Sunday, May 23, 2004


A wake-up call

The night shift is one of the biggest sleep stealers. Women on night duty miss out not only on sleep but on family time as well, besides being vulnerable to health problems, writes Surabhi Khosla.

WOMEN may have woken up to their rights, and equality, however relative, has opened up undreamt of avenues for work and advancement.

Wanted: More room for art
Though there are numerous art galleries in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore, the cities north of the Capital, including Chandigarh, can hardly boast of proper art spaces or famous galleries for artists to display their works and interact with art lovers, writes Sumangal Roy.
THERE is no substitute to beholding great works of art in their physical reality. And which better place to view them but an art gallery. It is here that we learn to see and feel something beyond the superficial vision – a loftier reality. It is here that we experience an aesthetic bliss akin to ananda (spiritual joy).

Education to excel
Scindia School in Gwalior is rated as one of the finest public schools for boys. Rajmeet Singh gives his impressions after a visit to the school.
OCATED within the imposing Gwalior Fort, Scindia school not only preserves the 107-year-old legacy of the Sardars but also embodies a futuristic vision of education. By the time we reached the school, it was sunset. White kurta-pyjama-clad students were marching towards Astachal, a semi-circular, open-air amphitheatre from where the sunset is viewed.

Rajit KapoorRole call
Ruchika M. Khanna
IS inimitable style strikes you—quite like the detective he portrayed in the serial Byomkesh Bakhshi or the rejected son in Zubeida. Rajit Kapoor, an actor par excellence, is still in search of that perfect role.
Rajit Kapoor. — Photo by Parvesh Chauhan

On top of the world, looking down on creation
In the landscape of Lahaul Spiti, the mystic merges with the poetic, says P.C. Bodh
AHAUL and Spiti. Spiti stems from two words Sa Piti, literally meaning, the country (Sa) of Piti river (Spiti). Not many people know the meaning and origin of the words- Similarly, the Spiti and upper Lahaulis call themselves La-Yul-Mis, the folks from the god’s land.

Lahaul Spiti is an important plank of the monastic travel circuit but awe-inspiring mountains and rich riverscapes leave all the tourists spell bound
Lahaul Spiti is an important plank of the monastic travel circuit but awe-inspiring mountains and rich riverscapes leave all the tourists spell bound

Egyptian experience
Jaswant Singh
IVE thousand years ago Giza, situated on Nile’s west bank, became the royal necropolis, or burial place, for Memphis, the capital city of the pharaoh. Today, Giza is a suburb of rapidly growing Cairo, the largest city in Africa and the fifth largest in the world.

No thank you, we are Indian
Madan M. Mathur
HE other day I went to the post office to buy some stamps. The lady at the counter was quite prompt in attending to me. I gave her a friendly smile and said, "thank you". In return, she glared at me with a suspicious expression, which appeared to brand me as a dirty old man trying to make a pass.

Abhishek BachchanThis Yuva is on the Run
The summer movie fest has been set rolling with several big releases. Among the season’s sizzlers are two starring Abhishek Bachchan—Yuva and Run. Still in search of that one elusive hit, both films are crucial for Bachchan Jr. He talks to Vickey Lalwani about his roles and expectations.

Past forward
VERY young director, from 36-year-old Tigmanshu Dhulia (Charas) to 38-year-old Farah Khan (Main Hoon Na) is out to pay obeisance to the Bollywood of the 1970s. Entire scenes, names of characters, costumes and other elements of that era are now re-surfacing in different forms on the Hindi screen.


TELEVISION: Raveena redesigned

NATURE Dolphin as healer
Satish Narula


DREAM THEME:  Eagles denote strength
Vinaya K. Manhas

ULTA-PULTA:  Star power
Jaspal Bhatti


The story of an open book
Rahul Singh has penned an engaging biography of his father Khushwant Singh, says Roopinder Singh.
In The Name of the Father
by Rahul Singh.
Roli Books, Delhi. Pages 144. Rs 395.

Poignant memories of war
Aradhika Sekhon
by Sorayya Khan. Penguin.
Pages 223. Rs 250.

A political Acharya’s pen pricks
R. L. Singal
My Times: An Autobiography
by Acharya J. B. Kripalani.
Rupa & Co., New Delhi. Pages 986. Rs 995.

Too heavy for kids
Gitanjali Sharma
Where Doves Fly
by Kamlesh Rajesham.
Frog Books. Pages 65. Rs 60.

Paradise lost
Samra Rahman
The Land of Naked People: Encounters With Stone Age Islanders
by Madhusree Mukerjee. Penguin. Rs 250. Pages 238.

He believes in the oneness of man
Rajkumar Singh

Hindi review
Making of a martyr
Harbans Singh
Bhagat Singh Ke Sampooran Dasatvej
edited By Chaman Lal. Adhaar Prakashan, Panchkula. Rs. 495. Pages 478.

Short takes
The sound of impotent fury
Randeep Wadehra
Bewatna & other novels
by Fakhar Zaman. Translated from Punjabi by Khalid Hassan. Unistar. Pages 314. Rs 495.

  • Into Punjab
    The Punjab: An Overview
    by Dr S.P. Gupta. Ess Pee Publications. Pages 390. Rs 395.

  • Teen troubles
    Age of Adolescence: A Challenge
    by Dr S. Kumar. The Laxmi Devi Memorial Charitable Trust. Pages 70. Rs 30.