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Shy Venus caresses fiery Sun’s face
Sky sheds cloudy drapes to reveal celestial romance

     Venus at 2 PM                     At 3 PM                                   At 4 PM                              At 4.30 PM

Courtesy Punjabi University, Patiala

Weather heightens romance of love planet
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
It was the most unexpected of changeovers. The day that dawned hot and muggy suddenly dropped its sweltering mantle as if to welcome the charming Venus home. Even the mighty Sun allowed the planet of love its due share of space and attention as it took a back seat while the historic transit began this morning.

True to its spirit, the Venus went on unfolding romanticism as the day surged ahead. And even before the city could awaken to the planet’s arrival, it was everywhere — in the cool breeze that swept the city as also in the verdant cover. Though the diehard romantics reveled in correlating the weather alteration to the historic celestial event, those holding fort at the Meteorological Department thought otherwise.

“These weather changes are pre-monsoon thunderstorm activities. Every alteration in the weather can be accounted for, and I really cannot correlate the transit of Venus to the sudden transition in weather. There may be some connection, but I would be unable to establish it,” said an official.

First things first — the temperature drop over the past week has been significant. Where it had reached a high of 41°C come days ago, it stood at a low 24°C today. Humidity almost touched the peak as the rain god decided to pack the weather again after having vacated it last night.

Technically speaking, thunderstorms and rain conditions have emerged from high temperature and moisture, fed from the Arabian Sea. Although the city recorded traces of rainfall yesterday and today (not above 2.5 mm), the change in weather itself was significant, as it hinted towards an early monsoon.

Meteorological Department official Surinder Pal informed The Tribune, “These sudden developments can be attributed to cyclonic circulations in north-west Rajasthan and the adjoining central Pakistan. The western disturbance is another factor. As per the forecast, the weather should clear in a day or two.”

Another reason behind these weather conditions is the unusually high temperature this season. Due to high temperature, the pressure gradient has been steep, causing the winds to blow fiercely. These changes indeed mark the onset of monsoons.

And what better occasion to confirm this than the day that saw the historic communion between the Venus and the Sun.


Sight leaves city awe-struck
Chitleen K. Sethi
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
Hundreds of city residents, mainly schoolchildren, today witnessed a rare sight. The transit of the Venus across the disc of the Sun took place today after 122 years. With the sun rising to a cloudy sky this morning, the transit, which began at 10.46 am, was not visible to the waiting star-gazers till about 1.30 pm. Finally, the elusive Venus showed up as a tiny black dot on the face of the mighty Sun. It moved across the lower part of its disc through the day before disappearing from sight at 4.50 pm.

According to the information provided by the Vigyan Parisar, since the invention of the telescope, only six transits of the Venus have occurred — in 1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882. Those who saw the transit today would be able to see it again on June 6, 2012. After that, the event would take place in 2117.

Those who were aware of the event thronged schools and the DC office, Sector 17, where elaborate arrangements had been made by the Department of Science and Technology to facilitate students and the general public to witness the celestial event. For city-based star-gazers and amateur astronomers, the day’s beginning proved to be a damp squib since by the time the sun came out of the clouds, a large part of the transit was over.

‘‘In the morning, I had to ask many people who came to my observatory to witness the event to return. Even I was feeling bad that if we miss the sight today, we would have to wait till 2012 to be able to see the event,” said Mr Pradeep Mahajan of the Northern Cross Astronomical Observatory Sector 16. Students at the schools which had been provided with telescopes waited in the rain through the day. Those who showed patience were finally rewarded. Many excited students, who after having waiting for hours, returned home, trotted back to the installed telescopes.

For the team of astronomers at the Department of Physics, Punjabi University, Patiala, rain could not have come at a worse time. ‘‘It was going to be an event that was occurring after 122 years. We had made big plans for capturing the event on our cameras. But it was raining so heavily this morning that all hopes of viewing the sight in Punjab had died. But suddenly, around 1.20 pm, the sky began to clear and our first viewer, Anmol, a Class V student of the Budha Dal School, was jumping with joy,’’ said Mr Tejinder Singh, an observer. ‘‘We are able to take the first photograph at 2 pm when the sky become more clear. After that, the sky remained clear and lots of people visited the department to see it,’’ said Mr Manjit Singh.

Explaining the event, Mr B.S. Salaria of the department said a transit of Venus occurs when Venus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun. ‘‘When the moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun, it is solar eclipse. However, when Mercury or Venus comes between the two, it is called a transit. Venus, often called the Earth’s sister planet, is the closest to us. The transit was astronomically important from the point of view of measuring astronomical distances, but now it just has rarity value,’’ he said.

Explaining details of the transit, Mr Darshan Singh of the department said there are four tangential contacts which take place in the transit. The first contact and the second contact took place within 19 minutes of one another. “We missed these two because of the rain. The third contact was captured by our cameras and so was the last, the final egress before the transit was over,” he said.

While the transit was visible either at sunset or sunrise, across the globe, the entire transit, — all four contact points — was visible in India, other parts of Asia and Europe. “This was the only time when we could have seen the complete transit as the 2012 transit would be seen in India only during its egress,” said Mr P.S. Goraya of the Department of Physics.


Venus transit to affect Leos, Librans
Swarleen Kaur

Chandigarh, June 8
Let us check out what astrology has to say about the Venus transit. Those expecting that their love life will shine may be disappointed. Only those who are born under Scorpio sign are lucky. Their romantic life may brighten up, predicts a city-based astrologer, Dr Sansar Chandra. According to him the transit will affect the four zodiac signs of Leo, Libra, Virgo and Aquarius the most.

Aries: They may benefit from lotteries and stock exchange. Some may be fortunate enough to inherit property.

Taurus: People born under this sign will gain stability whether professional or material. Those who are employed on adhoc basis may get permanent.

Gemini: They will not spend money on positive pursuits but on legal cases. Under the influence of sinful planets their money will go waste.

Cancer: They will be enthusiastic and gain wealth, position and property. Their business will expand.

Leo: This transit spells all-round success in business and for those in service. It is gainful for all Leos and they will stand to benefit the most from this.

Virgo: Those under this sign will have to bear expenditure heavily. The bank balance will decrease which will cause worry.

Libra: They can suffer from lever and gastric problems. There is a need to check eating habits. Their expenditure on health and medicines will go up. There are few chances of any savings.

Scorpio: Those born under this sign will enjoy and laugh. They will visit new cities and meet new people. The transit spells success in love life. Married life will improve and unmarried will tie the knot.

Saggitarius: They can be embroiled in litigation, fights and complaints. They should avoid gossiping and shun the crowd. Their reputation may suffer.

Capricorn: Increased mobility and conveyance will bring them happiness. They will buy vehicles and property.

Aquarius: It is likely to have beneficial affects on aquarians. Their education horizons will expand. Chances of foreign travel and exposure are high. During long journeys they will meet new people which may prove gainful.

Pisces: They will gain goodwill and cooperation of their brothers, sisters and loved ones. They may receive invitations for parties and their social circle will widen.

According to Panchkula-based astrologer Ravi Sharma the Venus transit may have negative influence on Taurus and Gemini. Some of the Taureans may suffer from skin and stomach problems. For Geminis loss in stock exchange business is likely.


Admn for extention to Gujral
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
The UT Administrator Justice O.P. Verma (retd) today reportedly cleared one year extension in the tenure of UT Home Secretary, Mr Raminder Singh Gujral, whose four year term comes to an end in September this year. The decision of the Administrator signals a new turn to events as it is being seen to bring about some kind of continuity in the functioning of the Administration. Earlier the Administrator had said that he would deal each case of extension for the bureaucracy on case to case basis.

Now the Administration will first seek permission from Haryana as Mr Gujral is a Haryana cadre IAS officer and then seek the approval of the MHA.

Barring the Adviser to the UT Administrator, Mr Lalit Sharma, almost the entire officialdom of the Administration is scheduled to go within the next 10 months. It is learnt that the Adviser wanted Mr Gujral here.

Among the first to go in the Finance Secretary. Next in line are MD CITCO, Mr S.P. Singh, The JSF, Mr Dalip Kumar. The MC Commissioner Mr M.P. Singh. The DC Mr Arun Kumar will go into super time scale in February next and may leave. Already the Joint Secretary Home Mr Ashok Sangwan, the DPR, Mr S.P. Arora , the Secretary STA, Mr Naresh Narwal and the Director IT, Mr Vivek Atray are on their way out.


Navy ex-Commander killed as his car
falls into nullah
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
A car fell into a deep nullah near the Air Force Station when its driver, J.K. Singh (55) of Phase X, Mohali, was negotiating a turn today.

Former Indian Navy Commander J.K. Singh was killed when his car rolled down the almost 40-foot-deep nullah. The water level of the nullah carrying storm water and sewage is around six feet.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the car straightaway going into the nullah.

The former Navy Commander and a professional sailor was returning home after playing golf in the Chandi Mandir range when the mishap occurred. It is suspected that J.K. Singh might have lost track of the road due to poor visibility as it was raining when the accident took place.

The police had to requisition the service of cranes to pull out the car and J.K. Singh but the length of the ropes fell short. Fire brigade also reached the spot. It took a long time to extricate the car as the policemen had to take the help of a ladder of the Fire Department and long ropes to reach the car to hook it to the crane.

The police first pulled out J.K. Singh and took him to the hospital where doctors declared him dead before admission. A policeman said J.K. Singh was breathing when he was pulled out after at least an hour of struggle by the policemen who took risk to go down up to the bottom of the nullah without any protection.

Another operation to fish out the car from the nullah continued for more than two hours.

J.K. Singh’s sister and brother-in-law G.S. Garewal live in Sector 34. The scene at the GMCH, Sector 32, turned touchy when J.K. Singh’s wife fell unconscious after she came to know that her husband had died.

People who use the road daily said it was a dangerous turn and there was no sign on the road indicating about the dangerous turn. There was neither any protection wall to prevent vehicles from falling into the nullah, they added.

J.K. Singh joined the Indian Navy in 1969 and took pre-mature retirement in 1991. After his retirement he was working as a professional sailor and was on two-month leave. His 25-year-old daughter Chamanpreet is studying in New Zealand while his 22-year-old son Ronny is working in merchant navy.


Tehelka chief deposes before military court
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
The editor of tehelka.com, Mr Tarun Tejpal, whose web news portal had exposed senior armymen, bureaucrats and politicians demanding and accepting bribes from fictitious arms-dealers, deposed before a military court trying one of the accused officers, Col Anil Sahgal, at Chandimandir military station today.

Three general courts martial (GCM) have been convened by the Army and Mr Tejpal is the first witness to be examined in any of these. The GCM began on April 5. The other two GCMs have been convened to try a major general and a brigadier.

During examination by the prosecution counsel, Mr Arvind Moudgil, he said that a total of 105 hours of tape had been shot through hidden cameras by the investigating team, and all of it was untouched and unedited. These tapes were handed over to the commission investigating into the matter.

He said that only copies of the tapes had been edited and these were cut down about two hours' length. He said though he had been briefed periodically by his team about the developments during the investigation, he had not seen the original footage and had only viewed the final edited version.

On being cross-examined by the defence counsel, Major K Ramesh (retd), he confirmed that the tapes had been sent to London for forensic examination and that the purpose of the expose was done in public interest. He also admitted that he had accepted about Rs. 4 crore from two parties, but declined to comment on counsel's question that whether he was pursuing investigative or capitalist journalism. He said that he stood by all statements made by him before the Phukan Commission of Inquiry.

Earlier, Mr Tejpal told The Tribune that with a change in the government at the Centre, the process of bringing to justice those allegedly involved in the case, would receive a kickstart.

He said that political interference in the matter had delayed the disciplinary process initiated by the Army. What could have been over in 6-8 months had lingered on for over three years, Mr Tejpal, who drove from Delhi this morning to appear before the GCM, said.

Accusing the previous BJP government of political vendetta, he said that he had written to the newly elected Prime Minister to withdraw the "false" cases registered against him and his colleagues.

Meanwhile, the GCM of Maj-Gen P S K Choudhary is scheduled to re-assemble at Ferozepore tomorrow after a brief adjournment. The trial, which commenced on May 24, is in a preliminary stage. The third GCM, to try Brig Iqbal Singh, was convened at Patiala on May 27, but the proceedings have been held in abeyance as the officer has moved the Delhi High Court. No proceedings will take place till directions are passed by the High Court.


Ex-Brigade Commander seeks fresh probe
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
While squarely blaming the military leadership for lapses which led to the Kargil conflict in 1999, former Kargil Brigade Commander, Brigadier Surinder Singh today sought a fresh and independent probe into the episode.

Alleging that the terms of reference of the Kargil Review Committee headed by defence analyst K Subramaniam were formulated for the purpose of protecting senior officers, Brigadier Surinder Singh said that he had written to the President, Prime Minister and Defence Minister seeking an independent probe by a serving or retired Supreme Court judge or a retired general.

"One is left with strong apprehension that the terms of reference of the committee were formulated with the purpose and design by the then government to avoid scrutiny and accountability of its own role and responsibility and also too bail out senior commanders," he said.

He said that he had personally briefed the then Army Chief, Gen V P Malik and the then Director General Military Operations, Lieut-Gen N C Vij (now Chief) about the enhanced threat perceptions in that area, including artillery and missile deployments, on the other side. Both the generals were also aware about the withdrawal of our troops in that area, he said.

He said that there had been reports of infiltrations in the south of Siachen Glacier as early as January and February, 1999, which had been duly sent up the chain of command. He said that though the early infiltrations were in an area adjoining his sector, he was not appraised as should have been done.

The Brigadier, whose services were terminated after the Kargil war, said that Point 5353 on the LoC, which has created considerable controversy in the past, had never been in Pakistani possession before the conflict. It was around that time PAkistan had set up an observation post on the point to direct Artillery fire.


Parasitic ailments due to poor hygiene: study
Neelam Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
It’s poor personal hygiene and unkempt surroundings that seem to be making the city’s periphery the breeding ground for parasitic diseases. As per a recent study conducted by the National Institute of Nursing Education (NINE), PGI, taking into account the sample women population of one of the better off villages — Dhanas Colony, the lack of clean and healthy personal habits has led to more than one-fourth of the women (26.79%) in the age group of 15 to 45 years to have tested positive for the presence of intestinal parasites.

What bothers the researchers more is that the respondents believe that intestinal paparstic infection (which includes presence of protozoa and several types of worms) is a children’s disease and adults are immune to it. Anaemic appearance and occasional abdominal discomfort too have been found to be common, but going unnoticed. “The adult’s neither accept that they are susceptible to worm infestation nor undergo deworming programmes,’’ adds the NINE research conducted on 224 women chosen randomly.

The researchers add that considering the better standards of Dhanas which has the facilities of clean drinking water, sanitary latrines, sewage disposal and a government dispensary, the situation in the other collonoies is likely to be much worse. “We have forwarded the findings of the report to the Health Department”, said Dr Inderjit Walia, Principal of NINE, while talking to The Tribune.

Parasitic infections are mainly transmitted by walking barefoot, drinking water and uncovered food. The study puts things in perspective as more than 68 per cent residents who tested positive had cracked and dirty feet and more than 38 per cent of them had cracked and dirty hands.

It was found that more than 78 per cent of those who tested positive never washed vegetables and 90 per cent did not washing fruits before consuming them.

The study suggests that the Health Department should educate people on health behaviour and practices. They have also recommended for provision of laboratory examination of stool to test for parasitic infections in the UT villages.


Demolitions lead to protest
Tribune News Service

  • Mr Sharanjit Singh, general secretary of the LPG Distributors Association, says its members will go on an indefinite strike from tomorrow.
  • In Khuda Ali Sher, the Administration team fells trees.
  • In Sector 44, gates in rear courtyards of flats are closed. Residents say it is a partisan approach.

Chandigarh, June 8
A series of demolitions in the city and its surrounding areas today led to protests. At Khuda Ali Sher village, north of Punjab Engineering College, a bulldozer of the Chandigarh Administration felled trees in the village, leading to protests from house owners. Formhouses were also demolished.

Three LPG godowns in Sector 51, near Burail jail, were removed. The enforcement team of the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) carried out the removal of unauthorised construction in 22 flats of the CHB in Sectors 44 and 43.

Gas godown owners said the issue of allotting gas godowns should be decided once and for all. In the past, gas godown owners had been given sites which they had rejected, citing high rents. Saying it was public service, Mr Sharanjit Singh said the Administration should sort out this matter and they would remain on strike till then.

In Sector 44, a team of the CHB removed gates from rear courtyards of flats. Residents Randhir Sharma and L.M. Sharma said this was highhandedness on the part of the CHB. The team adopted a pick-and-choose policy, they said. The row of flats had its only approach from the rear courtyard, said Mr Randhir Sharma. He alleged that similar gates opened by employees of the CHB in their houses in Sector 45 had been left untouched.

In Khuda Ali Sher, residents blocked the road for more than one hour this morning. The team of the Administration felled trees in an effort to demolish a wall. Residents alleged that this was a pick-and-choose policy as no land in the village was under acquisition.


Protesters burn Capt Kanwaljit Singh’s effigy
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 8
Villagers, who are protesting against the acquisition of their land by the Punjab Urban Palanning and Development Authority (PUDA), burnt effigy of Capt Kanwaljit Singh, former Finance Minister, near Sohana village here today.

Even rain did not dampen the spirit of the protesters, including a large number of women, who raised slogans against the former Finance Minister and carried out the protest as had been planned despite the weather.

Mr D.P. Singh, convener, Kisan Hit Bachao Committee (periphery area), told Chandigarh Tribune that the ashes would be collected and thrown into a nullah at Lakhnour village. He said the protesters would start another agitation during which the persons sitting on chain hunger strike would wear minimum clothes. The clothes removed by them would be parcelled to officials who were determined to uproot people of about 50 villages.

Mr D.P. Singh said when the SAD-BJP government took over power in the state, Capt Kanwaljit Singh abolished the land pooling/land exchange scheme launched by the Congress government. The then Finance Minister had assured that farmers would be given the market price if land was acquired by the government. But later farmers were only offered Rs 7 lakh per acre, which was nothing.

Mr Tejinder Singh Jakhar, another protester, said the Kharar MLA, Mr Bir Devinder Singh, had been saying that the protesters had not approached him with the problem which was totally wrong. He said he, along with some persons, had tried to meet him twice but he had no time for us. He had been invited to Sohana to listen to the grievances of the affected villagers but he did not turn up. He said when people from his constituency were being uprooted, he should have come on his own to help them out of the situation. He had passed from near Sohana many times but never bothered to stop and ask about the problems of the villagers who were participating in the chain hunger strike.

Mr Balwinder Singh Baidwan, general secretary of the committee, said if land was acquired, people would get unemployed. If the government acquired the land, it should provide a share in residential and commercial property to the affected persons so that employment could be generated.


Harrowing time for Shatabdi passengers
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
It has been a harrowing time for Shatabdi passengers for the past about two days. Because of the arrival of the train at New Delhi and Chandigarh delayed by several hours on account of the derailment of a goods train near Karnal, the passengers and their relatives were left high and dry.

The morning Shatabdi, which left the local railway station at its scheduled time of 6.50 am could reach the New Delhi railway station only around 1 p.m. as it was diverted to the Saharanpur-Meerut-New Delhi section. On its return journey, it could touch the city only around 2.30 am.

However, it was the return journey, which proved to be an unpleasant experience for the passengers. Though a majority of trains were diverted to alternative routes by the authorities from New Delhi, Shatabdi was sent on its scheduled routes.

Even as railway tracks were being cleared after the train derailment, passengers were stranded for over four hours at Panipat from 8.15 p.m onwards. Temper ran high as the passengers were not provided with food. There was chaos at the Panipat railway station with the authorities failing to entertain any queries about the movement of the train.

Railway officials had a tough time pacifying the agitated passengers, who were not provided with the dinner. At about 12.30 a.m. the train chugged off from Panipat and it was after a lot of hue and cry that “dal-chawal” were served to the passengers.


Challan drive: parties to start stir

Chandigarh, June 8
Political parties of the city will submit a memorandum to Justice O.P. Verma, UT Administrator, against the Chandigarh Police’s drive of challaning women for driving two-wheelers without helmets. The decision comes following the expiry of the 48-hour deadline given to the police by the parties for suspending the drive.

At a meeting attended by members of the Congress, Janta Dal (United), Bahujan Samaj Party and the Shiromani Akali Dal, it was decided that an agitation would be started if the Administration did not give up its challaning drive.

The meeting was presided over by Mr Ram Pal Sharma of the Congress. The parties decided to wait for Parliament session to get over before starting an agitation. “We want the local Member of Parliament to lead us. He will be in the city once the Parliament session gets over. Our agitation would get underway once he comes back,” he added. — TNS


21 challaned for violating public health bylaws
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
The health department of the municipal corporation challaned 21 persons and issued notices to 22 persons for violating sanctions and public health bylaws here today. The drive was carried out by the enforcement staff as a part of its campaign to check the control of water-borne diseases in the city.

A number of items kept in unhygienic conditions and exposed to dust and flies, which were unfit for human consumption, were destroyed. This included ice (210 kg), sugarcane (250 kg), cut fruit (265 kg), sweets and samosas (40 kg) and 48 bottles of spurious aerated water. The residents of the city were advised not to eat overripe, underripe, rotten or cut fruits.


10 in fray for lone SGPC seat
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
As many as 10 candidates are in the fray for the lone local SGPC seat, election to which will be held on July 11.

On the last day of filing nominations today, eight candidates filed their nominations. Proiment among were Mr Gurpartap Singh Riar, president of the local unit of SAD, Mr Amrinder Singh sitting member of the SGPC and his wife, Ms Surinder Kaur (covering candidate). Earlier, Mr Balbir Singh, Mr Charan Singh, Mr Kehar Singh, Mr Gurnam Singh, Mr Gurbir Singh, Mr Jaspal Singh, and Mr Amrit Singh had filed papers.


SGPC poll: 5 file papers
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, June 8
Five persons filed their nomination papers for the SGPC elections here today.

Those who filed their poll papers were Mr Mann Singh (son of Mr Sewak Singh), with his wife Jaspal Kaur as covering candidate, from Sohana as the SAD nominee; Mr Mann Singh (son of Mr Kaka Singh), also from Sohana, as an Independent candidate; and Mr Hardeep Singh, former SGPC member, who filed two sets of nominations papers as an Independent candidate.

Mr Hardeep Singh’s wife Raj Bhupinder Kaur filed her papers as the covering candidate.


Society to host film show
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
To thank blood donors for bringing hope to countless families, the Blood Bank Society will host a special show of the film ‘Hum Tum’ at Piccadily, Sector 34, here on June 14 — World Blood Donor Day — to 6 pm.


Youth electrocuted while repairing dish antenna
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 8
A youth got electrocuted when he tried to repair a dish antenna at a shop in Phase IX here today.

The victim, Ashu Sharma (26), is said to have died on the spot and his body got stuck to the antenna which was later removed by other staff members. A doctor from Fortis Hospital, who visited the spot, declared that Ashu was dead. The incident took place around 11.30 am

Mr Harpreet Singh, DSP, told Chandigarh Tribune that the Managing Director of the company which employed the victim, Mr Gurraj Singh Sarao, was arrested by the police on charges of causing death by negligence.

Mr Vinay Kumar, a cousin of the deceased, said he along with the victim were having coffee at a nearby shop and it was raining. He said Mr Gurraj Singh Sarao had an office on the first floor of a showroom in the market. Around that time he came downstairs and asked Ashu Sharma to go to the top of the building to check the dish antenna as it was not giving a proper signal to his computer.

Mr Vinay Kumar said that initially Ashu refused to do the work and requested his employer to call an electrician for the job as he was not exactly aware what was to be done. Mr Vinay Kumar alleged that the employer then ordered Ashu to do the work as the latter was on duty.

He said that Ashu had taken up a job in marketing with the Saraon Marketing Solutions India Ltd about four months ago. He was staying in a rented accommodation in Phase II here.

Members of the family of the deceased, who live in Thlu village in Anandpur Sahib district, reached the scene on hearing about the accident.

Mr Harish Chander, father of the victim, alleged that he lost his son due to the negligence of the employer. The father, who works as a mechanical foreman with the BBMB, said his son had got married on October 29 last year. He said he along with other members of the family rushed for Mohali after hearing about the death of his son. It is learnt that, Ritu, widow of Ashu Sharma, is three months pregnant.

Mr Gurraj Singh Sarao refused to talk to mediapersons about the incident.

On visiting the spot it was seen that a broken wooden ladder was lying on the roof top which had been used by the victim to reach the antenna. A woman employee had been sent with Ashu when he went to find the fault with the antenna. When she saw that he had got electrocuted, she rushed downstairs to inform about the incident.

The body of Ashu was sent to the local Civil Hospital for post mortem.

About a week ago a fire had broken out in the same showroom allegedly due to a short circuit and a meter had got burnt. At that time a fire brigade had been called for help.

The police has registered a case under Section 304 of the IPC.


Cheating case ordered against couple
Our Correspondent

Panchkula, June 8
The Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr Gulab Singh, today directed the Panchkula police to register a case against a Chandigarh-based couple for cheating a Panchkula resident.

The complainant, Mr Surjit Singh, had filed a complaint before the court alleging that Surinder Singh and his wife Meenu, duped him of Rs 2.5 lakh. He alleged that the couple was operating an immigration firm and charged the money from him on the pretext of sending his son to South Korea.

He had payed the money to the couple at a hotel in Sector 10, Panchkula. The couple neither sent his son to South Korea nor returned the money. Even they had not returned his son’s passport and other documents till date, he alleged.


Man found dead
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
An unidentified person of 35 to 40 years was today found dead near house No 175 in Sector 33 today.

The police on receiving an information that a person was lying near the house took him to Sector 32 hospital where he was declared brought dead.

The police said there were no apparent marks on the body suggesting it might have been a natural death. It is yet to be confirmed by the medical authorities as what actually happened to the person.

The person has a mole in between eyebrows and was wearing a check shirt and red colour shirt.


1 killed in Mohali accident
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, June 8
One person was killed in a collision between a car and an autorickshaw here today.

The driver of the autorickshaw, Charanjit Singh, a resident of Phase I here, died in the head-on collision. The car driver fled from the scene. The police has registered a case.

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