Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hospitals beckon managers
Hospital administration has emerged as a field with immense scope. With more and more corporate-run hospitals being set up in India, the demand for hospital administrators is growing. Countries like West Asia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh too are looking to India for trained manpower in this field, writes Manish Kumar Singal

Hospitals are havens of hope for people suffering from pain and illness. It is not merely the treatment meted out to the patient but the overall atmosphere of a hospital that a patient remembers after discharge.

Hospital administration has emerged as a field with immense scope. 
Photo by Mukesh Aggarwal

"Focus on investor ties paid off"

More computers, more jobs?
by Roopinder Singh
ersonal computer sales are up in India, and the Union Budget has exempted computers and computer parts from excise duty. Though at this point, it is not clear how much it will impact the price of computers, it will definitely make them cheaper. But will there be a demand for more jobs in this sector?

The write way to seek a job
by Usha Albuquerque
inding a job is hard work. It demands lots of time, energy and emotion. Your CV (curriculum vitae or resume) is an important part of this job search. And although it's not going to get you a job, your CV is an essential career management tool that will help you access exciting job opportunities.

3000 students attend PTU job fair
In its maiden attempt to bring its passouts face to face with potential employers, Punjab Technical University (PTU) held a three-day placement fair at Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall that concluded on Sunday.

Air your talent
The FM boom has done for radio what the satellite channels did for the tube. It has thrown open a host of opportunities, making radio jockeying one of the hot job options for youngsters with the gift of the gab, an ear for music and a passion to entertain, writes Chetna Keer Banerjee
ant to be heard more than be seen? Dream of becoming another Amin Sayani or a more contemporary Shamshir, Karan or Nitin? Well, there's a whole world of possibilities awaiting you.

by Pervin Malhotra

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