Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"Call centres a hub of positive work culture"

Debasish Das
Debasish Das

MOST of us keep striving to bring out the best in ourselves. But Debasish Das, Vice-President, HR and Training, Keane Worldzen, believes in bringing out the best in others.

"The people working with you should be motivated and energised to bring out the best in them," he feels.

Das, who earlier working with renowned companies like the TCS, Alcatel and HCL, finally switched to the call centre industry. Call centres today have made a difference to work culture he feels. The work environment call centers offer is vibrant. "When our interior designer wanted to know the colour combination our office would like, all I wanted was that it should be such that once people get inside, they do not feel like going out!"

However, he cautions, a call centre job is not just about glamour. One has to cope up with a lot of work pressures and keep updating skills regularly. SP