Saturday, July 3, 2004

Karuna Goswamy



2. Rising young star of the Congress

6. No, in other words

7. The great Granth of the Sikhs

8. Weasel-like aquatic animal

11. Toward; in the direction of

12. Musical mode in the Indian classical tradition

13. The object that troubled the princess in fairy tale

14. Popular chemical fertiliser

16. The now banned custom of widow burning

18. Mexican people who were conquered by Cortes in 16th century

20. Is much used in road building

21. Large, flightless bird

22. Person with no permanent abode


1. Ancient times; former ages

2. Peasant, in an old land-holding system

3. Abode of sages and recluses

4. Holder of great records in cricket

5. Experience a thing through someone

9. Crystalline mineral used as a gem

10. Rub off; eliminate

15. To acquire through merit

17. Win a point by an ace, in tennis

19. This "Uncle’s" cabin is famous