Saturday, June 12, 2004

Catty concern

The little cat is very nice,

She is forever ready to catch mice.

She wants mice for lunch,

So catches them with a punch.

She searches for mice at night,

And pounces on them in the moonlight.

She eats mice with delight,

And joyfully snores for the rest of the night.

Vaishali Sharma, Class VI, Kendriya Vidalaya No 1, Adampur.

Sleeping thoughts

The mountains high, the oceans deep,

Listening to silence as everyone is asleep.

The drop of rain, the burning flame,

The rivers that flow and the Sun that glows.

The fragrance of life, the brutality of strife.

All in profusion,

Pain, suffering, death and confusion,

Nothing but some evanescent wants and desires.

Rohini Nag, Class XII, Eicher School, Parwanoo.