Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Calling that thrives on calls
Customer services like call centres are likely to generate 2,83,000 jobs by 2008 despite the reservations expressed in certain US quarters. With many call centres adopting measures to check the rising attrition rate and high stress levels, the BPO sector promises rapid and sustainable career growth, writes Shveta Pathak

"Call centres a hub of positive work culture"
OST of us keep striving to bring out the best in ourselves. But Debasish Das, Vice-President, HR and Training, Keane Worldzen, believes in bringing out the best in others.

by Sandeep Joshi

by Sandeep Joshi
My son is preparing to join a coaching class on how to enter a coaching centre.

Accent trainers on the ascent
The BPO boom has not only generated employment for thousands of youngsters but also created the demand for various training professionals. Voice and accent trainers are highly sought after in the call centre industry. From helping modify the accent of tele-agents to designing training modules, the job of a voice trainer is a challenging one.

Promise less, deliver more in a new job
Usha Albuquerque

Sagarika had completed her MBA from one of the most prestigious business schools. She got a job in a leading multinational bank as well. However, at the workplace she began to show a lot of arrogance and attitude. She had several teething problems and became very unpopular with her colleagues. So much so that she was politely asked by her boss to put in her paper. Despite being so well-qualified Sagarika couldnít keep her job!

Enter the world of e-commerce

Q I am a student of Class XII interested in e-commerce. What are the basic skills required for this profession and its job prospects?

Should students earn and learn?

"Part-time jobs help students to fund their expenses"
ART-time jobs are necessary in the present scenario where one has to pay exorbitant fees to continue higher studies.

"They adversely affect studies and health"
T is the prime duty of the government to provide education to children, especially to those from poor families. They should not have to finance their studies through such means.

Taking the Call: An Aspirantís Guide to Call Centers
by Roma Chadha
Tata McGraw Hill; pages 208; Rs 225

HIS is a comprehensive guide not only for people aspiring to enter or move up in the call centre industry but anyone wishing to upgrade communication skills. Split into 10 chapters, the book begins by examining the concepts and issues relevant to the BPO industry, like types of call centers, the career pathway, salary structure and so on.

  • Speak Right For a Call Centre Job!