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Wife, son club man to death
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
A Junior Warrant Officer (JWO) in the Indian Air Force here was today allegedly bludgeoned to death by his wife and his disabled son, who turned 18 yesterday, to what they called an end to a 22-year-long “sentence of torture” at his hands.

Seema Pandey and her son Chandrashekhar, who cleared the entrance test for medical, confessed to the murder before the police today after it questioned them about a blood-stained cricket bat that was recovered from his house.

An unrepentant Chandrashekhar who was in police custody told reporters that the “cruelty” of his father, Vijay Kumar Pandey (46) had crossed limits of human behaviour and that he had threatened to eliminate them by Monday or Tuesday, forcing them to end the tyranny of the man with “animal instincts.” They alleged that Vijay Pandey would frequently consume sleeping pills, bhang and liquor and did not allow children to have a full meal for over a week. Vijay Kumar Pandey used to turn obscene in his behaviour while dealing with the children and his wife, he alleged.

His siblings Geetanjali (11) and twins Ravi and Rishi, said nonchalantly that their father had been killed this morning. The children, who were being taken care of by neighbours and friends, repeatedly asked when their mother and brother would return from police custody.

The DSP Mr S.S. Randhawa, and the SHO of the area, Mr Ram Gopal, said during interrogation, it came to light that the man was a “tyrant and animal-like” with his family.

The police officers said they got information in the morning from a neighbour of Pandey. When the investigating party reached the spot, Seema Pandey said somebody knocked at the door in the night, entered the house and threatened them with a knife. She said she was blind-folded and fell unconscious. She told the police that she regained consciousness after an hour and found that her husband had been murdered. Around 5 a.m., she went to a neighbour on the ground floor and informed him about the killing of her husband.

When the police started asking questions about the persons who entered the house and about the circumstances leading to the murder and the recovery of the murder weapon, the mother and the son cracked and confessed to the murder.

Though the senior officers deny, sources in the police said the woman along with her two children had approached the Sector 31 police station a few days ago, asking for help. The woman, however, refused to lodge a complaint in writing and returned home.

Chadrashekhar showed his leg, saying that he had been torched by his father. A woman police officer holding Seema Pandey in custody said she was told that Chandrashekhar was not given food on the day of his birthday and told to go walk with crutches so that he could reduce his weight. Seema also accompanied him as it was difficult for him to walk due to his disability. Chandrashekhar said his father was married for 22 years and her mother and brothers and a sister had been serving an unannounced sentence of cruelty since they were born.

However, Vijay Kumar Pandey’s colleagues and friends told the Chandigarh Tribune that he was very helpful and was a voracious reader. They said Pandey had passed through a bad patch in life when his parents were arrested in a false dowry case. This case exhausted him financially. This was the time when Chandrashekhar was inflicted with polio. He probably could not arrange for money for the medicare of his child at that time. Vijay Kumar Pandey again got a setback when his sister was widowed. Friends said Vijay had arranged Rs 2 lakh for the studies of Chandrashekhar and bought an equipment worth Rs 50,000 for his physiotherapy. 



No case in fracas involving tenants, SSP’s wife
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, June 14
Even after 24 hours of high drama over a petty issue following which two youths had complained against an Inspector of the Chandigarh police, the wife of the SSP, Ropar, her gunman and occupants of a house in Sector 8 here, the police has not registered any case in this connection.

While the houseowners had complained that the persons involved were youth Congress leaders and had detained the gunman of the wife of the SSP Ropar, the youths accused Mr K.I.P. Singh, inspector, of holding out a threat of eliminating them.

An aunt of the SSP’s wife yesterday called up the police and Mr K.I.P. Singh in Sector 8 telling them that somebody had thrown bottles in her house.

The SSP’s wife, who was already in the house, sent her gunman to the neighbouring house and also called the younger brother of her husband and the in charge of the CIA Mr K.I.P. Singh, to help her 85-year-old aunt. The gunman of the SSP’s wife went to enquire from youth Congress leader Narinder Singh and others if any of them had thrown the bottles. This provoked them to question the policeman’s audacity to enter their house and cast aspersions on them.

Narinder Singh and his friends allegedly detained the gunman. Meanwhile, the SSP’s wife called the police. A volley of abuses followed between the two parties. The drama was re-enacted at the Police Station North also.

However, the police has denied the involvement of the police personnel in the case. It also said that the complainant had made a false complaint against the Inspector and his sister-in-law. DDRs have also been registered against both parties in this regard at the Sector 3 police station.

The incident reportedly occurred when the wife of Mr Surinder Pal Singh, SSP, Ropar, along with some policemen reached house no 1169 and threatened its tenant, Mr Narinder Singh, and directed him to vacate the house. Meanwhile, inspector K.I.P. Singh, his brother-in-law, along with his gunmen also entered the house and allegedly started manhandling the tenant on his refusal to vacate the house. The case was reported to the Sector 3 police station later.

In a complaint to the police, Narinder Singh alleged that the woman claiming to be the wife of Mr Surinder Pal Singh, SSP, Ropar, threatened him to vacate the house within 24 hours. Mr KIP Singh, Inspector, also reached the house and abused and manhandled him.

Mr Manjit Singh Sandhu, a friend of Narinder Singh, who was also accompanying Narinder Singh at that time, in a complaint to the police also alleged that Mr K.I.P. Singh misbehaved with him at the Sector 3 police station and that too in presence of the Station House Officer (SHO).

Earlier, Mrs Pratap Kaur mother-in-law of Mr Surinder Pal Singh, had also complained to the police alleging that Narinder Singh, her neighbour, had been dumping glass bottles in her house. However, Narinder Singh has denied the allegations.

Mr Jagbir Singh, SHO, Sector 3, said the youths staying in house No 1169 had thrown a bottle in the backyard of Mrs Pratap Kaur's house at about 3 pm. As wife of Mr Surinder Pal Singh had gone to her aunt Pratap Kaur's house, she send her gunman to Narinder Singh's house and ask him not to do so.

Following the detention of the gunman, she called upon her brother-in-law, Mr KIP Singh, Inspector, and complained to him. Narinder Singh and his friend, Manjit Singh Sandhu, also misbehaved with the inspector, alleged the SHO.

Meanwhile, Mr AS Gujral, district president of the Youth Congress (Urban), Chandigarh, has threatened to knock at the doors of the Punjab and Haryana High Court if the Chandigarh police fails to register a case against the Inspector and others. 



Answersheets of CBSE toppers on website
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
While preparing for CBSE examination, the candidates can now see the answersheets of this year’s top scorers in all main subjects in Class X and Class XII. The answersheets of the top scorers in individual subjects will be available on the board’s website.

“The idea is to allow the students to see the style of attempting the questions, to get good marks. We are only focusing on the subject-wise toppers in the country,” said a senior officer in the board.

All regional offices of the board have been asked to provide the answersheets of the subject-wise toppers.

Earlier, the board has provided tips on methodology to
prepare for the examination, replies of the frequently asked questions, and stress-related helpline.

The new experiment would enable the students to ascertain the methodology adopted by the top scorers in attempting the questions, said Dr V.P.Paul, Principal of CL DAV Senior Secondary School, Sector 11, Panchkula. It would enable the students to understand that holistic approach towards learning would fetch more marks, he added.

It has been seen that the students scoring high marks had basic understanding of a subject and judiciously used their energy in attempting the questions.

The CBSE official said the new experiment would also benefit the teachers, as they would be able to train their students to give the best results. 



Chautala operated upon
Tribune News Service

Mohali, June 14
The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, was operated upon at Silver Oaks Hospital here today. Mr Chautala, who was admitted to the hospital last night, underwent surgery for the enlargement of prostate, a routine age-related problem, here today morning.

Operated upon by the former Director of the PGI, Dr S.K. Sharma, Mr Chautala’s surgery lasted 40 minutes. His condition is said to be stable and is still in post-operative intensive care. According to Dr Sharma, Mr Chautala had a successful operation and was doing well but will remain indisposed for at least a week. The CM House confirmed that the Chief Minister’s public appointments have been cancelled till June 20.

Sources informed TNS that Mr Chautala had been suffering from urinary tract problems that needed surgery and had been visiting various hospitals in the region for consultation. Sources added that he had been to the PGI some days ago also but had finally decided to undergo surgery at Silver Oaks Hospital in Phase IX.

Despite a beeline of senior Haryana administrative officials and family members visiting the hospital through out the day, the entire event was kept a low-key affair. None of his family members talked to the press at the hospital.

Dr S.K.Sharma had recently joined Silver Oaks Hospital as their head of the Urology Department after retiring from the PGI. Dr Sharma had earlier operated upon the former Governor of Punjab, Lieut. Gen J.F.R. Jacob for the same problem at the PGI.



Chandigarh Calling

Summers are back and children are free from school. Vacation for children is fun but it happens to be a major headache for the parents. Keeping the child under continuous supervision becomes a herculian task. But now summer camps and workshops have come to their rescue. It is said that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. So these camps are aiming at turning their destructive energies to do something productive.

Camps and workshops like these are being held everywhere. Even the schools have started their own summer workshops for their students so that they spend time doing something that they enjoy and learn while they are doing it. Dance, music, painting, caricature, pot making, yoga, craft, theatre, personality development, computers are some of the things that are being taught to children. Talking to Mr Gursewak Singh, a co-ordinator at Pracheen Kala Kendra, Sector 35, he said that he teaches children various things so that they get acquainted with the different forms of arts and when he identifies talent he encourages them. Priety, a crafts co-ordinator at Bal Bhawan, Sector 23, says that the requirements of the child are kept in mind before placing him in a specific group. They also help out children with their school assignments. Exhibitions are also held after every 10 days to encourage the children to show their talent.

But what do children have to say about these camps? They themselves have found these workshops to be very helpful. Ananya, (7), a student of Carmel Convent School, finds the summer camp good as she has made a lot of new friends. “Apart from mingling with the other students, we learn more about art and craft, music, dance, painting etc”, says Mithul Sadana (9) from Delhi. While Ismat (6) and Naaz (5) love their summer camp because their co-ordinators teach them origami.

Ishita, a student of Bhawan Vidhyalay prefers summer camps to creches because here she is taught yoga which she feels is very important for staying healthy. Apurv Gupta, a student of St. Anne’s School feels happy when he is appreciated by his parents on his dance performances.

Parents also feel that it is a good way to bring out the hidden talents of the children. Mrs Geeta Singh, a working mother, says that it is good her daughter has joined a summer camp instead of wasting her time watching T.V. Mr Jasbir Singh adds that such camps give a healthy outlet to the creativity of the children and also they don’t get bored.

Life expectancy

Doctors can increase the life expectancy and the quality of life of elderly patients by selecting the right pacemaker for them after fully understanding the special requirements of the elderly patients.

This observation was made by Dr Jagmohan Verma, Director, Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Catherization Laboratories, Fortis Heart Institute & Multi-Speciality Hospital, Mohali, while participating in a one-day continuing medical education (CME) progamme in “Geriatrics: A challenge of the millennium” organised by the Western Command Hospital in Chandi Mandir cantonment on Sunday.

According to Dr Verma, unlike younger patients, elderly patients had a number of other ailments which the doctor must take into account when deciding on the pacemaker to implant. He advised doctors not to let their patients compromise on the quality of pacemaker, as this created a number of complications and meant further hospitalisation and expenses for the elderly over the years. By fully understanding the medical history of the patient and foreseeing the likely new health problems that might occur i.e. through optical pacing therapy, the doctor could implant a pacemaker that was specially programmed to meet the needs of the elderly patient. This would ensure that the patient led a good quality of life and would also increase his life expectancy.

Road problem

Delay in widening of the section of the National Highway between Lalru and Chandigarh is only contributing to the toll of fatal accidents. Several instances of headon collisions between vehicles moving in opposite directions have been reported.

Motorists plying on the National Highway lament that the -speed of vehicle touches the lowest on this road section as the traffic moving in two opposite directions is not segregated.

Manmohan and RBI

The All India Reserve Bank Officers Association has hailed the elevation of RBI’s illustrious Governor, Dr Manmohan Singh, as the country’s Prime Minister. The association while recalling the significant contributions made by Dr Manmohan Singh in enhancing the standards of RBI, hopes that he will provide an effective leadership and good governance to the country. Mr Prakash Panicker, president of the association, says that Dr Manmohan Singh has created a special niche in the minds of the RBI’ites by his handling of industrial relations with a human face, which had during his tenure paved the way for amicable wage settlements in RBI without a single industrial dispute. In RBI he left his imprint through a restructured monetary policy. A man with the Midas touch, he will always be remembered as an architect ushering the country.

Beware of urchins

Next time you get out of your car in a crowded market place be sure you carry all your belongings with you, warns Dr Anuradha Khanna of Panchkula. Her purse was stolen from her car when she went out of her car to buy a magazine, even as her husband, Dr Vivek Khanna, was sitting inside the car .The incident took place on the evening of June 6. As soon as the Khannas drove the car into the busy Sector 7 market in Panchkula and Dr Anuradha went out, a street urchin began banging at the rear windshield of their car. Inspite of repeated warnings, the child wouldn’t stop, and in a fit of rage, Dr Vivek, too, climbed down to stop the child. The child, however, managed to free himself from Dr Vivek’s grasp, and ran away. As the couple again sat in the car, they realised that an accomplice of the urchin had fled with Dr Anuradha’s purse. The couple say that though they have little hope of getting back their cash and belongings, they are aghast at children being involved in such crimes.

Seminar on water

The Enviornment Protection Society here organised a seminar on water in its various facets — water shortage, water wastage, water pollution etc. The particpants noted that thousands of villages were without potable water and hundreds of schools in rural areas had no satisfactory drinking water supply arrangements. It was resolved that the state and its agencies be urged to implement the Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme on priority. It was also decided that an awareness campaign be launched to exhort and encourage people to harvest rainwater. Noting that considerable amount of water is wasted by residents in excessive watering of lawns, washing cars, floors etc, it was resolved to persuade residents to make every effort to prevent wastage of water. It was also noted that the PUDA Act, 1995, did not contain any direct provision for protection of trees, and since the forest law was not applicable in urban estates, the government be urged to issue at least a Tree Preservation Order on the lines of Delhi Preservation of Trees Act, 1994.

Value of Gen Jacob

Sports buffs buffs in the city must have realised the value of the former UT Administrator, Lieut General J.F.R. Jacob (retd), who had great love for sports and sportspersons. Much of the impact of his absence has been noticed by trainees of the Chandigarh Football and Hockey Academy which was founded by General Jacob, who was their real guardian. A practical example of the dry love shown by Chandigarh Administration was evident when on June 11, in a small function held at Sector 42 Indoor hall, the Adviser to the UT Administrator, Mr Lalit Sharma (IAS) presided to give away prizes to the outstanding hockey players.

Interestingly, the boys were also in school uniform which was a departure from General Jacob’s era, when each of the boys used to be smartly dressed in sports kit. The UT sports administrators were wise enough in their attempt as the present adviser never showed the courtesy to spare a few minutes to discuss with the boys.

To serve is her motto

To serve mentally and physically challenged children is her passion which provides her mental satisfaction. Her affection and will to do something for mentally challenged children forced Mrs Aarti Gupta to do two diplomas, three refreshers courses and a bridge course even after marriage.

A resident of Sector 11 in Panchkula, Mrs Gupta, after completing her graduation in classical dance (Kathak) and graduation in folk dance (all states) especially opted for one year diploma in mentaly retarted course because of her affection for the challenged kids. Besides this, Mrs Aatri Gupta also did diploma in vocational education training.

A life time members of Haryana state branch of the Red Cross Society of India, Mrs Gupta also worked as a special educator with Asha School, a school for mentally challenged, at Chandi Mandir for five years. She also devoted time for the challenged kids with Sehyog Chikitsa Kendra, a centre for mentally retarded and deaf and dumb children.

Though Mrs Gupta is working with a school in Panchkula as a special educator, she gives credit of her achievements to her husband and in-laws who cooperated with her for serving the challenged children.

— Sentinel



Rs 47 lakh sanctioned for repairs on Ghaggar bridge
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 14
The Union Ministry of Road Transport and National Highways has finally released a grant for the repair of a vital bridge across the Ghaggar, on the National Highway 73, which had been swaying dangerously.

For the past two years, commuters on this bridge, connecting Panchkula to Ramgarh and beyond, have been experiencing the structure sway in a vertical direction whenever a vehicle crosses it. If a heavy vehicle happens to cross from the opposite direction, the swaying of the bridge is even more pronounced. The increasing number of vehicles has reportedly led to the loosening of the expansion joints (also called span joints) of this 30-year-old structure, causing a rolling effect on the vehicles crossing it.

Officials in the National Highway division of the Public Works Department (Bridges and Roads) say that the main reason for this is that most of the expansion joints on this 300-metre-long bridge with eight spans have loosened over the years and ball-bearings which facilitate the working of these joints have worn off.

The ministry has now sanctioned Rs 47 lakh for the replacement of the bearings and the expansion joints. Officials in the National Highway division say that work on the repair of this structure will most likely begin next month and it will be completed by the end of this financial year.

The bridge was constructed in 1972 by the then Bansi Lal government, following differences with the then Punjab Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal. The latter had refused to allow Haryana Roadways buses to pass through Punjab to reach Chandigarh. It was then decided to construct a National Highway 73 from Ambala to Chandigarh, and this bridge was built over the Ghaggar.

Officials in the National Highway division say that though there is no traffic count point on the highway near the bridge, it is estimated that almost 15,000 heavy vehicles and 2,000 light vehicles pass over this bridge, on an average, each day. The officials also agree that the heavy load of vehicles on this bridge has added to the weakening of the expansion joints.

There is a proposal to have another bridge parallel to the existing structure on the downstream side whenever the four-laning of the Panchkula-Ramgarh road is carried out. However, the ministry has not yet approved the four-laning project and till then the Old Ghaggar bridge will have to bear the heavy load of vehicles.

The structure has seen massive erosion as a result of the turbulent Ghaggar. The approaches of the bridge have always been under direct attack of this furious river, especially during the monsoon, when the discharge of water is the maximum. Due to erosion around the pillars, protection work worth almost Rs 40 lakh has to be carried out each year on this bridge to keep it operational. 



Over 80 lakh paid to victims’ kin, says Ranbaxy
Tribune News Service

Mohali, June 14
The Ranbaxy management today stated that it had been taking adequate care of the families of those who died following the blast and fire at the unit on June 11, 2003. Stating that Ranbaxy had paid over Rs 80 lakh to the families of the five persons who died in the fire, officials pointed out that they had not received any compliant from any family member of the victims.

Admitting that Ranbaxy could not invite the family members to the akhand path held on the factory premises from June 9 to June 11, the General Manager, Human Resource, Mr Kulwant Singh Dhanoa, said it was mainly with the desire not to bring back painful memories. ‘‘All the four families that had lost a son or husband had organised barsi functions in their memory and on these occasions, we ensured that Ranbaxy officials were present to show solidarity with them.’’

Mr Kulwant said the family members of the four employees who had died had been compensated to the tune of Rs 18 lakh each and the families were satisfied. ‘‘I have been personally visting these families and also advising them,’’ he said.

He said the fifth victim of the blast, Sri Bhagwan, who was a truck cleaner and was inside the unit that night, too, had been paid Rs 5 lakh.



Move for effective trauma services in Mohali, Kharar
Kulwinder Sangha

Mohali/Kharar, June 14
With a large number of road accidents taking place on the National Highway every month, there is now a move to provide effective and efficient trauma services in Mohali and Kharar not only to save precious lives but also to reduce the pressure of such cases on the PGI in Chandigarh.

While the trauma unit at the Civil Hospital in Mohali is more or less non-existent, lacking the blood bank facility and the required staff, the one at the hospital at Kharar also needs to be strengthened to a great extent to make it effective.

According to sources, the Punjab Health Systems Corporation (PHSC) is working on the move to strengthen the trauma units at the Civil Hospitals at Mohali and Kharar. A meeting in this regard has already been held at the level of the Managing Director (MD) of the PHSC. The requirements for strengthening the trauma units were being discussed and constraints reconsidered. The PGI authorities had also met the MD, PHSC, in this regard. It is learnt that the PGI has also offered to provide assistance and guidance where ever required for strengthening trauma units. The PGI wants that only critical cases should be referred to it so that patients could be given proper treatment.

It is learnt that the PGI authorities has been asking the Punjab and Haryana governments for the past several years to strengthen the hospitals around Chandigarh in order to reduce the rush of patients in the PGI.

Sources say that around 20 per cent of the emergency cases received at the Kharar hospital are usually referred to the PGI in Chandigarh. Additional manpower will be needed at the trauma unit at Kharar to make it effective round the clock. There is need for two or three orthopaedists and an equal number of surgeons, apart from a permanent anaesthetist, a laboratory technician, two operating theatre attendants, at least three staff nurses and three Class IV employees.

Doctors at the Kharar hospital say that the unit also requires an ambulance and better equipment exclusively for the trauma unit. The unit must function independently under the senior medical officer concerned. Last year the staff of this trauma unit were merged with the other staff of the hospital. They also suggest that the doctors attached to the unit needed to be provided with houses on the hospital premises instead of being “on call” as was the case at present. A hotline, too, is needed for the set-up.

At the Mohali hospital, there is no permanent anaesthetist, only one radiographer and no properly trained operating theatre technician. The hospital lacks a proper blood bank though arrangements to store blood have been made. Though the hospital has a strength of doctors according to the norms for a 50-bed hospital, it lacked doctors who could be put on night duty. Specialists were doing night duties which adversely affected work in the OPDs. Doctors were “on call” to attend to patients in cases of emergency.

Doctors at the Mohali Civil Hospital also say that additional staff was needed to effectively run the trauma unit here. Doctors and other staff members, including staff nurses, a radiographer, OT technician and anaesthetist were needed for round-the-clock duties in the trauma units and the staff deputed for the trauma unit should not be assigned any other type of work.



Councillors urge DC to inspect MC works
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 14
Congress and BJP Municipal Councillors today met the Deputy Commissioner, Ms Neelam P Kasni, and urged her to intervene “so that the image of the council is not tarnished further”.

Led by Mr V.K. Kapoor and Mr R.K. Kakkar the councillors met Ms Kasni and urged her to inspect the quality of works being carried out by the Municipal Council in various parts of the township. They alleged that the last meeting of the council was held on March 4, but the minutes of the meeting had not been circulated to the councillors because of some ulterior motives.

They also alleged that the budget for various development works was approved by the council but not implemented in some cases. They also demanded an independent inquiry into the cases of corruption involving MC officials and contractors.

The councillors urged the DC to get the quality road carpeting done by the MC checked from technical experts as the works were allegedly not conforming to the specifications given in the tenders.



Fauji Beat
Let us learn from Normandy commemoration

SIXTY years ago on June 6, came a turning point in the history of Europe when the Allied forces stormed the Normandy beaches in the D-Day landings. Tens of thousands of US, British, Canadian, French and German veterans with their families, besides French civilians, gathered on this day in Normandy to commemorate the historic battle. Not only that, 22 leaders from 16 countries, including for the first time, the Russian and German leaders, were present on this occasion.

US President George Bush stood with French President Jacques Chirac to honour the thousands who laid down their lives on June 6, 1944. After laying a wreath to the fallen heroes. Mr George Bush said: “You would be honoured ever and always”.

Now compare this with what we do for our fallen heroes. Take the Kargil war example; it was only on the first anniversary that our leaders paid a “lip service” to the war heroes and their widows. Think of the other wars, that is, of 1947, 1962, 1965 and 1971. Have our political leaders ever thought of remembering the fallen heroes of these wars? Perhaps, we are a solitary example of an ungrateful nation.

What our politicians need to remember is that a nation that does not remember its fallen heroes cannot always remain a nation worth dying for.

President visits Asha School

During President Abdul Kalam’s visit to the Headquarters Northern Command at Udhampur, Asha School figured prominently in his itinerary. Despite suffering from mental retardation, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and various other handicaps, the children of the school staged a short and nice entertainment programme for the President.

Dr Kalam’s love for the children was clearly evidenced from the way he interacted with them and gave them gifts. The President’s special gift for the children was a poem titled “Courage” by an Iranian boy who has lost both his legs. It reads: “My mind says, don’t weep don’t weep, for I need not bow even in front of a king”. To inspire the 54 students of Asha School, the President recited this poem himself to them.

By establishing Asha Schools all over the country, the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) has rendered a commendable service to the handicapped children. These schools prepare the handicapped children to face the challenge of life with a bold face.

Jats’ anniversary dinner

Having started in 1994, the Chandigarh Jat Officers Regimental Association (JORA), celebrated its 10th anniversary by holding a dinner at Aroma Hotel last week. It was an evening of rejoicing for a gathering of about 50 officers of the regiment and their wives.

The seniormost officer in age, present at the function was Col J.S. Gill (retd), who is active and full of life at 82. Maj-Gen K.S. Bajwa (retd), who is around 80, too doesnot wear his age on his tall frame. Both these officers had served in the Jat Regiment during the earlier days of their career. Two of the serving officers, Colonel Anand and Lieutenant Colonel Handa, who were on leave in Chandigarh, also attended the get-together.

Mr Nirmal Singh, Director-General of Police in Haryana, was in 1968 commissioned into 1 Jat (LI), which is now re-designated as 2 Mechanised (I Jat LI). He later switched over to the police. His affiliation with the Jat Regiment is so deep-rooted that he makes it a point to attend each JORA get-together. He even attended the bicentenary celebrations of 1 Jat (LI) in Roorkee last year.

The Chandigarh JORA chapter has been regularly holding get-togethers over dinner or lunch, thanks to Brig S.S. Kler (retd), honorary secretary of JORA, and Col Pirthi Singh (retd), who have been organising these functions with great success. There seems to be a general consensus among the officers that in future these functions should be held at Aroma Hotel. —Pritam Bhullar



Shifting of cremation ground: 3 hurt in group clash
Tribune News Service

Mohali, June 14
Three persons were seriously injured in a group clash at Nagari village here today. Those injured include the husband of the village Sarpanch and her father-in-law. According to the police, the clash took place over a difference of opinion between two groups in the village regarding shifting of the cremation ground.

While the Sarpanch’s husband, Mr Jaipal Singh, had been demanding the shifting of the cremation ground from near an elementary school in the village, another group in the village, led by a former Sarpanch’s supporters did not want the cremation ground to be shifted.

Mr Jaipal Singh had also got the orders for shifting the cremation ground from the SDM, Mohali, and the BDPO. He had pleaded that children admitted to the elementary school were scared of coming to the school due to its vicinity to the cremation ground.

Braced with the orders, Mr Jaipal Singh along with his father tried to shift the cremation ground but was stopped by the supporters of the former Sarpanch of the village, Mr Jaswant Singh. This led to a clash and Mr Jaipal Singh along with his father and a friend was seriously hurt. “The supporters of the former Sarpanch hit him on the head leading to serious head injuries to Mr Jaipal Singh. The three were rushed to the Kharar Civil Hospital from where they have now been shifted to the PGI,” said Mr Vinod Sharma, SHO, Sohana police station.

A case is yet to be registered in the matter and no arrests have been made so far. “Those who hit Mr Jaipal Singh and his father have fled the village. We will be booking those involved in the clash and will be arresting them,” said Mr Sharma.\



Red Cross to help poor marry off their daughters
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
The Chandigarh Red Cross Society has decided to extend monetary help up to Rs 5,000 to poor people who are to marry their daughters and need help from the Chandigarh Administration.

This support of the UT Red Cross will be open to the residents of Chandigarh and will solely be meant for the poor who are not able to marrying off their daughters. The field staff of the UT Red Cross Society will verify such cases and, if found genuine, monetary help in terms of cash or kind, whichever is preferred, will be extended to all concerned.

Anyone desirous of soliciting this help can approach the Deputy Commissioner or Secretary, Red Cross Society, or the office of the Red Cross Society located in Karuna Sadan Building, Sector 11, Chandigarh, on any working day from 12 noon to 1 p.m.



Nagar kirtan held in city
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, June 14
An impressive nagar kirtan was held this afternoon in connection with the martyrdom day of Guru Arjan Dev. As it passed through different sectors in the city, more and more devotees joined the procession.

The procession passed from Sector 7 before reaching the road dividing Sector 7 and 8. It then passed through the road dividing Sector 18 and 19 before reaching Sector 19 gurdwara. It then passed through the road in front of markets in Sectors 20, 21, 22 and 23. The martyrdom day will be observed on June 16.

According to a press release issued by Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Foundation, a series of 13 akhand paths started today and the bhog ceremony will be performed on June 16. Guru ka langar is being served to the sangat, the release added.



Applications for Haj
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
The State Haj Committee, UT, Chandigarh, has invited applications from people who are interested for Haj 2005 according to the Haj programme announced by the Haj Committee, Mumbai.

Those interested in Chandigarh should send their applications along with a bank draft for Rs 10,550 drawn in favour of the State Haj Committee, Chandigarh, so as to reach the office of Mr I.S. Sandhu, Sub-Divisional Magistrate-cum-Coordinator, State Haj Committee, Chandigarh, Room No.18, Ist floor, Estate Office, Building, Sector 17, Chandigarh, on or before July 10, 2004. The application will not be entertained after this date, according to an official press note.

The prescribed Haj application forms can be collected from the Superintendent, Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Chandigarh, free of cost. The pilgrims may contact him for filling the forms in accordance with the instructions for Haj-2005 as received from the Executive Officer, Haj Committee, Mumbai. Mr Khalil Ahmed, H.No.1077, Sector 27, Chandigarh and Dr Shakeel Ahmed, 214, Sector 15-A, Chandigarh, the Members of the State Haj Committee can also be contacted for this purpose.


Society’s delegate session held

Chandigarh, June 14
The general delegate session of Giani Dit Singh Memorial International Society was held at Guru Granth Sahib Vidya Centre, Sector 28, here today. The function began with ardas.

In the first session, delegates from Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh, spoke on the achievements of Giani Dit Singh in the field of Sikhism. The main speakers were Mr Kartar Singh Takar, President, SAD, Haryana, Mr Ronak Singh, Mr Gurnam Singh Sidhu, Mr Harkirat Singh Dhillon.

On the occasion, the following were elected to the central executive body: chief patron — Mr Harinder Singh, chief adviser — Sant Hardev Singh, patron — Mr Joginder Singh, president — Mr Nasib Singh Sewak, general secretary — Mr Surinder Singh, finance secretary — Mr Avtar Singh; senior vice-president — Mr Sukhdev Singh, joint secretary — Mr Gurpreet Singh, and organising secretary — Mr Khushal Singh. — TNS



Media workshop at Press Club

Chandigarh, June 14
About 30 journalists from all over the region will attend a media workshop for young journalists, being organised here tomorrow by the Chandigarh Press Club in collaboration with the American Embassy, New Delhi, on the club premises.

Prof Roger Gafke, an eminent media expert from the USA, will conduct the workshop on “improving news reporting, writing and researching skills”. The participants will be awarded certificates of attendance at the conclusion of the workshop, according to Mr Ramesh Vinayak, Secretary-General of the club. — TNS



SAD (Longowal) meeting today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
Mr Prem Singh Chandumajra, President of the Shiromani Akali Dal ( Longowal), said here today that a meeting of the party’s top leaders and associates would be held at Rajpura tomorrow.
Party’s policies and programmes would be finalised at the meeting, he added.



Man selling fake cement arrested
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
The Chandigarh police yesterday detected that fake Gujarat Ambuja cement was being sold from a shop at Burail village here.
The proprietor of Saini Cement Store, Paramjit Singh, was arrested and four bags of cement and 150 empty bags bearing Ambuja cement makings were seized from him. The police raided the shop after the DGM of the company, Mr Sunil, got a complaint from Mr K.K. Kakkar, a lawyer in Sector 15, that the manufacturing date and batch numbers of the cement bags supplied to him had been erased and that the bags were not stitched properly.

Mr Kakkar reported that he purchased 150 bags of cement from the shop between April 19 and June 5. He said the job at his place was over on June 11. One and a half bags of cement had remained unused and 30-odd empty bags were lying in his house. When he examined them, he saw that the batch number and the manufacturing date had been erased with paint. Even the stitching at different places was different. Mr Kakkar told the police that he had bought a bag of cement for Rs 160.

Mr Kakkar then called up the company and asked if it could confirm the standard of quality of the cement of the company. A team of company’s inspectors said the packing and the cement did not match with that of the company. The inspectors found out that the cement had been re-packed in the bags.

The company forwarded Mr Kakkar’s complaint to the police station. The police today raided the premises of the supplier of the cement and made the seizure.

It is still investigating from where the fake cement was being supplied and how its packing was being done. The quantum of the fake cement in the market is also being ascertained.



Man attempts suicide
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
An employee of the Internal Audit Department of the PGI Rakesh Kumar (28) allegedly attempted to commit suicide by consuming baygon insecticide on Monday.
A resident of Sector 24 here, Rakesh is said to be out of danger.


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