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Bank manager’s kidnapping masterminded from USA
Brother-in-law abducted to pressure wife to withdraw divorce case
Sanjay Sharma

Chandigarh, June 29
A marital dispute between an NRI couple in the USA led to the kidnapping of a bank manager in Chandigarh. The local police acting swiftly and working in tandem with the US police recorded trans-continental statements over phone. It also e-mailed to pressurise the NRI to instruct the alleged abductors from Hoshiarpur to release the kidnapped man. It was all over in about 12 hours and was perhaps the first example of international policing in the city.


A local SBI Assistant Manager, Mr Lekh Raj, was abducted from his residence in Sector 15 yesterday evening. The finger of suspicion pointed to Lekh Raj’s brother-in-law who is married to his wife’s sister. The US-based brother-in-law Jasbir Singh had estranged relations with his wife, Kiran, who has filed for divorce and other criminal proceedings against her husband in US courts.

According to the police, Jasbir wanted his wife to withdraw these cases. In order to pressurise her he reportedly arranged for the kidnapping of his brother-in-law from the USA only.

Jasbir Singh had allegedly threatened to get Lekh Raj’s children kidnapped if his (Lekh Raj’s) wife did not persuade her younger sister Kiran to withdraw cases against him.

Soon after the kidnapping, the police swung into action and on the basis of an eyewitness’ account of the abduction registered a case. Interestingly, the bank manager’s family had not reported about the kidnapping to the police till then.

According to Chandigarh DSP S. C. Sagar, on the basis of the information provided by the wife of Lekh Raj, Ms Inderjeet Kaur, he contacted the California police, which recorded his statement on a tape recorder. Lekh Raj’s wife Inderjeet Kaur and Jasbir Singh’s estranged wife Ms Kiran also made their statements before the U S Police telephonically about Jasbir Singh’s involvement in the crime. The US Police also asked Mr Sagar to provide written information and his credentials on e-mail to the US Police for the registration of a case against Jasbir Singh.

For the registration of the case, the Chandigarh and US Police asked the estranged wife of Jasbir Singh, Ms Kiran, to talk to him and record the conversation as evidence against him.

While the process of recordings was going on, Jasbir got panicky. He was told on his mobile phone that the police had arrested some of the conspirators and abductors. At 4 am this morning, he reportedly phoned up the abductors and they released the bank manager in Mubarkpur near Una.

Meanwhile, the Chandigarh Police had arrested a few persons in Patiala and the main conspirator in India Tarsem Singh from Tanda in Hoshiarpur so as to break the contact of kidnappers from their master mind to demoralise them.

During the questioning, Ms Inderjeet Kaur also revealed to the police that few days back a few persons had come to their house number 3300 in Sector 15 to force her talk to Ms Kiran in the U S about withdrawing cases against Jasbir Singh. This information led to the Chandigarh Police informing the matter to the U S Police, which promptly acted on information, provided by the Chandigarh Police.

Meanwhile, the Chandigarh Police kept the pressure on the kidnappers by making telephonic contacts with them and tracking their mobile and landline phones. The Punjab Police too had put up pickets at several places on the basis of information provided by the Chandigarh Police.

Buckling under pressure applied both by the U S and the Chandigarh Police, the kidnappers gave Mr Lekh Raj Rs 250 to board a bus from Mubarakpur in Una.

Mr Lekh Raj, talking to the press in the presence of the police officers, said immediately after the abduction, he was taken to Hariana village in Hoshiarpur District, where kidnappers came to know that a red alert had been sounded and the Punjab Police had put up pickets.

The kidnappers used internal roads to travel and were in constant touch on their mobile phones with Jasbir Singh and other conspirators. Meanwhile, one of the kidnappers got a phone call from their house that the police had raided his house. This created panic among them.

Ms Inderjeet Kaur revealed that Jasbir Singh was facing an appearance in a U S court on July 2 and that probably forced him to take this extreme step to put pressure on his estranged wife.

The Chandigarh Police said it would now ask the U S Police to make Jasbir Singh available to it for further investigation. The police has identified two more persons and has sent parties to find out their whereabouts.


Jasbir faces arrest in California
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 29
Jasbir Singh, the alleged US-based abduction mastermind of Lekh Raj, is facing arrest in California after he was charged with felony in connection with the abduction from Chandigarh yesterday.

Jasbir Singh’s estranged wife Kiran told The Tribune on the telephone that the deputy of the Police Commissioner, Mr Charley Bruce Mitchell, told her that his arrest was imminent and that the matter had been moved to a local court.

She quoted her District Attorney Seymore Rose, saying that the hearing on the arrest of Jasbir Singh was taken up in the California District Court and the verdict was awaited.

Ms Kiran said she also got information from another District Attorney Kristina Macoster that the court had heard both parties to give a judgement on his arrest.

The local police got to know from the family that felony charges had been slapped on Jasbir Singh and that the arrest may follow soon.

Ranbir Singh, younger brother of Lekh Raj’s wife, however, claimed on the telephone that Jasbir Singh had been arrested.

He claimed that Jasbir Singh had been charged with felony, an equivalent crime of attempt to murder in the US.

Jasbir Singh was scheduled to appear before a court in connection with an assault on his estranged wife Kiran tomorrow, Ranbir Singh said.

Ranbir had yesterday told The Tribune that the California police had picked up Jasbir Singh as soon as the matter was reported to the US police by the Chandigarh police. Later, he was arrested as soon as he directed the India-based kidnappers to release Lekh Raj. The California police asked Jasbir Singh to give this direction to the kidnappers.


Man promises jobs in police for money, booked
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 29
A Bapu Dham Colony resident, Yashpal, was today booked for allegedly taking Rs 15,000 from a Rohtak resident to get candidates recruited constables in the Chandigarh police.

Suresh Kumar Jhhul of Bhagwatipur village in Rohtak district complained to the Sector 17 police station that Yashpal had came to his village on June 21 for buying buffaloes and there the suspect told him that he knew senior police officers and an MP, and could get candidates recruited as constables.

He was demanding Rs 2.5 lakh for the recruitment of one constable.

The suspect claimed that he had got a few candidates recruited in 2000. He, however, told Suresh Kumar that he would not be able to help a candidate who did not clear the race test in 5 minutes and 40 seconds. Yashpal had told Suresh Kumar that he would take money from candidates after they were allotted belt numbers by the Chandigarh police. Yashpal had claimed that he had been given a quota of two Inspectors and two constables in a recruitment scheduled for this year.

Yashpal asked them to come to house number 568 in Bapu Dham Colony or contract him on phone number 2791238.

Next day, Suresh Kumar reached Chandigarh along with four candidates and contacted Yashpal, who took them to Rakesh, claiming the latter was known to an MP. When they left the house of Rakesh, Yashpal told them to give him Rs 15,000 to take forms and complete formalities. They gave the money. Yashpal allegedly told them to come again after two days.

They again came to Chandigarh on June 24 and Yashpal came to meet them in Sector 17 and demanded Rs 3 lakh more. Suresh Kumar refused to give him the money and demanded his payment back. He returned Rs 10,000. In the evening, he went to house number 568 in Bapu Dham Colony and took back the certificates of the candidates. Again, Suresh Kumar demanded the money and one Kanhaiya Lal Pardhan assured them that it would be returned on Tuesday.

The complainant asked the police to get his money back from Rakesh, Yashpal and Kanhaiya Lal, and book them.


Human rights violations occur in custody: Anand
Tribune News Service

Pinjore, June 29
Views on the relevance of human rights for prisoners and prisoners of war were presented by para-military forces personnel at an inter-central police organisation debate competition organised by the Central Reserve Police Force at its Group Centre here today.

Addressing participants and personnel, Justice R L Anand, Acting Chairperson of the Punjab Human Rights Commission, who was the presiding officer of the three-member jury said that any person in custody was entitled to certain rights and he could not be denied facilities like proper living conditions and medical aid.

Stating that the relevance of human rights for prisoners cannot be undermined, he said that despite provisions of law, violations of human rights did take place in custody. He said that if we undermined human rights, there would be a big threat to society.

Summing up the proceedings, Adviser, Prison Reforms, Punjab, Mr A P Bhatnagar, said that law enforcers couldnot take law into their own hands and the judicial process should take its due course. He listed lack of training and understanding on the part of law enforcers as reasons for violations of human rights.

A total of 28 personnel from units deployed in Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir took part in the competition, being organised under the aegis of the National Human Rights Commission. The participants were divided into teams of two members each.

The Border Security Force, the Central Reserve Police Force, the Central Industrial Security Force, the Railway Protection Force, the Special Security Bureau and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force had sent teams to participate in the event. The winners in the English category were Anand Kumar and R S Dasila from the ITBP, while Ram Ashish Kumar and R S Hundal from the BSF were the runners-up. In the Hindi category, R C Pandey and Anulesh Kumar from the BSF were the winners, followed by Abhey Singh and B B Tiwari from the CRPF. These teams will represent the north zone in the national level competition to be held in Delhi later this year.


Rama Tirtha kin sets up NGO
A. S. Prashar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 29
A direct descendant of the 19th century spiritual leader and social reformer, Swami Rama Tirtha, is trying to continue in his own humble way, the good work initiated by his great grand father more than a century ago.

One of swamiji's great grandsons, Mr Hemant Goswami (32), who is an electronics engineering graduate, has set up a non-government organisation (NGO) in the City Beautiful with a rather unusual name of "Burning Brain Society" which has been active among the youth for the past few years. "The youth have so much pent up energy, anger and frustration in them which can be harnessed into constructive channels", Mr Gowami in an interview with TNS here today. "All that is needed is something to ignite their brain. We are trying to do so through our society. Hence, the name Burning Brain Society".

The society, he says, has been focusing on the problems of smoking and other addictions among the youth. "Studies carried out by us have shown that most of the youth start smoking before the age of 18 years. They are just attracted to the vice when they see their role models like Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar smoking and acting macho on the silver screen."

And once hooked, it is not easy to kick off the habit. Success rate is just 10-15 per cent. Studies have shown that those who use alcohol and drugs were smokers earlier.

Hemant says that he has been associated with the NGO's right from his school days. He was influenced by one of the lecturers delivered by his great grandfather in Japan. "That lecture changed my life and way of thinking and inspired me to do something useful for the society. It requires a lot of courage. My great grandfather gave up everything to work among the people. I recognise that that was a different century. Times have changed since then. But new problems have come up for the country and its people. I am trying to focus on one of the problems".

Swami Rama Tirtha, a direct descendant of Gosain Tulsi Das, the immortal author of the widely read Hindi Ramayan, was born in 1873, at Muraliwala, in the district of Gujranwala, now in Pakistan. Rama Tirtha was a very bright student, a genius possessing unusual intelligence, contemplative nature and an intrinsic love of mathematics and solitude. He topped the list in B.A. and took his M.A. degree in Mathematics. For two years, Rama Tirtha was a Professor of Mathematics at the Lahore Foreman Christian College, and he acted as a Reader for a short time at Lahore Oriental College.


Fall in number of insured workers
Tribune News Service

Insured workers in Chandigarh


Insured workers









Chandigarh, June 29
With recession in the local industry, there has been a significant decline in the number of insured workers with the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).

The number of the insured workers, which stood at 35,350 in the year 1999-2000, has come down sharply to 29,500 in 2002-2003 ringing warning bells for the industrial sector. The continued bureaucratic indifference only compounds the problem.

Blaming the decline in the number of insured workers on the flight of industry to the neighbouring Himachal and Punjab, sources said these states offered better facilities to the entrepreneurs.

And with a number of units shifting to these states, the decline in the ESIC-insured workers was a natural consequence.

The decline would mean that lesser number of the industrial workers would be availing of the benefits from the ESIC.

Apart from the routine medical facilities at the ESI dispensaries and hospitals, the benefits included treatment of the dreaded diseases at the super-speciality hospitals of the region.

Mr T.R. Gautam, Regional Director of the ESIC, said here today that the decline was largely on account of the shifting of industry to the neighbouring area.

Echoing almost similar sentiments, the president of the Chandigarh Industrial Fastners Association, Mr AL Aggarwal, said a number of the local units had closed down as the small scale sector was passing through a severe recession.

With the Himachal Government declaring a "tax holiday" for the industry for 10 years, certain industries were shifting the Himachal and Punjab further reducing the number of insured persons.

Meanwhile, the raising of eligibility limit from Rs 6,500 to Rs 7,500 for enrolment to the ESI scheme is likely to reduce the number further.

It may be recalled that the Central Government had recently raised the limit to Rs 7,500 for the industrial workers. 


Study on male behaviour towards women’s illnesses
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 29
Deeply routed in the Indian mythology and antediluvian concepts is unfortunately the North Indian rural male’s understanding of the illness and health of the fairer sex. What should come as a disturbing fact is many still believe that melting of bones leads to vaginal discharge and excessive menses, ulcers and internal swelling were all considered to be the manifestations of heat.

The research, which has been undertaken by Dr Amarjeet Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, PGI, is based on the data collected by a study conducted on the rural population in the city’s periphery.

“In patriarchal societies like India, low status of women in general makes them dependent on their male counterparts for seeking treatment for their illness. Male attitudes towards women’s illnesses significantly influence the status of women’s health,’’ highlights the study on the importance of men’s understanding of the female’s illness and health.

However, the study is full of disturbing surprises — from vaginal discharge, irregular menses, family planning operations to other complicated gynaechological problems have been reasoned using ancient vedic and mythological concepts and newer forms of treatment are given minimal weightage.

Men feel that the consumption of tea by women in recent years is genesis of many problems and some do not even rule out the intake of maize “chapatis”, which, they say, contribute to increased generation of heat within the women’s body.

Again, melting of bones was described as the predominant factor causing weakness in females. Heat was understood to affect eyes of women and also the illness after taking hot medicines to avoid or delay pregnancy.

For internal swelling, again the common response that the rural men gave was the `heat’. “It gets well on its own. It leads to headaches. Intake of smoke of ajwain gives relief,’’ the research quoted a respondent commenting on the disease.

Less watching of TV and an early marriage of girls (by the age of 20) were the usual recommendations of the respondents to be a cure of many women illness.

“Many female complications are linked to heat which also means sexual disease... and due to shyness the problem aggravates.. to fight this girls should be married by the age of 20 and the problem can be corrected without medicine,” the research found this as the common reply.

“The research throws forth the views which are an integral part of little tradition of vast Indian rural populace. Any contemplated change in these views should be in consonance with overall change in culture and society of rural India,” says Dr Amarjeet Singh in his study.


e-beat patrolling called off
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 29
The much publicised electronic beat patrolling, a technology-based patrol system for cops in the township, has been called off.

The police says the reason for the e-beat scheme being called off was that the staff was merely getting readings noted on electronic chips (tags) installed at various places in a police beat at a specified time. Instead of patrolling the area round the clock, the PCR staff was patrolling the area only for 15 minutes so that they could get their readings noted on the chips.

The Superintendent of Police, Mr A. S. Chawla, said burglaries in the township had increased, which showed that the technology-aided patrolling was not enough to keep a check on employees. “Thus, we have done away with the system for a week,” he says.

The e-beat system was introduced in the township two years ago to ensure that patrolling in the city by the beat patrolling staff and police control room vehicles is regular, comprehensive and uniformly distributed. In each sector, e- beat points at five different locations were identified and electronic cards called tags — the size of a visiting card with an electronic circuit — were implanted in walls of houses or plots.

The patrolling staff was given another palm sized gizmo, reader, which they were required to swipe near the card in the Sector each time they crossed the point. The tags had a unique ID and would read the unique IDs of the reader without physical contact from a distance of 10 cm. The timing and date would automatically get recorded on the reader. This information would then be read out from a computer having a special software to keep a check on the patrolling staff.

Mr Chawla says now the patrolling staff and PCR have been instructed to be extra vigilant from 7 pm to 9 pm, near houses where the lights have not been switched on - an indicator that the owners are away. “Decoys in plain clothes will be deputed near such houses to ensure that no untoward incident takes place,” he adds.


Panchkula Diary
Rs 2,783.32 lakh spent on development
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 29
The Public Works Department has spent a sum of Rs 2,783.32 lakh on the development of Panchkula.

Stating this today, the Deputy Commissioner, Ms Neelam P. Kasni, said a sum of Rs 198.13 lakh had been spent on laying a 19.40-km-long road, Rs 58 lakh on the repair of various roads, while Rs 223.25 lakh had been spent on the relaying of roads.

She said the PWD had spent money on repair of various bridges and culverts in the district, construction of three new bridges and erecting new buildings.

60 jhuggis demolished

The enforcement wing of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) yesterday launched a demolition drive in various parts of the township. Over 60 jhuggis were demolished, and the meat market at Abheypur village was also demolished.

It is learnt that the drive was carried out under the supervision of the three junior engineers of the enforcement wing. The drive began from Sector 21, where the enforcement staff demolished 25 jhuggis, which had been rebuilt after these were demolished last week. Since the HUDA staff was not accompanied by the police, they faced some resistance, though the drive was later carried out peacefully.

Encroachments were also removed from near Amartex and Gawritex outlets in the Industrial Area. Some jhuggis that have come up in the Industrial Area, Phase II, were also removed, before the staff proceeded to Abheypur village, where the illegal meat market was demolished.

Encourage honest taxpayers: forum

The Indian Citizens Forum, Panchkula, has demanded that the government encourage the honest taxpayer by offering incentives like separate dedicated windows at railway booking counters, priorities at government hospitals, etc which will have no financial implications but can go a long way in boosting the morale of the honest taxpayer. Mr Naveen Gupta, senior vice-president of the forum, said though there were penalties for tax evaders, there were no benefits for taxpayers. He said offering incentives to taxpayers would lead them to contribute towards nation building. 


2 brothers killed in Bathinda accident
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 29
Two brothers, residents of Phase VI here, were killed in an accident at Bathinda where they had gone in connection with the selection of a girl for the marriage of one of them.

It is learnt that Kuldeep Kumar, who worked with the ICICI Bank, had gone to Bathinda, along with his brother, Varinder Kumar. After meeting the girl, both were walking on a road when they were allegedly hit by a Canter.

It is reported that Kuldeep Kumar died on the spot while Varinder Kumar was taken to hospital in a serious condition where he succumbed to his injuries today.


Haryana politician’s relative booked
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 29
A con man claiming to be a nephew of a top politician of Haryana allegedly duped a man from Barwala of Rs 1.75 lakh for getting him advertising contracts on Jalandhar Doordarshan.

Naresh Kumar of Barwala complained that Pawan Kumar, alias Rajnish Bishnoi, once happened to meet him in Sector 21 where office of one of his friends Gaurav Saini was housed. Following a brief introduction, Pawan Kumar kept on meeting him in his Sector 22 office. Naresh Kumar said he had to quit his job and was looking for some employment in February 2004.

He also asked Pawan Kumar to suggest some opportunities. Pawan Kumar told him that he was planning to start a business of taking advertising contracts on the doordarshan. He told Naresh Kumar that this business would fetch them a handsome profit. Pawan then offered him partnership saying that the investment share of Naresh would be Rs 2 lakh. Naresh made 
the payment at Aroma Hotel. But nothing materialised for long time and Pawan Kumar kept on promising him to start the programme in April 2004.

Pawan Kumar gave him a receipt of Rs 1.75 lakh of June 30, 2004. Next day, Pawan Kumar allegedly threatened that he would not return his money as the receipt issued by him had no value.

The complainant said Pawan Kumar had allegedly cheated residence of Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Dasua, Phagwara and Chandigarh. A case under Sections 419 and 420 of the IPC has been registered against Pawan Kumar at the Sector 17 police station.


Man crushed to death
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 29
Two persons were killed in separate incidents in the district today. While 31-year-old Ram Singh was crushed to death under his own tractor in the wee hours, Gopal Dutt, a school teacher in Morni, died after he fell off a tree, while trying to pick up mangoes.

The police says Ram Singh, a resident of Shahzadpur village, was found crushed under his own tractor in the fields this morning. He had reportedly been ploughing his fields when the tractor overturned and he was crushed under the vehicle. It was several hours later that the Sarpanch of the village, while on way to the fields, found him there and informed the police.

In the other incident, a 35-year-old school teacher, Gopal Dutt, fell off a mango tree near the Morni bus stand and died. He had reportedly climbed the tree to pluck some fruit.


The kingpin of the racket involved in procuring vehicles on finance by supplying fake documents, Harjit Singh, has been remanded to four days police custody. The gang was reportedly operating from a Sector 21 house here, which they had taken on rent from a serving Inspector-General of Haryana Police.

The CIA Staff of the police had nabbed him from Mohali late last night. The police says that the gang had procured two cars- an Alto and a Maruti, a motor cycle and a scooter by furnishing fake documents to ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.

The police says that the gang’s modus operandi was to project a lavish lifestyle so that they could dupe the financing institutions, and after they got the vehicles financed on fake identities, they would vanish from the address given to the financing agency, and shift to a new location. The vehicles would then be sold off in other places. The two cars that Harjit had procured from ICICI Bank on hire purchase agreement, were later sold off in Delhi. A police party will now go to Delhi to recover these cars. The police says that they are also conducting raids to nab the other accused in the case.

Chain snatcher

The chain snatcher arrested by the Kalka police yesterday has been brought on production warrant by the CIA Staff here. The accused, Johnny, is reportedly involved in several incidents of chain snatching in Panchkula.

Johnny was arrested yesterday on charges of outraging the modesty of a woman and stealing her gold chain. He was booked under Section 354, 356 and 379 of the IPC.

He had allegedly apprehended a young girl near Kamla Nagar, Kalka yesterday and made physical overtures towards her. As he left, he snatched her gold chain.


Escapee nabbed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 29
The crime branch today arrested Raju who had escaped from the branch on the intervening night of June 24 and 25. He was trapped in the green belt of Sector 46 opposite the Santoshi Mata Mandir on a secret information.

Raju’s arrest today has followed that of Navneet on June 25. Both were arrested in connection with the lifting of a bag containing Rs 70,000 from the Sector 35 market. Both of them had planned to leave for Kulu after the escape and look for some work. Raju corroborated the escape story narrated by Navneet earlier to the police. Both of them got separated on the night of their escape.

After that they got separated and the plan to leave for Kulu was shelved. He had been hiding in the outskirts of the city.


Couple arrested; heroin seized
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 29
The Chandigarh Police has arrested a couple hailing from Bapu Dham Colony and seized 100 grams of heroin from their possession in Janata Colony, Sector 25.

The police recovered 30 grams of heroin from Neeraj Sharma and 70 grams of the contraband from his wife, Popi (30) in separate searches. The police caught them separately in the same locality and later came to know that they were husband and wife and were bringing the contraband from Delhi.

Separate cases have been lodged against the couple in the Sector 11 police station under the NDPS ACT.


Assn plans to set up display centre
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 29
The Mohali Industries Association (MIA) plans to start a permanent display centre of products produced by the small-scale industrial units here. This was announced at the annual general meeting of the MIA held here today.

An extension of one year has been given to the present team of office-bearers headed by Mr Gurmeet Singh Bhatia at the meeting.

While disclosing the agenda for the next year, Mr Bhatia said the focus area of the new committee would be directed towards holding of an international exhibition to explore the possibilities of international trade, emphasis on government-industry partnership and networking with government for better coordination, changing the mindset of small and medium entrepreneurs towards globalisation and ISO certification for the MIA.

Mr Anurag Aggarwal, general secretary, said to face the challenges of globalisation, the MIA had conducted seminars, workshops, training programmes on quality, ISO standards as well as awareness programmes about overall changes in the domestic and international scenario. A cluster of 14 units was started by the CII in association with MIA for hand-holding, transforming and preparing them for globalisation. Visits of High Commissioners of Ethopia, Nigeria, Trinindad and Tobago to Mohali and meetings with Chinese, Canadian and USA premiers were a part of the endeavour of the MIA to give special importance to global trade.

He said the extension block of the association bhavan would be completed at a cost of Rs 10 lakh. There was also a plan to launch a website.

The following have been unanimously re-elected office-bearers of the MIA: President — Mr Gurmeet Singh Bhatia; vice-president — Mr Yogesh Sagar; general secretary — Mr Anurag Aggarwal; joint secretary — Mr R.P. Singh; and treasurer — Mr R.K. Goel.


Cool sunglasses for a hot season
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 29
Himalaya Optical launched the new range of summer collection of sunglasses for teenagers and students at their store in Chandigarh on Monday.

Manager, Himalaya Optical, Sanjay Sharma said that since city residents wanted branded stuff we have provide a good collection under one roof. We also pay special attention to fashion, design, comfort, quality, material and gold plating of the glasses.

“We have introduced many brands like Giorgeo Armani, Espirit, Blue Bay, Speedo, Polo Club, Edge and Bolin. The minimum range begins from Rs 500 and goes up to Rs 9000,” he added.


RBI holiday today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 29
Offices of the Reserve Bank of India will remain closed on June 30 for public transactions on account of yearly closing of accounts, a press note issued here today said.

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