Sunday, May 23, 2004

Eagles denote strength
Vinaya K. Manhas

AN eagle is both a royal bird as well as a bird of prey. Thus, where on the one hand it portrays grandeur, on the other hand, an eagle tearing out the meat of its prey can present a gory sight. In a dream it becomes a symbol of danger if the prey is the dreamer or someone close to him.

As per Indian thought, to see an eagle fly at a great height predicts a bright future for the dreamer. You shall gain in wealth, respect and status. To see an eagle perched on a high building forecasts travels to far-off places.

Should you see a dead one, then be prepared for bad times. You stand to lose a lot in life. To see an eagle hunt its prey and carry it away predicts success in your endeavours though for this you shall have to struggle and become emotionally tough.

As per western thought, seeing an eagle soar above you portrays lofty ambitions which you shall
have to struggle to achieve. To see an eagle perched on a high place predicts fame and wealth. Should you see an eagle in its eyrie then you stand to gain by your association with people of high rank.`A0To kill an eagle means outdoing your enemies to achieve your highest ambitions. To see an eagle killed by someone else portends that you need to beware of your rank and fortune being wrested away by people stronger than you. Should you dream of flying on the back of an eagle, a long voyage to unknown places awaits you.

Psychoanalytically, an eagle in dreams signifies the ability to be in charge of oneís life and situations.

As a bird hunting down its prey it portrays an ability to utilise opportunities to their best. It is also a bird of high intellect which personifies a dreamerís desire to succeed. It also denotes inspiration and strength.

A woman of 52 would often dream of an eagle. She would see it perched on a high cliff. Suddenly, she would find herself viewing the world from that point. Then she would see herself suddenly take flight
and swoop down on houses far down below, where her children would be living happily with their families. They would wave at her and she would fly back to her lofty perch.

The eagle represents the dreamer. Viewing the world from a cliff is denotes a need to become objective in her worldview. Her swooping down indicates the need to descend from the height she has placed herself at to become more approachable to her children. She needs to free herself of old ideas and attitudes to be happy with her children, but her flying back to the cliff portrays an inability to do so.