Saturday, July 31, 2004


Laughter is the brightest zone,

of life and its loony tone.

When it comes, it comes on its own

Whether in a group or alone.

Brings with it happiness and gay

To have it, one does not have to pay.

When it comes at inappropriate times

it can ruin regimes.

Destroys everything when it goes on to trample

The battle of Mahabharata is the best example.

But no one can stop laughter from residing on the cheek

After all, it is in itself unique.

Divya Nishant Ranote, Class - XIIth A, Sainik School Sujanpur Tira, Hamirpur, HP


Time will come and gently go,

Our spirits will be high

And tensions low,

Time sometimes make us sad.

Which makes us feel bad.

Sometimes we feel depressed

And sometimes stressed.

To pass our time

Is as easy as reading a rhyme.

Be happy and laugh a while

It will be easy to walk mile after mile.

Abhishek Dutta Class -IX B, St Mary’s Convent School, Kasauli.

This feature was published on July 24, 2004