Chicken out

Vinaya K. Manhas

IN dreams, chickens can represent the little ones in your family, the desire to have kids or personify cowardice.

As per traditional Indian thinking, seeing a brood of chickens along with a hen is a bad omen. It spells disaster in your field of work. To see dead chickens spells disaster. To see cute-looking chickens playing and pecking about happily is a good omen. You shall prosper in your life.

According to western thinking, seeing a brood of chickens denotes worries and tensions, although they may prove beneficial to you. To see chickens grow up into hens and cocks and seeing them roost predicts enemies planning your downfall. To eat chicks portrays selfishness on your part. It will spoil your otherwise good impression on people and harm your prospects in business and love.

Psychoanalytically, chickens in dreams can signify the acceptance of a potential to grow. It could also signify the desire to belong to a group if you dream of chickens in a brood. If chicks are seen along with a hen, it portrays maternal love and procreation.

Such a symbol in a dream can also personify the traits of stupidity and cowardice in a person.

This feature was published on June 13, 2004