D

Abhishek Chanana 3452, Sector 46-C

Achint Bhatia 3227, Sector 35-D

Adarsh Grewal 127, Sector 8-A

Anant Singh Grewal 127, Sector 8-A

Anshul Gupta 1137, Sector 42-B

Avtar Singh 2252, Sector 35-C

Baljinder Dhingra 3366/1, Sector 40-D

Bhavna Sharma 1943, Near Quila, Manimajra

Charan Jeet Singh 811, Saini Vihar, Baltana Zirakpur

Darwan Singh 3040A, Sector 29-D

Deepak Bahadur 255, Sector 9-C

Dil Bahadur 127, Sector 8-A

Asha Kiran 1051B, Sector 41-B,

Sukhjit Kaur 5101/1, Modern Housing Complex

Vinod Kumar 1051B, Sector 41-B,

Zachu Khattar 255, Sector 9-C

Ganga Devi A-255, Sector 25, PU Residential Complex

Harjit Kumar 5214/3, Modern Housing Complex

Hatinder Kumar 255, Sector 9-C

Jaswant Singh 1106, Sector 44-B

Kiran Bhandari 5930, Modern Complex.

Lakhmi Chand SCF 28, Grain Market, Sector 28

Lalit Malhotra 2044/3 Sector 45-C

Manvinder Singh Saini 797, Sector 43-A

Mini Grewal 127, Sector 8-A

Mohan Lal Verma 36D Sector 30-B

Mohinder Pal 567, Sec 2, Panchkula

Satish Kuimar Garg SCF 28, Grain Market, Sector 28

Geeta Bali 78-C Partap Nagar Patiala

Kanwaljit Kaur 2252, Sector 35-C

Raj Bala Garg SCF 28, Grain Market, Sector 28

Sunita Sharma 5516/2, Modern Housing Complex

Sushma Gupta 5074/2, Modern Housing Complex

Neelam Khattar 255, Sector 9-C

Nitika Tangari 1268 Sector 15-B

O.K.Bhatia 3227, Sector 35-D

Parveen Begum 3054A, Sector 29-D

Parvesh Chauhan 3054A, Sector 29-D

Piar Singh Bains 127, Sector 8-A

Prittam Singh Bains 127, Sector 8-A

R.C.Dhiman 1170, Pushpac Complex, Sector 49

R.K. Bhandari 5930, Modern Complex

R.K.Gupta 5074/2, Modern Housing Complex

Raj Kumar Chopra 1552, Sector 22-B

Rajinder Pal Batra 78-C, Partap Nagar, Patiala

Ram Rattan Garg 881, Sector 41-A

Ramita 1137, Sector 42-B,

Ratan Bhandari 5930, Modern Complex.

Ritu Bhandari 5930, Modern Complex.

Rohit Walia 138, Sector 46-A

S.S.Ahluwalia 138, Sector 46-A

Samrath Singh Grewal 127, Sector 8-A

Sanjay Vats 1943, Near Quila, Manimajra

Santosh 1170, Pushpac Complex, Sector 49

Satish Kumar 1137, Sector 42-B

Gurinder Ahluwalia 138, Sector 46-A

Har Devi S.C.F. 28, Grain Market, Sector 28

Prem Lata 881, Sector 41-A

Sumetra Devi 255, Sector 9-C

Surinder Pal 567, Sector 2, Panchkula

Tripta Kumari 5214/3, Modern Housing Complex,

Uma Khosla 153, Sector 9-B

Varun Khattar 255, Sector 9-C

Veena Dhingra 3366/1, Sector 40-D

Vijay Kumar Kaushik 3042, Tribune Colony, Sector 29-D

Vikas Maingi 567, Sector 2, Panchkula

Vivek Bhatia 3227, Sector 35-D

Waryam Singh 426/1, Sector 44-A

Mohinder Kaur 426/1, Sector 44-A

Harmanjit Singh 426/1, Sector 44-A

Pushpa Talwar 1282, Sector 8-C

Benarsi Lal Talwar 1282, Sector 8-C

Nisha Rana 1621-B, Sector 35-C

Divanshu Arora 1148 Sector 43-B

Narinder Kumar Sharma T-3/20, Sector 25, PU Residential Complex

Vinod Bala Sharma T-3/20, Sector 25, PU Residential Complex

AshaTomar 90, Sector 24-A

Sanjhi Ram 21, T-III (Block), Sector 25, PU Campus

Indra Sharma 21, T-III (Block), Sector 25, PU Campus

Vinay Kumar 21, T-III (Block), Sector 25, PU Campus

Monika Sharma 21, T-III (Block), Sector 25, PU Campus

Jaskiran harika 1205, Sector 8-C, Chandigarh

Amarjit Harika 1205, Sector 8-C, Chandigarh

Narinder Kumar Sharma T-3/20, Sector 25, PU Residential Complex

Vinod Bala Sharma T-3/20, Sector 25, PU Residential Complex

Rashmi Sharma T-3/20, Sector 25, PU Residential Complex

Ashish Sharma T-3/20, Sector 25, PU Residential Complex


Rajinder Singh Kang H.NO. 20, Gian Colony

Baljit Kaur H.NO. 20, Gian Colony

Gagandeep 1902/2 Mir Kundla Street, Opp. Sewa Smiti School

Shyam Lal Mehta 5212/1, Arorian Street

Kaushalya Devi 5212/1, Arorian Street

Satpal Mehta 5212/1, Arorian Street

Sunita Mehta 5212/1, Arorian Street

Harikrishan Ahuja 5212/1, Arorian Street

Indira Ahuja 5212/1, Arorian Street

Savitri Devi 2290/1, Sath Ghara Street, Near Books Market

Gurinder Singh Bains 511,Ghuman Nagar, Sirhind Road

Shehnaz Sharma 55, Bank Colony, Patiala

Chiranjiv Singh Virmani 67-A Hem Bagh

Sudarshan Kaur 67-A Hem Bagh

Maneet Kaur 67-A Hem Bagh

Guneet Virmani 67-A Hem Bagh

Joginder singh 13-A Siri Niwas Colony, Rajbaha Road

Harpal Kaur 13-A Siri Niwas Colony, Rajbaha Road

Ajit Singh Bhatia 406, Phase-I Urban Estate

Arvind Aggarwal 15, Raghhir Colony Model Town

ASlka Raina HM5132 Urban Estate Phase-II

Baldev Krishan 10, Giani Zail Singh Nagar

Dhiraj Aggarwal 13, Raghlur Colony Model Town

B.S.Bhatia 434, Phase-I Urban Estate

Krishan Gopal 16, Raghlur Colony Model Town

Man Singh Bhatia 59, Henm Bagh Colony

Gurbachan Kaur Bhatia 406, Phase-I Urban Estate

Harsimarn Singh 11-D, Passy Road

Kavita Sachdeva 10, Giani Zail Singh Nagar

Krishan Lal Aggarwal 15, Raghhir Colony Model Town

Meeta Singh 406, Phase-I Urban Estate

Gajinder Pal Singh 434, Phase-I Urban Estate

Jasmeet Kaur Bhatia 59, Henm Bagh Colony

Maggi 82, Phase-I Urban Estate

Mandeep Singh 434, Phase-I Urban Estate

Satpal Singh Bhatia 82, Phase-I Urban Estate

Simarjeet Singh Bhatia 59, Henm Bagh Colony

Gumininder Kaur Bhatia 59, Henm Bagh Colony

Kanchan Aggarwal 13, Raghlur Colony Model Town

Ruchi Aggarwal 15, Raghhir Colony Model Town

Sangeet Goyal 16, Raghlur Colony Model Town

Savitri Devi 16, Raghlur Colony Model Town

Sumanpreet Kaur 434, Phase-I Urban Estate

Surinder Kaur 434, Phase-I Urban Estate

Tajinder Kaur Bhatia 59, Henm Bagh Colony

Alamjit Kaur Bhatia 406, Phase-I Urban Estate

Anshu Aggarwal 15, Raghhir Colony Model Town

Sonia Bhatia 82, Phase-I Urban Estate

Narinder Kumar Jain 721/7, Guru Nanak Nagar

Pankaj Aggarwal 15, Raghhir Colony Model Town

Pankaj Raina HM5132, Urban Estate Phase-II

Prem Kumari 10, Giani Zail Singh Nagar

Ram Lal Jain 721/7, Guru Nanak Nagar

Sandeep Singh Bhatia 82, Phase-I Urban Estate

Krishan Lal Mahajan 216, Phase-I, Saini Vihar, Baltana,

Mohinder Kumar Jain 721/7, Guru Nanak Nagar

Shaveta Sachdeva 10, Giani Zail Singh Nagar

Satinder Kumar Jain 721/7, Guru Nanak Nagar

Amita Jain 721/7, Guru Nanak Nagar

Chandan Jain 721/7, Guru Nanak Nagar

Neelam Jain 721/7, Guru Nanak Nagar

Som Nath Aggarwal 13, Raghlur Colony Model Town

Sukhminder Singh 11-D, Passy Road

Surjit Kaur Bhatia 82, Phase-I Urban Estate

Tejinder Kaur 11-D, Passy Road


Gursharan Kaur 387, Ward No. 1 Nalagarh Road Pinjore

Harminder Singh 769B-1, Rajpur Colony, Pinjore

Harsharan Kaur 387, Ward No. 1 Nalagarh Road Pinjore

Kanwar Ranjinder Singh  387, Ward No. 1 Nalagarh, Road Pinjore

Kanwar Sukhwinder Singh  387, Ward No. 1 Nalagarh Road Pinjore

Narinder Pal 769B-1, Rajpur Colony, Pinjore

Sandeep Kaur 387, Ward No. 1 Nalagarh Road Pinjore

Surjit Kaur 134/2, Panchkula

Varinder Chawla 377, Sector 7 Veena Chawla 377, Sector 7

Shrimati Shakuntala 448 Sector 8, Chopra


S S Likhari (Retd) 639 Phase-6, Mohali

Daljinder Likhari 639 Phase-6, Mohali

Kulwant Singh Brar 86, Rose Avenue, New Officer's Colony

Gursurinder Brar 86, Rose Avenue, New Officer's Colony

Jaidit Singh Brar 86, Rose Avenue, New Officer's Colony

Karanjit Singh Brar 86, Rose Avenue, New Officer's Colony

Jagir Singh Dhami 28 Phase VII

Surjit Kaur Dhami 28 Phase VII

Maninder Kaur Dhami 28 Phase VII

Sukhdeep Singh Dhami 28 Phase VII

Mandeep Kaur Dhami 28 Phase VII

Anoopinder Kaur 2352, Phase X

Bhagwant Singh 15, Phase IIIB1

Jatinder Kaur 290, Phase XI

Jatinder Pal Singh 2873, Phase VII

Gurnam Kaur 10, Pacca Bagh, Ropar

Harminder Kaur 10, Pacca Bagh, Ropar

Jasvir Kaur 1808, Phase V

Kuldip Saini 290, Phase XI

Preet Mohinder Kaur 2352, Phase X

Rattan Kaur 2352, Phase X

Sanjiv Saini 290, Phase XI

Sarabjeet Singh 2352, Phase X

Sh. Jiwan Dass Saini 290, Phase XI

Shyam Sunder Saini 290, Phase XI

Sukhjinder Singh 10, Pacca Bagh, Ropar

Sunil Kumar Saini 290, Phase XI

Surinder Singh 1808, Phase V

Surjit Singh 2352, Phase X

Vikram Saini 290, Phase XI

Usha Rani 1312/4, Phase XI

Varun Walia 1312/4, Phase XI


Benarsi Dass 59, Model Town

Deepak Kanwar 122D, Model Town

S.S.Chopra 13 Rajapark

Richa Chopra 13 Rajapark

Sudesh Chopra 13 Rajapark

Sanjay Thakur 122D, Model Town,


Avtar Singh 168, Ward No 6 Preet Nagar

Parmpreet 168, Ward No 6 Preet Nagar

MS Malkiat Kaur Block Development and

Panchayat Office, Q-No-2,

MR Jagjit Singh Block Development,

Panchayat Office, Q-No-2,

Mr Skinderjit Singh Block Development, Panchayat Office, Q-No-2



$17,000 stolen from Tanzanian’s hotel room
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
A Tanzanian, in the city to get his lumber spine problem treated, has turned into a pauper, with his $ 17,000 and belongings being stolen from his room in the Sunbeam Hotel in Sector 22 here.

A retired Tanzanian government engineer, Mr Richard Kami Lwekamwa, said he was served food at around 10.30 p.m. on May 11. Within 10 minutes, a person wearing a checked shirt rung the bell of his room 102 and told him that there was an urgent phone call for him at the reception. Richard told Chandigarh Tribune that he locked the door of his room and went downstairs, but was surprised when the receptionist told him that he had not sent anybody for him.

When he returned to his room, he found the door ajar and his bag missing. The bag contained around $ 17,000 of $ 100 denomination, a mobile phone, a wrist watch, his passport and his air ticket.

Richard said he suspected that the person who cheated him resembled the person who served him food in the hotel uniform. He seemed to have changed his clothes. The hotel management denied it, saying the person who served the food had been presented before the customer in an identification parade, but he could not pinpoint the thief.

Richard said he checked in on May 8 after his suspected cancer had been ruled out at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai. He said as soon as he found the bag missing, he informed the hotel management, which called the police and sealed the hotel.

Within an hour the police found the bag 100 metres away from the hotel, with the air ticket and passport in it. Richard identified the bag. The hotel management got a written complaint from the Tanzanian and officially forwarded it to the police.

The Tanzanian said the hotel management helped him making calls to his country to send more money for his operation, but the process would take some time as foreign currency had to come through official channels.

Richard said he was insured against theft, but the compensation would take some time. The Tanzanian said he could not get himself operated upon unless he got the money. Richard said he would go to the PGI for booking a private ward tomorrow and the date of the operation would be decided later.

The Tanzanian said a large part of his retirement savings had gone and it would be difficult for his family to re-arrange it within a short span. He said he was now stuck. The Tanzanian said he had earlier got his operation conducted in Switzerland, which had cost him $ 15,000. Richard said he had come to India for this operation after finding out that an operation in India could be cheaper.

Richard accused the hotel staff of asking him to check out. The Tanzanian said none of the persons from the management had gone to feel sorry. Richard said the hotel management had helped him contact his family and was serving him meals.

The hotel management, said the hotel had a securityman at the main entrance and in the parking. They were questioned, but they did not see anybody carrying a bag that night.



Punjab throws up three new faces, Haryana one
Prabhjot Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 13
Punjab has taken lead over other States and Union Territories in the region by electing three first-timers to the 14th Lok Sabha. Haryana succeeded in electing just one.

While in Punjab all the three new faces -- former Test cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu, Youth Akali Dal President Sharanjit Singh Dhillon and a school teacher, Ms Paramjit Kaur Gulshan -- belong to the Shiromani Akali Dal- Bharatiya Janata Party (SAD-BJP) alliance, the lone winner from Haryana, Mr Naveen Jindal, an accomplished horse rider and industrialist, belongs to the Congress.

Among the first timers to lose a close race was Mr Naresh Gujral of the Shiromani Akali Dal, who went down fighting to Rana Gurjit Singh, MLA from Kapurthala.

In Bathinda, where it was a triangular contest among first-timers, Ms Paramjit Kaur emerged the winner while Ms Kushal Bhaur (CPI) and Mr Sarabjit Singh (Akali Dal - Amritsar) fell by way side.

Punjab has elected two woman MPs - Mrs Preneet Kaur (Congress) and Ms Paramjit Kaur(Shiromani Akali Dal) while Haryana - Kumari Selja (Congress) and Himachal - Ms Pratibha Singh (Congress) have one each.

Interestingly, the wives of both the Congress Chief Ministers -- Mrs Preneet Kaur (Punjab) and Ms Pratibha Singh (Himachal) -- have also been elected to the 14th Lok Sabha.In Jammu & Kashmir, Ms Mehbooba Mufti, daughter of the Chief Minister of the trouble-torn J&K, also figured in the list of successful candidates.

Though Congress recorded resounding wins in Haryana - nine out of 10 - and Himachal Pradesh (three out of four), yet it faltered in Punjab where it had face-saving wins in the home constituency of the Chief Minister (Patiala) and Jalandhar.

Interestingly after the Lok Sabha election results, Punjab (three), Haryana (three) and Himachal (one) will have vacancies to fill. Since in Haryana, the State Legislature is due to complete its tenure early next year, there may not be any byelection. But in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, byelections will be required to be conducted within the next six months.

Three of the sitting members of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha -- Dr Rattan Singh Ajnala, Mr Avinash Rai Khanna and Rana Gurjit Singh -- have been elected to the Lok sabha while Capt Kanwaljit Singh is the only Punjab MLA to lose the election.

In Haryana, the Leader of Opposition, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Mr Jai Parkash Barwala and Rao Inderjit Singh - all members of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha are also among the successful candidates. They all belong to the Congress. On the other hand, Haryana's Transport Minister, Mr Ashok Arora, and younger son of the State Chief Minister, Mr Abhay Singh Chautala, who contested on the ruling Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) ticket, were among the losers.

In Himachal, the score was even. Of the two sitting legislators of the ruling Congress who contested, Mr Chander Kumar won, defeating former Union Minister and State Chief Minister, Mr Shanta Kumar, in Kangra. Mr Ram Lal Thakur lost narrowly to Mr Suresh Chandel from Hamirpur.



No arrest in murder case
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 13
The police has not been able to arrest those responsible for the murder of Harjit Kaur, the dancer who was brutally killed at her house here yesterday.

The police said her husband Kuldip Singh and her parents had been questioned in this regard. Some members of the dance troupe with which she worked had been rounded up for interrogation. Sources said Harjit worked with the Nakodar Giddha Centre at Nakodar and had performed in some shows.



Two killed in road mishaps
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 13
During the past 24 hours, two persons have lost their lives in separate road accidents.

Sanjay Mishra, a resident of Panchkula and working as a territorial manager with a private company, was killed after the scooter he was riding was hit by a CTU bus near the Kisan Bhavan on the Dakshin Marg here today. The bus driver, Dharamvir of Darua village, was arrested and later let off on bail.

In another case, a person was killed on the spot in Mani Majra after allegedly after being run over by a car near Motor Market, Mani Majra, here yesterday. The car driver, Ravi Kiran Dahiya, a resident of Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula, has been arrested. Cases under Sections 279 and 304-A of the IPC have been registered.


Inderpreet Singh Gill, a resident of Sector 21, was caught red-handed while he was trying to flee from a house in the sector after committing theft in the wee hours today.

According to reports, Gill entered house No 72 in Sector 21 at around 4.30 am. The owner of the house, Mrs Surinder Kaur, heard sounds of an almirah being opened but she ignored it. However, she got suspicious when she saw light of a burning match stick. When Mrs Surinder Kaur got off from her bed, Gill tried to flee on his scooter parked in front of the house.

However, he was overpowered by her husband.

A mobile phone was recently stolen from house No 33 and a purse from house No 237 in the sector. The police was trying to ascertain Gill’s involvement in these two thefts. He was produced in a local court which remanded him to police custody for two days.



Constable surrenders in murder case
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 13
A Punjab Police constable, Simarjeet Singh, who is a suspect in the murder case of a Ludhiana resident, today surrendered in a local court today.

Eight others, including a Sub-Inspector of the Punjab Police, Gurmeet Singh Pinky, are also suspects in the case. They had allegedly shot dead Avtar Singh Gola on January 7, 2001.

Simarjeet Singh in an affidavit filed before the judge alleged that he was kidnapped and kept in illegal detention by Pinky and others for over eight months.

The Additional District and Sessions Judge, Mr R.S. Baswana, later released Simarjeet on bail.

Meanwhile, the statement of the father of Gola, Mr Amrik Singh, was today recorded in the court. In his statement alleged that his son was killed at point-blank range by Pinky and others.

Simarjeet in his affidavit has also alleged the Pinky was planning to kill Amrik Singh and would have implicated him in the murder. He had alleged that he was kept in illegal detention first in a house in Sector 34 then in Sector 44. Then he was kept in detention at Sirhind for about four months and later at a place in Uttar Pradesh.

The case has been transferred in the district courts here on directions of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.



Booked for carrying gun, cartridges
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 13
The police here today found a gun and cartridges from a car parked on the premises of the office of the Punjab School Education Board.

A .12-bore gun and 10 cartridges were seized from a white Tata Sierra bearing a Delhi registration number, which was allegedly parked there by a member of the Punjab School Education Board Non-Teaching Employees Union.

The DSP, Mr Harpreet Singh, said the vehicle, which was locked, had been impounded by the police. He said the weapon had a licence, but carrying a weapon was violation of the election code of conduct.

A case under Section 188 of the IPC has been registered against Mr Amrik Singh Bhari, against whom a complaint had been received by the police.

The car was found parked in an area where only senior officials of the board could park their vehicles.

The Chairman of the board, Dr Kehar Singh, said explanation in this regard was being sought from the persons concerned for wrong parking of the car.

The weapon was reportedly brought by members of the ruling group of the union for allegedly attacking some members of the other union following some rivalry.

It is being alleged that Mr Sagar Singh Randhawa of the opposition had been allegedly attacked with a sword and injured by Mr Amrik Singh Bhari and union president Gurdeep Singh Dhillon last evening outside the office of the board.

The attack was linked to a pamphlet which had been circulated among employees some days ago. In the pamphlet it was said the employees’ union was allegedly indulging in goondaism apart from levelling other allegations. Mr Sagar was one of the signatories to the pamphlet.

Members of the ruling group of the union have condemned the attack.


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