Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Should students earn and learn?

As more and more private institutes are entering the education sector to offer technical courses, a lot of students are opting for part-time jobs while pursuing their education. While students defend this trend on the ground that these jobs too are a learning experience, teachers feel that this not only affects the studies but also the health of the students, writes Manish Kumar Singal

Nidhi Mathur"Part-time jobs help students to fund their expenses"
— Nidhi Mathur, a college student 

PART-time jobs are necessary in the present scenario where one has to pay exorbitant fees to continue higher studies. All the students do not belong to well-off families. If they don’t earn, they’ll have to drop further studies.

It also gives a sense of financial independence to the students. They feel they are able to contribute to their families as well as spend on themselves.

The part-time earning serves as pocket money for students and enables them to support their lifestyles. They do not have to account for every rupee spent.

If the job is for limited hours it need not affect the health and studies of the student.

At present, a good number of students are working in call centers, which provide pick-n-drop facility and a neat pay packet per month. Many students have even purchased cars out of that money.

Dr D. K. Sethi"They adversely affect studies and health"
— Dr D. K. Sethi, former Academic Council Member, Delhi University

IT is the prime duty of the government to provide education to children, especially to those from poor families. They should not have to finance their studies through such means.

Privatisation of education is the main reason that students are opting for part-time jobs. A middle-class family is not able to afford the exorbitant fees of privately managed colleges. Owing to financial constraints, some students take up jobs in private companies though it is not allowed under university rules.

Hectic work schedules and shift system can affect the health and studies of students. These short-term benefits can be at the cost of their long-term career.

There are ways in which students can earn in groups e.g if they’re given photostat machine contracts on the university or college. The earnings from these centres can help poor students fund their fees and other expenses. Part-time security jobs in universities or tuitions are the other ways out.