Sunday, May 16, 2004


Spoilsports at play

Instead of gearing up for the Athens Olympics in August this year, Indian hockey is riddled with controversy. Amardeep Bhattal, who has been following Dhanraj Pillay’s fortunes, reports on the player in the eye of the storm.


VERSATILE hockey star Dhanraj Pillay today represents the best in Indian hockey. Charged with passion for the national game ever since his debut in the Allwyn Asia Cup in New Delhi in 1989, Pillay has, over the years, carved out a niche for himself through sheer artistry on the hockey turf.

Indian hockey: Team spirit is a goal too far

Amardeep Bhattal
T was on a cool, sombre morning of February 28, 2002, that I called on Indian captain Baljit Singh Dhillon at the Concorde in the Malaysian capital. India had blown away their chances of entering the semifinals of the World Cup the previous evening and a sense of despondency had engulfed the national team.

Prabhjot Singh
ITH just three months to go for the Athens Olympics, Indian hockey is embroiled in a major controversy over the composition of its team. This, when they should be finetuning skills and strategies for the prestigious event. Controversies, especially over selection of players, have been a tradition in Indian hockey.

Close encounters of the avian kind
Baljit Singh
OME birds are known for their splendid plumage (peacock), some for their musical qualities (shama). The blue whistling thrush is one bird which combines both attributes. The thrush is found at altitudes of 2000-3000 m in the Himalayas, from the western tip to the east through Nepal-Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh into the Patkai, Jaintia, Khasi and Garo hills, in a crescent bordering Myanmar and Bangladesh.

A city that’s a theme for a dream
Lahore di sair can last a lifetime for there is so much to see, says Nirupama Dutt
AS the old Punjabi adage goes, the one who has not seen Lahore is yet to be born. This was the phrase used by Asghar Wajahat for his play Jis Lahore Nahi Wekheya O' Janmeya Nahi. Set against the backdrop of the Partition riots, this play was made famous in a production by famed theatre director, Habib Tanvir.

Chugging through the Nilgiris
Rajnish Wattas
HE 662 Up Nilgiri Express is scheduled to reach Conoor at 10.25 hours. It’s already one hour late, but Manoj Varma, the friendly Station Superintendent, is not worried. He assures us that the train would be there soon. Life on the quaint railways runs at an unhurried pace.

Royal car rolls on
Gaurav Sood
OLLS-ROYCE, the name that became synonymous with integrity, reliability and innovation celebrated its hundredth anniversary on May 4, 2004. Henry Royce, a reputed engineer first built one of the world’s most famous and best-known brands in 1904 and Charles Rolls, a motor enthusiast sold quality cars in London.

The power of Passion
Ervell E. Menezes
HEN the pre-release of a film is so great as in Passion —- the real name is The Passion of the Christ—- it is difficult for the film to live up to expectations. But this magnum opus by Mel Gibson does precisely that, which of course is saying a lot.

Making the right moves
Ruchika M. Khanna
FTER a long hiatus from Bollywood, Pardes girl Mahima Chaudhary, who was in Chandigarh last week to campaign for the INLD candidate Harmohan Dhawan, is ready to sizzle again on the silver screen. The actor, once touted as the next best thing to happen to Bollywood after Madhuri Dixit, is now ready for her second innings with the lead role in Anupam Kher’s English movie, Chess.


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