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Passengers stranded as rain hits rail traffic
Tribune News Service

A family rushes for cover as rains lashed the city
A family rushes for cover as rains lashed the city on Tuesday. — Tribune photo by Sayeed Ahmed

Ludhiana, August 3
Thousands of passengers were stranded at the railway station here today, with most trains getting either delayed or cancelled following the inundation of railway tracks at several places near Ambala. The railway authorities had a tough time negotiating timing of trains and diversions to ensure that not many trains were cancelled.

According to Mr N.S. Mann, Area Traffic Manager, some trains, including the Shatabdi, the Shan-e-Punjab and the Flying Mail, were cancelled. He said railway officials tried to ensure that the trains were not stopped for long duration.

A number of trains to and beyond Delhi were diverted via the Dhuri-Jakhal line.

It was chaos and confusion at the Ludhiana railway station, with thousands of passengers arriving here without information about the delay and cancellation of trains. Railway officials were helpless as they did not have information about the trains. Passengers were angry as there was no proper announcement by the railway authorities.

Over 100 trains cross Ludhiana daily and most of these pass via Ambala.

The railway authorities here did not have prior information about the flooding of tracks in Ambala.

They came to know about it after several trains got delayed. With trains from Ambala getting delayed by several hours, railway officials here got in touch with the authorities at Ambala. Then they decided to stop various trains headed for Ambala.

It was later decided to divert these trains.

Quoting railway officials at Ambala, Mr Mann said the water was being flushed out of the tracks and the tracks were being repaired.

He said rail traffic was not stopped for long in Ludhiana or its outskirts. He said railway officials were monitoring the situation, but was not sure when normal rail traffic would be resumed.

The passengers maintained that the railway enquiry could not be contacted. A number of passengers complained that they could have been saved the trouble of coming to the railway station and returning had they been able to get a response from the railway enquiry. A passenger observed that the railway authorities could have announced the delay in advance.



Rights panel indicts MC on park maintenance
K. S. Chawla

Ludhiana, August 3
The Punjab State Human Rights Commission has indicted the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation for not maintaining the public parks in Ludhiana and has observed, “the matter is far too serious and cannot be allowed to be bogged down”.

This observation has been made by Mr N.K. Arora, a senior member of the commission, on the complaint of the Federation of Park Management Committees. The federation had brought to the notice of the commission that the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation had failed to comply with the orders of the commission passed on August 7, 2003.

Mr S.S. Channa, president of the Federation of Park Management Committees, Ludhiana, had filed a complaint before the commission alleging that the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation had backed out of the contract made with the federation for the maintenance of the public parks in Ludhiana and payments worth several lakhs were not made to the park management committees as agreed upon by the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation.

The Punjab State Human Rights Commission on august 7, 2003, had directed the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation to abide by the contract and also improve the maintenance of the public parks. The commission had sought the action-taken report from the Principal Secretary, Local Bodies, on its orders.

On December 19, 2003, Mr Channa moved another petition before the commission informing it that the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation had not complied with the orders of the commission and the condition of the public parks had gone from bad to worse.

Mr Channa submitted, “It is a pity that these authorities having stubbornly ignored the numerous representations by the park management committees during the past two years, have ventured to show a complete disregard to the orders passed by the commission. Needless to add that these authorities got away without any indictment after making a false statement of facts in the status report submitted by the Additional Secretary on July 21, 2003, which was refuted with facts and figures.

Mr Channa further informed the commission that in spite of the directions given by the commission vide order dated 7.8.2003, no payment had been released so far by the corporation although we had pursued the case with the Municipal Commissioner and Secretary vide letters dated 9.9.2003 and 22.8.2003.

Pointing out that the commission had directed the state government vide its order dated 7.8.2003 to accord highest priority to the proper maintenance of the parks and the green belts, Mr Channa said it was highly regretted that neither any report nor any concrete steps had been taken by the authorities to resume the maintenance of parks which were degrading day by day. The horticulture wing of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation had been disbanded from April 2003 with the transfer of the Executive Engineer to Amritsar and suspension of all the four JEs. In the absence of any technical hand, how would the corporation ensure the quality of maintenance work,” Mr Channa asked.

In a letter to the Director, Local Bodies, Mr R.L. Kalsia, the federation has also challenged the claim of the municipal corporation that as many as 61,000 trees were planted last year in the city “which were nowhere to be seen”.

Mr N.K. Arora, while passing his orders on July 12, has sought a report from the Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana by September 24 on “the current state of parks and green belts.”

The Additional Secretary of the Local Bodies in his report to the commission observed on the question of making payment to the park management committees at the rate of Re 1 per metre: “It is clarified that the government shall have no objection to the payment of maintenance charges as per the contract agreement provided the work has been actually carried out as per the specifications of the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana”.

Mr Channa told The Tribune today that the general house of the municipal corporation passed a resolution on July 26 that the park management committees could be given the responsibility... with the prior approval of the state government.

He said that this amounted to delaying tactics and there was no need for getting the approval of the state government.



Traders observe black day
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 3
Led by activists of the Punjab Pardesh Beopar Mandal, traders put up black flags at their shops and commercial establishments to observe black day against the revised timing of closure of shops here today. The protesting members of trading community also held demonstrations in the Hindi bazar and the Mall road markets against the arbitrary and dictatorial attitude of the state government.

Led by Mr Sunil Mehra, state general secretary, Mr Kasturi Lal Mittal and Mr Mohinder Aggarwal, president and general secretary, respectively, of the district unit of the Beopar Mandal, the traders, carrying black flags raised slogans against the Punjab Government for its failure to deal with the crisis like situation created by power shortage in the state.

The mandal functionaries lambasted the government for backing out from all its poll promises, made to the trade and industry. “The promises of an end to ‘inspector raj’, simplification of tax structure and abolition of sales tax check barriers still remain on paper.” As a result of wrong policies and indifferent attitude of the government, the business community as well the industrial sector were facing a severe crisis.

The leaders said the unimaginative decision of the government on closure of the shops in the wake of acute shortage of power had further precipitated the situation resulting from persistent recessionary trends all over the state. “It is unfortunate that rather than addressing the problems of the traders and industrialists, the Chief Minister who remains most of the time in Delhi, is showing utter disregard to their woes.” The high handed decision of closure of shops at 6 pm, which was later extended by an hour, had virtually spelled doom for the shopkeepers with a sizeable drop in their turnover because by the time the buyers came to the markets, the shops were closed, they rued.

The mandal, while sounding a note of caution to the government, made it clear that if the prevailing policies were allowed to continue and the government failed to take immediate remedial steps to bring back to health the ailing economy, the traders would be left with no other alternative than to intensify the agitation. The shopkeepers would resort to fasts, protest demonstrations and gheraos of legislators and ministers, the mandal activists threatened.

Prominent among others present at the occasion were Mr Vijay Chopra, Mr Ravinder Pal Singh, Mr Vijay Walia, Mr Shiv Kumar Sharma, Mr Mohinder Partap Singh, Mr Kuldip Singh, Mr Mohinder Singh Bhola, Mr Krishan Kapoor, Mr Anil Handa, Mr Bittu Jain, Mr Ashwani Jain, Mr Sushil Rudra, Mr Rakesah Vohra, Mr Rajesh Mahajan, Mr Amit Malhotra, Mr Mohinder Jain, Mr Ashok Luthra and mr Naresh Joshi.



5 booked for assault, theft
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 3
On a statement by Mr Rajiv Sharma, manager of Hotel Taksonz near the railway station, the Kotewali police yesterday registered a case under Sections 380, 323, 506, 148 and 149 of the IPC against Vikas Sethi, Vishal Sethi, Rattan Sethi, Sonu Monga and Hitesh Monga, who live in Tilak Nagar.

The complainant had stated that the accused came to his hotel late on Sunday night and entered into scuffle with some other persons present in the hotel. The accused also damaged the goods of the hotel and stole Rs 3500 from a counter in the hotel. No arrest has been made so far.

Two cops booked: The Division No. 2 police yesterday registered a case under Sections 223 and 224 of the IPC against Neeraj Jain, a resident of Shankar Nagar at New Delhi, Head Constable Jagir Singh and another cop accompanying him.

The police said today that the accused, who was on his way back to jail after a hearing was admitted to the Civil Hospital by the cops. But Neeraj Jain ran away from the hospital on Sunday. No arrest has been made so far.



Jewellery, cash stolen at McDonalds
Our Correspondent

Doraha, August 3
Cash and jewellery were allegedly stolen from a car at a highway restaurant, near here, last evening.
Kashmira Singh, a press reporter and a resident of Krishna Park, New Delhi, has alleged that he stopped for a break at McDonalds. He got out of his Zen car (DL8CD-5856) and entered the restaurant. When he parked his car, four or five vehicles were already there. He returned after 25 minutes and found both the rear windows open. Two of his suitcases and a bag containing cash, jewellery and costly clothes were found missing.

Kashmira Singh lodged a complaint with the police where in he said Rs 78,000 in cash and seven tolas of gold were in a bag and two suitcases besides clothes. A case has been registered under Section 379 of the IPC at Payal police station.



Ludhiana Calling

Ludhiana Municipal Corporation never misses any occasion to glorify itself. No matter what the basis of the claims are, these are made in a convincing manner. One can only wish if other departments of the corporation were as active as its Public Relations Department. Recently the city witnessed an outbreak of gastroenteritis, which claimed seven lives. Hundreds others were taken sick. It is known that the gastroenteritis infection spreads through contaminated water and water is supplied by the municipal corporation. The corporation, however, had no qualms in shrugging off the responsibility by claiming that the water was chlorinated and the water samples taken had been found fit for consumption. Going by one's experience, one could only wish that the claims were as credible as these sounded to be.

Left in lurch

A senior officer of the municipal corporation, who retired from service a few days ago, found himself in a piquant situation as no farewell party was arranged either by the corporation employees or councillors on his last day of service. All his hopes of a memorable send- off were dashed to the ground. It was more painful because only a few days ago some of the councillors had eulogised him for putting in meritorious service with a "clean" track record in the general house meeting where they had also announced to arrange a farewell party for him. In a damage-control exercise, one of the contractor friends of the officer hurriedly arranged a party in a local restaurant and footed the bill.

Modern mothers

Photo by Sayeed AhmedMotherhood is probably the greatest privilege a woman can ever have. The joys of motherhood remain unparalleled. With the social and cultural metamorphosis under way, modern mothers are seeking to defy the traditional definitions of motherhood. Not that they are in any way less fond of their children, or love them less, but they have preoccupations other than motherhood. The modern mothers are not just mothers only, they tend to be the executives, managers, officers, entrepreneurs, teachers, lawyers, scientists, journalists, party hoppers and what not. But at no stage do they let their children feel ignored. In Ludhiana, with a growing metropolitan culture, mothers ensure that they do not let their children feel ignored. These mothers take a break from their duty or a function and spend some time with their children. And for this purpose they sometimes keep a servant or a maid who take care of the children while the mother remains busy.

Western influence?

It is believed that if one keeps fasts on five Mondays of the month of 'sawan', one gets what one desires. Maybe for this reason, even young girls in trendy dresses visit temples faithfully on Mondays. The young maidens also carry a puja thali, bow reverentially before the idols and bathe Lord Shiva with milk. One cannot, therefore, say that our youngsters are totally under western influence. As far as religion is concerned, this does not hold true.

Beggars menace

The menace of beggars has returned to haunt commuters. No road crossing, traffic light crossing or parking lot is free from beggars. They descend on the victim from all sides and force him or her to give them alms. The police had cracked down on the beggars a few months ago and arrested more than 300 of them as begging is against the law of the country. The police had to act as a lot of road accidents were taking place because of the beggars.

Delayed monsoon

In Ludhiana when it rains, it pours. The Meteorological Department may not agree with this, but if you travel through the bylanes of the city that have been flooded by two days of intermittent rain, it appears that the civic bodies have been caught unawares, despite a delayed monsoon. What is worse is that from a virtual draught-like situation, there are warning signs that the Sutlej that passes by the city may cause havoc if the torrential rains in the Himalayas continue at the current pace. Strange are the ways of nature that man often takes for granted.

Tewari shines

All-India Congress Secretary Manish Tewari may have lost the previous parliamentary election, but going by the manner in which he is participating in various functions in the city, he has overshadowed Ludhiana MP Sharanjit Singh Dhillon. It may be the announcement about setting up an international airport at Ludhiana or a meeting of local industrialists to discuss the issue of rising steel prices, Mr Tewari is seen taking over the role of the sitting MP. He has the advantage of belonging to the ruling party at the Centre, but more than that, it appears to be his determination to contest the next Lok Sabha poll from here. Whatever the reason, Ludhiana residents have everything to gain from more than one politician pitching in to help.

Poor mangoes

It is now almost the end of the mango season, but still different varieties of mangoes continue to flood the markets. Mango lovers who enjoy a sumptuous treat eating this king of fruits are more often disappointed than pleased because mangoes in the market are a delight for the eyes, but they are quite a disappointment when it comes to taste. The poor taste has resulted from a bumper mango crop that has forced fruit vendors to use artificial means to ripen them. The chemicals used make the fruit very attractive from outside, but a big disappointment when it comes to savouring them.

Corn lovers

Corn cob lovers in the city are fast becoming a dejected lot as the sand-roasted corn cob that is a speciality of the city and difficult to find anywhere else in the region is on its way out with the season for it coming to an end. Though dozens of corn cob sellers are still seen on the streets, the corn cobs they now offer are neither soft nor delicious. In fact, many corn cobs are even infected or inedible. But the corn cob lovers do not want to miss the opportunity of enjoying these, so they still buy anything that is available, much to the delight of the vendors.

— Sentinel



Rights panel orders probe against SHO 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 3
Following allegations of corruption by a family of Phullawal village against a police official and false implication under the NDPS Act, the Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC) has ordered an inquiry. The commission has directed the Senior Superintendent of Police, Ludhiana, to conduct an independent inquiry.

The Chairperson of the PSHRC, Mr N.C. Jain, passed the orders while taking cognizance of the complaint filed by Mukhtiar Kaur and her two sons, Nirmal Singh and Pappu.

Nirmal Singh had alleged that the police officer had a grudge against him as he had refused to give him Rs 10,000.

“Since the allegations in the complaint are of a very serious nature, that too against the SHO of Sadar police station, Ludhiana, and ASI Charanjit Singh, in charge of the Phullawal police post, the commission would like to have a report direct from the SSP. The IG, Litigation, would ensure that the report was made by the SSP and not by anybody else,” says the order passed by the PSHRC Chairperson.

The commission observed: “The SSP would hold an independent inquiry in this case and file his report at least three days before the next hearing fixed for October 25, 2004. The IG, Litigation, would also ensure that no harassment is caused to the complainant.”

The complainant had alleged that ASI Charanjit Singh was in the habit of demanding money. The complainant earlier used to submit to the demands, which increased each time. When he could not meet the demands, the police official allegedly became hostile towards the family of the complainant and threatened to get them involved in a false case, according to the complainant.

Claiming they were poor and innocent, the complainants had submitted that they would surrender if found involved and face trial. They had also prayed for legal action against the cops concerned if the FIR registered against them at Sadar police station on July 15, 2004, was found to be false.

Meanwhile, the police has arrested one of the persons who have moved the Human Rights Commission and claimed to have seized about 60 kg poppy husk.



He needs good Samaritans to get his children educated
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
Despite being a brilliant student himself in his prime, he could not study because of money constraints. He ended up earning his livelihood by working as a daily wager.
This middle-aged man, Mr Gurnam Singh, is, however, leaving no stone unturned to provide his three children with the best of education. One of his two daughters, Ms Gurinder Kaur, is doing M.B.B.S. at Patiala, while the second, Ms Rajinder Kaur is doing her engineering in electronics and mass communications. His son, Hargobind Partap has recently secured 379th rank in Common Entrance Test (CET) and 17th in the entrance exam of Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, (SLIET).

A resident of Moti Bagh Colony, Tibba Road Gurnam Singh borrowed money for his childrens’ education from a bank. He has borrowed lakhs of rupees from a bank and is paying for the education. Generous donations by certain organisations and philanthropists have made it possible for him to afford the costly education.

‘‘I was a very brilliant student and could not study beyond matric. So I decided there would be no blockades on the way of my children and they would get the best of education. God has been kind to me and they are doing very well at studies.’’said Mr Gurnam Singh.

‘‘Impressed with my daughter’s results, the authorities of Rajindra Medical College, Patiala have waived her fee and hostel charges. But she still has to pay for her books and other materials required for the study. ’’ he added.

Mr Gurnam Singh also said that the PNB had sanctioned two loans for his two daughters already and had agreed to sanction a loan of Rs 2.5 lakhs for his son also. Mr T.S. Banger, Manager, PNB, Salim Tabri said Mr Gurnam Singh had loaned money from them and they were going to sanction more money for his son. He added that his bank always helped those students who were meritorious.

But the father is worried lot now. He is feeling that the loaned amount has become a burden for him and it is becoming difficult for him to pay up the monthly instalments of three loans. He is seeking the help of philanthropists, who can sponsor his son, Hargobind. He added that his daughter, Rajinder has completed her three year engineering diploma and was looking for a job. If someone could help her get a job, it would be easier for him.

‘‘My father has done a lot for us. No parents in the world could have gone all out to get the children educated the way my parents have done. I am willing to work now but if I will not get a job I will pursue further studies.’’ says Ms Rajinder. 



Old parents seek probe into son’s death in UK
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, August 3
An old couple of Chhapar village, near here, who fear their son was killed by his wife and her parents for property, are looking to the British Government for help.
In March this year the family received the ashes of their son, who was found dead by one of his friends in England and was cremated three months after his death. The couple has urged the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, to take up the issue of investigation in the matter with the British Government.

Dalip Singh Jagdeo and Gurdial Kaur curse the moment when they agreed to the marriage of their son, Baldev Singh Jagdeo, to Amarjit Kaur, a handicapped daughter of Gurnam Singh Kalsi of England. “Though we were living happily working as carpenters, one of our relatives impressed upon us to marry Baldev to Amarjit. Expecting green pastures for our son in England, we ignored the defect in the legs of the bride. However, instead of recognising his sacrifice, they killed him and did not even cremate his body,” the parents allege.

According to them, Baldev went abroad in 1977. An experienced carpenter, he worked overtime for the future of his family and those left in India. However, his wife Amarjit, at the behest of her parents, did not let him send any money to India, they allege. He was compelled to buy property in England. He also spent huge amounts on three surgeries on the legs of his wife, making her fit, claim the parents.

Baldev’s in-laws allegedly turned his children against him. His parents became anxious when they learned their son had been trapped there. “Baldev’s in-laws asked him to visit India after taking a power of attorney from him, authorising his wife to deal with his property in England. When Baldev returned to England from India, he was not allowed to enter his own house. He was tortured physically and mentally so that he would divorce his wife,” allege his parents.

A man who had made it rich in a foreign land was turned penniless and had to do odd jobs for survival. Ultimately, he decided to return to India, say the parents.

“While he was preparing to return, his in-laws stole his passport. And instead of receiving our son, we received a phone call telling us that he was dead. The news was given by one of his friends while our daughter-in-law and her parents showed ignorance about his death. They even refused to cremate his body,” allege Baldev’s parents.

One Dr Manjit Kaur of Ilford, London, arranged the cremation of their son on March 1, 2004, around three months after the death. She managed to send his ashes through courier after going through a complicated procedure. “Had she not done this favour, we could have never immersed his ashes in water here,” say the old couple.

Having held the bhog ceremony for their son recently at the village gurdwara, the family has decided to take up the matter with the authorities, both in India and England. They have urged the Ministry of External Affairs to impress up on the British Government to order a probe and enable the old parents to at least embrace their grandchildren.



Intensify efforts to free hostages: MCPI 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The state committee of the Marxist Communist Party of India (MCPI) has asked the Central government to intensify the efforts for the release of three Indians from this region held captive in Iraq. It urged the government, especially the Foreign Affairs Minister, to leave no stone unturned for their release.

The MCPI also expressed concern over the fate of over 5,000 Indian workers who have reportedly been detained by the US Army in Iraq and are being exploited to work there.

Mr Kuldip Singh, state secretary of the Punjab MCPI, condemned the “callous attitude” of the US Army and the US Administration towards these workers. He has called upon the Central government to take up their cases with the US Administration on priority.

He also condemned the increase in petrol and diesel prices. It was unfortunate that these prices were often increased on the pretext of rising international prices, but were never brought down with the international market, he added.



Arrest accused in Saholi murder case, says family
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 3
The family members of Mr Jagpal Singh Gorkha, an Akali stalwart, who was gunned down by four assailants on the polling day of the previous Lok Sabha elections at Saholi village, are receiving threatening phone calls from the three assailants who are still roaming freely allegedly due to protection by certain politicians belonging to the ruling party. This was stated by Mr Baldev Singh Saholi, younger brother of the deceased, in a press statement here today.

He said that even though three months had passed, the assailants were roaming around freely in spite of several written reminders to the police authorities to get the accused arrested at the earliest. He said while Darshan Singh, the main accused in the case, had surrendered to the police the day after committing the crime, three of his accomplices had not been arrested by the police so far because they were enjoying political patronage of the ruling party.

In fact, Mr Saholi accused the police of shielding the accused, saying that the murder was committed in broad daylight under the very nose of the cops who were supposed to maintain law and order by ensuring that no untoward incident takes place. 



HP CM to open Yatri Nivas block
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 3
With the inauguration of a new block of the Yatri Nivas at the Ludhiana Dharamshala in Chintpurni, Himachal Pradesh, on August 8, better facilities will be available to devotees visiting the shrine. Mr Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister, will preside.

This information was given by Mr Amrit Lal Aggarwal, president of the managing committee of the dharamshala, here today. He said the dharamshala committee would organise a langar during the Savan Festival from August 10 to 17. During his visit, the Chief Minister would be apprised of problems being faced by the devotees. 



Staff convention on August 8

Doraha, August 3
A state-level convention of government and semi-government employees of Punjab is being held under the banner Mulazam Sanjha Kender, Punjab, at Punjabi Bhavan, Ludhiana, on August 8.

Mr Pawan Kumar Kaushal, member of the ad hoc committee of the Mulazam Sangh and the Government Teachers Union, said the convention was being organised against the “anti-people and anti-employee policies” of the Centre and the state government, such as the privatisation of public sector units and the continuous decrease in the rate of interest on GPF and EPF. Mr Ajaib Singh Bhangu, convenor, and Mr Sabjinder Kedar, co-convenor of the committee, appealed to all employees of the state to participate in the convention. — OC



Sink differences, civic body chief, members told
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The Congress high command has directed the Chairman and trustees of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust to bury the hatchet and work in tandem for the welfare of the people.

In a statement here last evening, it has been stated that the Chairman and the trustees will meet on August 4 and sort out their differences. They will take stock of the existing schemes of the trust and listen to the grievances of the people.

The working of the trust had been paralysed for months following differences between the Chairman and trustees over the functioning of the trust.



Liquor smugglers give a slip
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 3
Two liquor smugglers, who were taking liquor from Chandigarh in a Tata Sumo managed to give a slip to the chasing policemen who had laid a naka to nab them at Khassi Kalan near here yesterday.

According to information, the police of division No 7 police station had got a tip-off that certain liquor smugglers would be bringing liquor from Chandigarh following which a police team, headed by in charge of the Tajpur police post, was deputed to arrest the alleged smugglers. When the party spotted a Tata Sumo coming from the direction of Sahibana village, it signalled the vehicle to stop. But the smugglers sped away towards Anaj Mandi where the smugglers stopped the vehicle and fled away into the fields. The police party which were chasing, found the vehicle abandoned along with 36 crates of liquor inside the vehicle. Tata Sumo , which bears a Delhi registration, is suspected to have been stolen by the alleged smugglers. Meanwhile, the police has registered a case under the Excise Act.



Man commits suicide
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, August 3
A resident of Amargarh Kaler committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan. The deceased, Ranjit Singh (45), who belonged to Chak Kalan, had shifted to Amargarh Kaler about 10 years back on the insistence of his in-laws. He had had a quarrel with members of his family and his wife had left after locking the house. The couple has two sons and two daughters.


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