Sunday, June 6, 2004, Chandigarh, India

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Brides Wanted

Medico match preferably PG doing for handsome, fair complexion Singla onlySendmail son, MS General, Surgery II 26, 5-8, teetotaller from well established reputed family of Ludhiana. Younger sister doctor. Box 3573M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

I am looking for Jatt Sikh professional girl. Thinking of coming to India in 
winter for marriage. I am currently working as a Mechanical Designer in Automation field. I did my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology (Robotics & Automation) in Canada and currently doing my degree B.Tech (part time) through my company. I am 6'-1", tall and looking for girl over 5'-5". I want a professional girl. If interested can further talk by exchanging biodata. My email address is [email protected]  C4-21621-OL

Match for handsome clean shaven Ramgarhia UK citizen 25, 6', Doctor Sendmail
(Medical Graduate). Girl should be MBBS or doing, tall, beautiful, desirous of settling in UK. Boy and family visiting India Middle June. Email: [email protected]  or [email protected]  Box 4254M
-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Really beautiful professional preferably Medico at least 5'-6" around 23 yearsSendmail for handsome Green Card holder Jat Sikh clean-shaven boy 25/6'. Boy Executive in renowned American international company, drawing 2.5 lakh dollars per year. Boy teetotaller and only son of senior gazetted officer. Good property. Final year MBBS students without USMLE also acceptable. Family and girl's grooming main consideration. Box 2317M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted extremely beautiful, professional, preferably MBBS, around 24, Sendmail
height 5'-6" for NRI handsome Jat- Sikh, clean shaven boy, 26/6'-1". Only child and teetotaller. Boy gold medallist and Vice President Global Finance Company, U.S.A. Salary six figures. Father senior Defence officer. Huge property. Girls with broad outlook and possessing brains and beauty from high status families need correspond. Box 2857M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Educated Sikh parents looking for exceptionally beautiful girl (girl's meritsSendmail
very important) for extremely handsome 6'-3", 25 years, athletic, clean shaven, born and raised in north America, ivy leage educated, MD doctor doing surgical residency in California University. Box 3344M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted Medico/non-Medico beautiful girl for MD Medicine 38, 170, Ravidasia,Sendmail
NRI Hindu boy. Presently working in the UK. Family belongs to Northern India. Box 3346M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful cultured match preferably M.Sc./M.A., B.Ed. for handsome Jat SikhSendmail
Randhawa 27 yrs., 173 cms, B.E. (Mechanical), now serving as regular Captain in Army from small cultured, well-educated vegetarian Jat Sikh family settled near Sirsa, Haryana, having sufficient rural/urban property. Box 4043M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Canadian Physician looking for wife b/w 30 to 40 yrs, age, must be healthy,
sensible, family oriented. Reply to email: [email protected]  C4-20391-OL

Wanted Govt. employed/beautiful qualified girl match for RamdasiaSendmail
Sikh (Weaver) handsome, fair, vegetarian, teetotaller graduate Punjabi boy 30/5'-7". Permanent Central Govt. clerk in Chandigarh. Father gazetted retd. Own House, Mohali. Educated family and well-settled in Chandigarh. Caste no bar. Box 4163M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

NRI match for very handsome Saraswat Brahmin Manglik boy 24/5'-7",Sendmail
B.Com., Diploma Draftsman earning handsome income, commercial properties, upper caste no bar. Contact 98146-23778. Box 4181M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for NP Hindu Nai boy, 25/5'-8", Plus two, Diploma computer. PMT job inSendmail
reputed firm, parent in govt. service, boy fair complexion, respectable family. Girl talented, beautiful, favourable in service. Box 4190M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, tall, well educated bride for 26/6'-2" Jat-Sikh Sidhu boy, B.E.Sendmail
(Mech), working with MNC, rural/urban property. Small educated family. [email protected]  Box 4191M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Required beautiful girl for Hindu Kumhar industrialist boy, 25/5'-9", earlySendmail
marriage, no demand, send kundli. Box 4213M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted NRI/Indian professional match for Ramgarhia clean shaven boySendmail
July 77/5'-6", MBA. Employed in reputed Company. Send biodata. Box 4215M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Sendmail Handsome cleanshaven Sikh American citizen businessman in
New York 37/5'-9", MBA desires qualified beautiful girl upto 32 yrs from status Punjabi/Sikh family. E-mail: [email protected]  Box 4219M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jat Sikh only son 80 born, 6'-2", doing LL.B. Chandigarh settledSendmail
family. Beautiful, educated above 5'-5" preferred. Box 4241M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Indian/NRI match for Jat Sikh BE (Auto), cleanshaven boy 28, 5'-7", Sendmail
working in private firm. Parents Govt. Officers. Have house at Chandigarh. Box 4244M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for bachelor Arora Sikh boy 36/5'-10", B.Sc. Medical Technology, MBA,Sendmail
professionally employed PGI Chandigarh. Sister settled Australia. Simple family. No bars. [email protected]  Box 4247M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match preferably USA, Canada NRI for BDS, 25/6', smart,Sendmail
intelligent, handsome, cleanshaven boy. Sister BDS, Canadian citizen. Box 4262M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 33+/5'-7", fair, Post-graduate, AssistantSendmail
U.T. Govt. Preferred Govt. Staff Nurse, Teacher. Caste no bar. Box 4266M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Senior Bank Officer's son, NRI, B.Com., E-Commerce, fair, handsome, 6Sendmail
November 1977 seeks slim, beautiful (5'-4" to 5'-6"), English speaking Saraswat Brahmin girl. Send bio-data, kundli. Box 4268M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted NRI professional match for clean shaven intelligent Jat Sikh Brar boySendmail
Patiala based 29/5'-8" BDS belonging to well-educated, status family of Faridkot. Girl should be fair, slim and intelligent, father officer in Punjab Govt. owning Rural/Urban Property. Younger brother doing Postgraduate in Engg. OHIO (USA). Contact 98722-07574, E-mail: [email protected]   Send biodata. Box 4285M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Saini Sikh handsome boy D.O.B. 17.8.78/5'-9", B.Tech. Sendmail
(Mechanical). Presently for higher studies in U.K. (M.Sc.) Resident of U.K. preferred. Box 4292M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

NRI European citizen suitable match for clean shave handsome 26/5'-11",Sendmail
Advocate boy. Caste Ad-Dharmi, own house. 0172-2261725. Box 4295M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Really beautiful, slim, convented match for Jat Sikh only child 28+, 5'-11",Sendmail
M.Sc (IT), MCSE, PGDCA. Running Computer Institute. Send biodata. E-mail: [email protected]  Box 4296M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified NRI for green card holder, B.Tech (IIT) 174/+27, Sendmail
doing MBA in US. Visiting India shortly for fortnight. Send BH. E-mail: [email protected]  Box 4341M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Tall, educated match for Comp-Engineer boy, 25/5'-11" with U.K. work visa,Sendmail
currently in India. Father Senior Class-I officer (Punjab). Box 4350M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, slim, educated girl for veg. MBA industrialist, Himachali BrahminSendmail
boy, 25 yrs. 5'-5", only son. Horoscope, biodata must. Box 4357M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Chandigarh based Ramgarhia Sikh 1971/6', only son, ownSendmail
10 marla house, working with leading Company, total income in five figures. Really innocent issueless divorcee. Box 4470M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted beautiful slim well-educated girl 5'-2", 5'-4", 22-26 years for NRI Sikh
Khatri boy 29 years 5'-8", B.Com., CA (Inter), Assistant Manager in MNC in Newzealand. Presently in India. Contact: 0172-2705249, 98723-19778. E-mail: [email protected]  C4-23053-OL

Suitable match for Jat Sikh handsome clean shaven Engineer boy 24 years, 6'.Sendmail
Employed at Chandigarh, simple habits. Father gazetted officer. Relative abroad. NRI preferred. Box 4570M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

California based well-settled Jat-Sikh. Parents seek beautiful well-educated
girl from respectable family for handsome 33 yrs/5'-9", Dentist only son running well established practice in California. Kindly respond with photo/bio-data. Post Box 5891, Hercules CA-94547, USA. E-mail: [email protected]  C4-23103-OL

Match for handsome, fair 29, 5'-9", Punjabi Khatri boy MS (Industrial Engg.Sendmail
from USA). Working as Analyist with reputed US company. Seeks smart, beautiful professional girl. E-mail: [email protected]  0164-2240892. Box 4637M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Handsome, smart, successful Jat Sikh born qualified, working as a Barrister
(Lawyer) in England. Fair complexion 5'-11"/34, innocently divorced after a very brief and issueless marriage with no children. Seeks a very pretty, slim girl from a good and respectable Jat Sikh family. Send photograph (returnable). H.S. Lally 27, Daffodil Place, Walsall, West Midlands, England. WS5 3DX, UK. Local No. 01823-241171. E-mail: [email protected]  C4-7525

Extremely beautiful, slim, tall, Medico match for handsome 5'-10", 11.7.79 atSendmail
8.45 a.m., Patiala, genius Garg boy MBBS AIMS doing residency in US, of reputed Doctor's family. Box 4333M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Balmiki boy, 1977/5'-8", three year diploma (Textile Chemistry),
B.A., B.Ed., pursuing M.A. English, private school teacher, B.Sc./B.Com. preferred. Contact: 9815684258. NA4-13172-OL

Wanted beautiful, slim girl for American citizen MBA 1966 born, 5'-10", Sendmail
working in reputed technical company California. Box 4503M-OL Tribune, Chandigarh.

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