Ulta pulta

Couch potatoes
Jaspal Bhatti

Last week I rang up the Chief Engineer of the Electricity Department to cut off our electricity for one hour. He asked, "Is the wiring of your house getting overheated or do you have to do some maintenance work?" I said, "No, my daughter is not getting up from watching the TV and she has loads of homework to be done".

This is situation which parents in every home are facing. Children can be seen watching cartoon shows on the television, with food in their plates, mouths wide open and continuous instructions flowing from the moms in the kitchen, "Beta khana thanda ho raha hai". Television addiction is steadily changing our children into socially isolated creatures.

However, there is great news for parents that Nickelodeon Channel will go off air for three hours on October 2, blacking out its programmes and appealing to children to go out and play.

I showed this great piece of news to my daughter, "Look Rabu, how unhealthy it is to continuously watch cartoons on the TV.

Even your favourite channel has appealed to the children!" My daughter was unconvinced. She said they were expecting the same kind of appeal for elders from the channels showing the nauseating saas-bahu dramas on the TV-"Go and love your family members instead of watching family feuds on the TV!"