Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Do What You Donít Want to Do
by Barbara Warren and Angelina Drake
Unistar; pages 156; Rs 125

THIS self-help manual is meant for the quintessential procrastinator-a person who does not do what needs to be done. Broadly divided into three sections, the first part, "Who You Are' outlines the personality traits of procrastinators and examines the causes for this attitudinal problem. The next chapter, 'What You Do" describes the behavioral traits typical of procrastinators-their motivation patterns, fears, etc. The last section, 'What You Can Change' offers solutions and is aimed at making people realize that what you can do is more important than knowing what you don't want to do. With the help of self-assessment exercises, tables, charts and structured text clusters, this interactive book shows, among other things, how you can do 60 per cent of what you don't want to do; organize your life into when-to-feel and when-to-think times and recognise the jobs and relationships best suited to your personality.

The Golden Path to Business Success
by Quentin R. Skrabec
Unistar; pages 98; Rs 80

This book is based on St Benedict's rule, propounded 1500 years ago, to organize the monastic community. The rule provided procedures for organizational design, administration and staffing and set-ups based on this became engines of economic growth. Drawing on the wisdom inherent in this rule, this book details ways in which it can help to improve productivity and achieve success. The volume is split into 10 chapters that deal broadly with developing leadership and team spirit; keys to effective organization; art of management; ways to eliminate negativity and integrate work and spirituality.