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Manmohan Singh’s connection with PU dates back to 60s
At 33 he was the youngest professor
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
An astute economist with the rare ingredients of a policy maker, politician and economist, packed into one, Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister-elect of the country, has a Panjab University connection which dates back to his student days, one which has been recently revived and is alive and kicking.

His romance with teaching at the university, in the early 60s, too, was a very fulfilling experience, his students claim. Having joined the university as lecturer just after completing his postgraduation from the department at the age of 22 years, this architect of Indian economic reforms went on to become the youngest professor in the university at 33 years, a feat which remains unparalleled till date.

Between pursuing degrees in foreign universities and indulging his passion of teaching at the university, nobody remembers how and when he was drawn to the political arena, how the solitude-loving research-oriented Dr Singh managed the public glare. However, they know with certainty that he left a lasting impression wherever he went, whatever he touched.

Having studied, learnt and taught at the Department of Economics, Panjab University, he earned the reputation of an undefatiguable worker and became a topper in the university as a student. Commanding respect from one and all, he left an indelible mark on the minds of his students some of whom are, now, teaching at his parent department.

Prof H.S. Shergill and Prof V.K. Gupta, his students, say chances and circumstances have conspired to place him, a politically sagacious economist, at the head of the Indian nation. His retiring nature, humility and patience, set him apart from the usual politician. Though self-effacing, he has been pursued by things he never wanted-publicity, fame, seat of power, they maintain.

A very sought-after teacher by his students, Dr Manmohan Singh was and continues to be a man of few words. “He had a very matter-of-fact approach to everything, keeping to himself and, yet, very close to his students. He was something of an ideal for students like me who came from a village background. No wonder, the Congress thought of him in its hour of turmoil,” Prof Shergill says.

The mention of Dr Manmohan Singh brings to mind an “almost perfect man” for Dr Gupta who has been his student and colleague. “He always chose to stay away from politics and his books were his best friends. Clear-headed and willing to learn, he was one teacher who came fully prepared with his lectures to class,” he holds.

Working in close association with Dr Singh in the Indian Economics Association, Prof Mr Aggarwal, is reminded of how this former Finance Minister asked his wife to prepare tea and pulled out chairs himself for all members of the association when they went to meet him in Delhi.

“He is simplicity personified. I remember the time when he had come back from Geneva and applied for the post of professor in our department. The Syndicate, plagued with politics, rejected his selection. That was around 1988. He never came back after that. The university watched him grow in stature from a distance. Then, a couple of years back, our department re-established the snapped links by inviting him for a lecture. A lot of persuasion went into that.

Finally, he is back with us,” he emphasizes.

Prof A.C. Jhulka who met him at the seminar states, “Along with Prof S.P. Ragnekar, he was instrumental in starting the Honours school in Economics, a fact I didn’t know till he himself told me. He is still sour over the fact that his very own prodigy was instrumental in having it closed down. It was then that I brought up the issue of starting the Honours school again. Initially non-committal, he agreed to help out finally. This just goes to show that the teacher in him is very much alive and rearing to go.”

Having remained a shadowy remote figure in politics, he is at the centre-stage, his moment of reckoning has come. And, all through this arduous, meandering journey to the top, he has never lost touch with the city, the university that took him places and his roots. 


All media attention on Economics Dept
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Dr Manmohan Singh addresses mediapersons at Chandigarh Press Club, Chandigarh.
Dr Manmohan Singh addresses mediapersons at Chandigarh Press Club, Chandigarh. (File photo)

Chandigarh, May 19
Microphones, cameras, lights — the faculty at the Department of Economics, Panjab University, had their brush with fame here today, as the possibility of Dr Manmohan Singh taking over as the Prime Minister of India, grew with every passing hour.

With jurnos from the print and electronic media eager to lay their hands on anything and anyone associated or remotely known to Dr Singh, the faculty of the department where he studied and taught was the obvious and easiest choice for all.

The faculty has its hands full as they were prodded to go down, rather run down, memory lane and recapture the moment and times which Dr Manmohan Singh spent with them. The capacity and circumstances of the association didn’t seem to matter to the information-thirsty media which hung on to every word uttered by the faculty.

His student and, later, colleague at the department, Dr V.K. Gupta, has been shuttling between studios of news channels since yesterday evening. He admits the cameras made him slightly conscious but once he got going, nothing mattered. “Since afternoon today, I have been on the phone, recalling my times with Dr Singh. Everyone wants something that is a wee bit different. I can’t cook up stories. I am telling every reporter the same thing,” he says.

At the department, the building has been shot over and over again. There is little realisation that this was not the building that housed the department around the time when its most famous student-teacher was on the rolls. The photographs of Dr Manmohan Singh’s last visit to the department, sometime in 2002, for a seminar, have been scanned repeatedly and all talk has been hovering around him.

“The university’s loss has been Dr Singh’s gain. Had he not been rejected for professorship, he would not have ventured beyond the gates of PU. That’s where destiny’s role comes in. He was made for bigger things,” adds Dr AC Julka. The role of “Information Bureau” has been thrust upon him. “Everybody is calling me up to find out phone numbers of people close to him,” he exclaims.

The new chairman of the department, Dr Naveen Sharma, chips in, “Celebrations are already on as far as we are concerned. He will be the next PM of our country beyond doubt. The jubilation would have been more pronounced had the vacation not been on. It feels good to be sharing our feeling with the media”

Prof MR Aggarwal had most correspondents of news channels visiting him at his residence. “I told them all I knew about the next Prime Minister. While we watch people on television screens everyday, it felt good to be in the limelight. They called up in the morning and sought an appointment. I was there for them all day, letting them know the minutest details and replying to their question” he claims.

Basking in the glory of this new found fame, the faculty is enjoying every bit of the attention it is getting. Such events don’t happen everyday for them. 


Sonia’s gesture applauded
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
Several senior Congress leaders of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh have applauded the decision of Congress president, Sonia Gandhi to renounce the office of the Prime Minister inspite of unanimous support of more than 300 members of Parliament.

“It is an unprecedented and historic step taken by Mrs Sonia Gandhi,” says Mr Parminder Singh, a general secretary of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee holding that by picking Dr Manmohan Singh, an economist of international repute and with a clean image, as the next Prime Minister of India, Mrs Gandhi has proved more than her credentials of being a secular, fair and a great leader.

“With one stroke she has nullified the ugly and nefarious attempt of the communal and fascist BJP and its allies to block people’s verdict,” he said holding that silence observed by the outgoing Prime Minister, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his cohorts at this juncture has put a question mark on his stature as a statesman and leader.

He said the Congress party had emerged much stronger after Mrs Gandhi decided to renounce the office of the Prime Minister in her endeavour to provide a secular, strong and stable government at the centre.

Mr Kewal Dhillon, senior vice-president, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, said Mrs Gandhi by her gesture had won over the minorities.

Mr Dhillon, an industrialist, said the making of Dr Manmohan Singh as the next Prime Minister was a great day for Punjab and Sikhs. His impeccable record has made every Punjabi proud and the trade, industry and business will look towards him for accelerating the pace of growth in the country, he added.

Mahila Cong activists burn effigies of Sushma, Uma Bharti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
Volunteers of the Chandigarh Territorial Mahila Congress led by its president, Ms Lalit Joshi, today took out a procession through the city today and burnt effigies of BJP leaders, Ms Sushma Swaraj and Ms Uma Bharati, in protest against their remarks against the Congress President, Ms Sonia Gandhi.

Addressing a rally later, Ms Joshi said the mandate of the people wished to see Ms Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister.

Others who spoke included Ms Bhajan Kaur, Ms Pushpa Sharma, Ms Meenakshi Chaudhary, Ms Nirmal Kaur, Ms Urvashi Sharma, Ms Mohani, Ms Indu, Ms Zaida Begum, Mr Ram Pal Sharma, Mr Prem Chand Premi, Mr Arun Bitta and Mr Santokh Singh.Back


NDTV, Sony go off the air
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
In the past two days, city residents were deprived off watching the news channel, NDTV, which is not being telecast by the local cable operators while Sony remained off the air from this morning to evening.

Mr Sandeep Bansal, Managing Director of Siti Cable, the company which has the telecast rights of these channels in Chandigarh, says the equipment used to download the encrypted signals of the channels had gone bad. Sources in the cable industry explained that the signals of both channels were available in the encrypted form and a decoder was used to download the signals.

Meanwhile, Mr Bansal said NDTV had been informed about the problem and they would be soon replacing the equipment. “These are electronic items and they can malfunction at any time,” Mr Bansal added. Meanwhile viewers missed the incisive political comments of NDTV on a crucial day in the political history of India after Ms Sonia Gandhi refused to accept the prime ministership.

The telecast of Sony, which had been disrupted since this morning, was restored by the evening. Sony telecasts several popular soaps like “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin” and “Kkusum”. A cable operator told Chandigarh Tribune that he had been getting complaints but nothing could be done as the main telecast was provided by Siti Cable and the cables operators were like distributors.

Another cable operators said in April the Siti Cable at its own level put another news channel “Aaj Taak” on the hyper band. Several television sets did not have the facility of the hyper band. Also the channel’s telecast quality suffered. Viewers protested as electioneering was at its peak in April and news channels were much in demand, said the operator, who had to face the ire of viewers.

Jaswinder SinghSaid Jaswinder Singh, hockey coach, “Telecast should not stop. That, too, on such an important day. There should be some system under which viewers should have uninterrupted access to important channels.”

Sonia Bhatia Dr Sonia Bhatia said, “The viewing of various news channels is critical in these times. Also when you are watching a serial, its continuity breaks if the channel goes off the air like this.”

 Preeti Kalsi Ms Preeti Kalsi said, “Being in a democratic country, nobody should have the powers to stop flow of information at his own whim and fancy. Channels in this age are providing crucial information.”

Usha Kumari Ms Usha Kumari said, “Channels are an important and integral part of our lives today. And without watching them the day is incomplete.” 


Shot fired at chemist’s shop
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
A shot was fired at Sector 46 medical store from a distance today. Nobody was injured. The bullet pierced a glass and a box of medicines in the shop. The incident happened in the presence of the two gunmen provided for security of the shop after an earlier attempt and threatening letters to the shopkeeper.

This is the second such incident at the CMC Medical Centre in Sector 46-C. Last time, it was fired on July 29, 2003, but the case was closed for lack of evidence.

The firing followed two threatening letters from somebody who had demanded money from the proprietor of the shop, Mr Anup Gupta. The last threatening letter was received in September, a few months after the first shot was fired.

Mr Gupta told Chandigarh Tribune that surprisingly, no noise of a shot was heard. They noticed that a table glass was broken from a corner.

Servants and salesmen at the shop looked around and were horrified to see a shell of a bullet under a counter. A salesman said a box of medicines had a hole, indicating that the bullet, fired from a gun with a silencer, first hit the glass, then the medicine box and then the wall. A terrified salesman said the direction of the bullet indicated that it went past him, but he did not see it when it was fired.

The incident happened a few shops away from the Mercury Restaurant and Pub, where a group of hoodlums injured the proprietor of the shop, Mr Yogesh Sharma, on May 16. Four days before this incident, a youth was beaten up by four others in front of Gobind Sweets.


Physically challenged man booked for cheating, abduction
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
A physically challenged person has lured several persons, including a few women in Amritsar, with an offer to get them a housing loan here and has taken away a 16-year-old sister of one of them, apart from Rs 5,640.

A rickshaw-puller, Nirmaljit Singh of Sarhali village in Amritsar, complained to the Sector 17 police that one person, walking on crutches and identifying himself as Pargat Singh Sandhu, approached him on the evening of May 9 at the bus stand of the village and asked if he could help him find safe accommodation for a night. Pargat said he had Rs 10,000 and was a little afraid about his safety.

During the night, Pargat told Nirmaljit that he was working with the Chandigarh Social Welfare Department and was getting housing loans for the poor. Nirmaljit took Pargat to his house for night stay.

Pargat again met Nirmaljit at the same bus stand in the village on May 17 and asked those interested in a loan to come to Chandigarh the next day. Pargat promised Nirmaljeet Kaur to get a job for her sister Charanjeet Kaur.

Nirmaljit said after Pargat left his house, he had talked to his relatives and friends about this person and his offer.

The complainant said his friend Jaspal Singh and he reached Sector 34 in Chandigarh along with the family and found that Swarn Kaur, Balwinder Kaur, Paramjit Kaur and Rajwant Kaur were also there.

From there, he asked the women to reach the Secretariat. Nirmaljit and Jaspal were also sent to the same spot. He did not reach the Secretariat till 5.30 pm. These people came back to Sector 34 looking for Pargat Singh, who in the meantime, had taken the four women to the local court for getting them affidavits for loans.

He told the women to remove their earrings and hand these over to 16-year-old Taranjit Kaur, sister of the complainant, saying if they were gold, they would not be able to get a loan as the loan advancing party would think they did not need it. He also took Rs 1,410 from each of the women.

After deserting the women, he took away Taranjit Kaur. Jaspal and Nirmaljit went back to the place from where the women had taken an autorickshaw. The autorickshaw driver informed the two persons that he had dropped his sister and Pargat at a particular place.

The police registered a case under Sections 420, 363 and 366 of the Indian Penal Code.


Gurdwara’s cemented platforms demolished
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 19
The one-year controversy over cemented platforms for sitting at Sacha Dhan Gurdwara, Phase 3 B1, here ended today, with former president of the gurdwara committee Balwinder Singh getting the platforms demolished.

He said current gurdwara committee president Sukhdev Singh had got two platforms constructed inside the sanctum sanctorum for people to sit. “But this is not allowed according to the maryada laid down by Akal Takht. There can be no place inside the sanctum sanctorum that is higher than Guru Granth Sahib’s platform. We have been writing to Akal Takht for over a year. Today we have received orders to demolish these and report within five days that the orders have been complied with,” he said.


Machine to accept bill payments
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 19
The Punjab State Electricity Board will soon introduce round-the-clock payment of power bills here through an ATM-like machine to be installed at its Industrial Area office. The size and operation of the machine is quite like the ATM and the board authorities have already constructed a room for installing this machine.

The Additional Superintending Engineer, Mr V.K. Mahajan, said here yesterday that cash as well as cheques would be accepted by the machine. While depositing cheques, the power consumers would have to feed their bill and house numbers. They would be issued a receipt, which would become valid only after the realisation of the bill amount.

Mr Mahajan said power bills in cash would have to be deposited in the denominations of Rs 100, Rs 50 or Rs 10. The consumers would have to round off the bill amount while making the payment; the extra payment made on account of this would be deducted from the next bill. The machine would not accept soiled and fake currency notes.

The machine would become functional in about 10 days.

A few days ago the authorities had introduced a token system for depositing power bills so that consumers did not have to stand in queques for hours. Four display units were set up at cash counters, where coupon numbers were displayed and consumers could make payments when their turn came. 


Killer father never ‘cared’ for family
Sanjay Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
Rajesh Kumar, who killed his two-year-old son, shirked responsibility of his two surviving children and wife during the past 13 years to lose them all.

His addiction to liquor and irresponsibility made his wife, Ms Chandrakanta, to take to begging for the survival of her children. Ms Chandrakanta developed tuberculosis(TB) before she was driven mad by the situation, her neighbours and family members told Chandigarh Tribune here today.

When Ms Chandrakanta developed TB, Rajesh left her for almost a month. She begged from the neighbours for food for her children, used furniture to cook, wife of Rajesh's younger brother Saroj said.

The neighbours collected Rs 600 for her treatment and sent her to the Sector 22 TB hospital. She got well but it was difficult to continue the treatment because of the additional diet required and the commutation by a rickshaw from Sector 29 to 22.

Ms Saroj said she was repenting why she had gone to the house of her sister leaving behind Pawan Kumar(the deceased child) at the mercy of her careless father. The child could have survived had she been at home. With tears rolling down her cheeks, Ms Saroj said she had given the child bath on May 14 and dressed him in a red-colour frock. The body of the child was found in the same dress on May 17.

While expressing grief at the death the child, whose mother disappeared eight months ago with nobody to enquire about her, the neighbours expressed relief that they got rid of Rajesh Kumar.

One of the neighbours said the plight of Rajesh Kumar's wife was unbearable as she was not taken care of either by her husband or even her parents and brother.

They remembered that Ms Chandrakanta once ran away to the house of her parents in Ambala and was dragged back by the hair by her brother to Sector 29. She looked frail as if she had not been fed for many days. She collapsed as soon she reached her Sector 29 house.

The two surviving children of Rajesh Kumar, Ashutosh and Deepika, have not been told for eight months that their mother is not traceable. The brother and sister are in separate hostels in Baltana and Lalru, respectively. Ms Saroj said she once met them. The children expressed desire to meet their mother.

Ms Saroj said after the shifting of the Sector 28 motor market, her husband Raj Kumar was not in a position to take care of the children or she could have borne their responsibility.

A neighbour, Ms Krishna, said Rajesh once stole her cycle and sold it to a junk dealer for Rs 200.

The neighbours and Ms Saroj said Rajesh Kumar was asked to give the child for adoption and there were ready takers also but he told them that he would not do so even if the child died.

Ms Saroj said Rajesh never spent money on the children, despite having whitewashing contracts worth around Rs 20,000. He, instead, begged money from people for the treatment of his children. Ms Saroj said he never tried to locate his missing wife.

The family said it handed over Rajesh Kumar to the police when he confessed to having killed the child before his mother Satwanti.


Lieut-Col Savant gets trophy
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 19
The 14 Reconnaissance and Observation Flight has been adjudged the best flying unit in the Western Command zone for 2003-04. The Flight Safety trophy was received by Lieut-Col S.P. Savant from the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, Lieut-Gen J.J. Singh, at Chandi Mandir today.

The General also felicitated the unit, which is part of the 661 Army Aviation Squadron, for its performance, a statement issued here said. The trophy is awarded on the basis of operational proficiency and flight safety achievements.

The annual conference of the Army Aviation was also held at Headquarters Western Command. Chairing the conference, Chief of the Staff, Western Command, Lieut-Gen P.K. Grover, said with the induction of new state-of-the-art equipment into the Amy Aviation Corps, the corps would be a force multiplier in the battlefield.


Plea to cut congress grass
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 19
Six municipal councillors have demanded that the congress grass that had grown in vacant plots, parks, road berms and other vacant spaces should be cut at the earliest so that it did not create health problems for residents of the town.

In a press note issued here today, they complained that the congress grass which had been growing since February and not been cut by the PUDA and Municipal Council authorities, was now shedding its seed. This would lead to additional growth of the grass during the monsoons.


Models arrive for Anukama-2004
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 19
Models arrived in Mohali today for Anukama-2004, the annual fashion design show of students of the Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology to be held in Chandigarh on May 21.

Over 15 models were at the Institute here in the Industrial Area through the day trying out the various outfits designed by the students of the institute. These models will be walking the ramp in the clothes designed by the students for this annual gala event.

Talking to The Tribune, the models expressed delight over the various creations of the students stating that the institute students had shown tremendous improvement in their working and they were glad to be a part of the students’ efforts.

When asked about what the young upcoming models thought about modeling as a career, a majority replied that it was fantastic profession if one had the right attitude for it. “It’s all in the attitude as it is a full of stress and demanding profession. But if you love what you are doing there is no stress at all,” said Bhawna Singh, a leading model from Delhi. “Very short-lived too,” added Sampada, another Delhi model.

But did not modelling feel like being a walking clothes’ hanger? “Yes sometimes, specially when we are asked to keep a deadpan expression all the time while walking on the ramp. But every designer wants a specific look for his clothes and that has to be followed. After all, it is his or her creations that we are presenting,” said Kamalika, another model. 


Those who couldn’t vote — 9th list


Gulzar Singh 278, Sector 44-A

Kishore Chand Bali 5686, Modren Housing Complex

Bimla Bali 5686, Modren Housing Complex

Rajiv Bali 5686, Modren Housing Complex

Anita Bali 5686, Modren Housing Complex

Ankur Chawla 1303, Sector 34-C

Vikas Chawla 1303, Sector 34-C

Ashok Goyal 2988, Sector 42-C

S.K.Dhanija 1151, Sector 21-B

Gauri Dhanija 1151, Sector 21-B

Amrit Lal 3480, Sector 23-D

Gopal Dass 3480, Sector 23-D

Kanhaiya Lal 4080, Sector 37-C

Ratna Devi 4080, Sector 37-C

Munshi Ram Gulati  511, Sector 18-B

Suhani Gulati 511, Sector 18-B

Vijay Sareen  3393, Sector 19-D

J. L. Sethi 1151, Sector 8 C

Soman Sethi 1151, Sector 8 C

Ramesh Sethi 1151, Sector 8 C

Rashi Sethi 1151, Sector 8 C

Ram Kishan 1151, Sector 8 C

Jaswinder kaur  1364 Sector 15-B

Harpuneet  Kaur 3295, Sector-46 C

Amanpreet Kaur 2280, Sector 47-C

Vipendera Bhatnagar 4, Vita Milk Plant Colony, PO Baldev Nagar

Saddna Bhatnagar, 4, Vita Milk Plant Colony, PO Baldev Nagar

Harbajan Singh 5, Old Partap Nagar, Pannu PO Baldev Nagar 

Surinder Kaur 5, Old Partap Nagar, Pannu PO Baldev Nagar 

Som Prakash Sapra  884,Sector 38-A

Sushama Sapra      884,Sector 38-A

Arun Sapra  884,Sector 38-A

Nita Sapra          884,Sector 38-A

Kasturi Lal Sapra    320(FF),Sector 38-A

Neerja Sapra        320(FF),Sector 38-A

Harjit Singh 703, Sector 40-A

Tejinder Kaur 703, Sector 40-A Navneet Kaur 703, Sector 40-A

Preet Kanwal 703, Sector 40-A

Sanjeev Kumar   1119, First Floor Sector 33-C

Samta    1119, First Floor, Sector 33-C

Prem Sund 1685, Sector 34-D

Gurpal Singh Hundal 1811,Sector 7-C 

Gurkirat Singh 1811,Sector 7-C

Madan Gopal Manrow 2891, Sector 38-C

Surinder Kumar Manrow 2891, Sector 38-C

Neeta Manrow 2891, Sector 38-C

Romeena 2891, Sector 38-C

Surendra Kumar  348,  Sector 49-A

Chanderkanta    348,  Sector 49-A

Seema Sharma    348,  Sector 49-A

S.k. Trivedi 5072/1, Modern Complex Manimajra

Suman Trivedi 5072/1, Modern Complex Manimajra

Priyanka Trivedi 5072/1, Modern Complex Manimajra

Jaya Trivedi 5072/1, Modern Complex Manimajra


Jaswinder Singh 1, Khokhar Complex New friends Colony Kheri Road

Sher Singh 1, Khokhar Complex New friends Colony Kheri Road

Bant Singh 1, Khokhar Complex New friends Colony Kheri Road

Chander Parkash 1, Khokhar Complex New friends Colony Kheri Road

Kamaljit Singh Sodhi 26,Majithia Enclave Phase-II

Amarjit Kaur Sodhi  26,Majithia Enclave Phase-II

Jaspreet Singh Sodhi  26,Majithia Enclave Phase-II

Savitri Devi 2290/1, Sath Ghara Street

S K Gupta 8, Gian Colony

Raj Rani Gupta 8, Gian Colony

J.P.Singla           9-B, Friends Colony

Sushma Singla     9-B, Friends Colony

Santosh Mittal       20-B,Aman Colony

Raj Rani Mittal   20-B, Aman Colony

Vivek Mittal        20-B, Aman Colony

Ravi Mittal          20-B, Aman Colony

Rahul Mittal   20-B, Aman Colony

Rajinder Mittal  5, Bhupindra Road

Kiran Mittal   5, Bhupindra Road

Dewan Chand Mittal  5, Bhupindra Road

Dharampal Mittal   4, Bhupindra Road

Pinky Mittal  4, Bhupindra Road

Sham Lal Arora      Dashmesh Nagar,Tripuri

Parveen Arora    Dashmesh Nagar,Tripuri

A.P.Kansal   10-B, Tripuri Town

Shashi Kansal       10-B, Tripuri Town

Saurabh Kansal  10-B, Tripuri Town

Anku Kansal        10-B, Tripuri Town

Deepta   Q-44, Punjabi University

Sachita   Q-44, Punjabi University

Ravinderjit Singh   Q-44, Punjabi University

Savitri Devi   Q-44, Punjabi University

Diwna Singh Bist     106, Salaria Vihar, U.E. Phase-I

Tarun Kaur Bist     106, Salaria Vihar, U.E. Phase-I

K.S.Sidhu  344, Urban Estate, Phase 1

M.P.Sidhu  344, Urban Estate, Phase 1

Bhagwan Devi 76- New Lalbagh Colony

Mridul           76- New Lalbagh Colony


Ganesh Sharma 260, Sector 21

Naryan Sharma 260, Sector 21

Baldev Sharma 260, Sector 21

Dau Dayal Sharma 260, Sector 21

Hem Lata 260, Sector 21

Saroj Devi 260, Sector 21

Aruna Sharma 260, Sector 21

Kavita Sharma 260, Sector 21

Gurmeet Kaur Bhullar 208, Sector 8

Sudershan Kumar 587A, Sector 21

Shobha 587A, Sector 21

Dheeraj 587A, Sector 21

Meenu 587A, Sector 21

Kashmiri Lal 705, Sector 16

Shanta 705, Sector 16

Anil Kumar 705, Sector 16

Amit 705, Sector 16

Sanjeev 27, Sector 18

Ritu 27, Sector 18

Gurmeet Kaur Bhullar 208, Sector-8

Som Nath Sehgal     1666, Sector - 15

Krishna Sehgal      1666, Sector - 15

Tapan Mukherjee     1666, Sector - 15

Shobita              1666, Sector – 15

Sanjay Khurana 156, Sector-21

Laxmi Khurana 156, Sector-21

S.K.Dhawan 415, Sector-6

Aditi Dhawan 415, Sector-6

Chakraborty 154, Sector- 7

Sapna Arora 2010, Sector 21

Prem Arora 2010, Sector 21

Mohinder Partap 2010, Sector 21

Balarani Bajaj 283, Sec. 10

Sudhir Bajaj 283, Sec. 10

Alpana Bajaj 283, Sec. 10

Sameer Bajaj 283, Sec. 10


Shangara Singh 1666, Phase-5

Ranbir Singh 655, Phase-10

Rajinder Kaur 655, Phase-10

Sandeep Kamal 2189 GF, Sector-66

Monika Bansal 2189 GF, Sector-66

Surjit Singh Arora 2675, Phase 7

Bhupendra Singh    925, HIG Sector 70

Pritpal Kaur        925, HIG Sector 70

Prameshwar Kaur   925, HIG Sector 70

Harcharan Singh

Chhabra 542, Phase 4

Jagjit Kaur 542, Phase 4

Anil Kumar 3066, Sector 71


Poonam Sharma 549, K.Kansi Nagar Model Town

Om Parkash Jain 2587/1, Gian Marg Behind S.D Girls Hostel

Santosh Jain 2587/1, Gian Marg Behind S.D Girls Hostel

Amit Jain 2587/1, Gian Marg Behind S.D Girls Hostel

Rajesh Jain 2587/1, Gian Marg Behind S.D Girls Hostel

J.K. Verma 19-E, Ram Nagar

Tripta Verma 19-E, Ram Nagar

Kush Verma 19-E, Ram Nagar

Ritu Verma 19-E, Ram Nagar

Rahul Verma 19-E, Ram Nagar

Anu Verma 19-E, Ram Nagar

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Couple booked for Rs 6 lakh fraud
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 19
The police today booked a couple of Sector 15 on the charges of defrauding the Sector 6 branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) to the tune of Rs 6 lakh.

According to information, Manohar Lal Gupta and his wife, Neelam, took a loan of Rs 6 lakh from the bank on July 23, 2002. They mortgaged their house to the bank as surety by giving affidavits. Pradeep, a resident of the Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) Colony, Sector 14, was shown as the guarantor.

Even as they defaulted on repayment, the bank started verifying their antecedents. During the course of the investigation, it was found on September 23, 2003, that they had already mortgaged their house to the Panchkula Urban Cooperative Bank to raise another loan. They had also defaulted on the repayment of that loan.

A case has been registered.


Former Youth Cong leader held
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 19
Mr Y.P. Malik, a former vice-president of the Ropar District Youth Congress, was arrested by the police here today on charges of forging signatures of a former president of the Punjab State Congress Youth President, Mr Devinder Singh Babbu.

Sources in the police said Malik had in February this year allegedly forged the signatures of the president and declared himself as the president of the Ropar District Youth Congress. However, his claim was objected to by the then president of the Youth Congress in Ropar, Mr Harpreet Singh Bunty.

On Bunty’s complaint, a case under Section 420 was registered against Malik. But he was on the run since then. He was arrested by the police and presented before a court in Kharar.


Traders’ mobile squads in offing
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 19
With a view to check the exploitation of traders and entrepreneurs by government departments, the Akhil Bharatiya Udyog Beopar Mandal has decided to constitute trader mobile squads.

Stating this here today, Mr Sandeep Bansal, mandal convener, said the squads, to be armed with mobile phones, would help check unnecessary harassment of the trading community. He regretted that the trading community was being treated as a milch cow by government departments.

Answering a question on the implementation of value-added tax(VAT), he said the country was not yet ready for VAT. If the Central Government and the state governments tried to implement it, the mandal would launch an agitation, he warned.

Coming down heavily on the implementation of VAT in Haryana — the only state in India to do so — Mr Bansal urged the government to withdraw it. He alleged that the track record of the Haryana Government vis-a-vis trade and industry was dismal in the wake of the implementation of Form 38 and Inspector Raj in the state.

The executive of the Haryana and Chandigarh units would be formed soon, said Mr Gian Chand Gupta, convener for the north-western region.

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